color of blush for fair skin and red hair
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Which Tarte Amazonian Clay blush would you recommend for someone with fair skin with pink undertones and red hair, Dollface (light pink) or Blissful (warm peach)?  Thanks for your help!  Smiley Happy

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I would recommend warm peach, I think it would compliment your red hair!

I agree you could go either way, depending on what other make up colors you are wearing that day. The peach would warm you up, but I find a pale pink to look quite good on red heads as well. I just bought Dollface this week and *love* it. I have fair skin and I find it puts a really lovely pink glow on the cheeks without highlighting my pink undertones.


I agree on the warm peach. The pink will make your pink undertones really come out. Then you might look flushed all the time.


You could go either way.  Blissful for warmth and a hint of natural glow to the face.  Dollface for cute and subtle (with pink undertones, you may not like how it looks directly on the apples of the cheeks.  Instead, place it softly along the cheekbone, sweeping up). 


Although having similar features, I do have more peach and peach like shades in my inventory.  If you can only have one though, my vote goes to blissful. 


blissful, blushes that are to pink will only bring out your pink undertones. thw warm peach blush will also copmliment the hair.

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