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Foundation shade match
I am currently using clinique even better foundation shade 60. What is the shade that will match this with estee lauder double wear foundation? Thank you.
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Want the Urban Decay Naked Vault? Expect to Shell Out $500-$800 for it!
So I just checked Ebay and there are resellers selling these for $500-$600. One seller listed it at $799.95! Would you buy it?    I personally wouldn't, the vault was supposed to be a good deal and at $799.95, you're just paying for the case that comes with it since all the other products aren't even limited edition!    I am just shocked to see that people have actually bought these.  Would love to hear your thoughts!
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Amazing Sephora Offer
If you're planning on Spending $20 or more at Sephora within the next 2 weeks, check out this offer!    You Spend $20 and get a free $15 gift card.  I did it on Saturday and got the gift card same day! e491fab00eaad7bc29e2f1293f2e850f33bd84e44c140193d7 ... 18 -9146645
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How long is UNOPENED liquid foundation & concealer good for?
A little over a month ago I stocked up during the sale and bought an extra Urban Decay Naked Liquid Foundation, and a Smashbox Concealer. I am finally ready to open the boxes and start using them (my old product lasted much longer than expected!!). I am just curious - how long is it okay to have them unopened before throwing them out?    I've read a lot about how long to keep them when they are opened, but was curious if unopened makes any differences in time or if it gives it an extension as to when it expires. Sorry if this is a stupid question... just curious!
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Every blush I use always ends up looking like a deep wine/cranberry on me
So I've been having a problem with every single blush I have ever bought and used because all of them end up looking like a wine/cranberry one! It's started to really annoy me because the colors I play clearly are not meant to be that dark (ex: tarte magic, benefits coralista, etc). All of the blushes I buy look like corals, peaches, or baby doll pinks in the packaging and on other people, but they always end up looking sooo dark, red, and mauve, on me, and sometimes they even end up looking like a brown.  I'm not sure why all of my blushes end up looking so dark. At first I thought I might be too pale for these blushes, but I've seen people who are paler and darker than me and the blushes look true to color and them. I thought it might have been the brand I am using, but I've tried so many brands and each blush I get always ends up being reddish plum on me. I also thought I was applying to little or too much product, but no matter what amount of product I use I still end up with super dark cheeks. Anyone know what could cause these blushes to look so different on me? and does anyone know how to fix this problem? It's starting to really irritate me since I'm buying a bunch of gorgeous blushes, yet none of them end up looking like how they are supposed to be.
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Light foundation talk
Hi, all. I am, once again, having foundation issues. My skin has changed recently--lighter as winter has descended, and battling acne while a new medication takes effect. I've found that t he lightest shades in Estee Lauder DW and Lancome 24Hr are too dark for me. Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory is too pink. The foundation closest to my skin shade that I have Urban Decay in 0.5, but it’s not enough coverage--plus it's been awhile since I've worn it, and I haven't had the chance to see how it looks in a natural light source.  I've had Color IQ done at least six times, all with a different, too-dark result. It's fairly useless for my skin. I want to try Kat Von D’s line, but I'm not sure about shades. Light 42 or Light 44? I don't live near a Sephora store, so I can't really get samples--plus 42 isn't carried in stores anyway. Any advice or opinions?
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Q. Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe?
When will it come back in stock? It's not in stock online and it's in none of the stores where I live! I really wanna get it, do I order it online from somewhere else or how long should I wait til Sephora gets it back again?
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why you can't ship buxom lipstick to UK ?
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Which shade of Diorskin Flawless Perfection Wear foundation matches Dior Nude BB Creme in 001?
To make a long story short, the only BB Creme I have found that matches my skin wonderfully is the Diorskin Nude BB Creme in 001 (Light). I'm currently looking for a great foundation for days when I need more coverage, and I wanted to find out if the Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear foundation in their lightest shade, 010, is a similar shade to the BB Creme in 001. I have quite pale skin with slight pink undertones, and I have trouble finding a foundation that doesn't appear too orange on my skin. I'm currently using the Make Up Forever HD foundation in 110 and while the color is great, I find that it's too powdery (it just sits on the skin and is too noticeable) unless I mix it with a moisturizer; and no matter what, it rubs off the skin too easily. If the world were a perfect place, there would be a foundation that is just like the Dior Nude BB Creme (which is not only a perfect color match but also seems to just sink right into the skin flawlessly) but which provides some more coverage. Hence, my question about the Flawless Perfection Wear that I have posed to all you wonderful ladies and men. I must add that the only Sephora that carries this foundation the "closest" to me is in Portland, and I cannot travel all the way there for this, unfortunately. I don't live there, or even remotely near there, anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have problem to chose doublewear foundation shade!!
Hi I usually use 120# in makeupforever HD foundation. and this shade is almost matched with my skin. Even this shade is little darker than my skin, I want to match my foundation with my neck   So, i hope you recommend me similar shade in Estee Lauder Double wear ! Help me
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Best bronzer for medium/tan skin?
I have medium-tan skin with yellow undertones. Recommendations for bronzers that give warmth to the face, I am envisioning more of a "golden goddess" kind of look. At this point I am considering Bobbi brown's bronzer in medium or nars laguna, but I am open to other suggestions! I have already tried toofaced chocolate soleil and hoola, and I am not a huge fan of either. Thanks!
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NARS luminous stay all day powder foundation
Has anyone tried this yet?  Does anyone have any application suggestions for fuller coverage?  I like natural looking foundation but I do have some acne scarring I need to hide.  I read a review that said to apply with a beauty blender but idk how i feel about using my beauty blender to apply powder foundation.  Have any of you guys tried this before?  I tried applying the NARS foundation with my Tarte airbrush finish foundation brush and I got an okay coverage.    
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KVD liquid lipstick in Lolita is back in stock now!
For those of you who keep asking about it go!
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foundation powders and powder?
Okay i use my mac concealer correcter for my spots and then apply the foundation powder but i feel like its still missing something. Of course after the foundation powder i put alittle blush and bronzer but idk i just feel like its still missing something. im still learning my ways with makeup. after the foundation powder step do i apply regular powder over it?
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Any tips or tricks on applying fake lashes?
I want to use some fake lashes tomorrow night, to give  my natural lashes a boost. I've never applied them myself, so I'm just looking for some help, to make sure I can do it right and I don't waste my money. Thanks for your help!
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Q. Help to find Josie Maran's "Limitless Pink" shade in a lip product w/staying power?
I finally found my perfect, my lips only better lip color.... Josie Maran's Limitless Pink  (I nfinity Lip & Cheek).  Only prblem, color doesn't last more than 30 min & its messy to reapply so often.     Does anyone know of a lip product, in any form, that has a very similar shade/undertone to LIMITLESS PINK?  I'm opened to any brand, lip formulation, the shade is what I'm looking for.     I tried Josie Maran's lip stain, but not quite right.   Suggestions needed ladies?      
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Q. New Foundation
Ive been using Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide in shade cashew lately and it is the best foundation I've ever used.  It has amazing coverage, the colour matched perfect, it had such a natural finish and the tube last for four months.   The only problem is that Ive been wanting to use more natural products for skincare/makeup because I've found it to be better with my skin.  So I was wanting to know of any foundations that might be similar but that are more natural.  Price isn't a huge deal.  I am 16 with dry/acne skin.  Weird combination but my skin is parched.  Thank you so much!
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Seeking Inspiration: Favourite Eyeshadow Looks?
What are your favourite eyeshadow combinations? I need some inspiration!  High end palettes I own: - Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette -Tarte Bon Voyage Palette   Other: -Revealed Palette  -Wet n Wild Petal Pusher  -Nyx Love in Paris palette 
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Viseart Bridal Palette in stock!
Hurry! Before it disappears!
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Has any who bought the GIVE ME MORE LIP SET 2014 noticed that the fresh tinted lip treatments differ for some people? Before I bought the set I looked at some reviews and I noticed that some people received the ROSE lip treatment and some the BERRY lip treatment which is actually what it says on the box. Please let me know if anyone has experienced this ?
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MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Concealer SHADE match HELP :(
Hi Girls!   I use Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation in 330 Bisque N and now looking to get the Make Up Forever Full Coverage Concealer asap. The description on the concealer from the website states that you should buy it in 2 shades lighter. According to my shade with my foundation, what number/shade would I be?   Thanks for reading, looking forward to your help/advice!
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Foundation colors
Help! I have been using Clinique Perfectly Real Compact in color 106....can someone help me find a similar color in a different brand since Sephora doesn't sell Perfectly Real??
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is sephora facial moisturizer gluten free
Are Sephora facial moisturizers gluten free?
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Foundation color
What color in Dior Star Foundation would be close to Fresco in Este Lauder Double Wear?
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Q. Hi there! Which concealer would work best with Immaculate Hourglass foundation? :)
From anyone's personal experience, do you know what concealer would work best with Hourglass Immaculate foundation? Love the foundation, but it can be hard to blend out at times, and it is really uncooperative with the current concealers I own. Thank you <3
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looking for a concealer!! Please help
I use Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Tender Rose and i am looking for a concealer that will blend well with it. Why type (liquid or cream) and what colour should I be looking for? Please help!
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Bite Mix n Mingle
I would love to see swatches of the lippys available in the Bite Mix and Mingle Minis!
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