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How blue is the buxom blue mascara and would it look wierd with my hazel eyees or just a hint and georgoues??

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Buxom's blue mascara is a pretty good blue.  However, no blue mascara that I've ever used looks as blue as it's supposed to look according to the swatch as shown on the computer screen.  One thing that I've found that helps a blue mascara to show up better and look bluer on your lashes is to use a white mascara primer on your lashes prior to applying the mascara.  A good one that leaves a white residue behind as a primer for a blue mascara is Smashbox Layer Lash Primer which you can find here:;jsessionid=SKUGFAPZIMIJCCV0KQNQ5UQ?id=P62715&categoryId=...

Just apply the white mascara primer and allow it to dry completely before applying the blue mascara over top of it.

A mascara that has a vivid blue is tokidoki Punk Lash Mascara in Baby Rocker (blue) which you can find here:;jsessionid=SKUGFAPZIMIJCCV0KQNQ5UQ?id=P257106&categoryId...

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I have a hard time wearing blue mascara with my hazel eyes, but I can make it work by using the blue color only part way out my lashes, then coating just the tips with my usual black mascara. Then when I blink, the viewer sees a blue flash of color but it isn't over the top or too much with the black tips.

Hope this helps!

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