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Hi! I do not want to wear a ton of make up, just to keep it simple. Maybe a little eyeliner and a subtle moisturizer/foundation. I am clearly thinking about doing this to help me look better. Any advice would be appreciated!
I've never worn make up an have no idea how to apply any of it. I'm looking for a quick everyday look, simple. Also I would like something simple but a little stepped up for going out with some friends. What should I do?
Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know about the ABH event happening on Sep. 20th at Toronto's Eaton Centre.   It's appointment-only, from 12-7pm. Anastasia herself will be there, as well as her brow team to give you a mini brow makeover. The makeover will consist of filling in/shaping brows and showing you different techniques for what you want to achieve. No plucking/waxing involved!   Also, I heard from an SA that if you buy any Anastasia product during the event, you will get a GWP (a clear brow gel & brow powder, apparently).  
Love the palette. I had no clue they would be taken down. Sadly i was late again.. Lol thought i would give this a try?(:
I was on IG earlier & this picture seems to be going around. Anyone picking it up? Is said to be released in October, at 58$ . I'm not sure if I'll pick it up. Maybe if the 3 blushes aren't ones I own... Or there's a LE one. We'll see 😬
2014-05-19 12.59.41.jpg
I posted a previous post about starting a traveling box with samples and deluxe samples and a few ladies were interested in doing one!  This is the 1st traveling box I am apart of and of course the 1st that I am starting.   So, we need to decide if we are going to do a medium or small flat rate box.     RULES  No used items.  No open items  DO NOT take more than you put in.  Let's keep this fun and fair  DO NOT take multiples of the same sample  PLEASE try not to keep the box more than 3 days  Make sure to send your address to the person listed above you  Once you send the box off, post the tracking number in this thread  ALL unused items allowed (well maybe not nail polishes if it will make the shipping costs go up)  Post a pic of what you take out, what you put in and what is left in the box before you send it off   We are going to have fun and try to keep this going as long as we can!   If you are interested in being in the box, I have a few spots left so post a pic of what samples you have in this thread to be added.   To start off, we are only going to have 10 people! 1. CuriousCannibal 2. MegEm 3.MLLECC 4. tessie84 5. Kittichick 6. NicoleFrat 7. NightKnight 8. Sweetxteeth 9. Nishcakes  10. Kariyava
Saw Temptalia's post a couple of days ago on the Givenchy Fall collection for this year, and it's all so beautiful -- from the packaging to the colors. I mean, look at the burgundy leather encasement for the Le Rouge lipsticks! However, the only one I will probably get is the Blush Memoire De Forme Pop Up Jelly Blush in Rose Extravagant -- am I crazy to want to drop $37 on a blush?! :-\ Yikes... However, I feel that between the color and the packaging, it's something that I can admire for a long as it doesn't dry up at some point.   From Make Up 4 All blog   From Fashion Trend Seeker    
After looking at all the holiday set previews, I started a wishlist going. The list is definitely getting long... But it was so much fun putting it together!! Lucky we still have some time to sort everything out before the holiday release. Share is caring, so here I go...   1. benefits blush pallet 2. too faced a few of my favorite things 2 3. tarte pin up girl 24 hour blush pallet 4. hourglass blush pallet 5. kvd mini lip set   Cheers!!
Dunno if anyone's mentioned this, but the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette + full-sized Shadow Insurance Primer is back at HSN for $49.   New Customers (or credit cards apparently) can get $20-off w/ code 20NEWSUMMER Old Customers can get $10-off IF u can spend $1 more w/ code 144390  or $5-off w/ code  142055  
  I have been haunting the HK section, hoping a few leftovers may turn up (Other than the two that are always there). Look what I found! Already signed up to be notified.   Looking forward to seeing this collection, and I hope they have a launch party for Rouge!
The Armani Eye & Brow Maestro Creams are supposed to be total game changers, which can be used as eyeshadows, brow color, and even hair color (hair color - seriously?).   There are 9 shades (described as iridescent), they are (apparently) waterproof and they (apparently) last 20 hours.    I have to say I'm intrigued. What do you all think?
I just saw that Sephora carries the brand and was wondering if anyone had tried it? I'm intrigued by the concept behind it and have heard some mixed reviews on them (Wayne likes them, but Tempalia didn't so much) so I was hoping you ladies could shed some light on NUDESTIX. 
Ok, this needs to be done. Starting this thread has been mentioned before, but I'm taking the leap. Below, I'll start a list of commonly mispronounced beauty brands, so please comment if you want to correct me or add another brand. This is for all you perfectionists out there!     Anastasia : ah-na-STAH-see-uh Borghese : bore-GAY-zeh Boscia : BOE-sha Bourjois : boor-zjwah Caudalie : COE-dah-lee Chanel : shun-NELL Chantecaille : shahn-tuh-KAI Ciate : see-AH-tay Clinique : clih-NEEK Ellis Faas : EHL-is FAHS Estee Lauder : EHS-tay LAH-der Givenchy : zjee-VON-shee Guerlain : gare-LAHN Illamasqua : il-lahm-MAS-ka Jouer : zjoo-EH Jurlique : jer-LEEK Koh Gen Do : coh gen doh (hard g) Kevyn Aucoin : KEH-vin ow-CWAH Korres : koh-REHZ Laura Mercier : LOH-rah mehr-see-AE (r is a French nasal r) Lancome : lahn-comb L'Occitane en Provence : LOHX-ee-tahn uhn pro-VAHNCE LORAC : lah-ROCK Marchesa : mar-KAY-zuh NYX : nix Ole Henriksen : OO-lah ON-rick-son Omorovicza : oh-more-oh-VEET-sah Shiseido : shih-SAY-doh Shu Uemura : SHOO oo-eh-MOO-rah Stila : STEE-lah Yves Saint Laurent : EVE sahn loh-RAHN     Feel proud if you've been saying them right! We're all pretty much brand snobs here, be it Neutrogena or Tom Ford. Also, the French people are annoying. Most of these brands are French!
Has anyone seen the Tom Ford 2014 fall collection? I saw it on Temptalia. I love neutrals so I'm def eyeing the palette. It says available August but I'm not sure exact dates.   
Becca foundation help please for IQ# 3R13! Can you tell me which would be closest to this number please?  I'm interested in the cream or skin luminous foundation! I'd also like to get the concealer for my skin tone. Thanks so much!
i want to buy foudation or bb cream for me but dont know how to select ? which shade is proper to my skin colour. what is the right way to select the right foundation or bb cream
I found an older thread I actually wanted to "bump" to the first page, but it has now been marked as read only, so I decided to start my own thread. I genuinely hope no one takes any offence to this, because I mean only to help others. It was not  that  long ago that I was new to BT myself!   I have noticed there have been a lot of questions asked lately that have been asked hundreds of times before (ok that might be a  slight  exaggeration but not much of one!).   So to all the new users, welcome to BT! There is a ton of useful information and threads to be found on BT. I hope that before posting you will all take the time to do a quick search and see if your question has been asked before! Even if the thread is older, commenting on it will bump it back to the main page so others will be able to see it and comment on it. Also, there is a "Follow This Thread" button to the right side of the thread. Clicking that button will ensure you get an e-mail when someone responds to the thread. This is a good way to be notified when someone responds to your question. For fast moving threads, you may find you are receiving too many messages, but you can easily unfollow the thread by clicking the button again, which will change to "Stop Following This Thread."    We seem to be seeing so many repetitive questions such as "I have oily skin, what <insert product type here> should I use." Or "I have thinning hair, what products should I use." There are some incredibly educated and intelligent contributors with what seems like an endless amount of knowledge, so I encourage you (and I'm sure I'm not the only who does) to search before posting a thread if it's been asked a lot. I hope you understand my intent of this comment is not to discourage anyone from posting. By all means, that is not the case at all! Just keep in mind your question may already have been asked and answered! And if you don't find the answer to your question, then of course ask so we all can help. Just because a thread is older doesn't mean it's still not full of useful, legitimate information!   When I first started using BT, several helpful people pointed out that I could search and find answers to questions that had already been asked. When I was a noob, I also found it very useful to read the posts on the Welcome/Getting Started pages. There is very helpful information here, such as community standards and how-to type posts. Please read up on these; they will be very helpful for you! If you're like me, you don't want to violate community standards or not know to do work the boards. arted/bd-p/Welcome   Here is the read-only thread I was referring to: o-the-search-feature/m-p/1210177#M85303   Here is something very useful for all of us to remember from the BT Guidelines:   Best and worst practices   WE LOVE WE DON’T LOVE Using a descriptive title for your posts. Using vague subject titles like “HELP!” Reading other responses before posting. Repeating information already provided. Asking for clarification when necessary. Making assumptions. Contributing to the discussion. Excessively quoting previous messages. Focusing on your areas of beauty expertise. Offering advice on unfamiliar topics. Being as concise as possible. Overwhelming readers with information. Trying to use correct spelling and grammar. Worrying if your spelling isn’t perfect. Staying on topic. Getting off topic. Remaining positive. Disparaging (insult) products or people. Trying to understand opposing viewpoints. Arguing with other posters. Being friendly! Using foul language or off-color humor. I'll climb down from my soapbox now. Enjoy your day and, again, welcome to BT! We're excited to have you!!   Mods, if this is not posted in the right area, please move it to the appropriate place. I just hope it can be somewhere that it shows up on the main page, so many can see it! 
Hello Everyone!   I was recently going through my lippy stash to clear out any old or used up items and this I was left with.   Please feel free to share your current lip stash and help brighten everyone's day with some pretty pictures   Thanks!  
Okay, since this is a Sephora board, I'm sticking with the popular brands of make-up that are sold at Sephora.   What words, terms, concepts do you associate with the following brands? It doesn't matter if your associations are logical, rational or completely batsh!t crazy - what do YOU think of when you think of the following brands?    I'll do mine in a separate post to keep things clean for copy/paste purposes.   Anastasia Beverly Hills -   Bare Minerals -   BECCA -   Benefit -   BITE -   Bobbi Brown -   Buxom -   Clinique -  Cover FX -  Dior -  Estee Lauder -  Givenchy -  Guerlain -  Hourglass -  Kat Von D -  Lancome -  Laura Mercier -  MAKE UP FOR EVER -  Marc Jacobs -  NARS -  Smashbox -  Stila -  Tarte -  Too Faced -  Urban Decay -  YSL -  I think I got almost all of the common ones talked about on this board... but if you don't have any thoughts on any of them, feel free to leave them blank or ? or whatever... it's just for fun to see how people view things differently!    Also it's Friday and this is definitely a fun time-killer and a version of a Friday Questions!
I've been trying out the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque. I love how well it conceals my (very) dark circles, but it needs setting with a powder, otherwise it just never dries and smudges off throughout the day. I never set my makeup with powders, and don't really want to introduce another step into my routine just for a corrector. Are there any concealers out there that have that pink tone that act like correctors? I usually use the Nars creamy concealer in Vanilla, but I find that it just highlights my undereye area. Does that mean I should just change my concealer colour to a darker pink one?
I am a huge fan of special effects/movie/Halloween makeup, although I never really try to do it myself. I love to admire from my sofa. Haha   I've found a few YouTubers who I feel are very talented and fun to watch. I'm looking for preferably trained SFX artists who offer amazing content. It doesn't necessarily need to be tutorials that I can follow, because it's highly unlikely I would try to replicate anything I see online.    I even enjoy watching gore tutorials, like acid burns, zombie bites, bruising, missing fingers, etc. It can be creepy, but I find it really interesting and fun to watch.    For a frame of reference, here are a few YTers I've come across and tend to enjoy the majority of their SFX makeup, although I'm not that impressed with many of their beauty tutorials:   MadeYewLook by Lex Glam&Gore Bonnie Corban SFX Ellimacs SFX Makeup Goldiestarling KlairedelysArt   The more out there, complicated and realistic, the better!   Thanks, everyone, for any suggestions you have!
Have you guys seen these?! There are tons of shades and finishes to choose from, and you can build your own palette! I can't wait to try these; I wonder if Sephora will carry all of the shades? There are so many and I'd really like to go in and test a good chunk of them. =1622745
Thoughts? I knew i shouldnt of ordered online with this heat but i didnt want to go instores/: thoughts? weird bump. Should i return it?  is my 
Did y'all watch Jaclyn's video mentioning the morphe brushes? Any experience with them? Kinda wanting to get the $20 warm palette
I went to ULTA yesterday and purchased one of the new IT Cosmetics Angled Blush Brushes and I have no idea how to use it. The girl helping me wasn't very friendly so I didn't ask her for any more help. I also can't seem to find a video on how to use an angled brush, so any help would be great. Thanks!
I need help on what makeup routine should i do with winged eyeliner?   an example of what im looking for is 1st) wash your face  2nd) put concealer under your eyes 3rd) put foundation on ect.
Which shade is darker? Which is more yellow? I use to like my n123 but I feel like it's a little too light on me now.. 
How do you all feel about contouring and highlighting? Do you all like it or do u think it's over rated and looks fake? I think it looks good on some people but on others it can look really un natural, I really think it just depends on how people do their contouring and how they like it