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  I've been hijacking threads lately with my various color challenges. It's time for it's own place!    The rules:  Each week (Sunday- Saturday) there will be a new color to incorporate into your makeup looks. It can be one item of that color or a whole face. Try to incorporate it 4-5 times during the week, and post your pic, or discuss your colors here with everyone! If you can only do a day or two, that's fine too! This should be fun!    For folks on a No Buy, it's a great way to Shop your collection. I hope you'll join me!    Week 7 Aug 30- sept 5: PLUM                        
I was wondering why, when I sort products by "new" on the website, some new products come up, but also some products that have been around for a long time come up, but say "new". For example, when I sort foundations by what is new, the Lancôme Teint Idole 24 Hr comes up with "new" under it, although I know it has been around a long time. When I click on it, it has the same description and reviews from a long time ago. Does this just mean that the formula has changed? If so, I think it would be nice if it was put into an entirely new category so that the old reviews and answers to questions don't come up when I am trying to decide on the new formulation. Thanks.
A lot of the other big beauty brands have their own threads now, so I thought, why not NARS?   Let's share news about new collections, feedback on products, etc here.   Currently, they are rolling out the Fall 2015 Collection: VIP Red Lipstick & Chelsea Girls and Baby Doll Lipgloss Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Tribulation blush Spoiler (Highlight to read) Telesto & Pasiphae Dual Intensity Shadows Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) 8 colors of Shadow Sticks Spoiler (Highlight to read)     And not part of the Fall collection, but a new 413BLKR blush duo and a new mascara  Holiday 2015 sneak     Have you picked up anything from the collection so far?  Do tell! 
Hey Beauties- We have ALOT of threads around here for Tom Ford products. I figured I'd start one thread where we can update each other on items as they come out or we see them available.    For all my UK'ers, or people willing to pay for shipping from the UK, Harrods has Softcore and Nude Dip from the Fall collection available right now. Happy Shopping! 
CT Canada.png
I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.   Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge!    Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before Thanks in advance!
Hi ladies!   I'm interested in trying the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation, but I'm having trouble choosing a shade. My color IQ from last month is 2Y04 and that matched to Bisque Light 22 - fair with pink undertones.That makes no sense to me, as I definitely have a yellow undertone. I'm a MAC NC20-25, and I'm currently wearing MUFE Ultra HD in Y313. The MUFE is a shade too dark, as my summer tan is starting to fade.   Does anyone have any swatches they would be wiling to share with me? I'm torn between  Bisque Neutral 27 - fair with yellow undertones and  Bisque Medium 26 - fair with neutral undertones. Any advice, comparisons or swatches is appreciated, as there's no way I can make the trip to my local Sephora this week.
I searched to see if there was a thread on this, couldn't find one!   So freakin' over the moon about this!  I have refused to buy the lip tars because of the tube and needing a brush to apply...ain't no makeup addict got time for all of that, not this one anyway.   Now it comes like regular lippies.  YAY   Between these and the new milani lippies I'm set for the year!  Oh and the bite lipsticks too.  LOL  
I was just about to make an order for the burberry beauty box and it's out of stock!  I am so sad about it... Is it just temporarily out of stock or it will disappear forever?   Let me cry for a while...
Just looking at the new shades and they look lovely.  Do I "need" any of them?  If so, which?  I actually don't mind the stiffer wears well on me (my lips aren't dry). Thoughts...suggestions...thanks!
Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.24.39 AM.png
Since MAC has so many releases coming I thought we could share this info here and our love for the brand   AUGUST 2015   MAC Haute DogsCollection ON LINE NOW! Stores Thursday August 20th   MAC X Brooke Candy - ONLINE ONLY AUGUST 27 2015 Spoiler (Highlight to read) Mind Control - Bright cherry red (Amplified) Which Witch - Deep plum (Amplified) - posted below Liquid Eye liner – Intense balck Mind Control - Bright cherry red (Amplified)Which Witch - Deep plum (Amplified) - posted belowLiquid Eye liner – Intense balck   MAC VamplifyCollection - Online August 26th (North America); in-stores September 3rd (North America)   Spoiler (Highlight to read)     SEPTEMBER 2015   MAC StudioWaterweight Foundation SPF 30 Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Viva Glam Miley Sept 8 Spoiler (Highlight to read)   OCTOBER 2015   MAC M.A.Cnificent me! Collection - Oct. 1st Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Part 1/3 LIPSTCIKS $16.50 / $20 Fashion Revival - Deep Raspberry (Matte, repromoted LE) My Inner Femme - Intense orangey red (amplified Creme, New LE) Self Aware - Coffee nude (Amplified Creme, New LE) Diva Antics - Intense reddish burgundy (Amplified Creme, New LE) Deep Love - Deep brown wine (Matte, repromoted LE)   LIP PENCIL$16 / $19 Cherry Me On - Bright Intense orange (Matte, New LE) Well Behaved - Intense red orange (Matte, New LE) Everyone's Darling - Deep red burgundy (Matte, New LE) Cork - Muted golden brown (Satin, Repromote) OPULASH $17 / $20 Repromote Optimum Black - Intense black Penultimate   EYELINER $20 / $24 Rapidblack - True Black (New, LE) BLUSH $22 / $26 Devil - Bright coral orange (Matte, Repromote) Burnt Pepper - Warm rich terracotta (Matte, Reoromote) A Little Lusty - Intense red berry (Satin, New LE)     Part 2/3 MATTENE (New, LE) $19 / $22 Power My Spirit - Deep black plum Own the Look - Deep intense purple Strutting Fabulous - Bright lavender Personal Pick - Mid-tone cool rose PRO LONGWEAR PAINT POT $22 / $26 Stroke My Ego - Pink silver shimmer (New,LE) Imaginary - Deep blue plum shimmer (Repromote, LE) Frozen Violet - Muted purple shimmer (Repromote) Stormy Pink - Muted grey purple (Repromote) Nice Composure - Mid-tone cool grey (New,LE) Kohl Power Eye Pencil $16 / $19 Feline - Rich black (Repromote) Haute & Naughty Too Black lash- Black (Repromote) $22 / $26 STUDIO NAIL LAQUER $12 / $14 Blog This - Deep purple plum (Cream, LE) Simply Swinging - Grey Lilac (Cream, LE) 215 Brush - Medium shader brush (natural fibers, Repromote) $25 / $30     Part 3/3 PATENTPOLISH LIP PENCIL $20 US / $24 Pleasure's All Mine - Pale warm nude (New, LE) Look Lively - Light cream pink (New, Permanent) It's Really Me - Warm nude (New, Permanent) Make Me Proud - Mid-tone Pink (New, Permanent) My Flip Side - Mid-tone Creamy brown (New,permanent) M•A•Cnificent Me! EYES X 9 $40 / $48 LE Cool Complement - Cool medium brown (Matte) Frankly Frosty - Light grey taupe (Matte) MACnificent Me! - Pink white frost (Frost) Fabulous DNA - Light Pink Shimmer (Frost) In My Element - Cool silver Pearlized pigments (Lustre) Pleasing to the Eye - Mid-tone Rose (Matte) Sable - Gold-plum with bronze Pearlized pigments (Velvet, Repromote) Quiet Type - Medium bronze shimmer (Frost) Dance In the Dark - Deep cool brown (Velvet) MASCARA - In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash (Repromote) $22 / $26 SCULPT AND SHAPE POWDER $26 / $31 Accentuate/Sculpt - Pale blushed beige / Soft taupe brown (Repromote, LE) Lightsweep/Shadester - Warm Beige with fine Pearlized pigments / Mid-tone leathery brown (Repromote, LE)   BRUSH- Natural Fibers (Repromote) 168 - Large angled contour brush $35 / $42 239 - Eye shader brush $25 / $30  Part 1/3LIPSTCIKS $16.50 / $20Fashion Revival - Deep Raspberry (Matte, repromoted LE)My Inner Femme - Intense orangey red (amplified Creme, New LE)Self Aware - Coffee nude (Amplified Creme, New LE)Diva Antics - Intense reddish burgundy (Amplified Creme, New LE)Deep Love - Deep brown wine (Matte, repromoted LE) LIP PENCIL$16 / $19Cherry Me On - Bright Intense orange (Matte, New LE)Well Behaved - Intense red orange (Matte, New LE)Everyone's Darling - Deep red burgundy (Matte, New LE)Cork - Muted golden brown (Satin, Repromote)OPULASH $17 / $20 RepromoteOptimum Black - Intense blackPenultimate EYELINER $20 / $24Rapidblack - True Black (New, LE)BLUSH $22 / $26Devil - Bright coral orange (Matte, Repromote)Burnt Pepper - Warm rich terracotta (Matte, Reoromote)A Little Lusty - Intense red berry (Satin, New LE)  Part 2/3MATTENE (New, LE) $19 / $22Power My Spirit - Deep black plumOwn the Look - Deep intense purple Strutting Fabulous - Bright lavender Personal Pick - Mid-tone cool rose PRO LONGWEAR PAINT POT $22 / $26Stroke My Ego - Pink silver shimmer (New,LE)Imaginary - Deep blue plum shimmer (Repromote, LE)Frozen Violet - Muted purple shimmer (Repromote)Stormy Pink - Muted grey purple (Repromote) Nice Composure - Mid-tone cool grey (New,LE)Kohl Power Eye Pencil $16 / $19 Feline - Rich black (Repromote)Haute & Naughty Too Black lash- Black (Repromote) $22 / $26STUDIO NAIL LAQUER $12 / $14 Blog This - Deep purple plum (Cream, LE)Simply Swinging - Grey Lilac (Cream, LE) 215 Brush - Medium shader brush (natural fibers, Repromote) $25 / $30  Part 3/3PATENTPOLISH LIP PENCIL $20 US / $24Pleasure's All Mine - Pale warm nude (New, LE) Look Lively - Light cream pink (New, Permanent)It's Really Me - Warm nude (New, Permanent)Make Me Proud - Mid-tone Pink (New, Permanent)My Flip Side - Mid-tone Creamy brown (New,permanent) M•A•Cnificent Me! EYES X 9 $40 / $48 LECool Complement - Cool medium brown (Matte) Frankly Frosty - Light grey taupe (Matte)MACnificent Me! - Pink white frost (Frost)Fabulous DNA - Light Pink Shimmer (Frost)In My Element - Cool silver Pearlized pigments (Lustre) Pleasing to the Eye - Mid-tone Rose (Matte)Sable - Gold-plum with bronze Pearlized pigments (Velvet, Repromote) Quiet Type - Medium bronze shimmer (Frost) Dance In the Dark - Deep cool brown (Velvet) MASCARA - In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash (Repromote) $22 / $26 SCULPT AND SHAPE POWDER $26 / $31Accentuate/Sculpt - Pale blushed beige / Soft taupe brown (Repromote, LE) Lightsweep/Shadester - Warm Beige with fine Pearlized pigments / Mid-tone leathery brown (Repromote, LE)  BRUSH- Natural Fibers (Repromote)168 - Large angled contour brush $35 / $42 239 - Eye shader brush $25 / $30 MAC X Guo Pei Collection - Oct 1st (date subject to change) Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Enchanted Eve collection for the holidays (date TBA) **Purple packaging lipstick and WOG in this collection** Spoiler (Highlight to read)   NOVEMBER 2015   DECEMBER 2015   MAC X Ellie Goulding   2016 MAC Selena MAC x Brooke Candy (2016 bigger collection 12-14 items)   Upcoming no dates: MAC liquid lipsticks MAC x Dita Von Teese    
I would like to try Kat Von D foundation I use Estee Lauder double wear in ivory beige...what color would I be?
I started looking into the brand and wanted people's thoughts about the products. I've heard a lot about their cc cream with spf 50. They don't have many colors but it's suppose to blend to your perfect skin tone. I like that the make up line also focuses on anti-aging also. The vitality lip flush 4 in 1 looks interesting too.
Hi ladies and gents,        I'm definitely guilty of dwelling on what went wrong rather than focusing on the positives throughout the day. I wanted to create this thread so that hopefully the positivity can spread! I'd love to hear the positive experiences you've had. Beauty related is great , but feel free to post non-beauty related positive things too! Ranting is definitely a healthy coping skill but in moderation.    A beauty related positive thing that happened to me today was that my friend gave me two new MUFE shadows for no special occasion, she just thought they would look perfect on me.   A non-beauty positive thing that happened to me today was while I was in line twenty dollars dropped out of my purse (I didn't notice) and then a random stranger tapped me and gave it back to me. I'm usually very cynical but he could've just taken it and suffer no consequences, so experiences like this helps restore my faith in humanity. What went right for you today?? (:
This is more about helping me understand what the girl at Sephora wrote on my foundation sample.   So I've been looking for a good foundation for some time now and since I don't know much about this I decided to visit my local Sephora. I found the foundation I liked but I'm just having a really hard time finding it since what the girl helping me wrote down doesn't seem to match any of the foundations online.  Would someone please help me find this foundations by MUFE or tell me if she just wrote random numbers down?    The foundation is MUFE #4365 
Thoughts on Too Faced Better than False Lashes Extreme. Worth the price? Does it really work or do you recommend a different product? Just want a mascara to lengthen my lashes (they are super short).
Hi, I'm a man who has been playing with makeup and earrings for some time now.  Would love to see pictures of lipstick shades, eye liner patterns and large earrings  - hoops and dangling ones. 
So I just picked up some of the exclusive Revolution shades, and I was looking around for a place to post swatches and realized (thanks guzelkiz!) that Urban Decay was not yet represented among the various brand threads. A travesty! So here it is.   The shades I picked up are Protest and Matte Carnal. I was afraid they would be dupes of things, because I apparently tend to buy the same-ish shades of nude/muted colors over and over.   The good news, they're not! Both are close to things I have, but they're not exact dupes, at least in natural light.   Here's Protest, between NARS Audacious Anita on the left, and Raquel on the right, with Jane underneath. It's close, but it's still warmer than Anita and darker than Raquel, so score!     Here's Carnal, between Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin on the left and NARS Audacious Jane on the right. Again, close, but warmer than CS and darker than Jane.     Anybody grab the other exclusives yet?
Hi I recently started using Nars sheer glow foundation and I am in the shade punjab and I really was wanting to try Nars concealer stick but unfortunately i don't know what shade i would be so i was wondering if you would mind helping me. Thank You!!!
Wasnt there a way to choose UPS for shipping? Or am I confusing it for USPS?    I won't go into my issues with Ontrac, everyone's experience is different, some will understand some won't, I'm just looking for a solution to a problem (besides walking into a store to buy then shipping it myself). 
I've been contemplating making an order for some Tarte items, but I haven't used much of the brand aside from the Maracuja Oil, the Lipsurgences, a brush I bought recently and of course, their mascara. I want to try some new products. I have my eye on:   The Tartelette palette, Rainforest After Dark palette, Tarteist Clay Paint liner Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation (powder) Timeless smoothing primer Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation Amazonian clay BB tinted moisturizer Smooth operator™ Amazonian clay  tinted pressed finishing powder   Phew, that was a lot lol . Does anyone have opinions on these items, or have suggestions for something else to try? Thank you so much in advance!    
Hi BTers, do we have a thread for this? I'm on the Tom Ford Updates thread and I thought some of us might also want to share on Chanel. Eagerly awaiting the Chanel Mediterranee Summer 2015 and of course what's new for Les Beiges this summer. Share some pics, news, what are your 'must haves' for Chanel releases coming up? I'm really interested in this nail color and seriously debating about the bronzer. I'm trying to decide what road to go down for bronzer, the new Estee Lauder illuminating gelee, or the new Guerlain Terracotta powders, or this beauty... As far as the date, I've been talking to my Chanel SA and the collection seems to be coming out later than they thought. I think I saw somewhere it would be May. Share some Chanel here The cheek stick…and the neutral nails :-)
burberry cheek bloom.jpg
In the vein of the recent Tom Ford Updates and Chanel Updates threads, I thought I would start one for Burberry! I think they have had a ton of great releases recently (new eye shadow formula, kisses lippies). Burberry is one of the most consistently good designer lines in my opinion.   Some great shots of the new collection are on the Fall 2015 Collections thread and I was surprised to see that the new Lip & Cheek Bloom is actually already available at Nordstrom! this fall collection posted on ModelRecommends looks pretty amazing too. that palette!   what items have you liked recently from Burberry? Anything you are waiting for or have your eye on?
Hi, So I recently got a bunch of natural hair brushes to replace most in my Sigma set that weren't picking up my powder makeup that well. That being said, what's the best way to clean them? I've read people like using Dr. Bronners, but are the scented ones okay? I've also heard of people using baby shampoo. Also, what do people do in between washes to spot clean them? For my Sigma set, since they are all synthetic, I just used an rubbing alcohol/dish soap mix I made and spritz it on a tissue and wipe the brushes every time I use them to spot clean. I've also heard you need to condition natural hair brushes. How often would I need to do that and with what? Thanks in advance for the help! 
Have you ever had a really high expectation over a beauty product, and in your mind this product will change everything, but when you put it on your face, you hear the car breaks sound? This is how I feel about the Kat Von D eyeliner in Trooper.   I've had my perfect HG eyeliner for years, I hardly ever use anything else, and when I do, it doesn't ever compare to my one and only Stila. Recently, I have been lusting over KVD's liner in Trooper. I read raving reviews, heard many people speak highly about this product, it was completely hyped up in my mind. Yet, I had hesitated to purchase, feeling like I would be betraying my one true love. Kat Von D then released the limited edition liner and I was sold. I needed to finally try this liner. I purchased it, without guilt, in my mind I apologized to new Stila liner (I had just opened a new liner and threw my old one away) and said "I'm probably never using you again".   I should explain why I'm not 100% faithful to my Stila liner. I hate the felt tip, after a couple of uses it starts to wear down (have remove felt hairs from the tip), and makes it harder to be draw a precise line. But after you remove the hairs, at her prime she is a dream, glides beautifully, easy to draw, and it's waterproof! I wished for a replacement that did not have a felt tip, and for a matte finish.   Once I received my KVD liner, I couldn't wait to apply it, to draw my perfect winged line. I always start on the inner part of my eye and work my way to the outer, draw wing and connect. I have no complaints on the actual pen or the brush tip, it's actually my favorite, but the color is just not black enough. I feel like I have to redraw my line a couple of times for it to be strong, never had this problem with Stila. Honestly, that wasn't a deal breaker. I can reapply and deal with wastefulness. We get back from dinner and my husband puts on a romantic comedy movie from Netflix, I knew waterworks were coming. I always cry. Of course I cried, cleaned myself as carefully as one can clean. After the movie is finished, I go to the bathroom and look at my face. I have black running down my cheeks (wearing my waterproof HG mascara), the inner part of my liner is completely gone, wings gone, I have NEVER had this happen with my Stila. With my Stila liner I can watch a romantic comedy and cry, wipe, and my wings are always there. I am officially done with my affair, 100% devoted to Stila until a better version comes along.   So now to my question, have any of you ever had a really high expectation for a beauty product and were highly disappointed? Let me know.
has anyone tired this if so how do you like it?     
Has anyone seen this, or is it truly India exclusive?  
Ladies, I need help in deciding between peony or orange blossom, but I have yet to find either color on somebody with a medium skin tone. I've seen these on pigmented lips, but not on cheeks! Any help would be most welcome.  Also, is that champagne pop really worth it? I have shied away from highlighter my whole life, and I keep hearing/reading about it, so please let me know if you love it, or loathe it.  Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
If you're interested in old Hollywood glam I would highly suggest checking out this brand.  They have a small but beautiful collection of cosmetics including "Violet brightening powder" for your face and "Cake Mascara".    I have never seen anything like the mascara before. It comes in a dry cake (obviously) which you then mix with water to get the right consistency. The really cool thing about this mascara is that you can spritz it with disinfectant to get rid of bacteria, fungus, and mold. Amazing! And because you wet it every time you use it never dries out prematurely.    NOTE: Sorry this sounds a little bit like an ad, I swear they didn't pay me to say this, I'm just really excited about this brand.   EDIT: I'll review the mascara and violet powder on this post when I get them.