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I have make up for ever number 123 which color can I purchase if that is not available?
I have the pro-finish make- up for ever #123 I think it's beige.  I went on the website looking for it, but it's not available.  which color is similar to 123?
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Charcoal brow color
I'm forever looking for an ashy (rather than warm) toned brow pencil, such as a charcoal color.  My hair is very dark brown, almost black.   I love the Sephora collection brow pencil in soft charcoal, however, it is tiny (0.003oz) for the price.  It adds up fast when using a brow pencil every day--even if not used excessively.  I prefer pencils that are waterproof, or at least have a waxy consistency with staying power.  Does anyone know of a perfect color?  Thanks!
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NYX products can be great and affordable, I'll check that out!  Thanks. see post
Koh Gen Do color question???
I wear Clinique stay-matte oil-free makeup (08 Golden Neutral) and would like to try the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation but am not sure what color to use. None of the Sephora stores in Hawaii carry the Koh Gen Do brand so I can't test the color on my skin. Any ideas what color I can use?
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Clinique Cheek Pop shades?
I just saw Clinique's new colours for their Cheek Pop and they all look SO gorgeous. But I can't decide on a colour! I have light-medium skin with a neutral-warm undertone. For reference, I am around a 2Y05/2Y06. What colours would look good?    I prefer a warm peachy-rosy blush. Peach, Ginger, Melon, Pink, and Fig Pop all look really nice.
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BEAUTY PRO louistomlinson / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Thank you! I will definitely check those out :) see post
Eye shadow palette and other make up recommendations for beginner?
Hi I'm a Korean American with black hair, brown eyes and a light yellow skin tone. I just became interested in learning about make up and wanted to know what are some great eyes shadow palettes to start out with. However, I will purchase the naked basics palette but don't know which full size 12 shade of the naked palettes to get. I want neutral to everyday make up looks. What else do I need to start my very own make up kit? How can I make my face make up last long from having my skin very oily all day? I love having my eos lip balm because it keeps my lips moist but I  wanted to know if I should get a hydrating lip gloss or lip stick? The shade I prefer is a rosy pink. Also, what's the best eye liner ? I do not want to wear false eye lashes ?
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Hi junee15,   AmeliaBry and BlueEyeAli have given you really great suggestions! The products they have recommended are excellent.   As for the Naked palettes, al... see post
Armani Luminous Silk foundation help!
  Hi everyone:   For the last few days I have been trialing Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk and I'm really loving the finish. I usually wear MUFE Face & Body but I find that the Armani is less oily as the day goes by.   The issue I'm having is with the shade... I feel like even with the current shade I'm wearing (#6), it makes me look orange.   Some background: I got a sample of this in 5.5 and wore it for a day but it made my face look really orange compared to my neck. I went into Sephora to get an associate's opinion and she agreed, and told me it was because I'm yellow toned and the 5.5 is too neutral for me, hence making me look orange/pink. She swatched the 6 beside the 5.5 on her hand, and she was right, even though the 2 shades appear to be the same darkness, the 5.5 was much too pink. So I took home a sample of the 6 and couldn't wait to try it. Swatched on the back of my hand and on the inside of my arm, the 6 blends in better than the 5.5 but seems just a touch too yellow/brown, but nothing that is noticeable.   Well, I put it on this morning and at first I thought that the 6 looked a hair too yellow for me. But the tone still seemed right. I was thinking of testing 5.75 because on the Color IQ (which I know isn't very accurate) it is less yellow, but looking at swatches online it looks darker and maybe a bit too pink (just a bit more yellow than 5.5).   But then...after finishing the rest of my make up and looking in the mirror again, my face still looks orange. Under certain lighting, I think my face looks fine. I've asked two people (hubby and a coworker) and they both don't think my face looks orange, but I sit beside a window at work and the natural light really shows how orange my face looks compared to my neck. I think it is an improvement from the 5.5, but it's still not my perfect color. Maybe I'm just TOO yellow?   This is very confusing as according to the color IQ the associate gave me yesterday (again, I know it's not accurate) I am 5y07 (SO YELLOW!) but I like to wear MUFE F&B in 20, or a 50/50 mixture of 20+34 and it seems to blend really well although those shades are 1y07 and 1r09, respectively. Maybe it's because they're so sheer so the undertone isn't as important?   I've included some photos... what are your thoughts? Minor difference that I shouldn't expect to match perfectly with my neck? What shade do you think I could try in LS next, or could it just be that this foundation just oxidizes too much for my skin?   I am wearing moisturizer (with sunscreen), Hourglass veil mineral primer, Armani LS and finished off with Marc Jacobs finishing powder.   Both photos are taken in office/fluorescent lighting, but facing a window with natural lighting (cloudy).     Thanks!!
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Hi everyone!   I just wanted to give you a quick update...   Later that day I decided to go to another Sephora location to get my color IQ done. Also, I wanted to ch... see post
Defected Nars Blush?
I don't know if it's just me, but my Nars Orgasm Blush has absolutely NO pigmentation. This is my first blush so when I bought it, I just assumed that blushes were supposed to be really light. A few months later, I realized my brush sucked so I blamed that and bought a new one. It made it better, but I still have to swirl it many times to get it to be even SLIGHTLY visible on my face and even then it fades about halfway through the day since there's hardly anything in the first place.    This is the only blush I own (I'm a blush newbie, as you can tell) so again, I thought it was supposed to be like that. But then I went in store and swatched the Clinique Cheek Pop and Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush and now I am seriously questioning the quality of my Nars blush. Is it just me? Is mine defected? Because by looking at the quality of it, I can't possibly understand how it could have any good reviews.    I feel like I should return it now, but I bought it around November so it's been awhile and it definitely looks used so I don't know if it's okay for me to return. But it sucks because it's SO expensive and it's so difficult to get any colour to show up on my face.   Here's a picture for reference. I swiped it at least 5 times on this swatch and as you can see it just looks like a sparkly rash. Ugh. (And I know the background looks dark, but it was fairly bright when I took it and it looks the same IRL)    
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Wow that's disappointing :(. I have the Orgasm  blush but in the Multiples which is a cream stick.  Maybe give that a try if you would like to try a cream out.  It is ve... see post
Conceal and Highlight
What is the best product to use that both conceals and highlights?
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I agree with laurabt, if you are looking for a concealer and highlighter in one you can get that by just buying yor favorite concealer a shade lighter than your skin to ... see post
Chanel Updates
Hi BTers, do we have a thread for this? I'm on the Tom Ford Updates thread and I thought some of us might also want to share on Chanel. Eagerly awaiting the Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015 and of course what's new for Les Beiges this summer. Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up? I'm really interested in this nail color and seriously debating about the bronzer. I'm trying to decide what road to go down for bronzer, the new Estee Lauder illuminating gelee, or the new Guerlain Terracotta powders, or this beauty... As far as the date, I've been talking to my Chanel SA and the collection seems to be coming out later than they thought. I think I saw somewhere it would be May. Share some Chanel here The cheek stick…and the neutral nails :-)
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Yay, gather here, calling all Chanel lovers. I'm probably the worst with Chanel. Due to the 'Tom Ford Updates' thread I have gotten started on TF too, but my heart lies ... see post
Help me find a blush dupe
Does know a dupe for Mai Couture Blush Paper in Sicily?     I received these as a sample (I dont know where - I organized my sample stash last night). and I love the color, but I dont see myself being a regular user of blush paper.  I think I would rather have a standard powder blush.   Any suggestions?
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Hi Ap142193,   I'm having a hard time finding a good swatch of that shade online! It looks like it's a pretty pink with shimmer. I recommend the Laura Mercier Shimme... see post
Hot, humid weather woes!
I'm planning to travel to somewhere very hot and very humid. I most likely will not be in air conditioning and sweating a lot. I probably will be wiping my face often too. Any tips to prevent melting and to keep my foundation/ concealer on?    Im usually combination skin that doesn't break out unless I'm sweating a lot and I like moderate coverage.   Please help ladies!
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You're welcome!  I just end up carrying a pack of blotting paper with me everywhere now, and it does help a lot. It also helps just to kind of blot away sweat when it... see post
Convertible Color
I used Gerbera 14 Convertible color and I don't see that color anymore.  Which is the closest?
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Yes! The two colors are very similar!! Lilium would by far be the closest to Gerbera.   I'm sad that Sephora got rid of a lot of their shades. I do have the Convertibl... see post
Free Gift from Sephora and Too Faced!
Earlier this month Sephora reached out to me and told me that I had been selected to receive the new #Tfnofiler Selfie Powders from Too Faced as a gift for my contributions on BeautyTalk. I had every intention of purchasing this palette when it came out so I was super excited by the opportunity to try it for free.   As a Canadian client I know myself and many others often feel overlooked by Sephora so that made being selected mean a little bit more to me.   I received the palette in the mail yesterday (all of the snow we've had in my area recently delayed mail by a week). After I have a chance to play with it and test it out a bit more I'll leave swatches and a review here  
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BEAUTY PRO spadersgirl / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Grats! It looks beautiful! see post
Makeup in Zurich, Switzerland
Hey ladies!    Hubby is going to Zurich, Switzerland at the end of April. Anyone known of any good cosmetic stores or boutiques in Zurich? I'm hoping he can pick me up stomething good!  
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YouTuber Julia Graf is based in Switzerland. I can't recall specific Swiss brands she's mentioned, but I feel like she's featured some interesting German ones she's foun... see post
Sound off: which blush should I get for my skintone?
  My skin is very, very fair. I always use the lightest shade for any BB cream, foundation, powder, etc. It's pretty cool, with pinky undertones. I have light blue eyes and short brown hair. I'm looking to invest in my first 'expensive' blush purchase, just to see what the fuss is about.    I'm torn between these two blushes, mainly because of the hype and the packaging So, based on the info I've given you, any suggestions about whether to choose Hervana or Dollface Amazonian clay?
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No problem, good luck gorgeous! see post
Trying to find a summer foundation! :)
Hello, I use Makeup forever Matte velvet foundation in vanilla #35. I would like to get two shades darker but its harder than I thought to eye the correct shade. I don't live close to a Sephora, so I'm trying to purchase it online. Thank you for your time!  
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I just purchased the Urban Decay naked skin today. I will be trying it out for the first time tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it will be my go to this summer:) see post
SEPHORA COLLECTION Smoothing & Brightening Concealer color match
I use the duo mat foundation powder in 202. What would be the best color match in the Sephora collections smoothing and brightening concealer?   
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hawaiileah / FRESH FACE / replied
Mahalo! see post
Contouring Contouring Contouring....
This is just a random rant post about...can you guess...? Contouring!! I am sick of hearing about contouring right now. I feel like the beauty industry has taken this concept and is absolutely beating everyone upside the head about it. Every makeup brand I can think of is promoting a magical contouring palette, youtube & Instagram is full of contouring tutorials and most should just be labeled "how to turn a woman into a drag queen." The crazy thing is that for most most women, contouring is not a part of our day-to-day beauty routine!! So why all this sense of urgency about contouring?? I have some ideas, but this isn't a column now is it?    Anyway, just ranting...     
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HALL OF FAMER ballerinagrl / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Ha, contouring! I'm still trying to figure out how to blend blusher over foundation! ;) see post
No Insurgent/Sephora collab?
I was late on the Divergent/Sephora collab last year.  Assuming there is no collab this year for the Insurgent movie since it has not  come out yet and the movie is out...?
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The only items I was able to find last year was a slim kit with a few eye shadows, bronzer and lipgloss and I found a nail polish set.  My Sephora in JCP had the big kit... see post
Do you start with your eye makeup or your face makeup?
I always start with my eyes so that if I mess up, I can wipe it off without having to disrupt my face makeup, and also so that my moisturizer has time to sink in. I do find that starting with the eyes can leave some skin near my eyes that doesn't have foundation on it because I don't want to get too close to my eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc.   I'm interested to know, do you start with your eyes or your face?
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I always do my eyes first, I am way to messy to risk ruining my face with eyeshadow/mascara/whatever is on my eyes! see post
Travel palettes?
So I've been on the hunt for a good travel palette that I could customize with a powder, blusher, shadow, lipstick (maybe). I've been wanting something that I could just keep in my gym bag or purse for day-to-night touchups, or for the times I like to go hang out after my gym sessions. I'll be honest I dislike going elsewhere for my beauty needs. I like the satisfaction of purchasing from my favorite beauty brands and racking up rewards points. However, I looked all over Sephora and a product such as what I described doesn't exist. Yes, I found about 2-3 mini touchup palettes but the reviews weren't that great and of course being a darker-skinned woman I have to contend with getting the color right. Anyway, I ended up at Inglot and I was able to take advantage of their "Freedom System" which allowed me to put together my own palette with all the items I desired. Total cost was about $60-a bargain for all the full-sized items that went into that palette. The only drawback was that the palette was a little heavy and it doesn't have a mirror. But it just got me thinking why doesn't Sephora have a customized palette service (beyond just eyeshadows)? The SEPHORA COLLECTION brand carries such a broad range of product so it would seem doable within that brand.    Idk, has anyone else discovered a great travel palette that minimizes the need to carry around a bunch of stuff? I like the one I got from Inglot, but I'm still curious if there's anything else out there. Here's a pic of what I got: 
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Good suggestions everyone! I had looked into NOTR and the NARsissist palettes. They came close, but the problem was the bronzers. Bronzer wears terribly on my skin. Par... see post
How to get this look?
LMAO! "Irks my anal region".   Welcome to the USA where money buys you fame and talent gets you nowhere. see post
looking for lighter coverage + concealer instead of using heavy foundation
Since spring is coming, I really want to go for a more "no makeup makeup" look. I usually wear foundation, but really no one at my school wears much makeup and I feel awkward wearing heavy makeup. I have really problematic skin, so lighter coverage probably won't cover all of it, but it's come to the point where I don't really care since I'd rather look more natural.    I have combination-oily skin with an insanely oily t-zone, and I'm also very acne prone (mainly on my forehead) and have some dark marks all over my forehead. I've tried the Smashbox BB cream, and so far I like it, but I'm open to suggestions! I also tried the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer, but the finish is too dewy for me. I'd prefer a satin/semi-matte finish and nothing that will make me even more oily.   Since I'm using lighter coverage, I still need a concealer to cover up the seriously large zits. I've heard good things about MUFE Full Cover Concealer, but I'm afraid that the texture is really thick and greasy and I'm worried it'll make me oily. Is the new Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer good? I want something full coverage without having a thick texture.   
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Louis   For a light foundation, I suggest Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid.   For a good concealer for blemishes (that is pigmented but not cakey or drying), I suggest H... see post
I am 67 and need an undereye concealer that works great for aging, dry skin that doesn't cake.
Armani has two concealer a that are perfect because they are a thicker cream but not the more solid of most concealers. This tip was one I learned....the crimes blend be... see post
HD Foundation
heard that HD foundtion is excellent.  Is it?  How do I select  a shade.  Currently use clinque  continuous coverage - ivory. have med-light skin tone and was told that I have blue understones and to use yellow tones as concealer.   not even sure what that is anymore since that was a long time ago.  any suggestions. also need a really good concealer to hide dark circles - use clinque brand that was discontinued.  thank you much. 
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Hydrating foundation
Looking for recommendations for foundation, preferably powder, that is hydrating, doesn't cake in in the fine lines and that looks good on fair skin.  I have been through many so many products now that haven't been hydrating or just simply don't match my skin.  Even though I am fair, I am not extremely pale.  So, it's hard finding one that isn't too too white.
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I second BareMinerals... I've been using it for years and absolutely love it! see post
Best way to apply UD Naked Skin Liquid Foundation to get best coverage?
Hey everyone! I just got the UD Naked Skin liquid foundation in shade 1.0 and it matched my yellow toned fair skin pretty well. How do you apply this foundation to get the most coverage? I just applied it for the first time and would love to hear your opinions on the best application technique.   I primed my skin with the Too Faced Hangover Rx, and then applied the foundation by squirting one pump onto the back of my hand, dotting the foundation on my face with my finger, repeating with another pump, and patting it in (not buffing) with my Sigma F80. My cheeks still had some redness so I tried squirting one pump onto the F80 and buffed it in.    Thanks for your help!
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Hi, I use this product usually every day (but have been using Perricone No Makeup Serum recently). I actually prime my face with UD DeSlick, pump a bit of my foundation... see post
I need a foundation for prom?
prom is like two weeks away, I need a foundation recommendation asap.    oily skin, redness/scaring, large pores.   also a powder to set with please? it has to photograph well!! 
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Have you considered booking a consultation at your local Sephora to have your make up done?   The Custom Makeover service is a 45 minute make over where you spend a mi... see post
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
Ok so i have finally decided to bite the bullet and buy the foundation. It's $60 but i have wanted to try it. I am in nc40 in mac. Please help!
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Hi ladies,  Am I the only one who gets a little shopping high when you buy new makeup?? I just ordered so many things tonight. I feel like I canʻt stop because that feeling is so good. I have insomnia so I like to go browse the new stuff. I told myself to stop and I just havenʻt been able to. Does anyone have ways to stop myself from getting the urge to spend money no matter how beautiful or a deal the product is? I know this sounds a bit ridiculous because I know about the enable me thread.
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HALL OF FAMER ballerinagrl / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I'm hooked to it too, but always try to separate the product from the packaging. If you already have a dupe, it's a no unless it has a different texture. Always always a... see post