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It gets super hot and humid where I live and I'm out side a lot for 8+ hours. So i'm looking for a good primer, foundation and concealer. I currently use Estee Lauder double wear and I like it for the most part because it is full coverage and its so full coverage I dont even need a concealer with it and I find its the only foundation so far that has lasted the longest without sweating off. But the negative side is that it makes my skin patchy/cakey especially between my eyebrows and sides of my nose since I have kinda dry skin. So basically i'm looking for a long lasting that lasts at least 8+ hours or more in a  sweat proof primer, foundation and concealer for dry skin. 
We don't have one!  Just discussing new MUFE products and I realized the information is on different threads. So here it is...a thread for new releases  
I recently discovered that my skin is incredibly reactive and many ingredients cause breakouts. I want to sell the makeup I can no longer wear. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to do this to get the best price? I have considered Glambot, but it seems most people only get 10 percent of the retail value of their items. Thank you!!!
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I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.   Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge!    Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before Thanks in advance!
A place to discuss new, indie and not so talked about brands. There's a few brands I'd like to know more about but didn't want to start a thread for each so decided to start a thread for all those brands that we don't often hear about.
NEWS, UPCOMING COLLECTIONS, DISCUSSIONS AND SWATCHES!   I was surprised there wasn't a dedicated thread for the brand especially since they have really upped their game recently. So since pretty much every brand has a thread I thought to start one for Tarte!   They have been slaying with the recent launches and truly on a roll with more amazing products to come!         
What is the best primers for someone in their 30's with large pores and combination skin that will last all day?
Seeing threads for lots of other lovely brands, with my love for YSL growing, I found it only fitting to start a YSL Love / Updates thread (if I missed an existing one, please let me know)!   Please feel free to share any updates about the brand, reviews, YSL looks,  or general love you feel like sharing       Swatches of newest palette / quint - Savage Escape!:     New Vinyl Couture Mascaras (Pre-Order)       Full Metal shadows in 9 Misty Green & 10 Wet Blue    
I could not find a thread dedicated to new Too Faced releases. And, with all the new holiday sets coming soon, I thought an exclusive thread would be nice. If one already exists, please let me know and I will delete this. If not, I will leave it. (Photo credit: Too Faced) (Photo credit: @_lipstickandl0ve)        
A lot of the other big beauty brands have their own threads now, so I thought, why not NARS?   Let's share news about new collections, feedback on products, etc here.   The audacious thread: Audacious-Collection/m-p/1695820#M10941   Summer 2016:   413BLKR, Blasphemy, Ferocious, Laguna blushes, 413BLKR matte lip pencil   Repromotes of existing shades, plus a hot summer shadow palette:  Deep Throat Blush, $30 Flirty sheer pink Mata Hari Blush, $30 Pink with a trace of crimson Turkish Delight Lip Gloss, $26 Pink sherbet Salamanca Lip Gloss, $26 Pink Flamingo Greek Holiday Lip Gloss, $26 Sparkling pink sand Black Moon Audacious Mascara, $26 Black Satin Minorque Kohliner, $25 Black   Survival Kit (Summer 2016)     Fall 2016: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Pink: no label 2nd shade: Area 3rd shade: Playpen? 4th shade: hidden label 5th shade: Unspeakable 6th shade: Dancetaria Pink: no label2nd shade: Area3rd shade: Playpen?4th shade: hidden label5th shade: Unspeakable6th shade: Dancetaria   Holiday 2016 (Sarah Moon): Spoiler (Highlight to read) Have you picked up anything from the collection so far?  Do tell! 
Hey Beauties- We have ALOT of threads around here for Tom Ford products. I figured I'd start one thread where we can update each other on items as they come out or we see them available.    For all my UK'ers, or people willing to pay for shipping from the UK, Harrods has Softcore and Nude Dip from the Fall collection available right now. Happy Shopping! 
A place to post photos of whatever part of your makeup collection you want. All your black eyeliners. The nail polishes with the funniest names. Your summer vs. your winter foundations. All your perfume minis. Your most treasured items. Whatever.   (Shout out to our beloved  @Mochapj  for reminding me to do this. Also, we can "at" mention people now?!)   To start, here are all my mini Urban Decay lipsticks.  
On Thursday, June 23, I ordered four of the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks from ColourPop. Looking at my account today, it says that it's been paid for, but the order remains unfulfilled.   Having never purchased from ColourPop before, I was wondering if this was normal and if anyone else has experienced this.   Thanks for any and all answers! :-)
I have dry skin and i'm in need of a good primer. I currently use the estee lauder double wear foundation which I know is on the drying side but it is the only longest lasting fullest coverage foundation I have found so far that I can wear that covers my acne scarring without a concealer. So what would be a good foundation thatI could use with the double wear that will help hydrate my skin and prevent it from getting dry patches from the foundation?
I'll try to keep this short BUT I SUCK AT ALL THINGS EYELINER !   No matter what I try, buy, or do.. I always mess up lining my top lid. My chubby fingers and my shaky grip destroy any kind of line I dream of having! (Lately I've succumbed to just lining my bottom lid but I feel like that might make me look more of a football linebacker. LOL)   In the end I'm looking for just a defining line on my top lid. I don't even dare to dream of doing a cat eye or winged look.    Here are the products I've tried: 1. Kat Von D Tatoo Liner 2. Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner 3. Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liner 4. Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon 5. Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner 6. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner 7. Makeup Forever Aqua XL Eye Pencil 8. Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Eyeliner 9. Bare Minerals Long Wearing Eyeliner 10. Smashbox Kohl Waterproof Liner   I also just purchased these two brushes which I tried with the eyeliner in the Shade & Light set: (and of course messed it up horribly) 1. Sephora Pro Tightline Liner Makeup Brush 2. Makeup Forever 256 Definer Eyeliner Makeup Brush   Please help me with your tips, tricks, correct products to buy, etc. I feel like I keep Sephora in business with all my tries to do this.. HELP ME find the right way that will work for me. I know this is the place I can come to for makeup advice... HELP A GIRL OUT and teach me how to line my eyes CORRECTLY!   Thanks in advance for both reading this and your time to comment (if you so choose) I really need the help!!!
So I will be traveling to a really hot place in the next week. I was wondering what would be the best makeup for humidity? Also what type of finish for a lipstick?
I'm tryin to choose btw That Glow and Sun Dipped! I've seen a lot of diff reviews on how Sun Dipped or That Glow work on diff skin tones. I have a pretty medium skin tone with yellow undertones, and sometimes get tan/browner in the summer. I'd appreciate the help, thanks y'all!
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  Hi Beauty Talkers! We have exciting news to share. The On-the-Glow family has a new member, it’s our On-the-Glow Bronzer & Illuminator. Say hello to our new Wanderberry packaging and we’ve got two new shades to share. Malibu is inspired by California beauties and their sun-kissed skin, it’s ideal for fair to light skin tones. Capri is inspired by Southern Italian beauties and their bronzed goddess look, it’s ideal for medium to deep skin tones. Use the matte bronzer to sculpt and define and the Candle Glow Illuminator to add dimension.       Just a few ways here:   Some added benefits… Vitamins A, C  & E –  conditions and smoothes skin, provides antioxidant protection HD Effects Pigments – illuminates skin with an undetectable glow/finish Lemon Extract – gently removes dead skin cells and lightens facial discolorations Hyaluronic Acid – retains moisture Collagen – Provides firmness and elasticity to the skin Co-Founder Lindsay Ellingson: I love to apply our Malibu bronzer to the apples of my cheeks and across my nose, the areas on my face the sun would naturally hit. In seconds I'm transported to my favorite beach in Malibu! I also apply our Candle Glow illuminator down the center of my legs to elongate them and add a gorgeous glow!   Co-Founder Divya Gugnani: I’ve got medium/tan skin and I use Capri on either side of my nose for a slimming effect. I’m convinced one side of my nose is wider than the other and this really does the trick of making my nose look even! Also, I do a quick swipe just below my cheekbones on either side for a more contoured look. I love the Candle Glow illuminator because its golden tone instantly illuminates my already golden complexion. When we were testing the formula the first name that came to us was...Candle Glow...because the luminous sheen reminds us of the romantic hue from candle light.     Have any of you tried it yet? What are your favorite matte bronzer and highlighter tips & tricks? Sound off below!   Check it out here! ator-P408440?keyword=WANDER%20BEAUTY%20On-The-Glow ...
HIGH TIME I updated the OP.   Upcoming Releases:   Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette, $60 5 Lipsticks, $18             UD (dot) com Exclusive shades that I own and can swatch for people: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Revolution lipstick: Gash, Protest, Matte Carnal Revolution gloss: Gash, Shadowheart Blush: Satisfy Other: Gash nail polish Revolution lipstick: Gash, Protest, Matte CarnalRevolution gloss: Gash, ShadowheartBlush: SatisfyOther: Gash nail polish
In light of the upcoming launch of Tom Ford Beauty at Sephora, I was selected as one of the lucky recipients of a very generous gift from Sephora and Tom Ford Beauty. I would like to dedicate a thread to the luxury beauty brand and it's impending Soleil 2016 launch.     I’ve dabbled in a fair bit of Tom Ford makeup and I’m definitely a fan, but I’ve tried surprisingly little from their summer collections, so I’m very much looking forward to testing these out.  Thank you so much to both Sephora and Tom Ford Beauty for such a lovely gift!   Please feel free to share about any products you've tried and loved, cherished or can’t live without, or even the ones you’ve disliked, hated or given away.   This is an information sharing thread so all opinions are welcome!   Mustique (left) Cala di Volpe (right)   Swatches:   Comparisons: Spoiler (Highlight to read) TF Blushes (Lovelust, Ravish, Afternooner, Flush) TF Highlights (Top photo: Moodlight top, Afternooner, Moodlight bottom / Bottom photo: Softcore, Afternooner, Stroked) Bronzer swatches (Guerlain Terracotta Terre D'ete, Afternooner, UD Paranoid, CT Bronze & Glow Dark) TF lipsticks (Henry, Cala di Volpe, Gustavo, Guillermo) TF lipsticks (Spanish Pink, Mustique, Indian Rose, Casablanca) TF Blushes (Lovelust, Ravish, Afternooner, Flush)TF Highlights (Top photo: Moodlight top, Afternooner, Moodlight bottom / Bottom photo: Softcore, Afternooner, Stroked)Bronzer swatches (Guerlain Terracotta Terre D'ete, Afternooner, UD Paranoid, CT Bronze & Glow Dark)TF lipsticks (Henry, Cala di Volpe, Gustavo, Guillermo)TF lipsticks (Spanish Pink, Mustique, Indian Rose, Casablanca)  
Hi!   I am going to Europe next month and cannot decide what to take with me. I am thinking of packing a tube of sunscreen, 2 lipsticks, toner, makeup remover, moisturizer, tinted moisturized, a mascara, and an eyeliner. I am probably going to Sephora soon to buy some stuff. It you were to travel for about two weeks? What would you take with you? I want to pack as light as possible.   
Since MAC has so many releases coming I thought we could share this info here and our love for the brand     ** MAC SELECT - NEW LOYALTY PROGRAM / US ONLY** Spoiler (Highlight to read)  AVAILABLE NOW MAC x CHRIS CHANG MAC  PRO LONGWEAR WATERPROOF COLOUR STICK VIBE TRIBE MAC TRANSFORMED SOFT SERVE MAC x BRANT BROTHERS BLUE NECTAR TENDERTALK BANGIN' BRILLIANT- All perm. Part of the collection online and in stores now. F ASHION PACK     JULY VAMPLIFY GLOSSES ONLINE July 7th - IN STORES July 14th GOOD LUCK TROLLS ONLINE July 28th - STORES Aug. 4th   COMING SOON Spellbinder Shadow Collection (8 shades) (October) MAC x Selena (October 2016) New Strobe products Highlight Sticks Mariah Carey Beauty Icon Collection ** mini lipsticks / collection unknown** MAC x Tanya Taylor NYC MAC x Star Trek (Late Aug/early Sept. // presale 1 day only at comic con July 21st) MAC Softcore & PlayLab Retro matte liquid lip color (Jan 2017)   ~Updated June 23rd 2016~
Thought I'd start a thread just for Viseart since so many of us LOVE them.   I love to encourage a small brand as opposed to a brand where you pay for the name. The eye shadow quality can't be beat! ************************************************** ******* COMING SOON Blush - possibly palette called Faye New eye shadow palette - shimmer   NEW PRODUCTS Theory palettes - Cashmere, Minx, Chroma (6 pan) Ribbons Boheme 02 (12 pan) (should be pulled from the market shortly)   WHERE TO BUY Sephora Muse Beauty Pro Beauty Bay Beautylish Alcone Frends Beauty     Price breakdown for those interested Spoiler (Highlight to read) Saw this on Facebook a while back and thought I'd add it here.   A 12 color Viseart Eyeshadow Palette is $80 USD (before pro discount). Each eyeshadow pan is 2 grams and valued at approx. $6 ($3.00 per gram).   MAC has reduced the price of their single eyeshadows refills from $10 USD to $6 USD each. So 12 colors at the new reduced price would be $72 USD (before pro discount). Add the $8 USD empty palette to store them and we're back to $80 USD.   EXCEPT: Each MAC eyeshadow pan is only 1.3 grams ($4.62 per gram). You're getting only 15.6 grams of product, as opposed to the 24 grams of eyeshadow in the Viseart palette. That's a loss of over 8 grams of product.   FINAL ANALYSIS: It would cost $119 USD for MAC to duplicate the Viseart palette (24 grams of MAC eyeshadow at $4.62 per gram and $8 for the palette). Saw this on Facebook a while back and thought I'd add it here.  A 12 color Viseart Eyeshadow Palette is $80 USD (before pro discount). Each eyeshadow pan is 2 grams and valued at approx. $6 ($3.00 per gram). MAC has reduced the price of their single eyeshadows refills from $10 USD to $6 USD each. So 12 colors at the new reduced price would be $72 USD (before pro discount). Add the $8 USD empty palette to store them and we're back to $80 USD. EXCEPT: Each MAC eyeshadow pan is only 1.3 grams ($4.62 per gram). You're getting only 15.6 grams of product, as opposed to the 24 grams of eyeshadow in the Viseart palette. That's a loss of over 8 grams of product. FINAL ANALYSIS:It would cost $119 USD for MAC to duplicate the Viseart palette (24 grams of MAC eyeshadow at $4.62 per gram and $8 for the palette).     ~Updated: June 24th 2016~
Hello! So I've always been intrigued by makeup but found it all overwhelming. Typically I just use a foundation and mascara from Walmart. I really would love to learn about how to choose and apply different products, while after watching videos and reading many blogs I'm still overwhelmed but thankfully not as much. I know it's going to be a learning process that I hope will be more fun than frustrating. Anyways, I'm trying to take it step by step so I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on a good starter kit of brushes for a beginner. I'm not wanting to spend a crap ton of money, but I also don't want to cheapen out and have to replace them anyways. So I would be willing to spend a bit more for a decent set that will last me a long time. If this helps in recommending anything my main focus is to have nice flawless skin but until I'm more comfortable I plan to keep it kind of neutral (so nothing too crazy for eyeshadows). I'm not sure if that would matter that I plan to keep it neutral for at least awhile but I just want you to get the best picture of what I'm hoping to achieve. Anyways, I'll stop rambling now! Thank you so so much in advance!
Hi everyone!   A few weeks ago, I purchased a Tom Ford lipstick and a YSL lipstick. I did return them due to them both being impulse purchases. I want a good lipstick for my wedding in June. I have the gloss "Blushing Bride" (because of the name and color), but I want a lipstick for under it. I have fair skin, and I plan on having a little color before the big day. I'm not into the bold lip colors. If I wear lipstick, it's Lancome's Color Design Sensational Effects Lipcolor in "Love It". What would you recommend to go with "Blushing Bride"? Thanks!!
I'm a beginner looking into contouring. Which one would you recommend?
Hi! I have skin that is normal to dry, and I have been having trouble finding a light foundation that will stay put on my nose- by mid afternoon my nose is always redder than the rest of my face and it often has a cakey/dry look to it. I've tried smashbox and benefit's primer, but those seem to break me out. The rest of my face looks fine through the day, it's just the nose. Foundations I have used include Laura Mercier oil free, smashbox bb cream,, dr jart bb cream, and currently bare minerals complexion rescue. 
I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and my dress is hot pink on the orange-y side but not quite a coral shade. I love wearing bold lipstick but I don't want to match too much to the dress so I'm not sure what colors to wear for my makeup. Suggestions? 
I'm really interested in purchasing a setting spray for my trip down to Florida. The question I have is, do they really work? If so, then what are the best setting sprays that you have used? I really want to know if setting sprays make your makeup last all day and if they're good in humid Florida. Please help! Include comparison pictures with and without setting sprays if you can. Thanks!