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Alright yall! Time to decide on your top favorite brushes! If you had to choose only five, what would they be? Why do you love them?
Why is it that the best products get discontinued? I hate Laura Gellar's "replacement" for her amazing Medium Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. There must be something that works as amazing as the so very missed tinted moisturizer.
I have been looking for a good laydown eye shadow brush for a while. I recently purchased Bobbi Brown eye sweep brus h, but I'm not completely satisfied.. so I'm thinking of doing a purchase from Hakuhodo.    So please help me decide.   I was looking at K006, S121, and B127 I'm also ordering BJ004G.. (which is MAC 239 dupe). I have Wayne Goss #6 which is similar to J5523 so I need something that will cover a wide area with base color lightly. Any opinion will be more than greatly appreciated Thank you so much in advance!   May I also get opinion on J4003 and J110 for contour/bronzer brush? I'm also thinking about Wayne Goss 12 brush..  I've had MAC 168 before, but I hated how it splayed and lose shape to make my bronzers look really muddy..   
Hello.Ive been looking into trying a new full coverage concealer that is not drying.Im using the nars radiant creamy concealer I just feel like i run out of the product so fast.I have very dark circles (i also use a peach corrector) I have dry under eyes with fine lines, I do use cliniques all about eyes rich moisturizer.I was wondering if anyone has tried MUFE's lift concealer?Any other suggestions will help as well. Thank you  
Can anyone recommend a concealer that matches the new Hourglass Illusion Skin Tint in Shell?
I'm looking for last years 2013 or 2012 Christian Dior manicure set with the blk bag and tools. Nail cuticle remover and nail file, things of that nature. I never bought it when I saw it during the holidays and then forgot about it. This yr for holiday 2014 they didn't make it and I heard has been discontinued due to low volume of interest. Please let me know if anyone has seen it turn up-thanks
The Important 12 + one   It's the beginning of the month, quarter, & year so did you:     1) Change out your toothbrush, manual and electric?? 2) Change out your Clarisonic or other facial tool head?? 3) Replaced  your facial sponge/body brush/pouf etc. 4) Change your razor blade? 5) Toss your mascara? 6) Washed all your makeup brushes? 7) Sanitized your powder products? 8) Check for & tossed any expired makeup? 9) Check for & tossed any makeup that has reached it period after opening date?? 10) Tossed any expired over the counter items, ie : mouth rinse, tooth paste, sunscreen/sun block? 11) Gather for proper disposal any expired medications??? 12) Ordered replacements or backups of any of the above needed items.     + one       Checked all medication expiration dates, properly disposed of & replaced or refilled expired meds. Be sure to include as needed medications like rescue inhalers, Epipens, etc.       I usually put the name of meds on that months calendar or if it is something like a rescue inhaler or Epipen, i put a note on the prior month to get a refill so I have fresh when it is time to toss the old one . Please dispose of all old medications properly.  
Hi everyone!   Everyday, we do our brows, and, if you're like me, have a precise way of doing them. In honor of the new year that is coming upon us, I say that we start a new challenge. The January Brow Challenge. 31 days of a different brow style than you're used to, thick or thin, defined or angled, and you have to KEEP IT! It's a challenge, all right! Whose brows are on fleek enough to go through with this? I know that mine are!   Good Luck!
I went to a Sephora store several months ago to have my skin tone matched to foundations.  The initial email listed a number of "perfect matches" for me, but I don't know how to update that list when some foundations weren't included or when a new product comes out.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  
Hello Ladies,   As i explore make up, my local sephora has the dior holiday palette 2014 in stock.   I am thinking to get it for me. What's  your take on it?   I dont have many eyeshadows n I really liked the colors in this palette. And it looks great for my travel too   I have a 10% off card so I thought i could splurge on this one.... Thanks!
Hey my lovelies,   Just wanted to give a heads up about the Stila "In the Moment Palette." I bought this palette several months ago, and it is so gorgeous. Pigmented and really, really pretty. It's one of my favorites that I can I use all year long. It's the palette I'm using this week. And the colors work all year long! lette-P300604?skuId=1381235
I am currently using clinique even better foundation shade 60. What is the shade that will match this with estee lauder double wear foundation? Thank you.
So I've been having a problem with every single blush I have ever bought and used because all of them end up looking like a wine/cranberry one! It's started to really annoy me because the colors I play clearly are not meant to be that dark (ex: tarte magic, benefits coralista, etc). All of the blushes I buy look like corals, peaches, or baby doll pinks in the packaging and on other people, but they always end up looking sooo dark, red, and mauve, on me, and sometimes they even end up looking like a brown.  I'm not sure why all of my blushes end up looking so dark. At first I thought I might be too pale for these blushes, but I've seen people who are paler and darker than me and the blushes look true to color and them. I thought it might have been the brand I am using, but I've tried so many brands and each blush I get always ends up being reddish plum on me. I also thought I was applying to little or too much product, but no matter what amount of product I use I still end up with super dark cheeks. Anyone know what could cause these blushes to look so different on me? and does anyone know how to fix this problem? It's starting to really irritate me since I'm buying a bunch of gorgeous blushes, yet none of them end up looking like how they are supposed to be.
Hi I usually use 120# in makeupforever HD foundation. and this shade is almost matched with my skin. Even this shade is little darker than my skin, I want to match my foundation with my neck   So, i hope you recommend me similar shade in Estee Lauder Double wear ! Help me
What are your favourite eyeshadow combinations? I need some inspiration!  High end palettes I own: - Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette -Tarte Bon Voyage Palette   Other: -Revealed Palette  -Wet n Wild Petal Pusher  -Nyx Love in Paris palette 
Help! I have been using Clinique Perfectly Real Compact in color 106....can someone help me find a similar color in a different brand since Sephora doesn't sell Perfectly Real??
I have been orderering item 1322536 in color 03.  It is a Clinique tinted says it is on permanent back order.  What item would be a replacement for it?  What color shade would correspond?
Hi guys. I need help figuring out shades for Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.   1) Nars Sheer Glow in Vallauris -- LM Tinted Moisturizer in shade Bisque or Sand?   2) MAC NC20 or Marc Jacobs Beige Light -- LM Tinted Moisturizer in Nude or???     Thanks in advance!
I am between a NW20 and NW30 in MAC Studio Fix depending on the time of year, I am very neutral (not too yellow, not too pink) I bought the MakeUp Forever HD foundation in the color 150 and it is too pink! What shade do you  think I am? 155? 118? Thanks!
It's a small collection (3 LE lipsticks and a repromoted nail polish) and not that exciting. However, if you're keen to try a dupe of Illamasqua Kontrol but don't want to pay extra for international shipping (like me), Gunner looks promising. That's the only one I purchased.
I am trying MUFE Liduid Lift foundation - Use #45 in MUFE Matte Velvet, and Light Beige in Hourglass Illusion (#3 Sand in Hourglass Veil) - I ordered based on my color id (R08) which indicated that I choose #2 Ivory- appears way too light (great texture, though) - need help choosing shade please (would prefer a slight pink undertone....)
I live 4 hours from the nearest store so making a trip into one is not an option for me right now.  I have been using Cover FX in P20 and I can say that I'm not a fan.  It makes my skin feel oily and just dirty in general and after a couple hours the "full coverage" is almost gone.  Any suggestions on another full coverage foundation to use and match that will be better than what I am currently using?
Hello! I am wanting to invest in an Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, but I am unsure which shade to choose. I am naturally a brunette, but I currently have a deep purple (burgundy under certain lighting) hair color. Which shade would work best? Thank you!
Sorry if someone already posted this...   December 4, 1:00 Am pst on the Urban Decay website.   My video review if anyone is interested. I really like it…lots of light shades and more of the old style UD shimmer (so not all will agree).  Reminds me a little of the Nars Dual intensity shadows.  
Hi! Does anyone know a color dupe of Gerard Lipstick in Buttercup and Gerard Lipgloss in Plum Crazy? Something that's either a cheap drugstore dupe or a higher end brand that I can swatch would be much appreciated  
Hi Everyone!   Sephora used to sell a highlighter/luminizer set called the 'Harmony Trio'.  I had bought the item a few times over the years and loved it.  I accidentally took the one I had on vacation with me over the weekend and it BROKE in my checked bag! You'd think baggage handlers would be more considerate of the fact that I had fragile makeup in my suitcase Anyways, I checked the website as soon as I got back so I could order another and they're no longer sold.  I'm heartbroken.  Does anyone else have a recommendation for a powder highlighter set?  The palette I used had three colors: a peachy tone, rose, and white which I used as both eye shadow and for highlighting.  They were really pigmented which was awesome.  Thanks!
We've talked about this before, but I thought I'd give Sephora a friendly reminder as to why they, and makeup companies, should shower us with deluxe samples.   Never would I have allowed myself to even think about Dior quints, $60 for a small eyeshadow palette isn't something I could justify. Well that resolve lasted a whole 10 seconds after using the mini quint (came with the Dior mascara, but some of y'all got it as a promo).   And so with one mini baby version of a shadow quint you got me to spend $60x2, and that's just the start of this obsession.   Samples are also what got me to buy and love Better than Sex, Lights Camera Lashes, Nirvana White, C'est la Vie, Bright Crystal, UD Liar, Hourglass Child, Bite Musk, Porefessional, HG Veil primer, Nars eyeshadow primer, etc etc. I could go on and on and on. Reallly.    Unfortunately most of these samples I bought myself, now you're lucky I'm a mini lover and go out of my way to buy little things, which make me love the bigger versions, but for those non mini lovers, you really should consider just making it rain samples. At least for the products that are worth it like the GG masks, or things you know people will fall in love with.   Except Orgasm. The world has spoken and they're over it. Really. Stop
My color IQ is 2Y02, I just wanna buy stila Perfecting Concealer. What color you think is most suitbale for me?
A few items I have never seen before - BB tinted under eye corrector, a liner/mascara in one... Lots of lips and eye items...