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Its been almost 2 weeks & I still have not received my package??
The day i odered my package was 03/16/17 and it said it would be here on 03/17/17, and I can't even track my order because there are no updates available on where my package is. It keeps saying the delivery date is whatever current date, yet keeps pushing it back. Is my package lost or what? I emailed customer service a couple days ago and they said it was at the post office but yet I check and nothing was there. Someone please help i spent about 60$ and i don't want to waste 60$ plus GST 
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Does Urban Decay have a matte dark brown single eyeshadow similar to the color "Vengeance" from the "Pulp Fiction" palette?
I bought one of their 4-pan "build your own" palettes and I'm trying to create a palette for daily use.   I looked through Sephora and UD site and they don't seem to have a matte dark brown shade. It's kind of surprising that they don't have this color. =O   I have hit the pan in my "Pulp Fiction" palette. This palette is basically my holy grail for the "brown/natural" eye look.   I bought "Secret Service" as the medium brown lid color and I'm looking for a matte dark brown (an exact match or something similar to the color "Vengeance") to use as a crease color. I don't want to use black because that is too dark for daytime/daily use. They seem to have a whole lot of midtone browns in their current lineup, but a lack of dark browns.   Did I overlook something or does UD really not have this color?
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Thanks, but while I really do love the Pulp Fiction palette, I really want to give this custom palette a try.   I love the idea of being able to swap out colors that r... see post
Sephora dropping Lancome's Bienfait Teinté BB Cream?
I received a sample of Lancome's Bienfait Teinté BB Cream (in shade 1/Porcelaine) and returned to the store a week later to buy it - only to find it's not carried there anymore! I also see that it's out of stock online. Will Sephora restock this item or are they phasing it out?
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Hi pocketvenus,   No worries, this doesn't appear to be discontinued! The shade you're looking for is currently in-stock on the US site too, so most likely will be r... see post
Color Match for new Sephora Matte Perfection Powder Foundation
Hello, if i use Sephora Mattifying Compact Foundation in shade 33 Walnut which shade shall i take in Matte Perfection Powder Foundation?  
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Hi Emma 33333,   It looks like your closest shade would be 26 Neutral Sand. I hope that helps!   see post
Naked2 Basics Pallete vs Becca Ombre Nudes Pallete
Currently trying to decide between the Naked2 Basics palette and Becca Ombre Nudes palette.  I have the Tartlette Clay Matte eyeshadow palette and find it difficult to travel with.  I also find the colors to be somewhat hard to blend out and work with.  Which palette do you think would be the best everyday palette for me? 
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I agree on the colour difference with @czikimonkey I have both and feel the need to own them both because I use nudes all the time, but if I had to pick, I'd pick Naked ... see post
Benefit Porefessional smudging?!
Is anyone else having this issue? I apply my moisturizer and wait til its soaked in and i then apply Benefit's porefessional only on the t-zone and around my cheeks where I have more visible pores.. I use other primers for the rest of my face. My foundation goes on seamlessly but when I go in with concealer (usually Tarte Shape Tape) and I start to blend it out, my foundation starts to move around and come off!! I have waited for my foundation to dry and I still have the same problem... I always have to go in with more foundation to fix it! Does anyone else have this problem? I've tried using the Nars Creamy concealer to see if it was just the Shape tape causing the issue but the same thing happened.. I started to think maybe it was my beauty blender causing the problem but I never had this problem until I started using the Porefessional primer.
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Since you mention skin being drier, be sure you're skin care regimen is providing ample hydration to skin. Since many pore-focused primers do tend to mattify (due to the... see post
BECCA shimmering skin perfector reaction?
    BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector came with a christmas skin giftset. I just used it for the first time yesterday. First, I thought it smelled terrible. Second, it didn't feel so good going on. Third, it made my skin red, splochy, and my pores huge. Clearly, I had some reaction to it. I do have sensitive skin, but not overly terribly so. Anyone else have the same problem?  What in the product might be causing the reaction?     
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Hi, strawbearlyjamms!    While it's not out of the ordinary to have reactions to new products, it appears that perhaps the tube of primer you tried may have spoiled du... see post
Spring 2017 Lipstick Challenge
Hello there, my pretties! Are we ready for spring yet? I am not necessarily ready for sun ( ), but I know I'm ready to bust out some bright colors and create my own spring magic. Rules are - there are no rules. ( Except - you must have fun! That's obligatory! ) We do feel like brights and pastels during the spring most of the time, but you do whatever you feel like doing. You do you! Try to go through your stash, and introduce us to a new pretty each day. If brights are not your cup of tea, this challenge is an excellent way to try to, well - challenge yourself. But, they are not a must.   We are planning on doing this all spring long! Please, feel free to stop by whenever.   So...   Keep calm and put your lipstick on!            
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Chanel L'eclatante.   see post
Eye Makeup
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,   When it comes to makeup, my eyes are the most problematic. Now before I go any further, I do not like heavy makeup. I like the natural look and feel. But my eyes have a lot of veins showing aka dark circles. It's genetic.   I am in need of some good recommendations for products: eye primer, concealer, color corrector and etc.   Currently my routine consists of an eye cream: finishing my Fresh Black Tea Eye cream. I liked it but I am not sure if it is the best at moisturizing.   Then after the moisturizer, I would sometimes put some eye primer samples I got from Play! but usually I just go straight for Naked Peach color corrector.   Any help is most welcome!
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To keep with simplicity and basics, I'd recommend a tinted shadow primer to help neutralize any discoloration on lids and just to even out color on days where you don't ... see post
Under eye concealer/tarte shape tape opinion
Am I the only one who can't stand Tarte Shape Tape? UGH it is so drying for me, and I have purchased two tubes of it now on two different occasions because I have been so convinced by all the raving (especially from girls with dry skin) that I should love it.   Alas, I am in search of a good long-lasting, full coverage, yet hydrating concealer for the under eyes. I have tried and am not a fan of Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer or Urban Decay Naked Skin. However, I am open to any other suggestions! Thanks!
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heyyyyyyy / NEWCOMER / replied
Try the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer!  Its got a beautiful texture and is full coverage, but is not matte at all! see post
Foundation for semi oily skin with dry spots, breaks out easily, help!
Hi, sadiedog!   While foundation formulas have come a long way, it's important to be sure you're doing all that you can prior to an application to ensure your makeup i... see post
Mascara always smudges
Okay I am at a loss.. My mascara ALWAYS gets under the outer corners of my lower lash line... I use powder to set concealer.. and water proof mascara... And trust me I know how crazy this is about to sound but bear with me... I was so tired of looking like a insane person with black under eyes.. so I stopped putting it on my lower lashes.... AND IT STILL SMUDGES UNDER MY EYE! How does that even happen?? Like there is no mascara on my bottom lashes and it still gets down there lol.
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I used to have this problem especially with any mascara from Benefit.  Try tubing mascara's or ones like Black Ecstacy by Georgio Armani which is also hassle free to rem... see post
The Velour Lashes Thread
A thread dedicated to Velour Lashes current products, sneak peeks, upcoming releases, news and events. Feel free to ask questions, share your experiences and looks you've created with the products, and to express your love for Velour Lashes!     CURRENT: • Fluff n' Thick Silk Lash Collection A set of lightweight, faux silk lashes for long-lasting, glamourous looks. lection-P402607?skuId=1794916&icid2=velourlashes_l ...   • Silk False Lash Collection A set of natural-looking and long-lasting, real silk lashes for a more boosted, lengthened or natural lash look. P396826?skuId=1704717&icid2=products%20grid 396826   • Two Easy Lash Applicator A dual-ended applicator and lash comb for applying faux lashes with precision and ease. 96824?skuId=1704733&icid2=velourlashes_lp_fromtheb ...
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Foundations Shade Match
I have been wanting to get the Make Up Forever Matte Velvet Foundation and the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation but I don't know what shades to get. My old foundation are Smashbox Studio Skin in 0.5 and Clinique Superbalanced Silk in 01 Silk Porcelain. I have a hectic and busy life right now and I don't have time to go in store and get shade matched. Please Help!!!!
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I used the Color IQ to match from your old foundation shades and for the MUFE Matte Velvet I got No. 20 Ivory for you: see post
RMS Beauty Palettes
I'm new to this brand and was looking at trying a couple more products and was excited to see they came out with two palettes that have a combo of products if you're looking to try this line.  Available on RMS site or Blue Mercury. Wonder if they'll come to Sephora  
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Oh and if you're in US there is free shipping right now with palettes or the new luminizer..   the palettes are 44 USD and not sure how product sizes compare as they d... see post
Liquid Liner Help
I've been through a few liquid liners and am finding that I have trouble with liner fading/disappearing on my inner corners. Any suggestions? What do you do to keep your liner long-lasting?
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Hi @oliviahegger,   I definitely agree with @lylysa said! I do notice that when I get my eyeliners close to my outer corners it will run or disappear a little. My ey... see post
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation
I'm thinking of buying this foundation based on a recommendation but it's pricey so I wanna get as many testimonials as I can, so for anyone who has used this foundation: have you found any problems with transferring, settling, creasing or cakey-ness?
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Hi @oliviahegger,   I love this foundation! I think I am on my 4th bottle now! It matches me so well and lasts longer than any other foundation I have used in the pa... see post
how to set foundation??
second question of the day   How do you set foundation? I've heard of baking and I know the LM one is good but im thinking about trying the airspun drugstore powder first   option 2: but if I don't need to bake what do I do? I was thinking about trying the NARS light reflecting pressed setting powder or do I try a colored pressed powder?   I really need advice.
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You should be able to bake and set with the same translucent loose powder.  It's about how you apply the powder.  Use a damp beauty sponge or a velour puff to press the ... see post
I need help picking a foundation :)
I plan on going into sephora and getting color iq and getting a sample (am I allowed to to get more than one sample at a time?)   A little about my skin: I have some acne. Mostly patches and everytime I use a foundation it sticks to those patches even though I do exfoliate. My skin does get a little red. I have combination skin... but I do tend to get a little oily throughout the day   What im looking for: Maybe something matte but also looks fresh and dewy. Something that wont look cakey, esp around my nose creases which i've always had problems with. Also something that will cover up pimples without making them look cakey. Im also looking for something to wear this summer so not something heavy and gross.   If someone could list some down below that would be great!    
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Hi @Tayonce,   If you're looking for a foundation that's lightweight, but has great coverage, I suggest trying Clinique's Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. T... see post
Will ABH restock Nicolle´s pallete?
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Hi @erikacn11,    Regretfully, this was a limited edition palette and was only available while supplies lasted. I suggest contacting your local Sephora to see if the... see post
Makeup to Cover Heart Surgery Scars
I've been reading reviews on Kat Von D's foundation & to me it seems that it would cover my 8 inch heart surgery. If it has the full coverage to cover serious acne scars then it should cover the scar on my chest. I have pale skin.     Does anyone else think so?
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Just a heads up, if you are going to give Dermablend a try, the Leg & Body cover is currently 40% off in store and Ulta. Just an FYI in case you want to give it a try, w... see post
Best waterproof mascara??
Hey guys, i have a question, I'm looking for eyelash mascara, i had lazik surgery a couple of years ago and my eyes got super sensitive ever since, and its been hard for me to find a mascara that won't make my eyes red, so i wanna know what waterproof mascara you recommend for super sensitive eyes, and im looking for waterproof because my lashes are so flat that when i curl them and use regular mascara the lashes go back to stay flat and with waterproof don't, please let me know, i will appreciate the info.
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Hi @dvland2009,   I suggest checking out Clinique's Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula. It is safe for sensitive eyes and smear and smudge proof.   I also ... see post
Setting spray for creasing?
Hi, I'm sort of new to this makeup thing. But I have found myself in complete love with It Cosmetics' Bye Bye Pores collection. I am looking for a setting spray that would hydrate my dry skin that occasionally peels under my foundation and settles into my fine lines. Without foundation my fine lines are virtually invisible. I am thinking about Ibuki's Quick Fix Mist or Glamglow's Glowsetter. However, I am open to other options. I just want one that would help my face to not look like a dehydrated leather purse... Please Help!
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Eyeliners won't stay
So I have Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Precision Eyeliner in Black, Kat Von D tattoo liner, and MAC powerpoint eye pencil in "engraved".    So all three of these black eyeliners go on well but they look so bad after a couple of hours.  Either they remain on one lid only, or they end up one inch higher than they were placed originally or they flake off in parts. Any suggestions as I received these as gifts, do not have the box or receipt and don't want them to go to waste.  Thank you in advance!!
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HALL OF FAMER Insomniacmuffin / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I was in the Sephora store and lightly swatched the Marc Jacobs highliner pencile in Earth(quake) on my hand..   took me washing my hands 4 times to get it off.   Ma... see post
Lip Allergies!
Hey everyone!   I have always been sensitive to certain skin/face products, however it has never been this bad.    I would say about 75% of lip products that I use cause me to break out in a rash around my lips and cause them to blister. So far the known products that cause a rash are MAC lipsticks, Kylie lip kits, and certain lip balms (like the EOS ones).    The ones that I know I am NOT allergic to are Kat von D, and BITE beauty.    I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or knows what I can be allergic to here. Thanks! 
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Christine488 / FRESH FACE / replied
It's awful! Do you have any go to lip products for lip stains? The only two that work for me right now are KVD and bite :(  see post
Can you delete my review for the BITE LIP PENCIL? I would like to edit and update it. Thank you!
Hi @polilove,    I deleted this review for you and I sent you a private message. Thanks!   Best, Mali   see post
bobbi brown comparable foundations?
hello, was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for a liquid foundation that was similar to bobbi browns skin finish, but more matte? preferably with very pale shades, I'm warm ivory in bb color. 
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what foundations compare to bobbi brown skin finish?
i love the texture and its the one foundation that I've had a good shade match with (warm ivory) but i get so SHINY. i set with powder and UD all nighter... i want something similar but maybe matte? matte ish? i really like that its a natural foundation, looks a lot like skin imo.
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Smokey eye makeup tips
Smokey eye gives that sexy, flirty look that calls for attention, hence, it is dearly loved by every lady. Smokey eye could be as easy as it is to say “jack” if the right products, tools and know how are on the ground. That is why we will share some knock em dead tips to achieve the beautiful smokey eye you always want. 1. Start your makeup with your eyes: To save time and frustration that you may experience when applying your eye makeup after the face makeup is done, you should consider doing your eye first. So the first step and tip are to give your eyes your absolute concentration first, after which you will go to the face.     2. Get a primer: You may have noticed that we always suggest using a primer before applying any eyeshadow, this same rule is more particularly applicable to a smokey eye makeup. The smokey eye needs a lot of blending, and the best bet is the primer’s advantage of smoothness and an even base. You will also avoid creasing and fading with the use of a primer.   3. Good color selection: Make sure that you get a nice color collection in the same color family. A smokey eye doesn’t always have to be black. It could be teal or silver, it all depend on your preference. Since the idea of the smokey eye is a color gradient, it becomes necessary to have color varieties and shades to work out the gradient. Take, for instance; a black smokey will require a dark black, the light shade, some gray shades, and silver or white shadow. 4. Keep your eyeliner close enough: Eyeliners are critical for a smokey eye. Pencil liner type is best for this. With the liner, the top lashline, bottom lashline and waterline will be lines. The lines will also blend into the shadow so having a perfect line is not necessary. 5. Quality makeup brushes: You will find that you are investing into some quality brush quite rewarding here. For a perfect smokey eye, you will need a flat shader brush for application of eye shadow to your lid. You will also need a mid-size brush for the crease, and a pencil brush is also required for tear ducts and the lashline. Finally, you will need a fluffy one for application of highlight and for blending. For best result, buy quality brands. 6. Blend them smooth: With the fluffy brush, blend out any harshline that may still be standing out. For the crease, circular motions are best at smoking it out. 7. Browbone job: You will need a shadow that is a little lighter than your tone for your Browbone. Again, with the fluffy brush, apply the shadow on your Browbone. 8. Highlight color: Just a dot of this at the middle of Browbone will be blended out to the end of the brow, the upper part of tear duct and some under the tear duct. Because the smokey eye makeup is a heavy one, the highlight will brighten the eye. 9. Load up on lashes: use mascara on top lashes and a little waterproof mascara for bottom lashes. Flare and strip lashes alike, they are all about making the smokey eye more traumatic. 10. Do justice to the face: For a smokey eye look, a natural lip color, some bronzer on a medium coverage foundation works perfectly.
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