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Nail Polish | New Releases, Deals, Swatches, Discussion
I noticed that we don't have a thread for talking about nail polishes. Since we have some nail polish collectors/fans here, I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated thread to discuss new releases, our favorite nail polishes, etc.
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Wow *sighing dreamily* see post
Lipstick Playground
Hello there my fellow lipstick junkies!   This thread is a playground for all lipstick junkies out there. A place where we can share anything about our darlings. Because... c'mon! We need our personal space to play, right? Please, feel free to share anything and everything about your lovelies: hand/lip swatches, your staples, must haves, loved ones, not so loved ones, "fails", nasty lil buggers, lipstick of the day , new acquisitions, old flames, experiments, creative stuff, thoughts on lippies, challenges... lots and lots of photos, of course... You get the picture...  "Anything goes!" ( to quote our lovely DiVWA )   Post, share, discus, and the most important thing - have fun!   I declare our lippie playground officially open!     Lippie junkies united!!!
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That's awesome. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you liked it:) see post
Searching for a lip balm- help
I'm an Arizona gal and I'm visiting friends on the East Coast. This winter is kicking my...lips. They are so super dry, cracked and miserable. I am afraid to use my regular EOS lip balm because of all of the news about people breaking out in rashes. I've tried the Fresh one and it's a bit mushy and doesn't show up much on my dark lips. Any recommendations?
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I personally love the Jack Black lip balm, I got a sample in one of my Sephora bags and I absolutely love it, best lip balm I've used. I'll definitely be purchasing a fu... see post
Need Help Picking the Perfect Foundation
Hello everyone, I know there are tons of threads about finding the perfect foundation already so I apologize for another one :c it's been a while since I've bought a high end foundation but I'd really like to invest in one again, I'm just having a hard time narrowing it down because I have so many brands in mind. I used to use the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and I really liked it, I was thinking of trying the Ultra HD but I've heard from quite a few people that it isn't as good as the original HD unfortunately. Here's some info about my skin and my foundation needs:   -I want something with medium-full coverage as I have quite a bit of post-acne hyperpigmentation on my face -I'd like it to be very long lasting. 8-10 hours at the least I'd say, on a typical full day I have my makeup on for about 11 hours but on days when I go out after work or something I'd really like it to last all day. Unfortunately, I'm the kind of person who is very lazy about touching their makeup up throughout the day. I'll do it if I have to, but I'd rather not -I'm not too picky about the finish, I like both matte and satin finishes, however, I've noticed that after a while my foundation can start to look greasy, even though I have pretty dry skin and use primer and setting powder. So, I think matte might be a better fit for me -I'd like it to be reasonably light weight ( I understand this can be hard to accomplish with full coverage foundations so I'm willing to bend a little on that), unfortunately my foundation seems to always settle in to my pores and lines after a couple of hours and look cakey, even with primer and MAC's Fix Plus sprayed on (I use the Smashbox Photo Finish primer and occasionally the ELF Mineral Infused Primer) I've been researching quite a few foundations for a while but I still can't narrow it down. These are the ones that I thought might satisfy my needs:   -Estee Lauder Double Wear -Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr -Make Up Forever Matte Velvet -Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick -Too Faced Born This Way -Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation -Kat Von D Tattoo Lock-it (I've tried this foundation quite a few times in samples before and I really loved the coverage and the matte finish, but it also felt very thick which is why I haven't bought it yet) If anyone has any other foundation suggestions please let me know! Also, please let me know which foundation listed above, if any, you would recommend for my needs.   Thank you very much everyone!  
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Opinions on bareMinerals Matte Foundation?
I have only used liquid foundation but I am reading reviews that say this works well with oily/combo skin. Does anyone have any experience with this foundation? I am considering giving it a try. I have an oily T-zone with some dry spots on my skin.    Thanks!   
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My problems came about a year into wearing the foundation.  I'm not sure what caused it because my routine was still the same - I didn't (and still don't) wear makeup to... see post
Upcoming BITE Beauty Releases
With all of the various threads dedicated to particular brands, I thought it would be fun to have one specifically for BITE Beauty. This thread is for talking about current products, upcoming releases and general brand love!   Upcoming: February 23 | Amuse Bouche Lipstick | 34 shades (permanent) $26 57   Current: Matte Crème Lip Crayon | Pastille, Red Velvet, Blood Orange, Pink Lady, Rosehip, Blanc (permanent) $24                                                    Luminous Crème Lipstick | Bellini, Mimosa, Kir Royale (LE) $24     Past Releases: Spoiler (Highlight to read) (2015) Lip Lab Limited Release Crème Deluxe Series 001 - 012 (LE) (Holiday 2015) Mix N Mingle Luminous Crème Lipstick Duos (LE) (Holiday 2015) Best BITE Rewind Mini Matte Crème Lip Crayon Set (LE) (Holiday 2015) BITE Discovery Set (LE) (CA Exclusive) 'Mauvember' Luminous Crème Lipstick (LE) (US exclusive) Frozen Berries Matte Crème Lipstick (LE) Opal Matte Crème Lipstick (permanent) Opal Crème Lip Gloss (permanent) (CA exclusive) Maple Matte Crème Lipstick (LE) (CA exclusive) Maple Agave Lip Mask (permanent)  (2015) Lip Lab Limited Release Crème Deluxe Series 001 - 012 (LE)(Holiday 2015) Mix N Mingle Luminous Crème Lipstick Duos (LE)(Holiday 2015) Best BITE Rewind Mini Matte Crème Lip Crayon Set (LE)(Holiday 2015) BITE Discovery Set (LE)(CA Exclusive) 'Mauvember' Luminous Crème Lipstick (LE)(US exclusive) Frozen Berries Matte Crème Lipstick (LE)Opal Matte Crème Lipstick (permanent)Opal Crème Lip Gloss (permanent)(CA exclusive) Maple Matte Crème Lipstick (LE)(CA exclusive) Maple Agave Lip Mask (permanent)   
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BEAUTY PRO marely1011 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Oh thank you so much for this!!  see post
how do i convince my parents I'm old enough to wear makeup?
My 13th birthday is coming up, and I wanna start wearing makeup. And no I don't mean red lipstick, full on eyeshadow (even though the shades are TO DIE FOR) eyeliner, and eyebrows. I want something natural (Primer, Foundation, Powder, Mascara primer, and Mascara). But my parents think I'm too young. I'm a mature almost 13 year old that does their homework, listens to their parents, and gets good grades. And my parents are aware of my makeup obsession.
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  I will not tell you to not use make up, because I know how that feels. Also, the BTers below me have already given awesome advice.    Instead, I'll write down a few... see post
Weekly Color Challenge V.2.0
Spoiler (Highlight to read) Pink! Pink! Hey folks! Come join me in a color challenge!   The [original] rules: Each week (Sunday- Saturday) there will be a new color to incorporate into your makeup looks. It can be one item of that color or a whole face. Try to incorporate it 4-5 times during the week, and post your pic, or discuss your colors here with everyone! If you can only do a day or two, that's fine too! This should be fun! For folks on a No Buy, it's a great way to Shop your collection. I hope you'll join me!   Sprytely edition addition:  I will be adding some fun (hopefully, lol) bonus challenges. Let us know if your look qualifies for a bonus!    Schedule Jan 24-March 5th: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Jan 24-Jan 30th: Wildcard! Pick a palette and/or lipstick line for the week and try to come up with as many different looks as possible! Jan 31-Feb 6th: Moss green Feb 7-Feb 13th: Grey/silver Feb 14-Feb 20th: pink Feb 21-Feb 27: bronze Feb 28-March 5: white* *super challenge Jan 24-Jan 30th: Wildcard! Pick a palette and/or lipstick line for the week and try to come up with as many different looks as possible!Jan 31-Feb 6th: Moss greenFeb 7-Feb 13th: Grey/silverFeb 14-Feb 20th: pinkFeb 21-Feb 27: bronzeFeb 28-March 5: white**super challenge   Pink--more info coming soon!   Swatches and Inspiration: coming soon! Bonus Challenges: Spoiler (Highlight to read) -Pink and gold! -Post your Valentine look! Extra bonus if there's a heart! -I still want to see some false lashes! -Pink and gold!-Post your Valentine look! Extra bonus if there's a heart!-I still want to see some false lashes!  
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Whoa! This look is incredible! see post
tattoo cover up
I have a wedding coming up and a wedding dress that dips down and shows my black and grey tattoo. I would like to cover it up for the day and not ruin my wedding dress. Any ideas on what products work the best?
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KVD and Dermablend are made to cover tattoos and long wearing. see post
hi im so interested in finding what foundation to use ??
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Primers....are they worth the extra money?
I have tried numerous primers...are they worth it?  None seem to be worth the extra money...please enlighten me!
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lol.  i have the same experience and i thought i was the only one. the only way primer works for me is if i use one loaded with silicone (which clogs my pores) but makes... see post
kat von D
I want to know if the Kat Von D lock-it foundation + a beaty blender set is avalible in all the stores. (specially in Orlando)  
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Hi July2512, It looks like it is available in our Orlando stores.  You may want to call and confirm they have the one you need first> see post
Lip product identification
Can anyone identify the lip product being worn by the women in the center of the "Lip Boldly" advertisement from the Sephora website?    
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Hi Annxe, that is Stila Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick in Baci :)   see post
Makeup touch ups for oily skin on the go ?
I have oily skin and use a oil free BB cream but it's annoying to blend with my fingers and I don't want to use a brush since it is not travel friendly. I am planning on switching to Laneige's Pore control bb cushion ( great to travel with) and also plan on purchasing, blotting paper, and Kiko Milano's Matte Base Primer, and their compact foundation(to make my skin matte). However, for touch ups during the day, should i just use the blotting papers to wipe the excess oil off and touch up with just the bb cushion mentioned above or use it with the Kiko Milano compact foundation together. I just don't know if I should purchase one compact or both of these.
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Tom Ford Updates
Hey Beauties- We have ALOT of threads around here for Tom Ford products. I figured I'd start one thread where we can update each other on items as they come out or we see them available.    For all my UK'ers, or people willing to pay for shipping from the UK, Harrods has Softcore and Nude Dip from the Fall collection available right now. Happy Shopping! 
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HALL OF FAMER lipstick4soul / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
The blue and gold ones are especially pretty. I tried them on my hand and it took a lot of work to get them off so I think they would last well. The texture reminds me o... see post
What is the sephora bronzer closest to aruba?
I notice Sephora brand's bronzer is no longer available in "Aruba".. What is the shade most similar to this that Sephora makes as a replacement? Thanks!
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Oily skin + foundation (Setting powder?)
I recently went in to pick up a new foundation to use in winter (I have a summer look I love with Dior Forever Flawless), but unfortunately I'm paler in winter and it doesn't have a match for my paler complexion. I picked up one that matched with my skintone in-store and that came recommended to me by Sephora staff (makeup forever ultra HD invisible cover stick foundation). I like everything about it except how shiny/oily it makes me look/feel after a few hours.   To that end, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a foundation that worked well with combination skin (I have dry cheeks in winter, but a fairly typically oily T-zone). (My color IQ is 1R04.)   Alternatively, I'm open to the idea of keeping the make up forever foundation if I can find something to mattify it: is there a pressed/setting powder that someone might recommend? (Flash photography is a concern of mine - I do need something that won't show up oddly with a flash.)   Thank you so much for your help!
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An update on this for anyone who might have similar questions or similar problems: the Lancôme Teint Idole has been fantastic so far. I'm wearing it over my regular prim... see post
H ABH - Pure Hollywood
Does any Canadian know how to get their hands on ABH Pure Hollywood?? I had my email in for a notifications when it comes back in stock but it seems to have come and gone with no emails.   It looks like Macy's or the ABH site has different colours now.   If anyone has a Pure Hollywood dupe that would be great too!!
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It's back in stock now on the site. see post
Back In Stock-Pure Hollywood
It's back in stock everyone!
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EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Foundation
  Hello. I was wanting to purchase a new foundation. I'm the shade fair in Elf BB Cream and I was wondering if you could help me find the right shade for an EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Foundation.
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MAC Love and Releases Thread!
Since MAC has so many releases coming I thought we could share this info here and our love for the brand   ** MAC SELECT - NEW LOYALTY PROGRAM / US ONLY** Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Flamingo Park - ONLINE NOW & IN STORES NOW     FEBRUARY   Zac Posen - FEB 24 ONLINE, FEB 25 IN STORES Spoiler (Highlight to read)   MARCH MAC x Charlotte Olympia TINASHE eye palette - March 17th ONLINE ONLY Spoiler (Highlight to read) All Hands on Deck – light green shimmer (Veluxe Pearl) Black Water – black with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl) Midnight Sun – shimmer mocha (Satin) Revelry – mauvey purple grey (Fatin) Flame – mint silver shimmer (Veluxe Pearl) Gleam – barely pinked gold (Lustre) Vulnerable – soft pearly purple (Lustre) Amethyst – deep purple with pink pearl (Satin) Quarry – soft muted plum brown (Matte) All Hands on Deck – light green shimmer (Veluxe Pearl)Black Water – black with gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl)Midnight Sun – shimmer mocha (Satin)Revelry – mauvey purple grey (Fatin)Flame – mint silver shimmer (Veluxe Pearl)Gleam – barely pinked gold (Lustre)Vulnerable – soft pearly purple (Lustre)Amethyst – deep purple with pink pearl (Satin)Quarry – soft muted plum brown (Matte) HALSEY Lipstick - March 31st ONLINE ONLY   APRIL DEJ LOAF Lipglass - April 14th ONLINE ONLY LION BABE Liquidlast Liner - April 28th ONLINE ONLY   MAY MAC x Chris Chang Spoiler (Highlight to read) MAC x Chris Chang   Cream Colour Base Peony Pavilion Rich Coral Sock It Xiqu   Eye Shadows Electric Mandarin Mu Mu Bloom Pale Pipa Royal Woo   Lipsticks Cloud Gait DDDevilish Gold XIXI Plum Princess Vermillion Vee   Fluidline Blacktrack   Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder MAC x Chris Chang  Cream Colour BasePeony PavilionRich CoralSock It Xiqu Eye ShadowsElectric MandarinMu Mu BloomPale PipaRoyal Woo LipsticksCloud GaitDDDevilishGold XIXIPlum PrincessVermillion Vee FluidlineBlacktrack Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Pressed Powder Coming soon in 2016 MAC x Selena MAC x Brooke Candy Part 2 New Mineralized Skinfinishes New Strobe products New cream highlight/contour Spring/Summer 2016 Mariah Carey Beauty Icon Collection ** mini lipsticks / collection unknown** Future MAC (grey mineralized lipstick) New brow products MAC x Tanya Taylor NYC   ***Updated FEB  8 2016***    
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Drugstore TSB
Hi everyone,   I've been cleaning out my stash and have a TON of drugstore products I'd like to pass along to others, so I was thinking of starting a drugstore TSB for anyone who's interested.    If you'd like to participate, you must have at least 500 hearts. Once we have a confirmed list of participants, I'll ask that everyone PM their shipping address on to the person before them.    Since I live in a tiny town with no nearby shelters to donate to, Missey1973 has agreed to take the box at the end of the round and donate it to her local shelter, where she has taken a previous TSB. (I want to add that Missey mentioned that there are guys at the shelter as well, so definitely feel free to include men's products if you have any!)   Pretty standard TSB rules: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Rules DO INCLUDE: -new and gently used beauty products -sample and full size items are all ok -mainly drugstore products, but high end products are welcome too -labels for anything that's used/swatched -sanitized products if they're used/swatched -pictures of your proposed trades, and await the approval of a couple other members before shipping it off -the same amount or more than what you take -men's products if you have any DO NOT INCLUDE: -anything gross or items that can't be adequately sanitized -premade samples -less than what you took -Heavily used items (unless someone requests it specifically) SHIPPING: -We'll use a USPS large flat rate box for priority shipping ($17.90) -Please post the tracking number once you ship the box -Please don't hold on to the box for more than three days. RulesDO INCLUDE:-new and gently used beauty products-sample and full size items are all ok-mainly drugstore products, but high end products are welcome too-labels for anything that's used/swatched-sanitized products if they're used/swatched-pictures of your proposed trades, and await the approval of a couple other members before shipping it off-the same amount or more than what you take-men's products if you have anyDO NOT INCLUDE:-anything gross or items that can't be adequately sanitized-premade samples-less than what you took-Heavily used items (unless someone requests it specifically)SHIPPING:-We'll use a USPS large flat rate box for priority shipping ($17.90)-Please post the tracking number once you ship the box-Please don't hold on to the box for more than three days. So, who's interested?   Edit: Depending on how quickly we get a list going, I'm aiming to send this box out some time in the 2nd week of February.   Starting: DolceLoure (sent: 2/8/16   9505513476776039099045)  1. Onceuponatime45 2. Buggirl 3. Sprytely 4. JazaChai 5. StephaniLynn 6. blondesluv2shop 7. kelloua 8. DolceLoure 9. Missey1973 (will do her trades and then donate the goodies to local shelter)  
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HALL OF FAMER Onceuponatime45 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Tracking # for the box: 9405 8036 9930 0191 70976 59. I added two more eyeliners (not pictured) for lateness. see post
Lip liner without matching lipstick shade?
I ordered smash box violet lip liner but don't see a matching lipstick in the line. Suggestions on which shade to get without going to a store to try to match it?
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maebe3604 / NEWCOMER / replied
Thank you so much!! I appreciate your help as someone new to the lip liner game. :)  see post
Splurge/Save for Wedding: Lipstick or mascara
Hello beauty community!!    So I'm getting married in June in Chicago (which can be hot or chilly-- you never know), and I'm 99% sure I'm doing my own makeup. I don't want to get lipstick and mascara that are both high end. What would you spend the extra bucks on: mascara (must be waterproof), or a lipstick that is long lasting? I rarely wear lipstick, but I've always thought that having a special lipstick for my wedding would create a sweet memory for when I wear it again, but I don't!
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HALL OF FAMER kssweetheart / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
etscore, I like the way you think! 😉 see post
Foundation and primer advice (over 50 skin)
I am 52 and getting conflicting advice regarding what type of primer and foundation is best for my age? Any advice appreciated.
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BEAUTY PRO mariharris / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
It actually all depends on what skin type you have and what you're looking for in a foundation/primer. Do you have oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin? Do you want ... see post
Tatcha Lipsticks
Has anyone tried these?  I just got an email from them announcing their Spring release, the Plum Blossom 23-Karat lipstick.  It's a gorgeous color (rose/nude) and I'm dying to get it.  But for $55?!!?   I figure someone on BT must have tried their lipstick.  I'd love to get some feedback, about their lipsticks in general and/or this color in particular.  I like their skincare, so have high hopes for this, but their lipstick is a mystery to me.  Any help?
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Nicrohr, most reds turn fuchsia on me, and a lot of the berries turn coral on me.  I haven't figured out why, but this one just looks plummy and rosy! I think I have li... see post
Show me your nails!
I'm loving this nail polish from Nails Inc. I used the superfood base coat, Nailkale in Victoria and finished it off with the 45 second top coat.  The color is so rich and easy to apply.   
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Butter one makes my nails peel too. Try the perfect formula ones. There is a 100 point perk one available atm.  see post
The Fair/Pale Thread
With so many users looking for the right product to use on their fair/pale/alabaster skin, I thought it would be great to start a thread specifically for this.   Some of the main questions I see have to do with the following: - Foundation/concealer shades - Contouring - Highlighting   I'll be posting comparison reviews and photos of everything I can get my hands on with these categories, as well as any others that people would like to inquire about. If you'd like to give input as well, please list the following:   - Skin IQ/MAC ID/describe skin tone and undertones - Skin type - Foundation matches (make it clear what is a perfect match if you have one, and what is slightly off) - (optional, but highly helpful) Photos of your skin with and without makeup, swatch comparisons, etc. Please ensure there is proper lighting, with little colour overcast (like fluorescent lighting).     ME: Skin IQ: 1y02 (closest neutral "match") MAC: NC8-10 Skintone is very pale, neutral to cool toned, translucent, prone to burning and freckles. Some surface redness. Cannot tan whatsoever. Type: Currently normal/combo. Slightly sensitive. Prone to dryness/patches and oilier nose.   Foundation Matches: - Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer sx01 (99% match; more neutral toned, which evens out my redness perfectly) - CoverFX Custom Drops N10 (same tone as KA SS) - Dolce & Gabbana 60 Classic (perfect match) - MUFE HD Foundation Y205 (ever so slightly too light, but looks super natural with contour or blended with a drop of coverfx n10) - Giorgio Armani Luminessence (slightly cooler toned, great match though) - NARS Chantilly Concealer - DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 (slightly darker and too pink, but wearable, especially if wearing contour or bronzer) - KVD 42    Common recommendations that are too dark for me: Urban Decay Naked Foundation 0.5 (too dark for me, but would for for a tone darker than I) YSL (Touche Eclat concealer in 1.5 works though) GA  Hourglass  Tarte  EL  Too Faced Smashbox (fair is slightly too dark; would work for some a tone darker than I) Dior Foundations/serums (other than the one BB cream)   Too light: MJ Genius Gel cream 010     Foundation comparison swatches in natural light:   L-R:    Spoiler (Highlight to read) NARS Chantilly Concealer MUFE Y205 D&G Classic 60 KA SSE sx01 GA Luminessence CoverfX Custom Drops N10 DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001 UD Naked 0.5   NARS Chantilly ConcealerMUFE Y205D&G Classic 60KA SSE sx01GA LuminessenceCoverfX Custom Drops N10DiorSkin Nude BB Cream 001UD Naked 0.5      Contour: WIP     Highlighting: WIP     Let me know if you'd like any other categories, would like more info, or have any questions!    
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Thanks everyone for chiming in! The more input the better :)   I've been working on accumulating foundation samples (since you can only get so many at a time at Sephor... see post
trying to find a match
I'm trying to find a match for someone as a gift I want to get them tarte amazonian clay foundation can't figure out her shade she wears lancome 24hr in 470c what shade do recommend?
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Hi KrissyGrund, There isn't an exact match.  Deep Sand is a little darker and  Tan-Deep Sand is a little lighter.    see post
YSL touche eclat no. 1
Hello ladies, I was wondering if you can recommend something similar to the touche eclat from YSL. I love it but sadly it is a bit pricey.   Thank you!
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rsebastian / NEWCOMER / replied
Thank you, lylysa! :) I used my touche eclat about every two days and it lasted two and a half months. Which is okay! I will definiely take a look at your suggestion... see post