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Hey Beauties ! I was just here thinking and browsing the Sephora site along with my collection and it made me think about some stuff that just wasn't worth all the hype or wasn't all that . Most recently for me it has been the Benefit There Real Push up liner, it just wasn't a good consistency in my opinion and i totally could have done without it but anyway i thought i would start the discussion of what products have you purchased that wasn't worth the hype or you regret getting
Not sure if this is allowed? But I'm going to give it a shot and hope it doesn't get closed *covers eyes*   What's on everyone's wish list for this sale? The sale started yesterday for card holders and will be available starting July 18!   I'm having a hard time in finding anything I like on the previews I've seen so far!   But I really want this!  
I bought the Murad spot treatment and let's just say my blemish is now the least of my worries. I'm allergic to something in it and now have a red raised rash that looks like a million tiny little pimples.  Uuuugh  
I keep purchasing new things that catch my attention (or that I've convinced myself I need), but I simply can't get through all of the products I own. I don't have an issue tossing old mascara and liquid liners, but I absolutely hate the thought of tossing any other product before I've used every last bit of it.  I've realized that it's impossible for me to use everything up unless I stop buying make-up altogether.   What unused / unfinished products do you have trouble parting with?  And what do you do about it?  How do you use it up so you can move onto something new and exciting?
So Anastasia just released a new eyeshadow palette in collaboration with an amazing MUA/beauty blogger by the name of Amra Olevic aka "Amrezy" on Instagram. This collaboration took 8 months to create and is Anastasia's very first official partnership with a MUA. It is $29 dollars for 10 shades and this palette can only be purchased at the ABH website and in Ulta stores starting Monday. Some Ulta stores have it already. I am planning on purchasing it so if anyone wants swatches just let me know.    
Sephora posted a few videos and he seems to talk more about the packaging than the product itself. He seems kinda clueless about his stuff in fact. Or in my opinion he does. Does he actually know about the actual makeup or just the packaging?   If just feels awkward watching him and it seems like hes trying to figure out what to say about the product.  What do yall think?
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After getting a summer job and making some pretty good money so far, I decided I want to splurge on my first high end product. I wasn't sure at first but then decided on purchasing the Meteorites from all your reviews. Are the"magic balls" worth getting for sure? Thank you!!
Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale Early Access is going on and I stumbled across Charlotte Tilbury!
I want everyone to get out of their comfort zone and do something creative or crazy with your eye makeup! It was actually Meagboho's idea for me to start this thread   Here's mine for today. I don't get to work with purples, pinks, or bold eyelashes on anyone, so that's I came up with this look. I wish the colors showed up better on camera though. If you ave anything that you want me to try to recreate, post them below   Ignore that giant pimple on my cheek haha.   I'll be posting regularly in here with random looks that I come up with!   update: products used in for this look: Maybelline cream eye shadow in Barely Branded Wet n Wild Petal Pusher palette MAC Omega L'Oreal Infallible eye shadows in Burst into Bloom and Purple Priority L'Oreal Infallible gel eyeliner ELF cream eyeliner Cre8tion lashes in #41 and Ardell Demi Wispies
Once I get the box back I'll pick out some items and donate the remaining items to 'The River' (a local organization that takes and redistributes new and used makeup/beauty items to women in need). I've given beauty products to this organization before and they're really good.   * Please make sure every item is in a plastic ziplock bag to prevent spills.   Donts’s ■ DON'T keep the box for more than two days. Keep it moving! If you are traveling or a special circumstance comes up, we can work to rearrange things. (ALSO YOU MUST INCLUDE A TRACKING NUMBER it makes it more fun anticipating your turn) ■ DON'T put unsanitary items of any sort into the TSB. We want to have fun and get gorgeous, not sickly ■ DON'T put any drugstore items into the TSB. ■ No reserve items in the box for others, and don’t ask to have any items reserved for you. This is unfair to others participating. ■ DON'T swatch items from the box. This is a hygienic precaution that we must take, as a lot of people will be handling these items. ■ DON'T take more than what you put in. Please trade at or above each item’s retail value.   Do’s ♥ Please contribute high-end beauty products only. No drugstore items. If you have questions or you are unsure of an item, ask! ♥ Unused, swatched or lightly used products are perfectly acceptable. Well-loved items are not (unless explicitly requested by the next person or there has been a posted picture and someone requested that item). Again, if you’re unsure, ask! ♥ Swatched/used items must be labeled as such. ♥ All opened items must be cleaned/sanitized prior to their addition to the box. ♥ Send your address to the person above you in a PM. ♥ Package things carefully! Try to leave the TSB in better condition than you found it  ♥ Please seal any items that could leak/spill/make a mess accordingly. ♥ Most importantly, share your experience! Please post a photo and a description of the box, what you took, and what you contributed.   Allowed: ☆High-end, clean makeup/skincare items (including makeup bags, brushes, etc. If you have questions, refer to other TSB threads or just ask!) ☆Fragrance (be sure to package bottles properly!) ☆Nail polish (again, be careful!)   Not allowed: ☆Pre-made samples ☆ NO used/swatched lip wands (the kind you dunk the wand in or things like stila lipglaze) ☆Heavily used items ☆ Drugstore items ☆Used items that haven’t been cleaned/sanitized ☆Questionable items (always ask if you have doubts!)   If you cannot take photos, Do Not Sign Up, please *******PUT BETTER OR EQUAL PRICED ITEMS IN FOR WHAT YOU TAKE OUT TO KEEP UP THE INTEGRITY OF THE BOX*********   Final Verdict on Mascara- A lot of the GWP mascaras are not sealed. It is ok to include these mascaras in the box ONLY IF THEY ARE UNUSED. Please be honest (it's a matter of health!). Also, please be aware that some of the mascaras may be dried out upon opening them. Only open them if you selected them as your item. Please be honest when it comes to this.   Also, please pick up a large priority box at the post office prior to receiving the box. This is so we can streamline things (get the box to everyone faster in case the box breaks or there's a spill).   -send your address to the person above you   -post a picture and text what you are taking and what you put in BEFORE you send the box on.   roxystar4 -------> 9405509699937585873456 1. bombshell30  -------> 91149011898666880867309 2. ghkim -------> 9405903699300192324806 3. Drrragon -------> 9405509699938501015349 4. DandyLionFluff  -------> 5. beethousand  -------> 9405 9036 9930 0200 9057 75 6. cig01 ------->  9405903699300202919046 7. Mafan ------->  9405 9036 9930 0206 3663 65 8. melde ------->  9405 9036 9930 0209 3112 70 9. Kalex ------->  9405909699937678739230 10. Garnett   -------> 9114901230803490105224 11. RJAMLT 12. dannyc 13. AznAngelLiz roxystar4 ------>  The River
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I posted a previous post about starting a traveling box with samples and deluxe samples and a few ladies were interested in doing one!  This is the 1st traveling box I am apart of and of course the 1st that I am starting.   So, we need to decide if we are going to do a medium or small flat rate box.     RULES  No used items.  No open items  DO NOT take more than you put in.  Let's keep this fun and fair  DO NOT take multiples of the same sample  PLEASE try not to keep the box more than 3 days  Make sure to send your address to the person listed above you  Once you send the box off, post the tracking number in this thread  ALL unused items allowed (well maybe not nail polishes if it will make the shipping costs go up)  Post a pic of what you take out, what you put in and what is left in the box before you send it off     THIS IS A DRAMA FREE BOX! We are going to have fun and try to keep this going as long as we can!   If you are interested in being in the box, I have a few spots left so post a pic of what samples you have in this thread to be added.   To start off, we are only going to have 10 people! 1. hollygohardly 2. MegEm 3.MLLECC 4. tessie84 5. Kittichick 6. NicoleFrat 7. NightKnight 8. Sweetxteeth 9. Nishcakes  10. BuxomBabe80
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Got an email today (July 6) that the Marc Jacobs Fall Beauty Collection will be available for early access tomorrow at 9 AM PST! It arrives in stores on July 24th. There are a couple previews on the Marc Jacobs Beauty site right now (which I can't link to, obviously) that look pretty interesting. I hope they've come up with a better mascara this time around!
I'm interested in trying the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush, but I'm unsure of which color to buy. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. I am a little tanner than usual at the moment, but I'd like something that will work in the summer months as well. Any suggestions?
Hello Everyone!   I was recently going through my lippy stash to clear out any old or used up items and this I was left with.   Please feel free to share your current lip stash and help brighten everyone's day with some pretty pictures   Thanks!  
Holy smokes! I'm a huge Pulp Fiction fan, I think I need to get my hands on this baby, anyone else excited? IT's available on 7/16/14 in the UD website.  
Hey everyone, I thought it would be a good idea if we did YouTube Tags on BT because it's really fun and some of them are actually very helpful. There are bunch of beauty related ones out there ( Beauty Scenario, Perfect Palette, Lip Addict, etc.)we could do or we could even makeup our own! To start off, I am going to do the Would You Rather Tag!   Questions: 1.) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows? I would rather lose all of my eyeliners because I rarely wear eyeliner, and I can just use eyeshadow as a liner. 2.) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again? I would chop off all my hair because it would grow back eventually, but I can't imagine myself with a wedding train of hair. 3.) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek? Definitely pink because I actually get tired of corals and they are not as flattering on me. 4.) If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup? If I could,  I would definitely split the money between the two, but if I had to choose one! probably clothes because different outfits are more noticeable and will probably make a bigger difference in my overall appearance. Anyway, I don't have enough clothes LOL 5.) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick? I would apply lipstick as eyeliner-no reason for this one other than that it sounds more comfortable. Although ,it's probably not very safe.... 6.) Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora? Definitely Sephora because there are more choices as far as brands, types, and colors.  7.) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life? One lip color for sure because I loveee eyeshadow, and I can't imagine wearing only one color! Anyway, I just wear tinted lip balm most of the time. 8.) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter? I think I would rather wear summer clothes in the winter if it means I can wear tights and a coat. If I can't even wear a coat, then I would wear winter clothes in the summer and just camp out by the AC 9.) Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round? Definitely dark nails because they are more likely to go with everything, and neons don't even look that good on me. 10.) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product? Again,  I choose eyes over lips, so I would give up my favorite lip product. 11.) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun? I would prefer to wear a ponytail only if I could straighten my hair everyday. Otherwise, my hair looks so frizzy and messy in a ponytail :/ 12.) Would your rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss? I don't really paint my nails that often because I have really ugly nails, but I am working on getting them to a better shape, so I would choose never to wear lipgloss. Sigh 13.) Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday? If they mean sharpie them in as in fill them in, then I would choose that, but I would never use an ACTUAL sharpie LOL In that case, I would have no brows and spend a lot of time filling them in regularly.  14.) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish? I would definitely choose makeup over nail polish because makeup is way more fun for me, and I don't have the nails for nail polish!  
It looks like the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Dip colors are out, just not at Sephora  I am glad they added new colors to the line.  They added Soft Brown, Medium Brown, and Taupe.   When will Sephora get the new colors in stock?
Hi dolls, I posted this picture on another thread , but I think everyone needs to see this rose gold gorgeous-ness! It's exclusive to Boots (in the UK) so mark your calendars for July 16th (; I probably won't even use them that's just too pretty to pass on.
I want to try out this look but not sure what products to use. What would u use?
I need some help figuring out what to do with my brows . I've recently been interested in doing my eyebrows, but I'm not really sure how.  I have a round face & I've read a lot that arched eyebrows look best with a round face shape but I don't really know how to achieve an arched eyebrow. I would also like to start filling in the little bald spots in my brows to define them, but I'm not sure what color to pick. I have brown hair so I find it difficult to find the right color and brand . Any advice?
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One of the beauty bloggers that I follow on instagram just posted pictures of upcoming products and collections.    All of these photos are from Beautezine's instagram 1. Sephora Oil in Gel Lipstick remover   2. New shades for Formula X Press Pods   3. 210 new Makeup Forever eye shadows. I think this might be for Canada only?    4. New lip stick shades for Kat Von D   5. Fresh Ruby Lip Treatment (it has shimmer!)   6. Marc Jacobs Smart Wand Foundation Stick. I'm really excited for this one!! 
I'm getting married in a few weeks and curious to know what make up to use. I have fair-light sensitive skin and I'm wanting a natural glow/look that will last all day long. What do I need to get?
The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector highlighter in Opal is in stock! It's been OOS for a while. It came back in stock yesterday morning and then went back OOS. It's back in stock today and wanted to share (in case anyone else was hunting for it, like I've been).    
If you could only have one, which one would you choose?! I'm looking to buy my first neural palette. What are your favorites and why? I've been considering Too Faced Chocolate Bar and Naked Palettes, but open to others too! If any of you have tried multiple brands please compare
I'm looking for the perfect foundation! I have combination skin.. Can any one give me any suggestions in foundations?  I've tried one brand which is not a Sephora brand, I've heard plenty of good reviews on Sephora make up.   Thanks Paige
I have acne and very dry and oily skin and cannot find the right makeup to cover/look good without being cakey. Any suggestions?
tarte snake curler.jpg
This is now available on Sephora. The purples look so pretty. I'm terrified of snakes, but this one seems so cool. Has anyone picked this up elsewhere yet? Also, I'm wondering if Sephora will have the eyelash curler that has the snake charm? I'm assuming the charm is detachable. I'm not sure it's too safe to have a snake dangling in my eyes while trying to curl my lashes o.O
I am just curious if you lovely ladies and gents wear more makeup in the summer or less.  I have found myself just doing brows and mascara lately, and maybe a little tinted moisturizer or blush.   I have just found it to be way to hot to wear full foundation and I don't like doing full shadow unless I am wearing foundation.     How about all you BTers?
I recently dyed my hair something very similar to this:    I was using the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash, but it's just too cool and clashes really badly.    I was looking at the dip brow pomade in Auburn or the brow wiz in caramel.    Does anyone have any other suggestions? I don't want red eyebrows but I definitely need to be using a different color.