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  The Lorac Mega Pro is  a Limited Edition item & it launches tomorrow (Oct.1).
Hi, I really like the look that the Makeup Artist did for me on my wedding day. I love it but I did not have a chance to see how he did it (since I had to close my eyes, of course LOL) I am going to a special event this weekend and want to do this look on my own. Anybody has any idea about it ? I know this is a cut crease look but I don't know where to start and how we can create the perfect line between the lid and the crease? How to smoke out them? What kind of brushes to use ? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you !
Went to Sephora in JCP for the new KVD holiday palette (which is amazing btw) and saw these exclusive favorites sets. Didn't see anything about them on BT so I thought I'd share.   Spa Radiance   Star Performers   Cleansing Rituals   Lashes Unlimited   Lip Service   Makeup Must-Haves   Eyeliner Essentials  
SO BEAUTIFUL !!! Here is the Seak Peek Video: U9MCq-Yl3C_ceGL28lQkYlQ This is what I have been waiting for ! The LORAC MEGA PRO PALETTE and their Exclusive Holiday Collection will be up on their website on OCTOBER 1 st !! Anyone is getting this beautiful palette ???
I need somewhere to track all of the awesomeness of this collection. Below is what I've read will be released, but I haven't seen any pictures, so post if you find any!! I know all of those lipsticks will be coming to live with me.. and the lip pencil, and probably the eye shadows, and really anything that can be described as 'sparkling chunky gold' needs to be mind.    Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection:  Lipsticks:  Sahara: (Matte) Yellowish Brick-Red Riri VS: Vivid Blush Red Amplified Cream Sin: Deep Dark Blue Red (Matte) Deep Love: Deep Raspberry Blue Wine (Matte) Lip Pencil: Vino: Intense Violet Purple Eye Shadows: Graphic Style:  Deep Silver Veluxe Pearl Original Plexi: Soft Muted White and Pearl Frost Carbon Black: Intense Matte Black Bold Babe: Greyish Blue with Pearl Frost Blackberry: Muted Burgundy - Plum Brown (Matte) Crystal: Violet DuoChrome w/ Pearlized Pigments (Frost) Greasepaint Stick: B* Bright Yellow Blue Intense Black Superslick Liquid Eyeliner: On the Hunt: True Black Chromographic Pencil: Black Basic Red: Primary Red Powder Blush: Crazed Imagination Sheertone Shimmer Sculpt and Shape Powder: Bone Beige Emphasis Nude Cream / Tan Set Powder: Invisible Pigment: Rock Red - Sparkling Burgundy Zoom Fast Black Lash: Deepest Black Lashes: 7 Length - Natural Everyday Glam  Glitter: Gold - Sparkling Chunky Gold 3D Black - Black Glitter and silver holographic mixed in Nail Lacquer: Bad Fairy: Red with multi changing pearlized pigments (Pearl) Formidable: Teal Green with Pink Multi-changing pearlized pigments (Pearl)         EEEeeee!!! So excited   Anyone else shivering with antici..........         ...pation???
The Sephora Favorites line is one of the things I love about Sephora. I've discovered great products that I never thought I would love because of it. I'm glad to see the selection is growing, with more skincare sets added. Regardless, I would love it more if Sephora would make an all-lipstick kit, all-blush kit, or a bronzer-highlighter kit. Maybe a nail product assortment. Whatever it is, I'd be happy to try as long as there is absolutely no Nars Orgasm or Laguna     Any suggestions?
Good morning (or afternoon) BT! You migh remember my post from yesterday about a new round of challenges. This is just for fun, and I will be posting a new theme every week. Feel free to join in whenever!   To quote my post:   "I'm not sure how many of you remember the makeup challenge posts, but I want to start some new ones for October! With Halloween just around the corner (yes, a month is just around to corner to me) I thought this would be a good way to practice any potential makeup/costume ideas. I'd like to post a new theme every week, but there are no deadlines so feel free to join in whenever and show off your costume makeup skills"     With a little inspiration from the recent MAC collection, this week's theme will be Rocky Horror Picture Show ! Recreate a look from your favorite character or create your own RHPS inspired look. I'm looking forward to what you guys post and will be doing a look of my own Have fun!         Here is some face chart inspiration also:          
Whenever I watch fashion shows, I would watch them for the makeup more so than the clothes (which are fantastic in any case!). I thought it'd be fun to start a thread of favourite inspirational makeup photos   Here are a few of mine from the latest NYFW SS15.  
2014-05-19 12.59.41.jpg
I posted a previous post about starting a traveling box with samples and deluxe samples and a few ladies were interested in doing one!  This is the 1st traveling box I am apart of and of course the 1st that I am starting.   So, we need to decide if we are going to do a medium or small flat rate box.     RULES  No used items.  No open items  DO NOT take more than you put in.  Let's keep this fun and fair  DO NOT take multiples of the same sample  PLEASE try not to keep the box more than 3 days  Make sure to send your address to the person listed above you  Once you send the box off, post the tracking number in this thread  ALL unused items allowed (well maybe not nail polishes if it will make the shipping costs go up)  Post a pic of what you take out, what you put in and what is left in the box before you send it off   We are going to have fun and try to keep this going as long as we can!   If you are interested in being in the box, I have a few spots left so post a pic of what samples you have in this thread to be added.   To start off, we are only going to have 10 people! 1. CuriousCannibal 2. MegEm 3.MLLECC 4. tessie84 5. Kittichick 6. NicoleFrat 7. NightKnight 8. Sweetxteeth 9. Nishcakes  10. Kariyava
I thought this would be an interesting challenge as well as difficult, but also help you discover creative ways and/or using up something you feel guilty of buying but never using.  I'm a bit of an impulse buyer when it comes to eyeshadows. I have several palettes but I usuall end up just using the same one or switch it up with another commonly used in my collection and I thought that should stop. Recently I've been good about rotating palettes but it still doesn't get much use that makes me happy I bought it.  At first I thought "a month should do it" but I know not even I would be able to keep that promise.    The challenge is this. To pick a product that you haven't really got much use out of, and use it for an entire week. So an example would be "I haven't used much of the Kat von D sinner palette so I'll use it for a week now."  Here's a loophole to this. You pick  your item but you can still use other shadows from other things, the point is that the item you've picked has to be in your daily look.    It doesn't have to be palettes or singles only as long as you pick the item and stick to it for a whole week. That way we won't feel so guilty about not using it so much.    The item that I will be picking will be the Kat von D Monarch palette. I use it every once in a while but I haven't for 7 consecutive days.    So starting this Sunday, that palette will be part of my every day routine until Saturday.    Summary: It doesn't have to be a palette, it can be a single eyeshadow. It doesn't have to be eye shadow, it can be a lippie, blush, or mascara. *edited to add foundation to the list*  Yes, you can mix it with other products but this will be the item you won't leave behind in your daily routine for the 7 consecutive days.    You don't have to post a picture of yourself if you don't want to, but if you want to take a picture of your item of choice, you can, and if you want. All you have to say to yourself is I can commit, I can accept, and I succeeded!   
I was on IG earlier & this picture seems to be going around. Anyone picking it up? Is said to be released in October, at 58$ . I'm not sure if I'll pick it up. Maybe if the 3 blushes aren't ones I own... Or there's a LE one. We'll see 😬
Has anyone seem or heard about this?!?!?
Hello Everyone!!!  I am going to a wedding soon, actually a week and a half to be exact, I"m not sure what kind of makeup look I should do (eyes, cheeks, lips). Let me know of any look suggestions that you have and any foundations you recommend that will last all night long!  I'm wearing a short red dress with gold and black heals and black and gold jewelry!   PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks loves!
I'm not sure how many of you remember the makeup challenge posts, but I want to start some new ones for October! With Halloween just around the corner (yes, a month is just around to corner to me) I thought this would be a good way to practice any potential makeup/costume ideas. I'd like to post a new theme every week, but there are no deadlines so feel free to join in whenever and show off your costume makeup skills   Feel free to suggest ideas in this thread, but I'm thinking with the RHPS MAC collection release that might be a good first challenge, and I'd like to have another week with a "random" theme (as in whatever you want!).   I'll make the first post tomorrow if you're all interested
MUFE table - Copy.jpg
For those who missed out on the Artist Shadow 30-30 palette (like me), hurray we have new options! uId=1637834 637792 d=1637826 37800   And here's a comparison of the shadows in the new palettes (click on the pic for larger view). If anyone can identify the missing shadow in the Studio Case, please share. Thanks!   UPDATE: Missing shadow added to the list. Thanks michelleshops!
Hello Everyone!   I was recently going through my lippy stash to clear out any old or used up items and this I was left with.   Please feel free to share your current lip stash and help brighten everyone's day with some pretty pictures   Thanks!  
Recently I started to notice my Sigma blending brushes feeling scratchy against my eyes which can't be for my eyelids so I want to try another brand. What are your favorite brand of brushes?
Hi! I do not want to wear a ton of make up, just to keep it simple. Maybe a little eyeliner and a subtle moisturizer/foundation. I am clearly thinking about doing this to help me look better. Any advice would be appreciated!
Can anyone tell me what undertone the new MUFE Mat Velvet   shades 51 and 53 are? Im usually an NC40 and currently mix 40 and 65
I have went to sephora and was confused as to what color to get for the imaculate hourglass foundation. She suggested pearl. When I put it on it was too light and was ok for winter. I went back and they color matched me to a nude color. It was too dark. I am also confused as to wether I am a cool or warm. I have blonde hair and green eyes and can't tell if my veins are blue or green. When I do look at my upper inner arm they are green. I want a foundation that is not too yellow or not too pink. Something in the middle. I have been looking at the swatches for this foundation online and it's a little too confusing. I have also tried the ivory but it seems like it will be too dark for winter. anyone have suggestions?
I have been wanting to try CT's products forever! I think I'm going to order a couple of products to try out. Any recommendations? I can only order them online, so if any of you has any swatches, that would be great too!   So far on my list, Dolce Vita eye shadow palette Light wonder foundation 02 (I wasn't too sure about the shade) Rock n kohl eyeliner ( It sounds like an amazing product, are they really perform as good as a liquid liner?) Wonder glow (how does it compare to Becca's shimmering perfector or TF illuminating primer?)
Have you guys seen these?! There are tons of shades and finishes to choose from, and you can build your own palette! I can't wait to try these; I wonder if Sephora will carry all of the shades? There are so many and I'd really like to go in and test a good chunk of them. =1622745
After looking at all the holiday set previews, I started a wishlist going. The list is definitely getting long... But it was so much fun putting it together!! Lucky we still have some time to sort everything out before the holiday release. Share is caring, so here I go...   1. benefits blush pallet 2. too faced a few of my favorite things 2 3. tarte pin up girl 24 hour blush pallet 4. hourglass blush pallet 5. kvd mini lip set   Cheers!!
has anyone tried the ex1 liquid foundation??? i have heard good things about it, and was wondering if anyone has tried it out. I heard its good for olive undertones.
I was wondering if anybody had any product recommendations for me. I really want to try out some new products, without splurging too much. I'd love to hear any recommendations!! Thanks a bunch. Xoxo, racheltaylor16 <3  
$85 palette and $22 lipsticks. I'm skipping…but for those interested….it's up on MACs site.
  I have been haunting the HK section, hoping a few leftovers may turn up (Other than the two that are always there). Look what I found! Already signed up to be notified.   Looking forward to seeing this collection, and I hope they have a launch party for Rouge!
Hi! I'm 13 years old and I'm allowed to wear concealer, blush and lip products. I want to start wearing a little mascara too, but I'm not sure how to ask my mom! I've never asked about this sort of thing before and don't want it to be awkward!! The mascara I want to wear is clinques naturally glossy mascara in jet brown. About as natural as it gets!