how do I clean the Stila one step complexion brush properly? It doesn't fully remove makeup ever!
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I've tried cleaning the Stila one step complexon brush (double sided) with almost everything I could think of and nothing removes the makeup fully/properly. Any other suggestions?


I've already tried:

-mild soap


-bare minerals brush cleaner



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I clean my brushes everyday with Purity by Philosophy face cleanser. It is a face wash, makeup remover and toner all in one that is very mild, so it won't be hard on your brushes. If I have a bunch of brushes, I will take a small bowl, add a pea size amount of cleanser, fill the bowl 1/3 to 1/2 way full with hotwarm to hot water, and mix my brushes in that. Rinse, then place on paper towel overnight. If a brush is particularly dirty (seldom happens) or if I used a THICK foundation, I will wet the brush, pump some purity onto the brush, scrub it like I would the hair on my head, then rinse.


Dawn dishsoap is also pretty good to use, but you have to be sure to rinse it out all the way! I prefer the Purity, but I know everyone likes options Smiley Happy Hope this helps!

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