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I am new to the blogging community and I just wanted some feedback on my first review! I love reading reviews and writing them, so I figured "Why not start a blog?"
Beauty Bakerie is a cruelty-free, vegan, and mostly gluten free cosmetic company that I am currently obsessed with.   The Lip Whips (matte liquid lipsticks) are too legit to quit. They come in multiple finishes (matte & metallic mainly along with one gloss color so far) and the range of colors is to die for. There are bright daring colors, darker bolder ones, colors you would never imagine in lipstick form! The smudge-proof, budge-proof factor alone would be enough to reel the average beauty maniac into the fold of Beauty Bakerie.   The packaging for their products is really nice looking (the highlighters come in containers that look like ice cream pints!!! They even have their own makeup remover for the lip whips because they are THAT smudge-proof, budge-proof.   So yeah, you guys should look into testing Beauty Bakerie at some of your locations. You're seriously missing out. 💋💋💋  
Since I got more views than I expected on my first post I decided to make a follow up with Asian mascaras I hauled from my Asia trip! I have stick-straight Asian lashes that get weighed down by almost every formula, so mascara wasn't something I wore often at all. UNTIL NOW!   Here's the first thread with my experience with Western brands:   I did a ton of research before my trip so I could grab all the holy grail mascaras on the Asian part of the Internet, and I'd like to share my feedback so that some of you straight lash gals don't have to waste your money. For the record, they're all amazing and  each one holds a curl!! This was my biggest factor.  For comparison, my Shu Uemura petal lash mascara was my old favourite because it holds my curl all day and doesn't smudge. The tradeoff though was that it looked too natural and gave me almost no volume. A close second is the benefit they're real.     In no order whatsoever:   1. Fairy Drops Platinum Waterproof Mascara This was probably  the most raved about in my research. I got it at Sasa in Hong Kong (like an Asian Sephora beauty haven) for about $20 CAD and it is  my new favourite!! It does everything it says: curls your lashes and gives them volume. It even added length. My lashes look absolutely fantastic with this mascara and I wear mascara every day now when I never did before. Just to further explain how much this product is worth, my lashes literally are not visible with no mascara on them. I completely gave up on my lashes, eternally convinced they would never look good. But now I have this!! The wand is shaped really weird and looks like three balls put together but this stuff does the job. I can't say enough good things about this mascara. I only wish I bought 2 more as backups because I have no idea where to get this in Toronto   2. Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara   There are a few this brand makes: I chose the one with the pink packaging. The purple packaging one is volume and curl, which for some reason isn't talked about a lot. This mascara is also an Asian favourite and raved about over there so I had to pick it up. It was under $20 CAD and is amazing! Holds my curl all day and adds a lot of length. Not as much volume as the Fairy Drops one but it still makes my lashes look great. Definitely worth the buy. You can get it at some places in a combo with their equally famous liquid eyeliner.   3. Majolica Majorca Lash King This one is like a drugstore mascara, I picked it up when it on sale at Watson's (an Asian drugstore) in Thailand for around $15 CAD. This is also a waterproof formula (they all are) and works pretty well. However, it does smudge after a few hours whereas the other mascaras do not. It holds a curl and makes your lashes look pretty good still, but has more clumping. Not my favourite one out of these 4, and to be honest with my other discoveries I could have done without it.   4. Lancome Virtuose Divine Lasting Cuves & Length This is the only one out of the 4 that isn't waterproof. I couldn't find it at Sephora or Shoppers so I got it at the airport duty free for about $30 CAD. This is very comparable to my Shu Uemura petal lash in terms of curling and how natural it looks. It did nothing for volumizing my lashes, and is only good for a natural day. Despite it not being waterproof, it doesn't smudge much at all and lasts throughout the day. But again, with the first 2 being so great, I could have done without this, too.    I hope these reviews helped you guys pick an Asian mascara! Please comment if you have any others I didn't try out and what you think. Let's end the fight for Asian lashes!!  
I'm new to buying makeup that actually does stuff. I typically buy everything from the drugstore. Any suggestions on products?
Many people use highlighter that gives them a shimmery look but I was looking for a highlighter that gives more of a frosted look. Something that makes my skin look more dewy without any glitter. 
I can't decide between the Naked 2 or Naked 3 Palette. I have medium light skin and blue eyes, which one is best? 
Hi Everyone, I was in the JCP Sephora and noticed that they had a bunch of the Sephora Favorites for JCP value sets back in stock that were from a while ago, like before the holidays. There was an older perfume value set as well as the eyeliner set with the Urban Decay glitter liner and nars eyeliner. The eyeliner set was $30 before christmas. Today is May 7th. I had also seen they had the kat von d x too faced mini sets in stock, which had went on clearance on the sephora website a while ago for half price.  None of these items were in the clearance section or had a sticker indicating that they were less than full price. I know they had all sold out online. Does anyone know if they will ring up full price or come up as discounted at the register?   My stores always have extremely slow lines and there's always just one employee on the register when I am there and I'd hate to hog up the line just so they could price check these sets. Thanks!  
   Hi everyone!! I have combination skin, so my cheeks and neck are normal but my T-zone and chin get pretty oily. I have tried other foundations recommended for oily skin, but a friend who works at Sephora recently recommended that I try the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able foundation. Before I drop that much money on a foundation, I wanted to get some reviews on how this foundations looks, wears, sets, any special tricks that may be needed to use it, so on and so forth. Any and all info is appreciated. Thank you!!
What do you think is the best smelling/ scent free self tanner? I'm sick of my sheets smelling like tanner, even after I rinse/ wash it off   It can be gradual or instant, I'm okay with both.   Thank you! <3
Has anyone noticed that the MUFE HD Stick Foundation changes colour over time? I bought # 117 (yellow based) less than 1 year ago and now when I apply the same stick, the formulation applies very PINK!?
Sephora says I am shade 1R05 as I am using Givenchy Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20. I am interested in trying the Too Faced Born This Way foundation but I do not know which shade...    
Hi, If I am 118=Y325 in MUFE Ultra HD foundation what would I be in Estee Lauder Double wear foundation? Pls help!!! 
hello  I want buy the shape tape concealer from tarte but I do not know which color I should buy. I have my Nars radiant concealer in the color "ginger". Maybe Medium or tan ?   Thank you
Shade 1and2.jpg
I want to buy the Kat Von D lock it foundation and I have been doing extensive research on what shade to buy. The problem is that the shades of the foundation on the Sephora website looks different than the colors on her actual website.Color 42 neutral seems completely different. Please help. 
I've been looking at the new brand that just launched at Sephora and I think that the eyeshow palettes look really pretty! Has anyone bought one yet or been able to swatch one?    It's hard to know what the quality will be without any reviews...if you have seen them in person what other eyeshadow quality what you equate them with?!
It is finally the last day of VIB Rouge sale, and I am really struggling with which one to get for my last shopping! I know that I will love all of them cuz they are all perfect shades for my complexion and I am generally looking for great eyeshadows, but I have to get only one of these three. Which one is the best value and must have? Please tell me your opinion <3     1. Bobbi Brown Simmer Brick Palette - US$42         2. Marc Jacobs Object of Desire face and eye palette - US$44             3. Bite Beauty Love, Bite Lip set - US$32 Price is not the retail one, it is how much I can get these for for now.    
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 1.05.09 PM.png
YES!  After what feels like forever, Zoeva is coming to Sephora!  I've been dying to try more of their brushes.  The few that I have, I love.  What are you ladies excited for?
A couple weeks ago I noticed that it was out of stock online and selected the option to be notified when it's restocked but now I don't even see it being shown in the Smashbox primer photos or articles (Smashbox Primer Finder) on here.   I'm hoping that's not the case! Guess I might just have to just get it from Ulta or straight from Smashbox now, it was my usual purchase on here and the only primer that worked for my combination skin.
In need of inspiration for eye looks! I recently purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and i'm not the best at color combos, so any pictures or suggestions as to which colors to use and where on my eyes? btw i have blue/green/hazel eyes and blonde hair with fair skin(: Thanks!
Hey all, This May I'm graduating from college and I never really wore too much makeup other than my Maybelline BB cream. I'm hunting for a good sheer/medium coverage foundation, blush, and concealer for that day! I know it's a lot of product recommendations but I would appreciate any help! My skin has some dry patches around my mouth and I can sometimes have an oily T-zone. I have a small amount of acne but I would mostly want a foundation that evens out my skin tone and hides any small blemishes. I have tan skin and dark brown hair.  Thanks!
hi! so if i wasn't completely satisfied with my beauty blender. can i return it? i still have the receipt and original packaging.   thank you!
I have actually never bought any MAC makeup before ever.For a MAC virgin what products do you recommend me buying ?   I was checking out the festival collection and justin skye
I have long been loyal to Bobbi Brown, but only out of habit.      Has anyone tried the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick?   Waiting to try the surratt beauty Surreal Skin Concealer and the Omorovicza Mineral touch (thanks sale!)     Other favorites? 
So this is my dress for college graduation!! I can't figure out what makeup to do though. I have dark blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
Hello Beautiful Friends,   Spring and summer vacations are upon us and I want to know what are some of you favorite brands you bring with you? Are there brands you buy when you go overseas to stock up on or do you try new products at local stores?    Any beauty or skincare products I should be on the lookout for while in Portugal or France?    Enjoy your beautiful travels and adventure.
Hi everyone!    (Loyal VIB Rouge member from Santa Monica; first time posting here, so I'm a little nervous! )   Has anybody else really liked the First Aid beauty Gentle Cleansing Wipes but discovered that they've been yanked? I went into my local Sephora and the associates there (yay to Carla and Cary! hehe..) were also equally puzzled because they said that it was a popular item and they're not sure why their store no longer stocked it.   And then I went on the Sephora website and realized that they no longer stock it either.    Has anybody else liked their wipes and/or also noticed this in their own Sephora stores?