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What lip pencil goes with Amuse Bouche Sangria????
should i buy the eyebrow wiz and clear eyebrow gel or wait on nicole guerriero's new palette ?? 
21 years old, never touched makeup, what should I buy to get started?   Ready to girl up my look, but im clueless- help?
Hello everyone! I am in need of an awesome eye primer. What I am looking for is something that will not only cover redness, veins, darkness  but won't crease. I have major issues with eyeshadow creasing.   Have used UD primer potion but was not impressed, shadows still creased and it did not even out the skin tone enough to keep shadows true to color.   What are everyone's favorites?
I want to get my makeup done at Sephora for Prom but I don't want to pay until I get a preview of what I'm getting.  Will Sephora be able to do a test run for my prom makeup before I make any payments?   
I wanted to know, since i am a member at sephora, i can get a free birthday gift. I want to know if theres a price range of what we can get for free? please answer asap.
I started wearing liquid foundation and I get the black from my mascara under my eyes; I have tried 3 different water proof mascaras and nothing seems to work. Any advice besides going back to powder foundation? Thanks 
Hi.  I live in CA, but I went to AZ on vacation and forgot my makeup case. I went to a small department store that carried Clinique. The sales person gave me a small sample of the Super Balanced shade #3. Can you tell me what shade that is specifically so I can order it online?  Thank you, Jen Forster
Hey guys..what are the best brushes to use with the ABH Modern Renaissance Pallette?! Thanks!
Hi! I'm currently using Laura Mercier  COLOR Golden - light to medium with warm undertones. And I'm planning to try the NARS radiant creamy concealer..but I don't know the exact colour that is right for me.. kindly help me out. thanks. 
I'm going on a 3 week international trip in March, and I'm trying to minimize the number of products I bring and what I have to put in the little clear liquids bag for airport security.   I know that things like liquid foundations need to go in the bag, but do Colourpop super shock eyeshadows need to go in there? I'm not sure whether or not they would count as a cream shadow.   Also, does mascara need to go in the bag? The last few times I've flown, I've put mascara in my carry-on rather than the bag and it was fine, but it starting to sound like the rules have changed. Maybe???   Thanks!    
Hi I am going to Montreal next week and I was wondering what brands there are in Canadian Sephora that we don't have in the US. I already want to try Laneige and Juice Beauty! But anything else? And otherwise what should I check out in Montreal? Thanks in advance!!!
Has anyone heard about this line of lipsticks and matching polish being released by L'Oreal Italia? It released today and I saw an article from allure: ow-palette-P409118?skuId=1820406&icid2=products%20 ...
Hey guys! Question....I am new to using eyebrow products and would like to know you're opinions on the best for beginners! I've tried the Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing gel and liked that, but also saw the Benefit Goof Proof Pencil got amazing reviews as well.    I need a product that's going to be easy and fast to use as I don't have much time in the morning to get ready for work.   I appreciate any ideas you guys can give!
i need a new foundation i need help thought i don't want a full coverage look but i don't want a great look
I wanted to try kat von d's foundation but im not too sure of what shade i'd be. I wear honey light 52 in marc jacobs remarcable foundation.
I use Urban Decay All Nighter and I LOVE it, but this Winter my face has been so dry that it looks cakey on my skin and doesnt look good at all on, I use the Hangover Primer and I use a little bit of Argon Oil as well before I put it on, Any Suggestions
Im wearing a navy blue sparkly dress for prom im a dark skinned girl and i was wondering what kind of makeup to wear? I actually really love the maroon/burgundy look will that look good with my dress?
Hey! I have this ball-type of thing coming up (you can google 'vanhojen tanssit') and I bought this amazing ice blue, princess dream dress. I have no idea what kind of makeup I should wear though. The dress is a really light, cold shade of blue! Any ideas on lip and eyeshadow colour?
I like this no makeup look, especially how her eyes pop.  Any recommendation on an eyeshadow that is close to this?  I'm more of a light/medium complexion.
Hello!   I am a rouge member here at Sephora and it's my birthday today YAY! However I did receive Becca's Champagne pop highlighter as a birthday gift, however the problem is I already have two and do not need this one. I don't have the receipt either! All I want is store credit and don't want to this to go to waste since I already own a few. Is this possible to return for store credit? I really hope so,and I don't see why there would be a problem since this Becca Champagne Pop is exclusive to Sephora so no where else it would have been able to be purchased? 
Best way to stop creases?!
I workout on my lunch break, and do not like to bring my makeup to the office, to touch up. Looking for a concealer and shadow pallet that will stay on beyond my workouts. Sometimes it's a light walk, sometimes it a sweaty weight lifting HIIT. Either way, I shower and return to the office. Any recommendation that will help me maintain my makeup look after the gym?
I am looking for a similar formula, moisturizing, nice plush feel on the lips. It's not so glossy that it bleeds everywhere. Definitely a full coverage lipstick with plenty of hydration. I am so disappointed they have discontinued them. I tend to stay away from dark lip colors. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help.
I was matched for the shade gobi but it is way to yellow on me so what si the next shade that wouldn't be too orange or yellow looking?
Hey guys, I saw that the palette is back online on the US store, but not in Canada! Does anybody knows when it will be back/and/or available on the canadian website? 
I have teenaged, sensitive, skin. I am looking for a foundation/bb cream that has light/natural coverage, that will not clog pores, damage skin, etc. I am looking for a product that is possibly all natural/good for the skin/ improve skin.