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best products from each brand under $25

So, for all or any of the brands Sephora sells (including SmashBox, Benefit, Sephora, Stila, Urban Decay, Clinique, Tarte, and others), what is their best product that you have tried, under $25. You may list as many brands as you like, but I would prefer you just list the ones you have a lot of experience with (tried a lot of their products).

For example,

"I think ELF's best product is their cream eyeliner because it is cheap, goes on easily, and lasts a long time."

I've been wanting to try some different brands, so it would be nice to start with their best products. Thanks!

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SEPHORA COLLECTION "Tricks of the Trade" eye primer is a steal at $3 (on sale now).  It's just as good as Smashbox eye primer.

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