best concealer for acne scars?

i need a super good long lasting concealer for acne scars.

not the deep scars but the redder ones.


i have oily skin so sometimes concealers can get cakey and fade :/


i really love makeup forever full cover but its super expensive right now cause im on a tight budget :/


i was thinking of trying benefit boing or maybe kat von d.


out of those two which is the best? or is there something better Smiley Happy

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DEF MUFE is worth the splurge because it lasts SO LONG.


I love laura merciers secret camoflauge. It has two different shades that you can mix together and the coverage is amazing. Ive seen makeup artists rave about it before, so i tried it, and now I am hooked!


Hey there ,

I think you should really take the time to take care of your skin now.

Packing on more and more makeup to your skin won't solve the problem, it will irratate it even more .

There are many products out there that REALLY help with acne scars too .

Therefore , i think you should definately try to clear your skin, and after that , you can wear lighter concealers that would give a more natural look . And show your true beauty Smiley Happy

Heavy makeup should really be worn during the night only .

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I recommend using the Benefit Boi-ing concealer. It has worked really well on covering up my acne, acne scars, under eye circles and any other dark spots I have. It is twenty dollars here on Sephora and it comes in five different shades so you should defiantly be able to find one that matches your skin color. I hope this helps(:

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