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So, I'm somewhat new to this whole makeup thing. I'm 20 years old, with fair, combination-oily skin. My cheeks tend to be red and sensitive also. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a foundation or bb cream for my skin, and also a light powder to finish it off. I've tried Clinique's almost powder and it seems to cake on my face, and shows every line. I'm looking for something that isn't extremely heavy on my face since it's almost summer. Also if you have any recommendations for a lip stain or lipstick that will stay put all day and not run, that would be great. 
Hi. I am missing an item from my sephora order I just received today. Please help!   
I was wondering if they are going to be released together or when? I seem to recall reading that the blush/lip pots were a summer item and the cream shadows a fall item but not certain. Anyone have any further information? Thanks!
How do i pick the right concealer for my skin tone when they dont have the same shade as my foundation, I wear makeup forever in marble but they dont have that shade in concealer, they have a darker one with the same undertone (which i know going darker is a makeup nono) but the lighter ones all have pink undertones. Is it bad to go for a pink undertone in a concealer?
I recently bought the Dior lipliner in Grege and love the color but I find it very dry making it hard to apply. Does anyone know of something similar to it but creamier?  Thanks!
For reference, I use Bare Minerals powder foundation in medium tan. I know a lot of people like the banana shade in the original Anastasia contouring palette but I'm not sure if that palette would be too light for my skin tone.
I have Fair-Tannish skin, blue eyes, and blonde eyebrows,eyelashes, and hair. I really want a everyday, natural look. Right now, I wear black eyeliner on the edges of my waterline and black mascara, but it feels a bit intense. Any tips?
hi everyone. i wanted to purchase the armani luminous silk foundation but not sure on the color to purchase in nars im in the shade punjab, i was thinking of getting shade 5. any recommendations will be nice!
I've read a number of reviews at different beauty sites and I'm trying to decide between the dolce & gabbana beauty glow (Natural 10) or armani sun fabric (100 or 400) bronzers. going into a store is a difficult with my schedule, so that's why I do a lot of online shop and try.    i want a natural look, more matte than shimmer. I have fair skin, medium auburn hair, with a lot of pink and red in my face. I've read that the Armani tends to fade out over a few hours while the Dolce & Gabbana can be orange?  Thanks for your input!
My store does not have these. Anywhere to see swatches?
I wear Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Powder in Medium 57, but now it seem that color has been discontinued in the powder. Need recommendations for a new powder/color. Thanks!
Try mine it works with any dress!!!!     xoxoxo
Just wondering if anyone's tried the line yet and would like to share their experiences! I'm interested in the UV Protector specifically, but would like to know about everything else too (Does it cause breakouts, oily, etc) Item in Question: -broad-spectrum-spf-50-P392887?skuId=1681659 Thanks!
I know some of the ladies here are going to IMATS NY this year.   This event is on my bucket list (along with The Makeup Show) but I have severe anxiety in crowds.  I never know when I'm going to freak and need to move away from the crowd.  It's gotten better, so I'm hoping to go in 2016.   I'd love for you lady/gents that do go post here, or PM with a link to your blog/site/YT with your IMATS info.   What's on your IMATS list this year?
I also want to let ya'll know! For those of you who shop around, Haute Look has Laura Gellar stuff on sale right now!!!
Is this better used a powder foundation or setting powder?Does it settle into any lines.I was having a hard time picking between shade 5 or 6.I am Mac NC35-37.I'm currently using Laura Mercier Smooth finish flawless fluide in dusk.
Hey guys! I have a question. I am looking to purchase the cover fx custom cover drops and I need help with a shade match. I am in shade porcelain in the Bobbi Brown foundation stick and I looked online at the sephora color iq and it said that color P10 would be a good match for me. But, of course they don't carry that color in the drops version. So, could someone suggest another shade for me? i was thinking either N10 or P20. I am normally a classic ivory in most foundations. Thanks 
I have the pro-finish make- up for ever #123 I think it's beige.  I went on the website looking for it, but it's not available.  which color is similar to 123?
I wear Clinique stay-matte oil-free makeup (08 Golden Neutral) and would like to try the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation but am not sure what color to use. None of the Sephora stores in Hawaii carry the Koh Gen Do brand so I can't test the color on my skin. Any ideas what color I can use?
heard that HD foundtion is excellent.  Is it?  How do I select  a shade.  Currently use clinque  continuous coverage - ivory. have med-light skin tone and was told that I have blue understones and to use yellow tones as concealer.   not even sure what that is anymore since that was a long time ago.  any suggestions. also need a really good concealer to hide dark circles - use clinque brand that was discontinued.  thank you much. 
Anyways heyyyy everyoneeee I'M BACK. I HAVE NOT BEEN ON HERE IN SOOOOOO LONG. I have a small dilemma and I know that you girl will be able to help me out hopefully!!!! SO- I contemplated for about two weeks on which KA celestial highlighter to buy "candlelight vs. starlight". Now after all the pics I had seen on various blogs, websites, and every where else we look when were trying to find out info about a produt...I went on the and ordered the less popular, more new to the crew starlight. now let me just tell you the picture on Sephora and actually almost every other site that carries ka,,let me tell you it almost seems as thought they are taking a picture of the Nars highlighter "miss liberty" which is actually a very light pink in reality and on the website!... instead of KA's starlight which looks like the same kind of color online but in reality its like a deep pink color....  I was very shocked on how much darker and how not light it is at all! I just got it from ups today... and I had used a Guerlain aerosol/ ]bronzer spray on my face I figured I'd wait until tomorrow to try it out on my regular foundation. I live in an area where I'll have to go to Boston to see both highlighters up close and personal and its not that far at all but is it worth it to get in the car? lol  That's why this is BOGGELING my minddd and hopeee some of you guys on here have used/ own/ or at least tested out both starlight and candlelight. All and Any Feedback will be GREATLYYY appreciated!!!! thanks BT'S!!!!  
 I was wondering  any dupes? would make up forever Sapphire be close? Thanks Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a new concealer and stumbled across the MUFE Full Cover concealer. I have my Nars concealer, but it's a bit too pink for me in the shade Honey. Any swatches for light-medium neutral skin? If you have full swatches, that would be great, too! -Katie
I wear Linen 2CL in Estee Lauder, but I want to buy Giorgio Armani makeup. What color is right for me? I am nearly 50, so I have lines and wrinkles too that must be dealt with.
I used to wear Stila Foundation and concealer but I forgot the color. I want to buy again. Now i use Matte cream for Clinique. Can you help me which should I wear? Thanks Nina
I wear Bare Minerals Medium Beige, the original formula so I wanted to know what shade would I be for bare Minerals COMPLEXION RESCUE™ Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream?
Hi everyone! Hope you all are well. Sorry I haven't been around at all for the past week. This week was crazy due to it being the first week of the semester. Hopefully I'm not super busy so I can be on often.   So Tarte release their new Clay Paint liner. I've been seeing it all over IG and it looks interesting to use and amazing quality. I think this would be nice to have in my kit to replace my gel liner. Has anyone tried it? Please let me know your thoughts if you have. I appreciate it
Why is it that the best products get discontinued? I hate Laura Gellar's "replacement" for her amazing Medium Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. There must be something that works as amazing as the so very missed tinted moisturizer.
I have been looking for a good laydown eye shadow brush for a while. I recently purchased Bobbi Brown eye sweep brus h, but I'm not completely satisfied.. so I'm thinking of doing a purchase from Hakuhodo.    So please help me decide.   I was looking at K006, S121, and B127 I'm also ordering BJ004G.. (which is MAC 239 dupe). I have Wayne Goss #6 which is similar to J5523 so I need something that will cover a wide area with base color lightly. Any opinion will be more than greatly appreciated Thank you so much in advance!   May I also get opinion on J4003 and J110 for contour/bronzer brush? I'm also thinking about Wayne Goss 12 brush..  I've had MAC 168 before, but I hated how it splayed and lose shape to make my bronzers look really muddy..