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OMG Bite lipsticks are my weakness! me-deluxe-lipstick-P392929?skuId=1691773&country_s ...
Hey Beauties- We have ALOT of threads around here for Tom Ford products. I figured I'd start one thread where we can update each other on items as they come out or we see them available.    For all my UK'ers, or people willing to pay for shipping from the UK, Harrods has Softcore and Nude Dip from the Fall collection available right now. Happy Shopping! 
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In the vein of the recent Tom Ford Updates and Chanel Updates threads, I thought I would start one for Burberry! I think they have had a ton of great releases recently (new eye shadow formula, kisses lippies). Burberry is one of the most consistently good designer lines in my opinion.   Some great shots of the new collection are on the Fall 2015 Collections thread and I was surprised to see that the new Lip & Cheek Bloom is actually already available at Nordstrom! this fall collection posted on ModelRecommends looks pretty amazing too. that palette!   what items have you liked recently from Burberry? Anything you are waiting for or have your eye on?
I just got a beautyblender and used it yesterday, once i finished i cleaned it then put it on top of its plastic container to dry and it still has not shrunk back to its former size. It has not shrunk at all! Does any one know why it is like that? or has this happened to any one else?
I got a sample for the shade Perfect Ginger but I feel this is too dark on me, in fact it is  now that I'm looking at it. I'm a match perfect for the new Nars foundation Fiji. Would the Praline product be closer to that? I'm supposedly a medium but my skin is a bit lighter than that. I was trying out foundations cause I want like a dewy finish but I have an oily nose and the rest of my face is normal. I was also considering YSL and I believe my shade would be B30. Any recommendations from a BT staff? I have a yellow undertone. 
Hi! I have light Mediterranean skin, im in the shade find in the NARS all day luminous foundation and dont know if i should get the shade Dr.  or the shade 5 in the Armani luminous silk. thank you!
I have a small bald spot in my eyebrow because of a scar I have there and am looking for a product that would fill in my eyebrows and cover the little bald spot (It is rather small btw) Any suggestions?    I have been looking at some Anastasia products. Are there any particularly good ones any one has tried?     Also if you want to see what I am talking about with the bald spot you can see it clearly in some of the photos I have posted on my profile.
Soooo   Yeah this is happening.  I like the eyeshadows and I plan on picking up more lippies and liners than I need.  I should not be this excited about lipstick.   They are only $5 for each lippie and $5 for the matching liner.  The liner and lippies have the same name so you can match them easier if you choose to buy them both.   I'm not going to get anything for Christmas...I've been nothing but bad (in a very good makeup way).
I was hoping for some advice in finding a well pigmented, golden highlighter for summer. I picked up the MUFE Pro Sculpting Duo in #2 Golden during the VIB sale but found it either doesn't show up or looks a bit ...splotchy?   I'm debating exchanging it for NARS Jubilation but the reviews online aren't that great either so I'm open to suggestions!   For reference this would be strictly for night time, full face looks which is why I wanted something a bit more pigmented. I'm an NC30 in MAC, Vanilla Glow in Too Faced BB, and Bamboo Beige in Laura Mercier.   Thanks!  
I just picked up a beautyblender and was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks that they had figured out! Any suggestions would be appreciated!   Thanks.
what is the brush you use for highlighter application? I use the RT contour brush but but I wonder if is there anything better for powder application. Thanks!
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Hi everyone, I searched everywhere for this answer but can't seem to find one. So please point me in the right direction if this has been asked already!   Does anyone know if Sephora will carry the gorgeous shimmery powder in the confetti case (part of the Spring 2015 collection)? I know they are basically sold out everywhere and Sephora is probably my only hope in Canada (I don't think Holt Renfrew or The Bay or Murale carries Givenchy makeup...just the fragrances).   If so... might any one have an idea of a release date?
There are the TF, Chanel, etc threads but what about Illamasqua.  Us fans of the brand need to work a little harder... I became a fan, sadly, after they left Sephora (bring them back?) but now love them.  Getting information is tougher.  Today they're on Hautelook, tomorrow they release a new collection.  Does it make sense to have a thread…to report on what's worth buying and the best way to get it?  Perhaps not…but let's see...
Just an hour after applying mascara, I notice little black flakes all over my under-eye and cheek area. It's especially noticeable because my skin is so fair. I don't wear contacts and I am really careful around my eyes specifically so I don't have little black flakes all over. The mascaras I have tried are: They're Real by Benefit Volum' Express Pumped Up Colossal by Maybelline Can someone suggest a mascara that won't flake all over my face? Or is there something I could be doing wrong that is making this happen?! Thanks
I need a new mascara but I really have no idea what ones are really good. Any suggestions for a great mascara? What are your favourites?   Thanks!!
In the summer i'm going to be a attending a lot of festivals and things where I will be outside all day. Where I live it gets pretty hot and humid. What is a good foundation that lasts all day without  it making my face feel greasy/sweaty or oily. I have normal skin but it does tend to get a little dry especially around the sides of my nose but over all its pretty normal.
I've heard good things and bad things about the Too Faced chocolate bar palette and I'm just not sure if I should purchase it or not I've gone into Sephora probably four different times and picked it up to buy it and ended up putting it back down before I went to checkout. Should I just buy it? What are your thoughts? 
Any ideas of a makeup look if I am wearing red? An no I don't want a red lipstick lol.. PLEASE HELP
What are your favorite/recommended brushes? I've been debating for awhile now about saving up the money to buy the complete set from Sigma but I just don't know if I love their brushes enough. I have brushes from Mac, Sigma, and Zoeva but I was wondering if anyones found better ones?  Or if there's specific must haves you want to mention?  
I have seen posts on setting spray usage and I am confused.  Do most of you put it on after foundation and before powder?  After powder and blush?  Do you also spray it to include your eye makeup or not?  I worry that getting it near my mascara will make it smudge?  I thought I knew what I was doing but now I am completely confused!
I want to try   AmorePacific   Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50 But not sure It is good product. I tried it once during the VIP rouge event.  Does it worth the price and the quality? I need few options on this product.  Thank you 
Hi BTers, do we have a thread for this? I'm on the Tom Ford Updates thread and I thought some of us might also want to share on Chanel. Eagerly awaiting the Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015 and of course what's new for Les Beiges this summer. Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up? I'm really interested in this nail color and seriously debating about the bronzer. I'm trying to decide what road to go down for bronzer, the new Estee Lauder illuminating gelee, or the new Guerlain Terracotta powders, or this beauty... As far as the date, I've been talking to my Chanel SA and the collection seems to be coming out later than they thought. I think I saw somewhere it would be May. Share some Chanel here The cheek stick…and the neutral nails :-)
Has anyone tried products from StillGlamorus Cosmetics before? (I know glamorous isn't spelled correctly, btw, it's how the owner spells it.) I placed an order on May 2 from their web site for some pigments and haven't received a shipping confirmation or my order yet. I tried using their online Contact Us to ask for help and got no reply. I texted the number and the person responded pretty quickly asking for my name. Then I didn't hear anything else. I looked on the Facebook page for StillGlamorus today and noticed Kasey (the owner and YouTube beauty personality) had created an e-mail address to address concerns. But I'm really getting kinda pissed. I've paid money and have no product. And even if/when it does arrive, I have no idea what the quality will be like. Do any of you have experience with this brand?
So, I'm somewhat new to this whole makeup thing. I'm 20 years old, with fair, combination-oily skin. My cheeks tend to be red and sensitive also. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a foundation or bb cream for my skin, and also a light powder to finish it off. I've tried Clinique's almost powder and it seems to cake on my face, and shows every line. I'm looking for something that isn't extremely heavy on my face since it's almost summer. Also if you have any recommendations for a lip stain or lipstick that will stay put all day and not run, that would be great. 
What's the difference between the tattoo liner and the new ink liner? Thank you!
I know we've all talked about specific vloggers and YouTube gurus that we love, but I want to see which YouTubes inspire you! Post looks, tips, whatever!    For those who don't know, you can click the little film strip along the top toolbar (3rd from the right) and paste a YouTube link which will then appear in your post.    I flippin' love this video of Lisa Eldridge doing the quintessential Alexa Chung look on Alexa Chung. 
Hi, ☺️please tell me what my skin tone/ undertone is. It would be useful for me to choose make up products. Thanks😋)
I love the Bobbi Brown art stick lip pencil. I purchased the hot pink and the orange. Since I am older (55) with fair skin and blue eyes what type and color of blush would you suggest to go with each of the art sticks? I am assuming I will need a pink and a coral. I usually use Bare Minerals products but am open for suggestions. Thanks!