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Smokey eye gives that sexy, flirty look that calls for attention, hence, it is dearly loved by every lady. Smokey eye could be as easy as it is to say “jack” if the right products, tools and know how are on the ground. That is why we will share some knock em dead tips to achieve the beautiful smokey eye you always want. 1. Start your makeup with your eyes: To save time and frustration that you may experience when applying your eye makeup after the face makeup is done, you should consider doing your eye first. So the first step and tip are to give your eyes your absolute concentration first, after which you will go to the face.     2. Get a primer: You may have noticed that we always suggest using a primer before applying any eyeshadow, this same rule is more particularly applicable to a smokey eye makeup. The smokey eye needs a lot of blending, and the best bet is the primer’s advantage of smoothness and an even base. You will also avoid creasing and fading with the use of a primer.   3. Good color selection: Make sure that you get a nice color collection in the same color family. A smokey eye doesn’t always have to be black. It could be teal or silver, it all depend on your preference. Since the idea of the smokey eye is a color gradient, it becomes necessary to have color varieties and shades to work out the gradient. Take, for instance; a black smokey will require a dark black, the light shade, some gray shades, and silver or white shadow. 4. Keep your eyeliner close enough: Eyeliners are critical for a smokey eye. Pencil liner type is best for this. With the liner, the top lashline, bottom lashline and waterline will be lines. The lines will also blend into the shadow so having a perfect line is not necessary. 5. Quality makeup brushes: You will find that you are investing into some quality brush quite rewarding here. For a perfect smokey eye, you will need a flat shader brush for application of eye shadow to your lid. You will also need a mid-size brush for the crease, and a pencil brush is also required for tear ducts and the lashline. Finally, you will need a fluffy one for application of highlight and for blending. For best result, buy quality brands. 6. Blend them smooth: With the fluffy brush, blend out any harshline that may still be standing out. For the crease, circular motions are best at smoking it out. 7. Browbone job: You will need a shadow that is a little lighter than your tone for your Browbone. Again, with the fluffy brush, apply the shadow on your Browbone. 8. Highlight color: Just a dot of this at the middle of Browbone will be blended out to the end of the brow, the upper part of tear duct and some under the tear duct. Because the smokey eye makeup is a heavy one, the highlight will brighten the eye. 9. Load up on lashes: use mascara on top lashes and a little waterproof mascara for bottom lashes. Flare and strip lashes alike, they are all about making the smokey eye more traumatic. 10. Do justice to the face: For a smokey eye look, a natural lip color, some bronzer on a medium coverage foundation works perfectly.
Hey Beauties, this thread is all about holo! Post anything from highlighters to brushes, I wanna see all you got! Feel free to ask any questions about any of the products I post and don't forget to give this thread a big ol' heart! Stay gorgeous Love, NewMoonChild
I will be making the trip down to NYC with a few friends. We are all super excited to go!   Who else is going?
What lip pencil goes with Amuse Bouche Sangria????
I want to get my makeup done at Sephora for Prom but I don't want to pay until I get a preview of what I'm getting.  Will Sephora be able to do a test run for my prom makeup before I make any payments?   
She said in the video that it's Estee Edit coco balm in blush layered over a lip liner but did not mention the lip liner. The balm by itself is too sheer, and I can tell it will be more so on my tanner complexion. Does anyone have any suggestions? I love this shade! It's so fresh!  
If you like OCC Creme Color Concentrate Sephora still has them and they are only $10. I ordered two of the John Doe and they arrived without issue. I didn't want to post until I was able to actually try them and make sure they weren't old and yucky, but they're good. 77410?skuId=1579580    
A full list of the best Sephora products with the highest customer reviews! This is seriously my regular shopping list. Which products on here have you guys actually used, tested and loved?
Hi beauties! I'm a concealer lover. ID why! I'm kind a hesitating buying MUFE ultra id concealers. How are they comparing to Mac Prolong wear concealers? Any suggestions which one to buy? Thank you!
Hi guys, I recently purchased the Eve Lom oil free radiance foundation. I love the color, staying power and the way it makes my skin feel but I have the hardest time applying it. It's on the thicker side and doesn't spread that well. I try to work in smaller sections and apply thinly but I find it looks weird and patchy in certain parts of my face.   Every once in a while I manage to apply it perfectly and it looks great but I haven't been able to figure out what the difference is. I use the hourglass primer and always do it after proper skincare. I also find that putting on powder afterwards sometimes sets it nicely and other times creates almost a weird marbled pattern on my phase.   Anyone here with this foundation and tips on applying? I've tried brush, beauty blender, fingers, you name it. Thoughts?
This is my HG foundation for years. But--as I've gotten older, I'm not producing as much oil I am still highly acne prone and struggling to find a moisturizer that will counteract the drying effects of this foundation but not break me out. So I was wondering, what moisturizer is everyone using underneath this foundation? Thanks!
Can someone tell me the difference between these two?  I love the matchmaker serum foundation because it doesn't break me out or irritate my super sensitive skin (don't love the color).  I am looking for a fuller coverage, though, and I heard they may be discontinuing matchmaker. Are they pretty much the same formula?  is there anything in Vibrancy that may break out sensitive skin?   Any info/advice would be most helpful.  Thanks.
Hello, Please help me to choose a concealer. My skin tone match is 5Y06. I want a concealer in the brand tarte and nars.
I've been using Caudalie Beauty Elixer as a setting spray for a couple of years and I like it, but I know that a few other setting sprays have come out more recently. What setting sprays work best for those of you with dry skin? Thanks!
I have in my basket the Laura Mercier matte radiance baked powder compact in 04, and the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in golden light I can't get both and I have no idea which one to get!!! My skin is medium with yellow to neutral undertones, oily, large pores on my cheeks (so looking for one with the least texture and shine). I like a warm bronzer, I'm not looking to contour with one. I don't mind a subtle orange tone they end up looking alright on my skin but I don't like cool or neutral tones they end up looking muddy on my skin! Any ideas?!?!   
I normally wear NW20 in MAC foundation.  What would be a shade similar in the GA luminous silk foundation?   Donna
I am searching for some foundation suggestions. I don't know if I should be using a powder or liquid. I used to use Mufe hd. Lately everything I have tried has made my skin look worse.  Even with various primer the texture of my skin is accentuated. I have dry skin, am 40 yrs old. At this point, I am not particular about finish. Any suggestions. Please help
Hi Everyone, The Canadian website seems to have stock issues but the stores are getting them. Scarborough Town Centre and Bow and Arrow, Exorcism, Berlin, Mother etc. so call the stores.
i wear mac nw43 buts its a little to red, i would like to try giorgio luminous in TAN 7.5 would that be too light or too dark
Hello    can someone suggest to me which color to try in the Burberry cashmere? The best match for me in any makeup so far is  MAC stuido fix powder plus foundation  in C8 and the Diorskin forever in 050. Also I have dry normal skin. Is this brand ok for that? Thanks a a lot. 
Here is mine :    - Too Faced Chocolate Bon bons Palette  - MAKE UP FOREVER artist palette - MAC eyeshadow palette - Makeup brushes - KAT VON D Contour & Highlight Palette - Kylie Lip Kit (the collection)
Share your favourite makeup looks. I'd like to look at them. I might possibly share mine later. 
Share the makeup you own/your collection and your thoughts/reviews on them. I'd like read and see your collection.     Here is my collection :  
I am in the shade warm beige for Two faced Born this was foundation, what shade would match me of NARS Velvet Matte Skin?
A Sephora makeup consultant had told me that i was the shade tan honey in the tarte amazonian clay. why can't i find that shade when i try to purchase it online 
Does anyone one know why the case for the Stila Eyes are the Window, Soul palette has been changed from the gorgeous yellow and rose gold compact, to a matte pale gold case/packaging with "Stila" on the front of it?? It is only the 'Soul' palette, the other three palettes in the collection have the original mirrored gold cases. I find this very strange and am hoping this is not a permanent change so I can get the palette in the original mirrored gold case.
I am thinking of a lipstick as a splurge for the Barneys event. Thoughts?
This is a long shot, but I wasn't able to snag Mac's oh darling highlighter when it was released and just wondering if there is anyone who by chance purchased multiples or purchased and didn't like it and would be willing to part ways with it? Not looking to spend a ridiculous price on it though. Have seen it for $80 and up on ebay/amazon etc. Thanks so much
My skin is normal to dry, and most foundation/setting powders look dry, cakey, and like they're crumbling and flaking off my skin. However, I am interested in trying out baking for my undereyes and maybe my chin. Does anyone know of a loose powder that won't make me look too matte and powdery?