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Hey everyone, Ive noticed that my color IQ isnt a very popular one (4Y06) and there is literally one foundation. I really want a good product thats full coverage. Can anyone help suggest a color or shade that may work for me? I tried Nars' new foundation in Stromboli and it make me look SOOOO yellow. Any help would be greaty! Thanks!
Hi-- I currently wear Benefit Foundation (Oxygen Wow! in Petal). I love the color/tone, but wanted to switch the MUFE as I like the coverage better. I tried the color "Light" but it was too light. Any idea what the equivalent to Benefit's 'Petal' would be?
  So a few hours ago Trendmood posted on their page a look at the new UD Naked Smoky palette.  I haven't seen a picture of what the packaging looks like but I'm guessing it'll be the same design as N2 and N3 in a gunmetal color. This will be released on July 8th on the UD website. Is anyone  else interested in this palette? I think I may pick it up to round out my Naked palette collection. Radar, Armor, and Black Market are repromotes from the Vice 1 and 2 palettes. All the other shades are new. They look very similar to current UD shades so hopefully when comparison swatches are released they are significantly different.
Hi beauties, I'm planning on sending purses for my sister in laws in India. I wanted to pack them with some fun makeup as well! They all have kids and range from ages 30-50. I was thinking of adding drugstore makeup- particularly lipstick and mascara and then the fresh sugar mini and MAYBE some eyeshadows (wish Urban decay Ammo or pulp fiction was still on sale!).    I'd love some suggestions for the lipsticks! I don't have any drugstore lipsticks and am sure they've come a long way! I think for mascara I'm going to go with the maybelline's in the teal package, but not 100% sure. I'd love to hear any ideas you might have on anything all the way from the handbag to any makeup product!   I'm also limited on time So i need to be able to buy stuff at the store or ship from somewhere that isn't too slow. TIA!
So as most of ya'll know I live in Louisiana. Where mother nature has been on a tear as of late. Over the weekend the creek that my house backs up to finally went over its banks. Which left one place to go. My house. Thanks to great friends, great insurance, and great thinking, most of my stuff managed to escape the worst of the damage. But alot of my makeup didn't. My foils and minis are ruined for the most part. Alot of my full size was in a higher place, but not all. So at this point I am going to have to start rebuying. I have tended ( as ya'll can tell from my posts and reviews ) stick to the same stuff. Everything that I have used has been my HG. But maybe i need to step outside of my box. Try new things. So i turn to my fellow BTers who always have great product recs for the girls that are just now starting out with makeup. So i wanted to get some new ideas from ya'll of new things to try. Just across the board. I generally stuck to MAC foundation, overcurl Dior mascara, Naked eye shadow, 24/7 and stila eye liners, orgasam blush, the porefessional primer, and tarte setting powder. I figure i may try and turn a negative into something positive. At least in this small way!
I am getting eyelash extensions so I won't be able to use make up with oil in it. Is the urban decay naked basics 2 palette okay to use? Any other recommendations? 
So I have blackout from UD in my Naked2 palette, and it is one of my HG products because it is amazing at setting liner. I use it on any eyeliner that I use to tight line (usually Maybelline's gel eyeliner), and it will not smudge all day. I'm going to college in the fall, so I need something that will set my liner to make it last all day, but I do not want to bring my Naked2 palette with me to school, and I don't want to buy the single because I figured that since the eye shadows in the naked palettes are full sized, I might as well get a palette due to the bargain. I've been eye the original Naked palette for awhile, and I was wondering if Creep is good for setting black liner that is used to tight line. I know it's shimmery and not matte like blackout, as well as not being as dark, but I'm fine with that as long as it will keep my liner from smudging all day. 
Hey guys! I have extremely oily skin and blemishes plus a lot of redness. I am planning on purchasing the MUFE Step 1 primers in the color correcting and mattifying but am looking for a dewy natural looking full coverage foundation. Any suggestions??   Here are some I am considering: YSL Teint Touche Eclat Foundation Nars All Day Luminous Weightless  Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
IMATS Vancover is this weekend. Anyone going? My friend dropped out on me so I'm going solo this year.   Which booths are you anxious to visit? Looking to buy anything specific? What do you recommend?   I'm looking for some Morphe and Hakuhodo brushes. and Viseart palettes.
Live on Hautelook. And some pretty good stuff!
Hi!! I need some lip-liner help!!! I've had Kat-Von D's Liquid Lipstick Vampira for 2 weeks and I love love the shade but I haven't used it with any lipliner!! and I would love to try it!! Is their any good shades of liner any of you can recommend me?! I would really really love it!!  
I've been using bare minerals for years and decided I need something with more coverage. I just recently had a custom makeover and I LOVED how the sephora makeup artist did my makeup - my skin looked flawless and airbrushed! I have combination oily skin with large pores on my nose and a few dark spots from acne. I purchased all of the products she used on me - hourglass mineral veil primer, hourglass foundation and brush, hourglass ambient light bronzer and nars creamy concealer among a few other things.....   I CANNOT redo my makeup the same way!! It settles in my pores immediately, and my face basically becomes an oil slick by lunchtime, especially my nose and forehead! What am I doing wrong? I'm so upset bc I love how she did my makeup and these hourglass products are not cheap! I really want to love everything I just bought!    Help!! Thanks all!   
I need the best promo code to use
I really need to get new makeup and I want to know what your favorite thing is that you ordered from sephora
I have oily skin and makeup just fades away even with primer. I am interested in the Benefit cheek stains. I was wondering if you have any advice as to which one looks best on people with red hair, pale skin, and freckles?
I have pretty normal skin with a few dry patches around my nose and in the crease of my chin. I'm looking for a good primer that will help my makeup stay on longer especially when i'm outside all day in the heat. I have tried porefessional but it made me breakout. & I'm currently using NARS luminous weightless for my foundation. Any suggestions?
What is the real difference between Perricone's No Foundation Foundation Serum and its No Foundation Foundation?
Anyone know of a nail polish colour that would match Bite Beauty's Butter Cream Lipstick in Rosewood? Also a lip liner...preferably from Bite Beauty. Thank you!
Hey everyone. So I wear Make Up Forever's HD Foundation in the color 110. I feel I am a little to dark for this color so I mix it in with my Mac Pro Longwear NC 20. I need advice for getting a foundation color in Tarte as well as Cover FX.
Hi Everyone,    I'm looking for a foundation primer. I've been looking at Make Up For Ever, Too Faced, or Laura Mercier. I've heard that these brands make really good primers. What do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance! 
Soooo, i have blue veins that are very visible under my eyes. They don't really disappear with concealer. Just partially. I do not colour correct as i don't know how. Would i use a colour corrector and then apply my normal skin-tone matching concealer? Help please!
Hi I noticed the urban decay after glow blush shades. I wanted to know what shades you think go well for darker complexions.
Hi Everyone,   I'm looking for a concealer or corrector for acne. I rarely get any pimples but once in a while I get one or two and I don't like how it looks. I've been looking at Bare Minerals, Bobbi Brown, and Make Up For Ever but I don't know which one to choose. Thanks in advance! 
So I have ordered 3 ByTerry Ombre Blackstar and waiting for them to come in the mail, but then I was in store today and saw that the LM Caviar Sticks are very similar and picked up Amethyst. Any BT-ers have any insight or comparisons for these products? Only because ByTerry seems really $$ for a cream eyeshadow stick but I've only seen rave reviews! I've also heard things about Bobbi Brown's Cream eyeshadow sticks as well.. hmmm....
Is liquid eyeliner better? Or gel? I've always used liquid with no problem, but if gel is better i'll switch over. Also, is the ABH dipbrow better, or the brow wiz? I would not say i have thick brows, but they are definitely not sparse.
Is anyone familiar with Barry M Cosmetics? Trying to buy the genie lip paint (green lipstick that turns the appropriate pink color for your lips). When I go to shipping, I can't find the US in the countries.  Does anyone know where else I can buy it? 
Some time ago I posted about checking blush prices based on the actual price per ounce. ces-per-Ounce-can-be-Surprising/m-p/1459734#M13215   More recently, I was intrigued by the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight.  It costs $44, which sounded about the same as the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder.    Then I noticed that many reviews noted the tiny size of the product.  So I did some comparisons:   -Hourglass Ambient is 0.35 oz for $45, or $129 per oz. -Guerlain Meteorites Compact is 0.35 for $62, or $177 per oz.  -Kevyn Aucoin Celestial is 0.11 oz for $44, or $400 per oz!   What is this powder made of, jewel dust?  It's off my list.