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Hi there I'm looking for a new foundation or BB Cream or CC cream...   Past makeup history:   I've used Dr. Jart Black Label+ for a long time now, and I like the texture. But my skin hasn't seen the sun for eons (the photo I have included is actually from summer months gone by). I'm white enough to begin with,and it just seems too gray lately.   A woman at Sephora had me buy Peter Thomas Roth's CC Cream, which I initially liked on my wrist. But after getting home and putting it on my face in the daylight, it was WAYYY too orange.   I've been thinking of trying the Koh Gen Do foundations (either the Aqua or Moisturizing, not sure which yet), but I'd love some opinions on the texture and formula for sensitive skin. Current   Current State of Skin: My Sephora Color IQ has been done a couple of times, always hovering between 1Y01 and 1Y03. I *think* I have cool undertones (pink-ish always looks better than orange-ish). I have semi acne-prone and VERY sensitive skin.   Ok, that's it All input appreciated!
  Hey All!    Lately, I have been finding my foundation has been leaving my face flaky, dry, and has been wearing away in a very fast  matter. I am currently using Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation & Sephora Collection 10HR Wear Perfection Foundation .     Any suggestions f or a Primer that might help this problem? or any  suggestions that might help me solve this problem?    TIA <3   xo Maddie.  
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So I tried to look for but did not find a thread dedicated to Cover FX.   Anyone on here love this brand? I feel like this brand is not talked about much but has some real gems, and the products are supposedly good for you, or at least sensitive-skin friendly.    Since so many other brands have a thread dedicated to them, I figured I'd make one for Cove FX. =)   I personally love the Illuminating Powder: I've had the smaller size for forever and it's still going strong. I know a lot of you love the illuminating drops.    
I've purchased the Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim a while back and used to use it as a very subtle highlighter, then I saw that some were using it as an all over powder. I started doing that in the beginning of winter so my skin didn't look too matte, but I think it's starting to cause my makeup to look cakey around my mouth area. I use the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer and Luminous Silk (and used Laura Mercier TLSP before). Anyone else notice the cakey-ness too?  
I just purchased a z palette and was wondering if the sephora brand eyeshadow singles are magnetic when de-potted?
Hi, everyone! I have graduation pictures today at around 2 pm. I want to do my makeup with Sephora but I don't see any time selection for the reservation online. Is it possible to walk in and have it done with the purchase of $50 or over of course? or Would you suggest me calling them? Thanks.
I use Too Faced Better then Sex Mascara now, I was wondering what would be better? I want volume and length but don't really like the water mascara's, if that makes sense. HELP 
I have pale complexion , how do you contour?
Hey ladies, I received the XL Lucky bag from beautylish this year and a lot of things that I received in my bag - I already owned.  I was able to swap out a few things BUT I am currently searching of the By Terry Sun Designer Palette (some received it but it was too dark for their skin tone),  I currently have the following items available to swap if you have the By Terry Sun Designer palette:   1. Charlotte Tilbury Blush in First Love 2. Superhero Mascara 3. Chikuhodo LE Brush 4. Leopard Print Small Z-Palette   and items that I own because I purchased for giveways (I am a YouTuber ** D I N A H R E V I E WS ** on YT, and I own a lot of makeup & goodies for giveaways.    I have the sweet peach palette, coach bracelet, and many more things available and many more!! Please let me know if you are in the US and have the By Terry Sun Designer Palette up for swap. If interested please DM me on Instagram (Dinah_Reviews) or comment on my Lucky Bag unboxing on my channel (D I N A H R E V I E W S).    Thanks!!!  
Spoiler (Highlight to read)     Hi! I'm looking to build up a decent make up stash got $500 to spend for makeup pallets ,primers (face and eyeshadow ) , eyebrow products , loose powders basically anything you need to walk out looking decent 😅😅😅 brushes I have naturals and vegans .... Foundation I'll be going to the store to find my perfect match ...    I have black hair brown eyes and I'm pretty pale since it's winter      
Hello! Will there be a color of the year themed collection from Sephora for 2017? Over the past few years, I remember having heard something about it by now. Thank you! 
Does anyone know if the Tarte cheek color is a regular size, or is it smaller?  I use "Exposed" and have hit pan, so I don't want to buy a new one if the birthday shade, which I also like, is a normal amount of product.   Thanks for commenting!
Hi all! Im currently looking for a multi-use product such as Nars the Multiple, Bite Multistick, Stila convertible color, etc. Im predominantly concerned with its use on lips and cheeks, something that's easily blendable with good color pay off. Any suggestions or opinions? Thanks!
Hi I would like to ask your advice on foundation matching for Keyvin Aucoin Etherial Foundation ...  I can reference my Yves Saint Laurent 'Touche Éclat' Foundation is wear BEIGE 30.   Any help would be appreciated.   Thank you Rosie M
just realized that Clinique discontinued its Tinted Moisturizer. What colors in (a) SHISEIDO Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector and (b) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Spectrum SPF 20 are most similar to the Clinique #3? Thank you!
Any ladies here who did their own makeup for their wedding? My wedding is in July, and the more I've thought about it, the more I want to do my own makeup. I'm getting it done for my bridesmaids etc. but I've always liked my makeup more when I've done it rather than when I've gotten it done. Not sure if I'm crazy, let me know your thoughts? 
I used to have a major problem with my under eyes creasing but my concealer coverage was great. Now that I have learned new techniques and used different tools I can manage the creasing but it seems like the coverage is barely there. I use the Maybelline fit me concealer in the shade sand. Thats the only shade that fits my skin tone. Does anyone know any really full coverage concealers in a similar shade?
So I want to make this post because I feel that 90% of people I speak with have a preference, and I'm interested in knowing why. What makes you choose? Are you focusing on your skin tone or hair/eye color?   Since I'm expanding into doing other people's makeup, I would like to better understand how others view this topic. I don't have a preference but I'm also an entertainer, so my hair and eye color change by the day. I think this is a huge factor that makes me struggle conceptualizing others views.   TIA for your thoughts
Hello just looking for foundation shade recommendations not just Estee Lauder but for other high-end foundations you like also    thank you xoxo   I use Marc Jacobs remarkable full cover foundation in shade 54 Giorgio Armani Luminous silk 7 Giorgio Armani Maestro 7 Nars Barcelona  Benefit Hello flawless shade Toasted Beige Tarte Tan Honey  Bare Minerals Bare latte 11 serum Kevyn Aucoin Skin fluid foundation shade SF08 (it looks a little light sometimes)  
My lips are extremely thIn and if I could I would get lip injections but I will never be able to afford that. I have tried every lip plumper from Sephora and none of them work for me. Even the ones that claim they tingle or burn don't even have an effect on me. Kinda sucks. Can anyone recommend a good lip plumper for someone with thin stubborn lips like mine? Thank you.
i want to try this concealer but not sure what shade to get as I've read so many reviews saying it oxidizes/gets darker? Should I order light 16 or light 18? My skin is nc20
My foundation shade is NC30 in Mac & my concealer shade is NC20 .   Any ideas on what color would be best for my concealer shade in the NARS concealer?
I'm looking for some new makeup products are there any that I should try?
Hi Fellow beauty talk members i have been working at my current job for five years now. as an part time office assistant I am a dedicated and loyal employee at the office i have worked at i have gotten to know everyone there well and care about all of them all I am really and  horrified to find out today that they will be closing down in February. however I don't have time to sit and be sad  I need a new job lined up as soon as possible but that being said i haven't done an interview in five years. the question I am wanting to ask fellow bt members is what is appropriate makeup to wear to a job interview when applying for office work I am mostly comfortable with the no makeup makeup look. but I want to look professional enough and polished in the interview. any advice would greatly be appreciated. I am hopeful to land on my feet and resilient enough to know that I can land a job and get through the loss of what felt like a second home "away from home" I just want to look the part as well as be the part. 
So, I got the Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation not too long ago, I want to love it so badly but I can't. When I first put it on it looks amazing but after a few hours of wear it begins to separate on my face especially my chin. I have tried using different primers, and setting powders. Even not using either but nothing seems to stop it from separating. Although I did mix a bit with my Mac Studio Fix today and it held up. Has this happened to any of you? Any tips? Or should I just give up and try something else? I am looking for something that it full coverage and lasts. Thanks!