best make up and lipstick for a 60 yr old women

I'm 60 yrs old with brown hair and hazel eyes...what is my best bet for lipstick....and face products????

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There are lots of tips and tricks that can pump up your beauty and leave you looking fresh and fabulous at forty and beyond.  I'm in the 40+ category, too.  Below are some tips for makeup application and products that I hope will help you.

Prepping for Foundation:  Once your moisturizer has settled into your clean skin, prep your face for foundation with a pea-sized amount of a good foundation primer.  A primer is a very simple extra step that will keep your makeup looking just applied and will also keep foundation from settling into fine lines and pores by the end of the day.  A very good one is Urban Decay Complexion Priming Potion - Brightening which is an oil-free, skin-brightening moisturizing primer that contains anti-aging ingredients and you can read all about it at:

Foundation:  As far as foundation for faces that are more mature, think hydration.  Very matte finishes and powder bases can actually emphasize wrinkles.  Stick to cream or liquid, preferably one full of antioxidants and moisture.  Apply with a brush.  The paintbrush method of base application allows color to go on in sheer layers and then be built up as needed.  Finish your base with a very light dusting of light-reflecting translucent powder.  A great anti-aging foundation is Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Foundation which you can read about at:  Another anti-aging makeup for you to take a look at is Clinique Dewy Smooth Anti-Aging Makeup which you can find at:  Both foundations provide anti-aging benefits and sun protection.

Concealer:  A very lightweight, brightening concealer that I think would be great for you is Make Up For Ever's Lift Concealer which you can read about at:  It contains tensine, an active ingredient with skin-firming properties for the eye area, and vitamins A and E, which regenerate your skin.  This multi-purpose product also conceals specific, darker areas (brown spots, dark circles, blotches, etc.) and can be used as a highlighter on the more prominent parts of your face (cheekbones, forehead, and chin).  You can also use MUFE's "Shade-Finder" to help you choose the correct color for your skin tone which you can find at:

Blush:  A very light, pastel pink color applied to the apples of your cheeks and swept up can really brighten up your eyes and give a flushed, youthful appearance.  A deeper color swept up your cheekbone and even upward on the temple can help give you a “mini-facelift”.  Don’t be afraid of a little sheen on your cheeks, but you may want to steer clear of all-out glittery shades.  One product that you may want to try is Stila's Custom Color Blush which is pH-balanced so it changes to each person's individual body chemistry to turn to the perfect shade that flatters you most.  You can read all about it at:

Eyeshadow:  The same shimmer rules apply to eyeshadow.  Many more mature women are horrified at the thought of shiny eye shadows, but a little sheen used properly can actually help widen your eyes and give them a younger appearance.  After applying an eyeshadow primer, try a light to medium shadow with a touch of shimmer (not glitter) all over your eyelid, then a mid-toned matte color softly in the crease.  Do highlight under the arch of your eyebrow and the inside corner of your eye with a cream-colored shimmery shadow to bring out your eyes and widen them up.  To make your hazel eyes really stand out, wear an eyeshadow that’s the opposite of your eye shade on the color spectrum.  For instance, hazel eyes generally pop when wearing lavender and plum pigments.  The following colors also look great on people with hazel eyes:

  • gold
  • bronze
  • medium green
  • grey
  • purples

Eyeliner:  Eyeliner on the top lid is always recommended, as it gives the look of thicker lashes, but try a very dark brown just this side of black for a more natural change.  Bottom liner can oftentimes be skipped for more grown-up women, but if you insist, try just a wee bit of a mid-toned powder applied with an angled brush on the very outside corner.  Don’t connect the line to the top to keep eyes wide and open.  Unless you’ve got very full lower lashes, skip the mascara on the bottom, but load up with a volumizing formula on top.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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