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I was wondered about this when I went to JC Penny to get my friend a make over. I was waited for her,  I saw they have pink and purple beauty blender on the makeup station. While I was holing it, I realized the pink is smaller than the Purple one. I bought one in Pink color, when they said keep the box for air dry the beauty blender. Every time, I tried to put the BB on top on the box come with it. my bb could not stand up for air dry. 
I know many ladies love their storage set up.  I love the makeup P.orn  (collection videos) I have noticed that many ladies have the ikea drawers or desks.  While I like the set up of those I have only come across one lady on YT (I know there are probably more) with a colorful make up storage system.     This YTer actually used colorful TOOLBOXES  you can get online and at Sears.  It's a really cute and colorful idea.    I'm not sure I'm allowed to post a link.   Any of you ladies have pics of your colorful storage ideas?     Please share them.
In case you wanted to purchase one of them, they are 10% off at Nordstroms.  $35 each.  I wish I waited, LOL!  They also have some Nars blushes on sale for $27... The Radiant concealer for $26, the Velvet Matte pencil for $22.50 and the Duo Shadows for $31.50!  And if you were looking for anything from the Nars High Seize collection like the Multiple Na Pali Coast, those are 40% off.
I had to show you all my new storage system... It's from Hobby Lobby's furniture section. It is intended to be storage for 12x12 scrapbook paper. The bottom two drawers are about 6 inches thick for some of my bigger items. The rest of the drawers are about 2 inches, which is the perfect size.   Each drawer holds its own set of products: foundations/powders, eyes, lips, lotions/serums, tools like tweezers/brushes, etc. The full price of the unit is $199 but one can use a 40% coupon so it is then $120.00. It's black, with some brown distressing, and the best part, it's on casters! It is about 42" tall. I actually have one for my scrapbooking room and one day I realized how perfect it would be for makeup.   Sitting on top of the unit is a square tray where I keep my perfumes. You can't see those from the picture because all my recent purchases and samples are piled up!  
What color of temptu foundation should I get if I use mac NC42? And NC40? I need one for the summer one for the winter
Some cute sets and palettes on hautelook today from NYX today.  I'm thinking Easter basket stuffers myself.     If anyone wants a referral you can PM me.
Hello lovely BTs,   I am really getting into this powder. It's just so lovely. I'm wondering who else is using this and how you are applying it. What brush do you use? What technique works for you?   I'm using a kabuki brush and applying it by patting it on first and then sweeping the brush over my face. eyword=STILA%20Set%20%26%20Illuminate%20Baked%20Po ...
They look like they have some beautiful stuff and quite a few sets...
I couldn't find the board for quite some time, so hopefully this will work.  The link is -Rouge-Chat-with-Sephora/m-p/1268278 - if that gets deleted, go to the Beauty Insider tab (on the left, the list of categories for the forum), then select VIB Rouge, and you should be able to see the thread.   You can also find the link by going to Plantgarden's thread "Tell Sephora HQ how to make the Rouge Program Work" and use the link provided in Candace's comment at the top.  
Good Morning Fellow BT'ers!   Just got off the website and it is officially live! It is $49! Happy shopping!   xoxo
25% and free shipping on regular priced items! Ebates has 4% cash back and Mr Rebates has 7%. I know some people may not get e-mails from them, so that's why I'm sharing!
FYI, they have some really nice GWPs going on right now. There's a bonus GWP to the current 7-piece Lauder GWP, and it looks like there's a nice 4-piece GWP with Shiseido. Worth taking a look!
Hey Lovely Ladies   I placed an order on 2 sleek palettes and The balm nude tude palette, Do any of you have these palettes? If so, can you give me some input on them? thanks..  
Ebates has Origins at 4%, but Mr Rebates has them at 10% cash back. Plus you get free shipping! It's through 3/11, so don't wait too long. I'm saving up for Chic Week otherwise I would make a purchase!
I have a wedding coming up and I want to use my VIB free makeover for it. I was wondering if anyone knows that location and who is the best person to go to! Thanks!
I hate being negative about products, in general, but I suppose that maybe one day this info will help some lady out there. After having the palette for a couple of years, and expirementing with every possible combination, I decided that it was time to let others hear me out about this "Cult Classic" that was a total flop for me, let me start off with some pros: (I'm doing a review because sephora never posted mine so maybe this may help someone out in the future.   Pros:   - It is a value set. 12 eye shadows for 50 bucks which brings each eye shadow to about 4.5 dollars if I'm not mistaken.    - The eye shadows themselves are highly pigmented, and are buttery smooth for the most part....   Now I'll review the packaging and individual eye shadows themselves.      1. Foxy is described as "cream bisque with matte finish". While I did like the fact that it was a matte finish, it was way too light to use it as a highlight (on my skintone at least), and way too chalky and sheer to wear it on my eyelid.    2. Half Baked is described as "golden bronze with shimmery finish". I have a hate-love relationship with this color. Sometimes it's a bit too light and it doesn't really have a "bronze" tone. It's almost like a bright, white gold. Aside from that, the quality of the eye shadow itself was somewhat disappointing. I can almost describe the texture like a loose eyeshadow or pressed pigment, Yeah, it's pigmented, but even with primer, they eyeshadow still ends up underneath my lashes.    3. BootyCall is described as a "shimmering cork" For the most part, it's a shimmery beige-pink, and I'm pleased with it. Nice pigmentation, little fallout, and I could use it on my lips, or highlight my brows if I wanted.    4. Chopper is described as " copper shimmer with silver micro glitter", and boy this was a disappointment. I loved it, a warm copper toned eyeshadow really compliments my skintone, the glitter killed it. Primer, concealer, eyeshadow base, no matter what, the glitter is just everywhere, even gently packing on the eyeshadow, little by little, it dispersed into the atmosphere with no care ;-;      ( I'll do the other eyeshadow reviews in the morning) 
Ok question. Has anyone tried Glamglow Brightmud Eye Treatment? It's offered as a sample this month.
I am so checking this out.  Always looking for something to take away the redness.  Anyone else interested in this collection?   Launches February 6th all MAC location in North America. More info on Temptalia. Credits to her.  
Morning Beauties!!!!   Because I was enabled by a post here on BT, I placed my first order with QVC.  I love hearing about new products and the info video from Tarte/QVC was so convincing I had to order it.   This morning I have just used my new foundcealer for the first time and my initial impressions are favorable.  I am NC 25 for reference and the light medium was perfect.  The claims for color correcting are true and that is with a light single layer.  The brush that came with it was supersoft and I used both ends, loved the smaller end for harder to reach areas around the nose and eyes.  I used it over my normal moisturizer sunblock - JM spf 40. It is not greasy or over drying.   For the approx. $40, for the product and brush I am very happy with the purchase.  I will see how it wears throughout my day and report back.  I could see myself using this in place of another CC compact I am currently using as this is a better color match for me.  I am Asian American and the beige/yellow undertone and find myself hard to match.  I am quite please thus far.   I hope this helps someone else interested in this product.
So I have been using Hourglass Immaculate foundation for months and love it...BUT am wondering if there is something better. I have always had a problem with breakouts, i get bumpy patches and have lots of acne scars. The hourglass does a pretty good job of covering, but not AMAZING, and i feel like i cant layer this foundation because it turns to powder so quickly and just becomes cakey and dry if i try. It is amazing at oil control however! Also i have alot of powders like Guerlain Meteroites, MUFE hd powder that i feel i cant use because the hourglass already turns to powder   I have heard SO many good things about KVD lock it foundation and its ability to cover EVERYTHING. I have also been watching "ciaoobelllaxo" on youtube. she uses it and looks amazing! Has anyone used both? Which do you like better? I feel like hourglass is such a great brand i dont know if KVD can live up to it. 
Even with a swollen jaw I can still put my make up on and feel great. Thank's Sephora for making it so easy to get what i need
Hey everyone, I recently noticed that when I uncap my Benefits Eye Bright pencil, the product seems to have almost slid down into the casing. Meanwhile the wooden wrapper is still where it was when I bought it.    Generally I just recap it, tap it a few times and the product comes back up, but I'm not really sure what's happening here. Sharpening isn't really a solution because it's only been used a dozen times (or less), so there's plenty left at the original tip.    Has anybody had this happen to them or have any ideas for a solution? 
Has anyone ever tried Philosophy amazing grace firming body emulsion??
Someone told me that smashbox under eye primer has helped them with their bag's under their eye's, Has anyone else used this for that and has it helped?
Just saw this and thought for all you who love this line there are some pretty good deals. I am on a no buy so I cannot splurge here maybe I can enable someone else! 
I can't seem to find the right color!  I am extra light in Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer or Nude in Laura Mercier.  I have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, but the fair moisturizers (e.g. Bobbi Brown - alabaster or warm ivory - are too light.  Any ideas?
I'm heading into NYC tomorrow and will be stopping at the Times Square Sephora. My hometown Sephora is on the tiny side, and I was looking for suggestions on brands/items to check out that they don't carry at the smaller stores. Any suggestions? Almost every stop we have planned tomorrow is for my kids or husband - so gift suggestions for myself are welcomed too
Has anyone tried it? I just found it, and I am itching to buy it. I the last years one, I love it.   Don't know if I should get this year too.