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Does anyone out there have the colour IQ 3Y05 and if so, do you have any suggestions for the perfect nude lip colour?!
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Q. What eye palette should I buy next?
I am interested in buying an eye palette for everyday makeup looks and I'm trying to figure out what to buy next. I already bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette so that's out. Information about me is that I have green eyes and my skin tone is light to median.
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A. I vote for a viseart palette. They are pricey but the quality is really amazing and if you go for one of the theory palettes it is not out of control expensive.  see post
Q. Best concealer for blemishes
I am wondering what people think as the best concealer for blemishes. I don't like ones with salicylic acid. I was using shape tape and the nars soft matte but both are too pink in my shade and doesn't fully cover. Any suggestions?
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A. I've had good results using UD Naked Skin green colour corrector first, then Hourglass Vanish foundation stick applied strategically with a lip brush. Then I blur the ed... see post
Q. How to cover up smile lines?
Throughout the day, my smile lines become more noticeable and it always bothers me. Is there a specific product that can help such as a primer to reduce the appearance of smile lines?
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A. Hi @Ilana23,   There are some primers such as the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer and Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer can help fill fine lines and dimin... see post
Q. Uneven Eyebrow Help!!
One of my eyebrows is higher than the other and also a different shape - much more arched whereas the other is more straight. Every time I go to get my eyebrows threaded, they can never do much about it. But when I fill them in, it's so obvious, especially in photos! I don't know what to do - any ideas? (I use ABH dipbrow, but any suggestions are great)
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A. Hi, libertyg!   There's a commonly tossed around phrase in the brow world that says "Brows are meant to be sisters, not twins" so don't feel alone in any brow woes and... see post
Q. Dior Extase Mascara Substitutes
I was sooo disappointed to find out that Dior had discontinued their Extase line of mascara and need a good alternative. Tried Better than Sex, Rollerlash, They're Real (different but better than the others), Diorshow, ect but haven't found one that lives up to Extase. Your suggestions are appreciated- thank you. 
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A. Hi @JJVIB,   The new Dior Pump N Volume would be a great substitute for the Extase. You may also like the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara or Yves... see post
Q. Makeup rubbing off
How to prevent makeup from not staying on the nose when applying foundation?
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Q. Prom Lipstick Help!!
I'm wearing a navy blue dress and I'm using the Modern Renaissance palette for my eyes. I have very pale neutral-toned skin, blue eyes, and very dark brown hair. I would really like something that doesn't need to be reapplied to often and doesn't look super weird when it wears off. 
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Q. What's your favorite product?
I'm on the hunt for some great new products in every aspect of my makeup collection, so what are some of your favorite products and why? It can be any type of makeup from any store.
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Q. What product should I purchase for a nice coverage ?
I do have sensitive, acne prone skin, I want something that makes me look'alive' and covers on days i have a break out yet be natural and i can use it as a canvas for my face(to build up and go out )... Found ation? BB cream? .. I do have dry skin too and today I got the Urban Decay  Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector, but it said online its for combination skin?  It would be great if it had an SPF too!   Please Advice!
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Q. Nars velvet lip pencils
I cannot decide between Nars lip pencils in Walkyrie and Dolce Vita, anyone that could tell me the difference between them? 
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Q. How long does your Tinted Moisturizer bottle/tube last?
I'm trying to justify spending the $ for a mid to high end TM I haven't worn a foundation, TM, BB cream or really any kind of facial tinting product in about 7 years so I don't remember how long bottles/tubes usually last. What kind of TM do you use, how many days a week do you use it and about how long does it last you?
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A. @missallyson  I use the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer [below].  I probably average 3 or so applications a week, and it always lasts me at least a year.  It does, ... see post
Q. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer vs. Benefit Hoola
So I've for a long time been looking for the perfect bronzer, and I've put it down to two bronzers, that I have to chose between.   I'm asian with medium/olive skin tone, and I don't really have any skin problems.   So I want to ask you, which one do you like better and why? Or if you only have one of them, why do you like or dislike the product?
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A. Hi LipstickTilly,   I think both bronzers are great, however, I think Hoola might be better with your skintone as the chocolate soleil is definitely a deeper shade. ... see post
Q. Which color should I use to counteract dark patches?
Okay my face overall is pretty light/pale in color, but uh.. years of sun damage on my lower face has made my mouth area slightly darker. But my neck is pale so it looks super weird if I try to match the rest of my face to the color of my chin/mouth area. But if I wear a lighter foundation to match my neck and other areas on my face, the chin/mouth area looks really ashy and grey.    I thought maybe color correcting can help me, to wear them underneath my foundation. But I have no idea which color works for brightening a big area of dark patches? The color isn't blue/purple/yellow anything, although I guess it falls under the category of "sallowness", but I've tried lavender colors before and it just makes the area look even more ashy and unattractive. Any ideas? Would orange work? I thought orange was for the green/blue like, for undereyes and such.
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Q. Natural Asian Wedding Make-up and Hair Artist Recommendations in the SGV Area
I am looking for recommendations for an Asian bridal make-up and hair artist in the San Gabriel Valley, CA area (especially in Pasadena, Alhambra, San Gabriel) to do fresh, natural (not over-done) Asian makeup for my wedding day.   I am hoping to spend $300 or so (including wedding hair/make-up and trial hair/make-up) to find an artist who is professional and well-reviewed. I also need an artist who has a studio or salon at which to meet since I don't want to have my hair/make-up done at my house or at the venue.    Please message me if you've worked with an artist, and can highly recommend them. I'd prefer artists who work with a lot of Asian brides (some make-up artists struggle with Asian eye makeup), and who can do both hair and make-up.    I am attaching pictures of the type of natural Asian make-up look that I'm going for.    I 
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Q. Looking for illuminating loose powder
My go-to loose powder (Cover FX Illuminating Setting powder) isn't available in the US anymore.    What's a good substitute that is good for all-over daytime coverage with just a touch of glow—not shiny or glittery.    I'm fair-skinned and would need translucent, if possible, or very light shade.
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Q. Makeup for a Green Dress
Hey Y'all,      My dress that I am wearing to my formal next month is emerald green and has a very low back? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should do my hair and makeup for this dress? Thanks.        Melissa 
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A. Hi @MelissaM96,    I love @NewMoonChild's suggestions! Just to add to it, I would would definitely s tick with a neutral lipstick and gloss. You might like the Bite ... see post
Q. Mascara
Hi I want to have the impression of long natural thick eyelashes. But not wear fake eyelashes. What macara is the best for what I'm looking for?
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Q. I have monolids, what are some good eyeshadow looks without creating a fake crease?
I really want to get into working with eyeshadows, but I have monolids and can't find that many tutorials and tips. I really like colours and would love to incorporate colours into everyday looks. I was wondering what are some suggestions for applying colourful eyeshadow to monolids without creating a fake crease?  
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Q. Concealer Oxidizing
I have been using the taste shape tape concealer and it keeps oxidizing on me, I also use the makeup forever matte primer as well. Is there 
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Q. Naked 3 vs Sweet Peach vs Chocolate bar
I'm younger so I prefer natural eye looks that accentuate my blue/grey eyes without overpowering my fair/blond coloring. I have the naked basics pallete and am looking to make a larger pallete purchase. I'm not very into darker makeup or like a smokey or sultry look. Suggestions? 
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A. Tartelette In Bloom suggestion by @EvangelineDamon is actually a great alternative choice! I used this palette on my friend with fair skin and blue/grey eyes after getti... see post
Q. Best professional colorful eyeshadow palettes
Wha are the best color professional eyeshadow palettes?
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Q. Adelaide Kane-inspired cool, rose blush
Hi all! I am a big fan of Adelaide Kane (an actress from Reign, Teen Wolf, etc.). Recently, she uploaded pictures to Instagram from a photoshoot she had done with photographer Jordan Harvey. I fell in love with the soft color used on her cheeks and was hoping that the Sephora community might be able to make a recommendation on a blush that would dupe the blush used on Adelaide for the shoot.    I did a little digging and found that the exact blush used for the shoot was Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Creme Blusher in Rose (a soft burgundy shade). Any recommendations for this little obsession of mine?       tags: blush, adelaide kane, rose, burgundy, au naturale, reign, cool, cool tone
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Q. which colour eye shadow best suits green eyes?
i have green eyes and usually i just wear nude coloured eye shadows, but i kind of want to branch out a bit and get new eye shadow ! so i wanted to know opinions on what colour eye shadow compliments green eyes the most ! :')
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Q. stye and beauty blender?
I have a stye and am wondering if microwaving my beauty blender would get rid of the germs? I've microwaved before no problem but will it truly disinfect? I can't use antibacterial soap because it would just break me out when I use the beauty blender. 
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Q. Buxom customized palette return
I recently picked 6 singles to customize my Buxom palette. Unfortunately 3 out of 6 are duds, not showing up whatsoever. Is it possible for me to return only those 3 or do I have to return the whole palette? Thanks a lot!
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A. You don't have to exchange the whole palette! You can just return the 3 you don't like and pick another 3! see post
Q. Kat Von D Shade + Light Quad
I was thinking about getting the Rust quad for my blue eyes but I'm scared that the orange might be too bright and would be hard to wear every day. I already have the Too Faced Natural Matte palette... is it worth getting the Kat Von D quad?
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Q. Should I buy it?
I have heard good things about Cliniques Take Off the Day Cleansing Balm... I really want to purchase it but I want to hear what you guys think of it first!
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