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Hi! I'm 13 years old and I'm allowed to wear concealer, blush and lip products. I want to start wearing a little mascara too, but I'm not sure how to ask my mom! I've never asked about this sort of thing before and don't want it to be awkward!! The mascara I want to wear is clinques naturally glossy mascara in jet brown. About as natural as it gets!  
I don't know why, but the colors just aren't calling to me. I am wishing I picked up last year's Off the Cuff palette.
So I was on YouTube tonight and watched a video where Wayne Goss recommended adding food dye to your concealer to make a color correcting product. Ummmm say what? Is it just me or is it crazy to consider putting food dye on your under eye area? He shows putting concealer on the back of his hand and mixing it with red or orange food dye. This doesn't seem like a wise idea to me.   Lately I've been feeling like Wayne isn't quite as honest and a straight shooter as he used to be. I feel like he's catering a little too much to third parties *cough* Jaclyn Hill Gerard Cosmetics.   I also noticed his tags in this concealer video were a little crazy: kim kardashain flour bombed kim kardashian song kim kardashian makeup kim kardashian punk'd kim kardashian interview kim kardashian hair tutorial kim kardashian makeup tutorial  kim kardashian hot 97 kim kardashian and kanye west kim kardashian dancing with the stars   Not sure what Kim Kardashian has to do with putting food dye on your face! Hehehe   I think Wayne generally has some great tips and tricks. But his tags and his titles are a little sensational. Like "THIS FOUNDATION TRICK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!" I feel like he uses the titles and tags just to get more views and it annoys me.    I still love Wayne and think he's generally pretty fabulous. But I just don't feel like I can trust him as much as I used to. Is it just me?
I've been going nuts over the Marc Jacobs Beauty line lately, and I'm so so happy I'm finally able to take a look at what he's got planned for the holidays~ Eeeek!     La Coquette Collection ($55.00) (Limited Edition) Create a classic Parisienne look with this set of Marc’s most covetable items. With a Magic Marc’er liquid eyeliner in Blacquer, the perfect nude nail polish, and a shimmering lip gloss for pink pout, you’ll be ready for a night of magic. This set also contains a signature mirror contained in a Marc Jacobs-designed pochette. The perfect gift for someone special or for yourself. Blacquer  (Magic Mar’cer Precision Pen Eyeliner) Kissability  (Lust for Lacquer Sheer Lip Vinyl) Madame  (Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer) Mirror  (in a Pochette) The Sky Liner Petite Highliner Collection ($45.00) (Limited Edition) Line your eyes like never before with this dazzling assortment of 7 petite highliner gel eyeliners. Cased in a limited-edition collectible box, these perfect petites include 5 best-selling shades and 2 new limited-edition eyeliner shades. This set is centered around the signature shade of the season, “Midnight in Paris.” 7 x 0.01 oz Highliner gel crayons in O(vert) (forest green), Brown(out) (bronze with shimmer), Th(ink) (deep navy), (Plum)age (vivid purple), Blacquer (black), Sunset (golden bronze shimmer), Midnight in Paris (inky indigo blue). O(vert) Brown(out) Th(ink) (Plum)age Blacquer Sunset (Exclusive) Midnight in Paris (Exclusive)   Blacquer and Bleu Eye Essentials Collection ($79.00) (Limited Edition) Satisfy your love of dramatic eye looks with Marc’s must-haves in eyeliner and mascara, in shades of blacquer and bleu. This decadent collection inspired by the glamour of Paris and its midnight sky features 3 best-selling products contained in a makeup bag designed by Marc Jacobs. The ultimate gift for the girl who loves to shine. Blacquer  (Magic Mar’cer Precision Pen Eyeliner) Blacquer  (O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara) Th(ink)  (Highliner Gel Eyeliner Crayon) Makeup Bag  by Marc Jacobs   Style Eye-Con No. 7 ($59.00) Featuring the Limited Edition Holiday 2014 eyeshadow palette, The Parisienne. Become captivated with the super skinny, sleek design of these iconic, harmonized eyeshadows. Discover the mystery of the girl who believes in finding magic at all hours. The Parisienne  Inspired by the City of Lights (Limited Edition)   Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer ($18.00) Midnight in Paris  Inky indigo blue (Limited Edition)   LoveMarc Collection Lip Gel Set ($350.00) (Limited Edition) (Repromote) Experience true luxury when you open the stylishly sleek Lovemarc Lipstick Collection, a collector’s edition. Enclosed in a lacquered jewelry box, you’ll find 12 shiny-black Lovemarc lipsticks aligned like piano keys, and the center of attention, Marc’s realized vision of the perfect red—Showstopper. From the mysterious Moody Margot, to provocative Little Pretty, discover the variety of true glamour and fall in love with a new lipstick shade each day.   **via Temptalia**
Okay I've seen pics and I can't seem to find anything online. I live in Canada and we can't get lorac products here but I'm going shopping in the states mid October and I want to know if it will be out by then! Does anyone know? I'm slightly desperate haha
I can't seem to upload pics How should I do it
Can you please suggest a good one? It's for blush and powder. Thanks.
Finally found pics from some blogs of the Holiday collection!   Can't wait to pick up all of the matte lipsticks! I believe there will be 6 permanent matte lipsticks and 2 limited edition colours (possibly a matte black orchid!)   Doesn't seem to be any new eyeshadow quads though, so I'm a bit disappointed as I wasn't able to get Nude Dip before it sold out everywhere here and Holt Renfrew never called me back when I had put my name down for one!   There will also be new men's items. Please add any more pictures or swatches you come across of the Holiday collection. Can't wait to see swatches of the lipsticks!
I found a woman on YT that films the history of popular makeup brands & then does a makeover using the makeup.  Her name is Kathryn A Fisher. Just watched the history of Kevin Aucoin~~fascinating~~!!
Is anyone else in love with this new collection? While I think both the mirrors are crazy over priced, everything else is AMAZING. I have only gotten the eyeshadow palette so far but oh my god its perfect. Has anyone gotten anything from it? Is it worth getting any of the other sets??
Whenever I watch fashion shows, I would watch them for the makeup more so than the clothes (which are fantastic in any case!). I thought it'd be fun to start a thread of favourite inspirational makeup photos   Here are a few of mine from the latest NYFW SS15.  
I have very, very, VERY pale skin. Pretty much any product I use to contour always ends up being way too dark and noticeable against my pale skin. I've been using a bronzer by Estee Lauder to contour recently, but I almost out of it  so I need a new product, and it is way too dark on me for me to ever reconsider purchasing it. I've also tried a couple eyeshadows from Estee Lauder to contour (all of them were brown with gray undertones), but they still seemed to dark for my skin. Anyone know of a good LIGHT contour product? I really want my contouring to look natural, but with my pale skin that seems almost impossible. I would love to hear suggestions that anyone might have! Brand or price do not matter to me so I'm open to pretty much anything.  I'm also eurasian so I have a yellow undertone on my skin if that makes a difference. 
Why can't they just get a discount on the product and have it available for everyone??! Its ridiculous. I was really looking forward to it and I received an email today saying that it is in stock so I click on it and it says YOU MUST BE A VIB ROUGE. Im a VIB (although online it says I'm not... seriously can someone explain to me why the lady at sephora gave me the VIB card when it says I'm not one online?) anyways i thought to share this in case any non vib rouges were gonna get it. I think its available for the general public october 1
I don't know if these are new for all of you but this is the first day I see these up. Just a heads up =1640424 Id=1640440 -P390807?skuId=1640416 kuId=1640408
Hi I'm intersted in tarts Amazonian clay 12 hour full coverage foundation but don't know which shade I should get. I'm Armani silk foundation in shade 6.5
I'm looking to add a liquid luminizer to my liquid foundation. Since my office is inside of a Walmart, I thought it would be convenient to pick one up here. What kind is good? I need one that wont break me out!
 What colours do you love for your eyes, blush, lips, and whatever else? Help me please! I want to do a photo shoot with your suggestions in mind.
I noticed that this concealer looked good when I first applied it, but then changed colors on me.. Does anyone else have this problem
I thought this would be an interesting challenge as well as difficult, but also help you discover creative ways and/or using up something you feel guilty of buying but never using.  I'm a bit of an impulse buyer when it comes to eyeshadows. I have several palettes but I usuall end up just using the same one or switch it up with another commonly used in my collection and I thought that should stop. Recently I've been good about rotating palettes but it still doesn't get much use that makes me happy I bought it.  At first I thought "a month should do it" but I know not even I would be able to keep that promise.    The challenge is this. To pick a product that you haven't really got much use out of, and use it for an entire week. So an example would be "I haven't used much of the Kat von D sinner palette so I'll use it for a week now."  Here's a loophole to this. You pick  your item but you can still use other shadows from other things, the point is that the item you've picked has to be in your daily look.    It doesn't have to be palettes or singles only as long as you pick the item and stick to it for a whole week. That way we won't feel so guilty about not using it so much.    The item that I will be picking will be the Kat von D Monarch palette. I use it every once in a while but I haven't for 7 consecutive days.    So starting this Sunday, that palette will be part of my every day routine until Saturday.    Summary: It doesn't have to be a palette, it can be a single eyeshadow. It doesn't have to be eye shadow, it can be a lippie, blush, or mascara. *edited to add foundation to the list*  Yes, you can mix it with other products but this will be the item you won't leave behind in your daily routine for the 7 consecutive days.    You don't have to post a picture of yourself if you don't want to, but if you want to take a picture of your item of choice, you can, and if you want. All you have to say to yourself is I can commit, I can accept, and I succeeded!   
Sephora just teamed up with the best brush cleaner in the world Parian Spirit and there doesn't seem to be any reference to it on their website, like "new products."  Not sure why they are trying to keep it a secret. It's called simply: Sephora "Citrush Brush Cleaner" by Parian Spirit. Same natural formulation with no preservatives. Cleans, conditions and disinfects your brushes. You just need a little bit and then dry it off completely with a terry cloth or paper towel. No water needed. Cleans all types of makeup, foundations, even latex, acrylic and glues for eyelashes. The ultimate professional grade product for your home use.
Has anyone noticed that with the new DiorSkin Star foundations, the color names are the same but the shades are different?  I bought my usual color of Dark Beige that I get in Dior Flawless and it's darker in DiorSkin Star than normal.  Has anyone else noticed this?
i just bought the Dior skin makeup, and the color i thought would of been best on me, 021, is making me look a lil tan! first, how do you figure out ur undertones? and if I usually use light to med in BB creams, is the 01 too light??
No matter how I do my makeup, I always look sick and/or tired, when actually, I'm wide awake and feel great. Could someone recommend some Eye, Cheek, Lippies that would help me out? I use #25 in MUFE's Mat Velvet foundation to give you a reference to my skin tone, I've got green eyes with light brown hair. I just can't seem to nail down a pretty & simple every day look for work. Thanks!
I know this post is similar to many others…but a lot of them are updates on new items (which is great and how I'm finding out about new things!!).  But I'm curious, as I try to sort out what I most want, what items are really "must haves" (or most want) as opposed to just being special for the holidays. All feedback welcome!!!
The two shades are shade Be on the A List 49 and Faux fur jacket 48. Can they be interchangeable with wearing during night and day time? 
Hello !   Do Anyone use mineral or organic makeup? Does Sephora have a mineral or organic brand?   Thanks
Hi! I do not want to wear a ton of make up, just to keep it simple. Maybe a little eyeliner and a subtle moisturizer/foundation. I am clearly thinking about doing this to help me look better. Any advice would be appreciated!
Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know about the ABH event happening on Sep. 20th at Toronto's Eaton Centre.   It's appointment-only, from 12-7pm. Anastasia herself will be there, as well as her brow team to give you a mini brow makeover. The makeover will consist of filling in/shaping brows and showing you different techniques for what you want to achieve. No plucking/waxing involved!   Also, I heard from an SA that if you buy any Anastasia product during the event, you will get a GWP (a clear brow gel & brow powder, apparently).  
I've never worn make up an have no idea how to apply any of it. I'm looking for a quick everyday look, simple. Also I would like something simple but a little stepped up for going out with some friends. What should I do?