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A couple months ago I bought a giant, six drawer acrylic makeup organizer with beautiful crystal knobs, but have yet to use because I can't decide how to best organize my products inside it. I plan to use one drawer for lips, eye shadows, foundations, etc., but beyond that, can't figure out the most beneficial way to organize my products.   How do y'all organize your makeup.. by color, formula or brand?
I'm just starting with makeup basically, and want something that will look good with my skin tone, blue grey eyes, hair, etc. I think I have a neutral or cool undertone but am not 100% positive. I'd like something that's not super natural, but still looks good. If anyone has any tips on what might look good on me please let me know. Thanks!
Anyone own or heard of Natasha Denona?   I've seen a few swatches and some of her eye shadows look awesome!   Just curious to know more about the brand.   THX
Black Up.jpg
A little birdie (a quite credible one) told me that Black Up Cosmetics will be coming to Sephora in September! I'm pretty excited to have another brand at Sephora. I tried the brand recently on vacation and I really enjoy the powder products. From what I'm told, Sephora will carry the entire line. Haven't heard yet if it's online too, but I know it will be in 18 stores at first. The line primarily has been marketed to Women of Color, however, there are so many products that I see are universal.  Has anyone tried Black Up yet? Any favorites?
I searched to see if there was a thread on this, couldn't find one!   So freakin' over the moon about this!  I have refused to buy the lip tars because of the tube and needing a brush to apply...ain't no makeup addict got time for all of that, not this one anyway.   Now it comes like regular lippies.  YAY   Between these and the new milani lippies I'm set for the year!  Oh and the bite lipsticks too.  LOL  
Hi guys! This is my very first post so please bear with me. I'm currently / always am a 2Y08/2Y09 according to the Color IQ and the only base I've got in my collection is the Laura Mercier Oil-Free TM in Tawny (a perfect match). I was wondering if someone could help me figure out my match for the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation (the one with the pump on top of the glass bottle). Thanks in advance!
My baby girl will be 13 soon.  She's been very girly all her life, even as a 3yr old she would tell me her outfits didn't match quite right, then she would go get the clothes she thought looked best...she was always right!  She started doing her own hair at 7yrs old, so she could get it just right.  LOL  She's also an dedicated athlete (she got none of these things from me! LOL)   Sooo we went to Sephora (JCP) yesterday to get her very first eyeliner and mascara!  She goes to Sephora with me all the time, but this is her very first makeup purchase.  We got Benefits they're real mini and sephora matte eyeliner in brown and black.  I'm a NW45/50, she's around a NC35/40 or so.  So the colors that favor me, probably won't favor her. This is going to be so exciting!   I was so excited.  We swatched the KVD lippies (told her we would have to wait on those) and she told me the colors she likes. I've talked to her about how the most expensive item isn't always the best and how drugstore items MAY be better depending on the item and the person.   I've tried to restrain myself and not "force" her into makeup.  I didn't start wearing makeup until I was in my 30s, getting to do this with her is so exciting and FUN!!!   Did you ladies get into makeup with your mothers as young girls?  Or did you find your way on your own.   Did I mention how happy and excited I am?
There are a lot of music festivals and things coming up where I will be outside a lot and I need a good foundation that won't melt off my face. I was recommended this in the matte liquid form when I went in to get matched for a new foundation. i have yet to try this where im outsidemost of the day so would this be a good foundation that will last all day and wont melt off my face? I also use a lotion with spf, veil mineral primer and urban decay all nighter setting spray. 
Hey ladies - looking for some feedback. I am in Canada and pre-ordered these brushes, mine are set for the August 30 delivery.   I'm considering cancelling the order though now that I've had some time to think about it. The one and only reason (but a compelling one lol) that I want these is because of the gorgeous handles.   I have tons of quality brushes from Wayne Goss and the Chikuhodo GSN series, plus MAC and Sephora + Hakuhudo. As a matter of fact, I never once considered these to be brushes I would use, just keep as a collection item. From the reviews I've read the quality isn't as good as the GSN series or the Goss brushes.   Also, and this is a big factor - I'm in Canada. With the horrid exchange rate now the total of these brushes came to almost $300!! I'm starting to think there are many other things I could buy - and actually USE for $300.   Any thoughts? For my American friends that have these, if you had to pay $300 for them, would you still think they were worth it? Esp. if you already have tons of better quality brushes?   Thanks!! 
I was matched to 1r14 but whats the difference betwwen 1r14 and 2r14 or 2r14 and 3r14 ect
I don't know about you ladies, but I rarely wear makeup on dates. Maybe just mascara (Guerlain Maxi Lash sample). I don't want foundation or lipstick rubbing off... or heck, even sweating off sometimes.  What would you guys wear for a date? My dates are usually brunch, movie and dinner.  (If you're wondering what I do instead, I usually get a sheet mask and prep my skin the day before or day of.) 
Hello, so I'm looking for the perfect foundation for my skin. I have a very oily tzone with some dry spots (which is why I gave up on nars illuminous foundation cus it would stick to my dry spots really bad) and I also would love a foundation with as much coverage as possible as well as a foundation that stays on for hours. Nothing over $50 cus Ima struggling college kid lol. I'm not a fan of mattifying foundations because for some reason they make skin look lifeless & dry. also my skin is a little sensitive & so I avoid any acne treating foundations cus they tend to contain chemicals that only cause me to break out even more  
Particularly with powder highlighters? I'm wondering if I should try sephora's brand fan brush, but the reviews are a bit mixed, and someone said the brush fell apart and lost it's shape after washing. I'm open to all answers and suggestion. (if you use liquid highlighter, feel free to share your favorite method for applying as well)
  Dates have been announced and tickets to the general public are on sale! Who's going next year?   For those who don't know, IMATS [International Makeup Artist Trade Show] is a three day event where different makeup artists come to perform different panels/informational meetings and different vendors from various brands have things on sale!
Does any one know if Hourglass Blush Palette (3 blushes set) will come out again this holiday? If then, when? 
I found this disappointing honestly. I'm super pale and was really excited for it. It's expensive and the color only lasts maybe 3 days with moisturization and minimal shaving. Guide color is perfect but once it's washed off it's too light imo. Anyone else feel the same?
How does the Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara compare to the Clinique High Impact?  And how subtle (or not) is the color?  I have dark hair, blue eyes, and fair skin...
My skin gives me so much trouble!! I have very oily acne prone skin. I am pretty new to the whole makeup game so it is difficult for me to find my correct shade. Sometimes the foundations I pick make me look like I have a fake spray on tan, others make me look super pink or pale. If I go into Sephora stores can they help me pick my right shade? and does it cost if they do help me? I try going for the matte finish because my skin is so oily, however I love the dewy look but it just makes my skin look wet and runny. I need some serious help!  
Ok, so I have horrible skin, I randomly break out, I have combination skin. Sometimes I am really oily, other times I am really dry, most times I am both. I have scars from past acne on my face. I need a makeup and primer and concealer or whatever works to cover all of it.  I feel like I have literally tried every single kind of foundation and concealer and primer but some only work for a while then just stop. Does anyone have any recommendations on a primer that will help keep me matte, a concealer that isn't too thick that will cover scars and blemishes and a foundation that will cover the rest. I need complete full coverage.  thank you  
I need to cover a tattoo on my wrist so I need a product with very high coverage. What is the fullest coverage concealer? What have you tried?
Hi,    So, I'm a Genderqueer person. For those who don't know, it means that I don't identify with the regular gender binary (Male and Female), but instead identify as somewhere in between. I heard that this forum was a good place for beauty advice and wasn't too judgemental, so I thought this might be a good place for me to ask some of my questions.   I was assigned male at birth (AMAB), and I'm looking for makeup that will help give my face a more androgynous look. I find this particularly difficult for myself, because I keep growing facial hair and my eyebrows are incredibly bushy (I have dark facial and brow hair, btw). I know the simple solution is to shave and get my brows waxed/plucked/threaded, but even though I do shave every single morning, I still have a lot of shadow left behind (Especially on my upper lip).    What foundation, and also proper makeup regimen, would be right to help de-masculinize my face, and what proper tools will I need for it? If anyone can give me even a few pointers, I would really appreciate it.    Some extra facts about me:  -I have a round face. Would this need any altering? -My skin tone is very white with little tan. How can I figure out what shade would be best? -Overall, I have very sensitive skin that's also acne prone. How can I find a good makeup that won't cause at least too many breakouts? Are there any specific brands that are considered to be more safe than others?   Thank you in advance for any answers.   -I hope this is still a safe space-  
I've seen things where people say they don't wear makeup to impress guys when guys can't tell the difference between black and navy, or Half Baked from Chopper in the Naked line. Things like that. I remember somewhere in the threads someone posted one with two lipsticks, I thought it was the funniest thing. So as a fun little game, fill in the blanks " You think I wear makeup to impress a guy who can't tell the difference between______and_____?"
I was wondering if Opal could work on fair skin (I have slight yellow undertone). I would most likely will be mixing it with moonstone though, but curious if it could work alone as well? I bought Champagne Pop, but I'm on the fence about it. It's not too dark at all, but it just kind of sits on top of my skin, if that makes sense. It doesn't really "melt" into the skin. It's obvious I put some shimmer on my skin. Any feedback would be wonderful!
I want to  purchase Laura  Mercier mineral makeup powder but they do not carry it at my local Sephora so I must order it online.  I cannot decide which color would but right. for me. Sometimes I am an Ivory and sometimes I am a Light in makeup.  Please help.  I am cool undertones.  Thank you for your help.
  I watched the msn video about the technique referred to as "baking" my make-up.  Am I correct to assume that I should only use moisturizer, concealers, wet sponges, and translucent powder (without foundation) to achieve this look?   Thanks for your help!  I have attached pictures from the online video.   Best regards,   Miss Freddie
Hello! I am currently visiting Vancouver for two weeks and I want to shop for makeup while I'm here. I have no clue to where to start, or what to try, so I decided to ask the BT community. I just want some ideas for brands to look for, your must try products, and your favorites products. Only Canadian brands or exclusives please, I'm from the U.S. so I only want products I can't easily purchase there. It can be drugstore or high end. Thank you!!!
So, I was using the Sephora CC Cream in Light(Y) for several years now. I went to reorder but it was discontinued!     So now I need to find a new daily moisturizer, and I was looking at the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer line because I remember sampling one and enjoying the texture.   The only issue is, I don't have a Sephora near me, and I have no idea what color I'd be. Does anyone have any idea of what tinted moisturizer shade could be similar to the old shade Light?    I think it's between Nude and Sand, but I'm just not sure.    Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!
never really wear make up only i wear for dance so what should i start with for a more natrual look !!!  help
I'm currently using the MUFE Translucent HD Loose Setting Powder and it's just not cutting it. I find myself getting oily throughout the day, and if I use enough to really set my face hard-core, I find myself having to deal with white face flashback in photographs because I use so much product.    I need a (preferably translucent because I find it really difficult to find powders in my skin tone - paler than NW10 for reference) setting powder than will prevent me from getting oily during the day. My skin produces a lot of oil, but I also have dry patches so I'd like it to not accentuate those either but still keep me shine free. I know that's a lot to ask of a powder, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations. It can be loose or pressed, and I don't have a budget.    Thanks in advance!
Hello everyone!  I need help finding a lipstick that won't turn white in the corners of my lips after half an hour of talking. I have to talk a lot at work, and I always notice those treacherous and embarrassing white streaks on my lips whenever I have a lipstick on. I have tried tons of them - drugstore, high-end, matte, glossy - same result. The only one that was alright is MAC lipglass  - but it's a lip gloss. Do you know a lipstick that doesn't turn into a mess?