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Pore minimizer primer
What's the best pore minimizer primer? I just have tried the benefit porefessional and its ok. Is there anything better than that?  Thanks 😘
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Yes, luckily I have noticed. I like the small size better too for travel, etc see post
Come Join Me For 28 (or so) Days of Red!
Ladies, in the spirit of February being the dead of winter, let's bring some extra warmth to BT.   I've noticed many ladies mention over the past few months that they lack the confidence or comfort level to rock a red lip. In that vein, I've decided to do a red lip a day for the next 28 days (or until I run out).   Please feel free to pop in and join me by posting a pic of your red lippie, even if you don't want to don a red every day.  And who knows, you might even find your next great red this way!   Day 1: BITE Beauty Luminous Creme in Poppy                 Day 2: Shiseido Lacquer Rouge 417 Sanguine (I did not consider that I would need reds to complement a developing tan...oops!)                   Day 3: BITE Beauty Matte Lip Crayon Maraschino               Day 4: Hourglass Opaque Rouge Icon (for my trip I only packed minis, so pretty much all GWP               Day 5: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Beso                     Day 6: BITE Beauty High Pigment Pencil Pomegranate                    Day 7: BITE Beauty Luminous Creme Scarlet             Day 8: Dior Rouge Dior 999             Day 9: BITE Beauty High Pigment Pencil Meritage and NYX Butter Gloss Cherry Pie (Meritage was described as a brick red, but even with the red gloss it still looks really pink to me)           Day 10: NARS Hardwire (LE) Deadly Catch                     Day 11: Clinique Chubby Stick Mightiest Maraschino     Day 12: Urban Decay Revolution FBomb                 Day 13: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Cruella               Day 14: MUFE Artist Rouge N45               Day 15: Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick Frenched                   Day 16: Buxom Provocateur                 Day 17: BITE Beauty for Sephora VIB Rouge                 Day 18: OCC Liptar Matte Harlot                    Day 19: Guerlain KissKiss Shaping Cream 325                     Day 20: OCC Stained Gloss Jealous               Day 21: NARS Audacious Olivia                 Day 22: NYX Butter Gloss Red Velvet                 Day 23: NARS Audacious Lana               Day 24: OCC Metallic Liptar Role Play                Day 25: NARS Audacious Bette                    Day 26: OCC Matte Liptar NSFW                 Day 27: NARS Audacious Leslie (not photographing true to color, it is a more rusty red IRL, but I waited too late to photo, and now the good daylight is gone)             Day 28: OCC Metallic Manhunter liptar   
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Today was a 2 lipstick day... I started with F-bomb and switched to So Rouge halfway through the day.  So Rouge was applied in the car, so my application is a little off... see post
What make up do I need?
I like the simple, natural look. What make up do I need ASAP? 
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In the market for a new mascara
I have been using UD's Perversion. I loved it for awhile. But it seems like it is not consistent. My lashes seem awesome one day but meh the next. And it has some clumpy days too. Those days seem to be increasing.  I'd like to buy something new. I'm not sure what direction to go in. I'm leaning towards the Diorshow. But even then I'm not sure which one I want.  Any recommendations? Thanks!! 
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IT GIRL WTmuse / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
Love DiorShow Iconic Overcurl.  I have difficulty with mascara staying on my lashes, without creating a "raccoon-eye" appearance via smearing.  DiorShow Iconic Overcurl ... see post
Glamglow Thirstymud-who wants it?
I know some people either love this or really dislike it.  I'm in the in-between crowd where it doesn't irritate my skin but it doesn't really do much for it either.  Anyways, i will be giving away a brand new jar of the mask.  Sticking with the favorites theme, it will go to the person who can guess my favorite actor.  Only for people living in the US.  hint: its not a TV star.  
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Oooh...I loved him as Darcy and he was amazing in The King's Speech. Great favorite! see post
Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick dupes?
not sure if it's been posted anywhere. If it has sorry.    Since the reviews aren't great and all. Though I have still considered ordering. I thought I'd try to find something similar first.     Im on the hunt for ABH LL dupes. Especially similar to the milkshake shade.   Anyone one know of anything similar to it or to any of the shades actually???
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No luck finding a foundation that matches my pale skin tone! Please help!
Hey guys, I hope you can help me out with this! The scenario: I have extremely extremely pale skin. I have tried Sephora's Aerosol Foundation in Cream, Make Up for Ever Velvet Matte in Alabaster, Tarte's Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fair-Light Honey and Josie Maran's Powder Compact in 01- Fair/Light but everything has been too dark for me and it's getting quite frustrating to not have found a perfect match yet! I have even tested out some of suggestions listed under the ColourIQ, and low and behold, they are still too dark and/or orangey For all those with a similar issue, what foundation do you guys use and why? 
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I hear you!  I'm very pale with pink undertones.  I wish Sephora would note on the website whether the undertones of foundations are warm, cool, or neutral.  It's hard w... see post
Did I just receive a USED product from Sephora?! I just received and opened my package ..and im mortified by what I see.. I got the urban decay smoked palette and it looks used or swatched..notice Kinky the lightest color has bristle strokes across..then evidence, loaded and asphalt all look like they have finger can this be? Lol was someone doing their makeup at the warehouse or what.. I'm attaching pics so maybe someone can confirm what I fear..and no I have not even touched a single shadow ..I'm super super disappointed since this item is oos permanently and not available in Canada. Ugh to eyeshadow fails in one week...(got a bad batch of the ardency inn pigment: royal = patchy, stiff, dry). Sorry for the quality my hands were shaking in rage lol..    
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HALL OF FAMER waterbaby1981 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
THIS.  I ordered a Dolce and Gabbana mascara from Zulily last year along with one of the UD 24/7 Velvet eyeliners (Lush...gorgeous brown).  When I received it, it had no... see post
A Good Undereye Setting Powder Rec?
Hello everyone! Hope everyone's having a gorgeous day!   I need some good recommendations for an undereye setting powder and maybe a new concealer recommendation while I'm at it. My major concern is having the concealer look natural and having it not settle into fine lines. Here's some info about me:   -I'm a 2y09 with the IQ system here (so I'm kind of a coppery/tanned tone irl) -I have dry/normal skin with no blemishes anywhere besides the eye -Genetic dark circles that are a ***** to cover -I have seasonal allergies (Spring/Fall mostly) -Right now I use MUFE HD Concealer in 12 -I use LM Tinted Moisturizer in Tawny   I heard a lot of people recommend the Anastasia contour palette but I don't want to buy a whole palette if I'm going to use one color, you know? But I also have to do what I have to do so if it's highly recommended I'll bite the bullet.   Thank you for your help!
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My eyes are strange. For the past week, I haven't worn anything under them because they're so watery on their own but a while before that, I put the MUFE concealer on an... see post
New Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lipsticks
Chanel has reformulated their Rouge Coco line and released a whole new set of Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating lipsticks.  They are available on the Chanel website (where I got mine), but should be available at Nordies and other stores apparently by the end of this month.   Per Chloe's nudging, I am starting this thread so people could post swatches and discuss the lipsticks.  It is marketed as a hydrating and pigmented lipstick - and that is exactly what it is (not longwearing and not matte).  It is sheerer than their Rouge Allure line though, and feels like you are applying a lipbalm.  As it is quite emollient, some might need a lipliner,  I am not sure (swatch first).  Here are the swatches of the colours I own:   Gabrielle - red   Emilienne - berry   Ina - fuschia pink   Jean - purple/violet   Marie: - pinky nude on me   Dimitri - Fuschia pink   I have put all swatches in one post so it is easy to compare.  
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BEAUTY PRO innahnnah / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Ahhh. I tried Dimitri, Legend and Mademoiselle earlier today and I love it. But I have to wait since it will only be available to purchase next week. How does Tom Ford l... see post
Nail Polish Challenge!
In the spirit of all the other wonderful challenges on BT right now, I'm starting up a nail polish challenge for us.  I have a ridiculous stash and I need to show my polish some love.   With nail polish, once a day would be absurd (of course), so let's try and show off a new look and polish once a week.  I'm personally going with manicures only, but if you'd rather do pedicures or even both go for it!   I'm eager to see your collections and meet other polish junkies.  It's past time for me to commit to using my stash!   Past: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Week 1 - No Theme (ends 1/31/15): Nicole by OPI Gumdrops in Cinna-Man of My Dreams Week 2 (2/1-2/7) - Winter's Last Hurrah: Julep in Fina, Ciate in Snow Fall Week 3 (2/8-2/14) - Valentine's/Anti-Valentine's: Formula X in Starfish, accent Julep in Yuki Week 4 (2/15-2/21) - Mardi Gras and/or Chinese New Year: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Lemon Drop, Julep in Beverly, Wet & Wild Fast Dry in SaGreena the Teenage Witch Week 1 - No Theme (ends 1/31/15): Nicole by OPI Gumdrops in Cinna-Man of My DreamsWeek 2 (2/1-2/7) - Winter's Last Hurrah: Julep in Fina, Ciate in Snow FallWeek 3 (2/8-2/14) - Valentine's/Anti-Valentine's: Formula X in Starfish, accent Julep in YukiWeek 4 (2/15-2/21) - Mardi Gras and/or Chinese New Year: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Lemon Drop, Julep in Beverly, Wet & Wild Fast Dry in SaGreena the Teenage Witch   Current:   Week 5 (2/22-2/28) - Textures Textured polishes, pearls, mattes, sequins, anything that adds something different to the usual smooth manicure!   Future OPTIONAL Themes: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Week 6 (3/1-3/7) - International Women's Day (actually 3/8, but this way your nails are done for the occasion!) Create a mani inspired by a woman you admire.  Friend, family, famous, even fictional - whatever inspires you.  Then share how you chose the look! Week 7 (3/8-3/14) - Numbers and/or Sweets for Pi Day! (3/14) I couldn't resist including this.  Pi(e) Day is a great way for math and pie lovers to unite.  Feature numbers, equations, desserts, or anything inspired by your sweet tooth for this week. Week 8 (3/15-3/21) - St. Patrick's Day (3/17) Find your favorite shades of green and get ready for the holiday! Week 9 (3/22-3/28) - Springtime In honor of the first day of spring last week, let's get those spring colors and looks out and show them off. Week 6 (3/1-3/7) - International Women's Day (actually 3/8, but this way your nails are done for the occasion!)Create a mani inspired by a woman you admire.  Friend, family, famous, even fictional - whatever inspires you.  Then share how you chose the look!Week 7 (3/8-3/14) - Numbers and/or Sweets for Pi Day! (3/14)I couldn't resist including this.  Pi(e) Day is a great way for math and pie lovers to unite.  Feature numbers, equations, desserts, or anything inspired by your sweet tooth for this week.Week 8 (3/15-3/21) - St. Patrick's Day (3/17)Find your favorite shades of green and get ready for the holiday!Week 9 (3/22-3/28) - SpringtimeIn honor of the first day of spring last week, let's get those spring colors and looks out and show them off.
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Thank you! :)  see post
Looking for perfect lip color!!
I am a 69 year old senior and always on the lookout for the perfect lip color.  I have blonde hair, olive complexion and brown eyes.  My lips are not big, so i like to over-paint them.  Please tell me if you have suggestions.  i am not afraid of color.  i normally wear a tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush, and undereye concealer.
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Hi kathleen45,   Any shades or finishes you are interested in particular or are you just curious about finding some new shades? If you have smaller lips I'd suggest ... see post
Im looking for a primer and under eye consealer for combination to oily skin.
I currently have the Mac mineralized foundation and a prep and prime pen for highlighting. I find that my makeup does not last for me as it is mineralized and it wipes off my face very easily. Should I switch to maybe a foundation that isnt mineralized? However, I do like the fact that it is less harmfull on my skin. How is the Tarte line? Also looking for a under eye consealer and primer that may help my situation. Please help! What do you guys recomend? Thanks, Stefanie
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BOX IS CLOSED DELUXE AND FOILS WINTER TSB Qualifications: Must be 18 yrs. or older Must be VIB or VIB Rouge Rules: Must be able to pay $17 dollars for shipping (USPS) Must provide a tracking number. Must be able to post pictures of what you take and put in Do not take more than what you put in. Keep the value of items equal. Trade on or above the value of what you have taken from the box. It would be a good idea to post your trade before you ship the box. Ship the box out within 3 days. (USPS does home pickup, so no EXCUSES! ) If you are traveling or something comes up, please let us know ASAP so we can move you on the list. What to include in the box β˜†Products from brands sold at Barney's, Saks, Sephora and Nordstrom. The exception to the rule is Asian products which you cannot get in the states (Sulwhasoo, Etude House, Peripera, Hada Labo, etc.) β˜† All opened items must be labeled ("swatched", "opened", "tried/used"…) Sanitize and pack all explodable or leakable products in ziplocks and bubble wrap. β˜† Makeup as long as you've cleaned it with alcohol & it doesn't have big fingerprint marks/dents in it β˜† Mascara if it's sealed and/or has not been used at ALL β˜† Lotion, creams allowed if they are brand new or in a pump bottle for sanitary reasons β˜† Fragrance if it's in a spray bottle (can be 1/2 used too) & must be wrapped β˜† Nail polish must be tightly closed & bubble wrapped/bagged β˜† Anything that is sealed Do not include: Pre-made samples Drugstore items (unless it's from a brand hard to find in the US) Heavily used items (but if it is an expensive Γ­tem someone might be interested, just ask in the thread) Swatching items in the box Putting in anything unsanitary/things that can't be cleaned or sanitized   ---> If you have anything that is questionable just ask in the thread! =]   1. Greenporchlights (Unicorn fragance samples -niche and fancy-pantsy perfume samples-that require thorough testing before investing such as a Tom Ford Private Blend)9407803699300013135735 2. Michelle shops    9407803699300013277350 3. Dtalks all   9114 9999 4431 3413 3512 16 4. Laynebr 9114 9011 5981 8948 1305 87 5. Heatherbee 9505511034285027477498 6. Makeupobsesed 7. Sdbeautyjunkie1 9405503699300486352753 9405503699300486352760 8. Annypoo 9405503699300486352760 9405509699938185985709 9. Masaya 9405509699937326832865 10. Kiml150 9505511025835050512394 11. Sn22 9405503699300499633061 12. Rhiannon1419 (Julep nailpolish that belongs to the Wanderlust collection) 13. Rose135 (Korean skincare that does not include mineral oil, SKII, Tata Harper, Tatcha) 14. Onceuponatime (Asian skincare) 15. Makeuplovertay (living proof and drybar hair products, as well as any kind of samples!) 16. Redwagon44 17. Dolceloure 18. Trishalyn 19. StephaniLynn        
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Ok, I'll put them in :)  It's a bar soap for body/hands.  I only have one Kiko pencil, so you'll have to battle it out with dolceloure ;)  I will say that it is better f... see post
Kevyn Aucoin the sensual skin enhancer- how do you use it?
I'm so excited my first KA product has finally arrived. I tested it out last night, it is SO pigmented and feels a little bit dry. My question is, what tool do you usually use to apply it? Do you mix it with any other moisturizer or serum? If you do, please let me know which moisturizer works well this foundation? Thank you!
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I use mostly as a concealer, but if I use all over I mix with Embryolisse Lait Cream and apply with a beauty blender.   see post
Asian female seeking perfect powder
 I am: low maintenance, quite busy, and looking for the perfect match. No luck with makeup counter matchmakers, who insisted the had found the one for me, only to discover in natural light that they were far too pink or neutral for my yellow-toned skin. You are: easy to apply, oil free and non-irritating w spf. and although size doesn't matter(much), longish lasting most definitely does. Since my makeup regimen is composed entirely of powder+mascara, it's important that you're 'the one'.  Any advice on who to consult, where to go or what to buy would be fabulous since (despite the Clinique ladyinsisting that "all Asian girls want to look more white!") I haven't given up hope you're out there
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I'm Asian as well and I use Physicians Formula Mineral Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Loose Powder. It works really well with yellow toned skin. It has really good covera... see post
The best Corrector ???
Which is the best corrector, Bobbi Brown Peach or Giorgio Armani Orange ??? I have dry skin, very minimal darkness but deep hollows. I use a full coverage concealer but need a corrector as well. 
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Hi Devi92,   One of my first orange concealers was the Armani one! I have light-medium skin with yellow undertones and I could not believe how well it neutralized my... see post
you guys know i love my NARS. and i am SUPER EXCITED about this release. as they put it: "a study in nudes for eyes, lips and cheeks--daring, baring, anything but neutral". it's all very chic.   it's live on NARS website and their boutiques, but i have  no information on when this will be released elsewhere. if anyone knows, please chime in !   (they've also launched a new foundation, thread on it can be found here: Luminous-Weightless-Foundation/td-p/1858795 )   i'm particularly intrigued by the "reckless" blush. i know it'll be mine. but this looks made for  very  pale skin. i guess this should be called "a study in nudes for very white girls" which is a more than fair criticism and worthy of discussion.   regardless, here are some releases for spring 2015:   lips : a sheer lipstick, liguria (i'm kind of new to the sheer lipstick world and very much wonder how a "nude" lipstick can differ much. i suppose this one looks warmer / oranger than, say pago pago). it's described as a nude caramel. this one is LE. and two lipglosses which are a seashell pink and a sheer silvery highlight color.  Guyane: and Vent SalΓ© (LE)   cheeks blush in reckless. (want. want want want). described as "sheer pink shimmer" i think this is the pinker answer to the apricot Luster.   eyes there is a eye paint in porto venere (a pale pink), a single in valhalla (shimmer shadow in pinky peach) and a duo in st paul de vence (shimmery nectarines; this one is LE).   here is queen tilda in the collection.
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mocha, i envy you, with my yellow undertone this lipstick would look odd on me but it just blends seamlessly with you, it looks great.  see post
Show Me Your Audacious Collection
Beauties, how Audacious have you gotten?    I need to get some of these and am going to swatch tomorrow.   If you have Audacious lippies, show us what colors you've picked up, and share what other colors you're still lusting after.   Just from looking at swatch sheets last month, (on Temptalia I think) I saw about 15 I wanted   How about you?   Also, hat tip to jemly for inspiring this thread   ETA: My current roster below.         Catherine, Juliette, Grace, Natalie, Anna, Dominique, Vanessa, Brigitte, Barbara, Jane,                                                                       Janet, Vera, Vivien, Lana, Jeanne, Olivia, Leslie, Deborah, Bette, Ingrid
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I posted this photo in the WAYW thread, but I should share it here too!! (Please forgive the awful photo) I give you, Fanny!   see post
What is your favorite mascara and why?
So i just purchased Better than sex mascara yesterday , and i Got YSL shocking mascara today , i like both of them but i dont need both of them , i dont know which one to keep now , what do you think? And whats your favorite mascara and why?
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From newest:   I recently bought this mascara because I liked the claims it came with, now.. most mascaras titles like this are usually a let down but I can honestly s... see post
ISO brown bloggers/vloggers
I am a woman of woman.  I love looking at makeup videos/blogs for new makeup ideas.   I currently follow a few ladies on the interwebs, but I'm always on the hunt for WOC (any women of color they don't have to be black/AA) offerings.   I'm looking for makeup bloggers/vloggers not ladies who are trying to sell me hair/clothes/lifestyle etc.  I don't mind if they offer those things as well but I'm looking for makeup as the main offering.   I know we can't post links, but if you can just add names, we can google the rest.   I watch brown girls, but I'd love to add some brown guys to the list.     I currently watch: Toni Daley QueenMicka28 Ckey TifJef069 KokoFemme ScandalousBeauty MoTheFace PlatinumD TheyCallMe_Mo Queenii Rosenblad Makeup Game On Point Destiny Godley MissBeautyBunni TheFancyFaced ColouredBeautiful TotalMakeupJunkie101 ThomasAdrianna Neek
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HALL OF FAMER newandaddicted / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I don't know how I missed Missy Lynn.  Complete brain fart.  AND she just came out with a palette with BH cosmetics.    Go check her out.   If you're able please buy... see post
Red Carpet beautyblender!!
  I haven't seen anything on the Sephora website, but I've seen a few of these in some stores, so I just want everyone to see.  I picked one up because I love the color red!  Plus side, it feels exactly the same as the pink one!  I haven't tried it yet but I will tomorrow *here's hoping it applies the same*
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HALL OF FAMER newandaddicted / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I wonder if they are going to do a "color of the year" for BB  LOL.  I did buy the purple one and it never bled dye.  I wonder why this one bleeds so much? see post
what is a good dupe for mac's deep truth eyeshadow?
 I was wondering  any dupes? would make up forever Sapphire be close? Thanks Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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I am trying to find a sheer coverage foundation, with a natural finish. I want the foundation to just even out my skin tone.  I do not like tinted moisturizer,  I tried the Nars Sheer Glow, but it look like a medium to full, so i did not like it. 
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While it may not be what you are looking for, I use Tarte's BB tinted treatment 12 hour primer and it evens out my skin tone without looking like I am wearing foundation... see post
After two years of rumors, Gucci finally released some promos of their makeup line that is set to launch this September. The quad is going to be 65 and the base makeup is going to be between 49 and 69. I LOVE the packaging (as I knew I would) and cant wait to try the line. Needless to say - I WANT ALL OF IT.
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This is beautiful on you! I'm truly enjoying this line; I've yet to see a dud. The Spring LE is coming out next week too.  see post
Replacement lip color for Rose Aglow
Hi -   I have been wearing Clinique's Rose Aglow lipstick for years.  But it seems like the color has been discontinued.  What is a good substitute?  I'm really bummed---it was the perfect color for me.   - Leslie
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Hi Leslie, Check out the Dior Addict Lipsticks!  They seem to have a similar finish as the Clinique Rose Aglow. The color  Millie 680 - sheer mauve might be a good mat... see post
Best contour set for fair skin?
I've been on the market for a contour kit for a while now, its practically the only item i do not own. I was excited for the ABH contour kit to come out, since they have two shade options, but i've only heard mixed reviews. Maybe my mind is just intimidated by the apparent darkness of some of the darker shades in some of these kits, but has anyone else had any luck?
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SIGHTSEER lovelymissaimee / SIGHTSEER SIGHTSEER / replied
Okay FIRST OF ALL that video was amazing, that contour powder was flawless and im most def headed to sephora asap to get it and also that brush!!! that was the most amaz... see post
Show me your nails!
I'm loving this nail polish from Nails Inc. I used the superfood base coat, Nailkale in Victoria and finished it off with the 45 second top coat.  The color is so rich and easy to apply.   
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Gelshine nails in just a little dangerous, opening night, and topped with meet me at the disco. see post
Large Pores
What's the best foundation and/or primer to minimize/hide pores? I've used smashbox pore minimizing primer, but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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