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Stila - In the Garden look cards
I misplaced my look cards and am trying to prove something to a friend. I would really appreciate if someone could scan/ take a picture of the look cards for me. Anyone? Please? 
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Fall colored
I'm totally obsessed with lipstick right now.  I'm normally a gloss kind of girl, but I bought the Bite lip set and UD Revolution in Rush now all I want to do is buy lipstick.    What are your favorite wine colored lipsticks for fall?  I have fair skin, with hazel eyes, and dark drown hair.      Thanks for helping me feed my addiction
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Sure! I wore Velvet Cherry Last night:  This is Oxblood:  see post
Blush Palette Opinions?
Hey all,   I'm currently debating between the benefit cheeky sweet palette, the tarte pin-up girl palette, the NARS virtual definition palette, and the hourglass ambient lighting blush palette.   I already have one of the hourglass blushes and I have hoola from the benefit palette.   Does anyone have any thoughts about these palettes?  What's good, what's crappy etc?  I'd love to hear any thoughts about any of these.
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serratoP / NEWCOMER / replied
which one did you get? I love the Tarte Palette!! see post
Lip liner suggestions?
Is there a lip liner to match either Bette or Charlotte from NARS' Audacious line? I've never used a lip liner before.    Thanks in advance!!
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No makeup. Actually.
I'm going to post a picture of me without makeup. Because hey, I love makeup, but I'm also working on embracing my face au naturel, too.   None of this "I'm not wearing makeup" when you're wearing a tinted moisturizer, brown mascara, and have a slight flush to your cheeks and lips. I'm talking no makeup AT ALL (No, not even clear lip balm).   This is me, about 10 minutes out of the shower.   Anyone else brave enough?    
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hopefully ya meant fresh and hydrated! lol ;)   youre lovely with or without makeup dear. i dont see much difference cept the bare lids <3 see post
Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows
I've always been curious about these and since they are having their F&F I am wondering if I should take the plunge and order some.  Does anyone have any experience with these or own any? Please let me know. Thanks everybody =)
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I have most of Armani's products, the only thing I still love is probably the luminous silk foundation. If you are into neutral shade, Armani makes some very gorgeous ne... see post
They're now live on their website! How many of you are thinking of picking these up? I'm still not entirely sold on them. How about you ladies?   The price point is pretty good. 1 for $14 4 for $40 8 for $70
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I went to the website but I dont see the single eyeshadows. I was able to see the different colors under the pro tab but unable to purchase any. Are they still available... see post
Natural beauty Products
I'm currently using Korres make up but am running out. Can you recommend another make up brand similar to Korres (natural ingredients)?
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I had no idea Korres still made make up items. Their mascara was my HG for years. When it disappeared from Sephora I figured it was gone for good and I've been experimen... see post
Eyeshadow shields any reviews? I was thinking about getting a box
Has anyone used eyeshadow shields? They seem to be great as stencils for cat eyes (it's so difficult to get them perfect). I was just wondering if it's worth the buy or if any of you lovely ladies have any DIY techniques that are similar to these eyeshadow shields. 
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I have used regular tape. I make it not too sticky by sticking it on clothes first. Then place it on how you would like your cat eye shape. I have also seen post-it note... see post
Do you have products for cover-up that is Vegan, Hypo-allergenic, Non-comedogenic, Dye Free, Preservative Free, Oil Free, Paraben Free, Silicon Free. Latex Free, Egg/Animal Free, Avacado Fre, Papaya Free, Pomegranate Free, Banana Free, Tomato Free, of if you know other products that do apply please email to, Thanks Sincerely, Tara Douglas
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Naked on the Run, who got it?
Naked on the Run launched at 1:00 am PST this morning, and I'm wondering who else snagged it!  I did, mostly just because it looks portable and I have all of the other Naked's, so I needed to round out the collection.  I also picked up a few of the liquid liners in the sale section, they're $10!    
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I was debating between this and Illamasqua's Aura palette, and I still can't decide! I wish Illamasqua was still sold in the US so this decision could be easier haha see post
Anyone else experiencing this issue with Nars Train Bleu?
So I recently bought it and I wore it yesterday for the first time. The color is way darker on my lips than when I swatched it, which is fine, HOWEVER, the problem is that it settled into my lips almost immediately and made me look like I had black blotches. It was not a flattering look. I exfoliated and primed my lips before as well. Any suggestions before I return it?
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That's the weird thing! I have a few other dark shades and it doesn't happen when I use them :( see post
Colourpop eye shadows?I
It seems like my YT home page has been inundated with reviews of these $5 Colourpop Super Shock cream eye shadows. They actually look quite lovely, but when I see everyone and their mother doing a review for something they were sent on YT, I tend to take those reviews with a heaping grain of salt. Has anyone actually tried these? The price is appealing at least.
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It is a gorgeous color! see post
Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer
I recently received a sample and wore this primer underneath my chanel foundation (which i use on special occasions). I noticed that when i took a picture with a flash, my face was completely white which has never happened. I didn't think a primer could do that so i wore it again last night under a darker shade of foundation and my face was still white in photo's. Normally i use smashbox's primer so i'm definitely going back unless there's a better one someone can recommend?? I am ALWAYS in pictures. Need this problem fixed haha 
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Brightening Concealer
Sephora brand Smoothing and Brightening Concealer, what color should Asians wear?  May Radiant Camel?
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Asians' skin tones can vary from very pale to medium tan. Do you have foundation or picture that we can use as a reference?  see post
Best nude eye palette that isn't from UD?
Hi lovelies!   I am in search of a new nude eyeshadow palette. I've tried both Basics palettes from UD, but they had really terrible pigment fallout, so that's a no go.    Do you guys know any good nude palettes that don't have this problem? I kind of have my eye on the Becca nude palette (but don't know if it has fallout). If anybody has this one, please leave some feedback on it     Any and all suggestions are appreciated and taken into consideration
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HALL OF FAMER heartsmyface / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I like too faced boudoir eyes:)  see post
gluten free lipstick
Does anyone know which brands at Spehora have gluten free lipsticks? I have celiac disease and shoiuld use a gluten free lipstick. I would love to be able to walk into a Sephora location and know which brands I can use and actually see the shades before I purchase. Thanks!
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Divine22 / FRESH FACE / replied
Hey I have severe celiac disease and I had to buy all new soap , shampoo, tooth paste, makeup, cleaning supplies etc.. a few things you can do is type in the search sect... see post
Q. highlighting/contouring/foundation help!!
Hi guys! I currently use Estee Lauder Double Wear liquid foundation. Over that, I highlight using Revlon PhotoReady concealer and a pharmacy brand powder bronzer (not sure of the name). I love makeup and have the application skills down. I even use a professional makeup mirror with special lighting that leaves my makeup looking great. I also use setting powder and a setting spray. However, when I get to school, you cannot tell that I highlighted or contoured. In fact, my foundation looks splotchy where I applied the highlighter. Should I not apply the foundation where I am going to highlight (under eye triangle)? Why doesn't it look good in school- but seems to look great in most other places? My school has fluorescent lighting, but there is another girl in my school who uses the same highlighter and bronzer and hers looks flawless all day! I would love any tips or suggestions you may have! I've attached some pictures  of what my makeup looks like  right after application. Thank you!  
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BEAUTY GURU ballerinagrl / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / answered
A. You are so cute! And you're right, your makeup skills look pretty great if your pictures are anything to go by - one heck of a lot better than mine, in fact, and I'm 43,... see post
Brands You'll Never Buy/Hate?
The Lime Crime thread got me thinking, I don't know a whole lot about the companies I buy from, beyond what I can dig up on my own while reading reviews or looking for swatches. What other companies (let's keep them beauty related only, or we'll be here all year) would you never buy from, and why? Are there any you refused to try for a long time but have since changed your mind on?   Mine are:   1. Lime Crime (totes obvs, right) 2. Sigma -- I genuinely don't care whether they have a good product or not, but if I hear one more YTer say "I'm using Sigma #XX, I'll link it below" I will smack someone. I feel like they have over-saturated the online beauty community with affiliates and hidden sponsorships to the point that I just have no desire whatsoever to try anything from them. Ever. 3. Kat Von D - just don't like her, so I'm not giving her my money. 4. CoastalScents - sort of the same as Sigma, but I did buy several glosses from them a few years ago and the colors and quality were just way sub-par, even if they weren't expensive. 5. Savina - I bought two polishes from a Nordstrom Rack to try out and they were SO AWFUL that I vowed never to buy another one, not even if it looked gorgeous. 6. Enkore - same thing, bought a few eyeshadows and they were so awful I'll never buy anything from him again. I think he even quit producing eyeshadows, so I clearly wasn't alone in my dislike for them. 7. Any and all celebrity-backed perfumes. I think I have one bottle of J.Lo's Glow from back in the day (and it does smell lovely), but again it's that over saturation of the market that turns me off. I feel like I see Britney Spears/Jessica Simpson/Justin Bieber/One Direction fragrances in every single drugstore or discount store I go to.   One I Changed My Mind On: Glamglow! When their stuff first came out, it was SO EXPENSIVE and had so much hype that I was immediately skeptical. I think I tried one foil of the black mask and the flakes inside of it annoyed me to the point of dismissing the brand entirely. When the SeasonSet sample bag arrived, I pulled the Thirstymud sample out and it popped on me! The crimped end of it had blown apart and it was all over my hands.. and it smelled so good.. so I figured, better to smear it on my face and see what was up, rather than wash it down the drain. I'm glad I did; my skin was suuuuuuper soft, like crazy soft, when I washed it off. It also stayed really soft even after I washed with cleanser, and I felt like it was still pretty soft in the morning. I've got a trip coming up to cooler temperatures in the desert soon so I found another foil sample of it in my sample stash and ordered the kit before the VIBR sale ended, to have some on hand.   ETA: I hope no one takes offense to any of this stuff, it's just makeup. I'm positive there will be someone out there who dislikes a brand I like, so no hurt feelings.
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thanks darling! i will do more research now :) see post
My thought on the new Perricone MD No Makeup Line
I was one of the Lucky BeautyTalker's who was gifted the New line on makeup by Perricone MD from Sephora. And i wanted to share my thought on it. For starters i am a Medium-Tan skintone, and i do have fairly dry skin. I have worn the products for 3 days now and i have a pretty good idea of how they are.   Here is a picture of what i received. I was sent an extra No Foundation Foundation instead of the No Foundation Foundation Serum. So i kept the extra in the box. I won't be able to review the serum but i'm sure there will be others posting their reviews.   No Foundation Foundation - I received both shades, And the second one is a good match for my skin, The first shade i can work with, I add a drop of the Bronzer and it's also a good color match. This is a runny liquid texture, and it is a sheer coverage. One layer definitely evens out my skin, covers redness, and is not detectable on my skin at all! Unfortunately i have a little hyper pigmentation right now, so i do need 2 layers. And with that second layer it bumps the coverage to medium, and still looks very natural on my skin. I think the 2 big things i don't like is the smell, But it's a personal preference, And it's a little sticky on the skin. I have been setting with a light powder but my nose got a little oily at the end of the day. So today i am trying it the MUFE setting powder.But i do overall like this. If you have relatively good skin with nothing major to cover up, this is a great product. It's so lightweight, and undetectable on the skin!  Here is a picture of both foundations swatched, taken outside. (The one on top of Shade 2, Bottom is Shade 1)   No Blush Blush - I'm in LOVE with this. It is a beautiful color. I apply this by dotting it on the back of my hand, and take a blush brush to carefully applying it to my cheeks. I can't use my fingers for cream/liquid blushed because i tend to go all over the place. But using a brush works for me. It blends like a dream!   No Bronzer Bronzer - As i said already i mix this with the lighter foundation, and i also use this after foundation like i use my regular bronzer. Which is to contour lightly around the face. Like the blush, it blends so beautifully. And i can build it up with a second layer to get more color, and it's still such a natural look!   No Concealer Concealer - I LOVE this. It's the perfect shade to really brighten up my eye area. I'm not a huge concealer Guru, I haven't used many for my Under eye area because i don't have dark circles. But i don't think i can go back to not using it! I see myself purchasing this when i run out! I feel like it is a very sheer coverage, so if you need a full coverage concealer, this might not be the one for you.    No Lipstick Lipstick - Again, I LOVE this. I feel like i would purchase this when i'm out! I love the color, and it's very hydrating! I use a lot of sheer lipsticks/balms instead on lipstick lately, and i'm just in love. I've also tried patting a little of the blush on my lips and then applying this, and it's GORGEOUS.    Here is a picture of all of them, taken outside.  Left to Right- Lipstick, Bronzer, Blush, Concealer    No Mascara Mascara - I think the wand it pretty neat, but i'm still very unsure how i like this. I think the problem is there is too much product on the wand, I think i need to wipe it off. I need to play around like it more. So if you have any tips on that please share!    I don't know if this is going to help anyone, but hopefully the swatches might! Overall i really like the makeup. I think the main problem is the lack of shades. Hopefully Perricone will expand it, but if the color works for you, i think these are great products to try! My top recommendation is for the lipstick, and blush! They are gorgeous!
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Random reach out see post
Is MAC worth the hype?
I watch a lot of YouTube beauty videos and everyone always raves about how amazing MAC is, so I always assumed it was fabulous. After reading around on here for the last few months I've noticed a lot of people say that it is not that great. I know YouTube isn't the best place to find accurate product reviews, but is MAC as great as the gurus make it out to be? I planned on buying all of my holiday makeup at MAC this year because I thought everything would end up being amazing, but now I'm kind of doubting that. I tried a lipgloss and pressed pigment form them, but I don't think that those purchases are enough for me to make an accurate judgement about the brand. Lip gloss is lip gloss to me, and the shadow was a highlight shade so it's nothing fancy. Anyone have any input on whether or not I should splurge on MAC?
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In my opinion MAC is wayyyy over hyped. It is generally a brand that people start with probably because it's so easy to find their products and it isn't terribly expensi... see post
Lancome Teint Idole 24H shade
What is the equivalent shade in Lancome Teint Idole 24H to Teint Miracle Bisque 8N?
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Need help to smoother foundation finish
 I have been trying so hard to get a smoother foundation finish but its not working! lol ive moisturize and put a primer on my skin. I exflioate twice a week and when I do I exfloiate before I put my makeup up on. Lately im starting to hate the way my makeup looks my pimples poke through alot and my face has a bumpy look to it. Can anyone please help me on what I should do. I have dry skin and I am currently using Mac Studio Fix in NC 50 and NYX HD concealer. Am I using the wrong foundation?
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missdiva757 / NEWCOMER / replied
Thank you! Ok I be purchasing those products tomorrow. Thank you for your tips and suggestions see post
Your best eyebrow product
I feel like my looks aren't complete until my eyebrows are done and a lot of you probably feel the same way. I was looking at threads but it's mostly 'what can I use to so and so, and this causes this and that' type of deal.   I use several products for different things.I recently discovered the PERFECT product for a natural brow, and well for a more polished brow I have a favorite one as well, so let's begin.    What brow products are your HG?   Natural brow - Giorgo Armani Eye and Brow maestro Defined brow - (For a dark brown I use UD brow box and set it with abh  tinted gel) Defined brow - (for a black brow I just use any matte black eyeshadow)     Now t hat I've listed my products.. I have both wenge wood and jet black for the GA and I thought that the black would be a bit too dramatic (my thoughts before trying it on) but WOW, it actually keeps my brow looking as thick as i want it and natural. Seriously. This product is foolproof.    If I were to suggest any products to anyone, it'd be the ones I listed (ud brow box and GA). I still wnt to try the brow zing from benefit though. 
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I made swatches of the Color Tattoo and Dipbrow These were taken with yellow/bathroom light And here they are outside... see post
Beauty Blender Bleeding Pink Dye?!
I just got a beauty blender since some of you have recommended it. And I want to thank all of you that have because I am so loving it for foundation!!!   Any who, I washed it for the first time today using baby shampoo (Thats what I normally use for my makeup tools) and i noticed pink dye started running out of the beauty blender.. Is this normal?
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Leah9898 / NEWCOMER / replied
I've had my beauty blender for about a year now and I was cleaning it today and I noticed some pink dye coming out and then next thing I knew the tip broke off. :( this ... see post
Q. is it possible to find the BITE BEAUTY Best Bite Remix in store at least?
A. @TheSocialQuota- for some reason my comment is hidden under your message. so I copy paste my reply here. Maybe my ipad is wonky today 😖 My husband gave it to the cashi... see post
Ligher shade of foundation?
I am using Becca in Olive. In the summer it was great, but my skin is a little lighter now and it makes me look like I put tanner on. Will Buttercup work if I'm just a tad lighter? I also use CoverFX in G50, which seems to be a good match, but I like to mix it up and the coverage Becca gives is great. Thanks!
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HALL OF FAMER weeeeweeeeeee / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Mix it with a little regular moisturizer. Save some money so you don't have to buy another tube. see post
Why does Sephora not carry all the NARS foundation shades?
I'm a little a lot peeved.   Sephora carries 17 of the 20 NARS foundation shades online, they have all of the light shades, all of the medium shades, but are missing three of the darker shades: New Guina (which is actually a medium-dark shade), New Orleans, and Benares. Is there any particular reason Sephora doesn't carry these shades? I think what bothers me is the fact that I fall into that darker range that they're missing, and online they only have two of the four dark options even available to buy and in store (or at least every store near me - and that's eight stores) there's only one.    So why Sephora, why? Finding foundation is already one heck of a task because I am on the darker side of the scale, and it doesn't help when all of a brands colors aren't made available and literally half the options for my skin tone, which weren't many to begin with, are gone.    Can anyone shine some light on this? 
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HALL OF FAMER newandaddicted / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I noticed the same thing with MUFE mat velvet in 85.  The range goes up to 85 BUT you can't get it in the store (which means no sample) it stops at 80.  In the summer I ... see post
Dupe for Gerard Lip in Plum Crazy & Buttercup
Hi! Does anyone know a color dupe of Gerard Lipstick in Buttercup and Gerard Lipgloss in Plum Crazy? Something that's either a cheap drugstore dupe or a higher end brand that I can swatch would be much appreciated  
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Kat von D Contour Face and Eyes
I saw this posted on Sephora's Instagram for a new Kat von D palette. It says it's a Contour Face and Eyes palette. that is "coming soon"   Picture credit: Sephora Instagram
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BEAUTY GURU ballerinagrl / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
Wow. That is seriously pretty! Thanks for posting the picture! :) see post