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Hi everybody, I bought a bottle of the Remarcable foundation in shade 36 Beige Golden online (I don't live near a Sephora so unfortunately I'm not able to look at in store swatches) but it's a little too golden for my skintone. I'm about an NC30/C3 and also a near perfect match to Too Faced Born This Way in Natural Beige; to those of you who are the same shade as me, what do you recommend? Thank you!
  I recently fell in love with the Fiji shade from NARS. Want to buy the same shade in Lancome. What would the Lancome 24 hours shade be? 
I have a ton of drugstore items in a box to get rid of but first I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a drugstore TSB before I donate it?
So I really want to recreate this eye makeup look that Angelia Jolie is wearing, but cant distinguished the colors that were used. Any help, and ideas for colors for the eyeliner, and eye shadow, and lip.
Tartlet in Bloom or Rainforest of the Sea Color Correcting pallet (also tarte). Both the same price, only enough money for one!
I currently use the estee lauder double wear foundation and I love it because it covers so good I dont even need a concealer but none of their shades match me anymore. So besides the double wear what would be something that also lasts long and covers just as good?
So I already have abh stripped and I love it but I've wanted stila caramello for a long time. I was wondering how similar these colors are and if it's worth having both. Thanks!! 
Almost every foundation I've tried the color is either too orange or too light. I have fair skin but it's not fair enough to need the lightest shade. I was using estee lauder double wear in shade 1n2 ecru and out of all the shades it is the one that almost matches but it is still too orange. Now I use Lancome tient idole ultra in shade 140 ivory and dual finish powder in 130 porcelain ivory and even though they are neutral tones they still make me look super orange also. What tone then would I be to get the perfect match foundation where I won't look too white or too orange? 
Hi guys, I recently purchased the Eve Lom oil free radiance foundation. I love the color, staying power and the way it makes my skin feel but I have the hardest time applying it. It's on the thicker side and doesn't spread that well. I try to work in smaller sections and apply thinly but I find it looks weird and patchy in certain parts of my face.   Every once in a while I manage to apply it perfectly and it looks great but I haven't been able to figure out what the difference is. I use the hourglass primer and always do it after proper skincare. I also find that putting on powder afterwards sometimes sets it nicely and other times creates almost a weird marbled pattern on my phase.   Anyone here with this foundation and tips on applying? I've tried brush, beauty blender, fingers, you name it. Thoughts?
So, I've pretty much streamlined my makeup/skin routine and I have the perfect products. I freelance for Becca and I go into Ulta stores and I'm not impressed by anything they carry (except Becca. Duh.) I really want to try new products but I don't know what. Pls help.    This is all that's on my to-try list: NARS All Day Luminous Powder Lancome Stick Foundation Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation. 
Okay I love the way false eyelashes look, the thing is I know that I'm not putting it on right! When I always try to put them on, they make my eyes look like they're different shapes. Like I can never get the eyelashes to look the same on both eyes so it makes me look crazy! Another problem I have is that it hurts the inner corner of my eyes when I blink. I don't want to place the lashes too far out that it's very obvious that my lashes aren't real! Please help and give me any tips that you can about false eyelashes! Thank you!!
A conversation in another thread got me thinking... It may be fun to talk about different industries the BTers work in and the makeup looks they wear. With so many areas of work, jobs, industries, etc, everyone has different expectations of makeup/professionalism for their particular job. Even within different industries, there may be varying expectations. It could be interesting to compare! For example, if two people work in retail but in two different types of stores, say The Gap vs. Hot Topic, the person who works at Hot Topic may be able to get away with a bolder look.    I'll start:   I'm a high school health and PE teacher, and a volleyball and tennis coach. I typically wear very natural looking "no makeup" makeup, and use my lips as a subtle pop of color. I typically wear: -Skin colored eye shadow and tightlined liquid eyeliner w/ mascara -Light coverage foundation, subtle blush, a bit of highlighter, and maybe bronzer if I've been outside a lot and I've gotten a bit of color. -Brow gel, and a sheer or MLBB pop of color on my lips       Bonus! When you're not at work, what is your go-to makeup look? I'll do more of an eye, smokey shadow, winged liner, but still subtle, a little more contouring, and a bolder lip, like a liquid lipstick or something more opaque. I wonder how many BTers actually wear a more dramatic look at work than when they aren't at work!   Second bonus! You may connect with another BTer who works in your industry, and you can swap stories. As much as it (sometimes) sucks to talk about work at home, talking with someone who just *gets it* can be a great stress relief for work related issues.
I use to use estee lauder double wear and it covered so nicely that I didnt even need a concealer with it. Now that my skin color is different none of the colors match so I switched to Lancôme tient idole ultra. Its not as full coverage as double wear.  What would be a good coverage concealer to wear under the lancôme foundation that will cover my blemishes and scarring? 
I haven been having a problem with my makeup coming off when I sweat. I mostly sweat on the upper lip and the makeup kind of cracks and comes off and I have been searching for a reason why. I have been having dry skin lately so I don't know if it would be because of that. I want to get rid of this so I don't come back from a day of sweating and have a chunk of makeup missing on my face!
My son is getting married in 4 days. I am wearing royal blue dress and I have green eyes.  What eyeshadow color do I wear?? What lip color should I wear.  Help I'm lost!!!
Hey Y'all,   I have an important interview next week, and I need help with what is completely appropriate for interview makeup. I understand that the makeup needs to be natural looking, and no bright colors.  I'm wearing a white dress, with a coal blazer and wearing my hair up in a top knot.  So any help would be amazing!!  
I recently purchased this concealer online. When I received it I tested it right away. I found that the Fairly Light Natural shade had a strong pink undertone and won't match my skin (Light-Light/Medium with Neutral/Beige tones).. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which colour I should try instead?   Thanks!
Hi everyone,   I'm doing my own wedding makeup.  It is a beach wedding in the Caribbean. It's likely that I will cry and sweat a lot, haha, so I'm looking for some advice on eye makeup- for the lashes in particular. I've never worn false eyelashes before and I'm wondering if that is an avenue I should explore or should I stick with a good waterproof mascara? (If so, can you recommend a good one?)    Thanks in advance!   
Does anyone own the palette ? What I like the most it contains all in one? easy for travel and good for anyone who likes natural look. Could you share some feedback ?
So I am trying to transition into cruelty free brands. I am still going to keep the things I already have, but when stuff runs out I won't be replacing it. Unfortuntely Clinique isn't cruelty free :-( Anyway I am looking for some skincare products specifically targeted for redness, to help reduce it, and even out the skin tone etc. I know It Cosmetics has the Redness Bye Bye Redness, but I mean cleansers, moisturizers etc. 
Is the Kat Von D foundation better for bridal than mufe?
I need a really good foundation that will give a flawless look, I tried the makeup forever but it cakes up on my skin, I also have dry combination skin.
Every time I get a Sephora giftcard I don't have a clue what to buy. If you guys could suggest good toners, oils, tinted moisturizers, primers, eyeshadow palettes, and lip products for me to look into that would be great!
Which stays on longer? I need something that will last in 8-10 hours in the summer heat.
I use the Estee Lauder double wear foundation and I am looking for a good primer and setting powder to use to help my makeup last long especially for the summer when I am outside in the heat all day. And if I use a setting powder I can still use a setting spray (UD all nighter) over it?
i use becca now but i feel as if it doesn't stay on my face throughout work, i also use primer and setting powder, but i like the natural glow it gives me, i heard the double wear stays on the face really long. any suggestions