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Hey Beauties- We have ALOT of threads around here for Tom Ford products. I figured I'd start one thread where we can update each other on items as they come out or we see them available.    For all my UK'ers, or people willing to pay for shipping from the UK, Harrods has Softcore and Nude Dip from the Fall collection available right now. Happy Shopping! 
So i just purchased Better than sex mascara yesterday , and i Got YSL shocking mascara today , i like both of them but i dont need both of them , i dont know which one to keep now , what do you think? And whats your favorite mascara and why?
Hi you Bite fanatics! So we already have a discussion on the released colors here: b-Sephora-color-of-the-month/td-p/1847087 but I wanted us to have a place to discuss what colors we were hoping would be released. For instance, what color would put you over the edge to make a purchase? For me, I would really love to see a sheer black.... or something similar to Givenchy Liv's Lips, or Lipstick Queen's Hello Sailor. I think that would be pretty amazing!! Especially if it's a Bite formula. Basically, I won't buy colors that are very common or easily dupe-able. Also, as a sidenote, it'd be really cool if people who went to the Bite Lip Lab could somehow figure out what the color formula is for the limited releases... It would look something like this, I guess: Formula: Creme Deluxe Scent: ? Flavor:? Colors: 2/3 Scarlet, 1/3 Tannin (just an example)
Hi everyone, so I was wondering if someone could help me find the best foundation for me. I have very dry skin yet its also very oily. I also have acne and lots of acne scaring. When I wear a foundation or BB cream my skin always ends up peeling underneath of the foundation no matter how much moisturizer I use. I also want it to cover up my scars and blemishes but not be too thick. I really want to find a foundation that will cover everything I want it to, not crack up, wear all day, and not look caked. Thanks!
bite january.jpg
OMG Bite lipsticks are my weakness! me-deluxe-lipstick-P392929?skuId=1691773&country_s ...
BOX IS CLOSED DELUXE AND FOILS WINTER TSB Qualifications: Must be 18 yrs. or older Must be VIB or VIB Rouge Rules: Must be able to pay $17 dollars for shipping (USPS) Must provide a tracking number. Must be able to post pictures of what you take and put in Do not take more than what you put in. Keep the value of items equal. Trade on or above the value of what you have taken from the box. It would be a good idea to post your trade before you ship the box. Ship the box out within 3 days. (USPS does home pickup, so no EXCUSES! ) If you are traveling or something comes up, please let us know ASAP so we can move you on the list. What to include in the box ☆Products from brands sold at Barney's, Saks, Sephora and Nordstrom. The exception to the rule is Asian products which you cannot get in the states (Sulwhasoo, Etude House, Peripera, Hada Labo, etc.) ☆ All opened items must be labeled ("swatched", "opened", "tried/used"…) Sanitize and pack all explodable or leakable products in ziplocks and bubble wrap. ☆ Makeup as long as you've cleaned it with alcohol & it doesn't have big fingerprint marks/dents in it ☆ Mascara if it's sealed and/or has not been used at ALL ☆ Lotion, creams allowed if they are brand new or in a pump bottle for sanitary reasons ☆ Fragrance if it's in a spray bottle (can be 1/2 used too) & must be wrapped ☆ Nail polish must be tightly closed & bubble wrapped/bagged ☆ Anything that is sealed Do not include: Pre-made samples Drugstore items (unless it's from a brand hard to find in the US) Heavily used items (but if it is an expensive ítem someone might be interested, just ask in the thread) Swatching items in the box Putting in anything unsanitary/things that can't be cleaned or sanitized   ---> If you have anything that is questionable just ask in the thread! =]   1. Greenporchlights (Unicorn fragance samples -niche and fancy-pantsy perfume samples-that require thorough testing before investing such as a Tom Ford Private Blend)9407803699300013135735 2. Michelle shops    9407803699300013277350 3. Dtalks all   9114 9999 4431 3413 3512 16 4. Laynebr 9114 9011 5981 8948 1305 87 5. Heatherbee 9505511034285027477498 6. Makeupobsesed 7. Sdbeautyjunkie1 9405503699300486352753 9405503699300486352760 8. Annypoo 9405503699300486352760 9405509699938185985709 9. Masaya 10. Kiml150 (mini lipsticks or anything Diptyque) 11. Sn22 12. Rhiannon1419 (Julep nailpolish that belongs to the Wanderlust collection) 13. Rose135 (Korean skincare that does not include mineral oil, SKII, Tata Harper, Tatcha) 14. Onceuponatime (Asian skincare) 15. Makeuplovertay (living proof and drybar hair products, as well as any kind of samples!) 16. Redwagon44 17. Dolceloure 18. Trishalyn 19. StephaniLynn        
I just got a beauty blender since some of you have recommended it. And I want to thank all of you that have because I am so loving it for foundation!!!   Any who, I washed it for the first time today using baby shampoo (Thats what I normally use for my makeup tools) and i noticed pink dye started running out of the beauty blender.. Is this normal?
WHAT? WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?   The five stages of grief for a discontinued product:   1. Denial: "What? Maybe they just moved it off the display to make room for the new items. Can you search the back again?"   2. Anger: "WHY the heck would they do this? This is .... this will not stand! I'm .... AHHHH!"   3. Bargaining: "Can you just check the stock to see if you have any left? Ebay, yeah, I'll try that!!!! If you bring it back, I promise to repurchase regularly!"   4. Depression: "I really wanted that. Now it's gone. It's gone and it's too late. I ... what's the point of even going to Sephora now?"   5. Acceptance: "Ok, Google, give me a dupe for my discontinued holy grail."     We all have this happen to us- whether it be the discontinuation of our absolute favorite product, or the cessation of selling a product you were always planning on buying but never got a chance too...   Here is where we can support each other after the products we want are discontinued.    
I started playing with yesterday's haul and had to stop and take pictures of this. I like to call this photo series:   Benefit Rollerlash: The Hype Is Real!   I had eyeshadow on one eye and after one coat of mascara I took it off, because you guys had to see this! (That's why my eye is a little red. Also, I have a cold and am wearing no other make-up, so I look a little scary!)   These are all: Nothing on my right eye (screen left), Rollerlash on the left eye, no primer, no lash curler. Note, I have hard to curl lashes, so this is a greater feat than I can even explain.   1 coat, top only:   2 coats, top only:     (Still 2 coats, top, but closer up - see the curl???)   2 coats top, 1 coat bottom:   It's only been half an hour, but the curl hasn't dropped at all. I'm snowed in and not going anywhere so I'm going to leave it as is, and I'll update at the end of the day and let you know if it lasts.   So far I'm impressed!  
Saw on IG colourpop is coming out with a new line of blushes in a couple of weeks.  They are twice the amount of the shadows so the price has increased (bummer).   I guess we'll see them popping up with IGers in a few days.  They don't seem to have a large presence on YT, unless I'm missing something.  The vloggers I follow very rarely state they had products sent to them.  Maybe I'm just not in the know.   I really wish they would do a liquid matte lippie!   I can't wait!  I love a good blush!
*****UPDATED***** FEB 12/2015 Bobbi Browns new HOT NUDES COLLECTION. Firstly i would like to start off by saying thank you to Sephora for sending me this collection as gratis. I am extremely greatful to them and Bobbi Brown.  I just received these in the mail and i couldnt wait to share with my fellow BT'ers.... Ill post pictures and swatches for now, but i want to use the items before giving you guys my true thoughts and opinions. So keep looking out for new posts! I can say right away that the shadows and blushes swatch beautifully and the art sticks are insanely highly pigmented. The packaging is stunning as with all other Bobbi Brown products, but i will say they are smaller than expected. I was given: Hot Nudes Eye Palette Cheek Palette in PINK 3 Art Sticks in - Hot Pink, Hot Berry, Hot Orange I also purchased the Calypso Cheek palette when i found out i was being sent should be here in a few days. I will also post pictures of this.. Enjoy the pictures guys. Its a Gorgeous collection...again im so excited and greatful for this. ART STICKS Left to Right: Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Berry    Cheek Palette: PINK Left to Right: Pale Pink Blush, Pink Highlight, Powder Pink Blush   Cheek Palette: CALYPSO (PURCHASED MYSELF) Left to Right: Pretty Coral, Calypso, Coral Sugar   Hot Nudes Eye Palette Left to Right: Ivory, Smoke, Peach Sugar, Cement, Nude Petal, Bronzed Beige, Nude Glow, Blackest Brown  
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a new concealer and stumbled across the MUFE Full Cover concealer. I have my Nars concealer, but it's a bit too pink for me in the shade Honey. Any swatches for light-medium neutral skin? If you have full swatches, that would be great, too! -Katie
Hi everyone! I have the Pro Platinum Airbrush #55 (the one with the silver handle) and absolutely love it! I've used it so much though that it's about time to get a new one, except it's already discontinued.   Is the new #55 anything like the old one in terms of size/shape? Are there other brushes that are quite similar? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance !
you guys know i love my NARS. and i am SUPER EXCITED about this release. as they put it: "a study in nudes for eyes, lips and cheeks--daring, baring, anything but neutral". it's all very chic.   it's live on NARS website and their boutiques, but i have  no information on when this will be released elsewhere. if anyone knows, please chime in !   (they've also launched a new foundation, thread on it can be found here: Luminous-Weightless-Foundation/td-p/1858795 )   i'm particularly intrigued by the "reckless" blush. i know it'll be mine. but this looks made for  very  pale skin. i guess this should be called "a study in nudes for very white girls" which is a more than fair criticism and worthy of discussion.   regardless, here are some releases for spring 2015:   lips : a sheer lipstick, liguria (i'm kind of new to the sheer lipstick world and very much wonder how a "nude" lipstick can differ much. i suppose this one looks warmer / oranger than, say pago pago). it's described as a nude caramel. this one is LE. and two lipglosses which are a seashell pink and a sheer silvery highlight color.  Guyane: and Vent Salé (LE)   cheeks blush in reckless. (want. want want want). described as "sheer pink shimmer" i think this is the pinker answer to the apricot Luster.   eyes there is a eye paint in porto venere (a pale pink), a single in valhalla (shimmer shadow in pinky peach) and a duo in st paul de vence (shimmery nectarines; this one is LE).   here is queen tilda in the collection.
Last summer I had to have some basal cell cancer removed. Now I understand how important sunscreen is. My question, for your face, is it better to have  a foundation with sunscreen in it or to apply a separate sunscreen and foundation ? I have very dry skin so I don't know if that matters or not when it comes to which method is best. I have currently been using the IT Cosmetics CC cream foundation but that seems to irritate my rosacea.
I have heard a lot about this concealer. I was planning to return my select cover up concealer by MAC (does it stay as long as the pro longwear?) and exchange it for the Pro Longwear Concealer. But I go into the store and attempt to squeeze out the tiniest of product but it turned into this puddle across the back of my hand. What do you think of MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer? Is there any way to get a tiny bit of product out, because I only plan to use them under my eyes.
The Armani Eye & Brow Maestro Creams are supposed to be total game changers, which can be used as eyeshadows, brow color, and even hair color (hair color - seriously?).   There are 9 shades (described as iridescent), they are (apparently) waterproof and they (apparently) last 20 hours.    I have to say I'm intrigued. What do you all think?
As I am very adept with makeup, I am doing my own makeup for prom and was wondering if you have any tips or tricks, as well as a good foundation brand to use, and any suggestions for how to do my makeup in general. Anything is helpful!    I have attached a picture of me in my dress (:    Also, I'm not afraid of going dramatic with my look either, so don't hold back! I was thinking of doing a red/burgundy lip color.   Thank you so much!
Hey lovlies, I just looked at my favorite lip liner and it's down to a nub, isn't that sad?? I need to fine a dupe for it since I don't see in on Sephora. I like that I can sharpen it like a pencil and how it goes on so smooth. And Papua is such a great neutral shade. I've tried the Nars Velvet lip liners but I'm not a big fan. I'll use them once my Papua bites the dust. Please help.
Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.30.44 AM.png
To all of you ladies who wanted Heat Wave, missed it and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it, it will be rereleasing in Estee Lauder's Summer 2015 collection!!! I'll update this thread with the release date of the collection as soon as it is available.   EDIT:  Heat Wave will be releasing in March with new circular packaging and the amount of actual product has been reduced. I personally dislike that they reduced the size and changed the packaging. The old packaging is very luxurious and classic Estée Lauder. The new packaging, frankly, looks cheap
Hi all! I'm looking for a full coverage concealer. I'm new to it and currently only use Nars tinted moisturizer in Alaska. Thank you for the help!
Last year I purchased a Bobbi Brown Hollywood palette at cosmetics store in an outlet mall. Once I pulled it out, I realized that it stunk. Really. Not a rancid stink, but more of a "I am super made out of petrochemicals" stink. FWIW, I noticed that unlike another BB pallete I have and love (Desert colors), this one was made in China. Do you think that shadows/etc made in China tend to have an unpleasant odor? Also, I can't help but wonder if it was a counterfeit. Thoughts?
Hey y'all, since a few were inquiring. It's available on the Urban Decay website again.   EDIT: Need direct link for Vice LTD , PM me if need a link   EDIT 2.0: Bad news, sooo it looks like it's unavailable now....
Full Bloom Blushes
Hi ladies,   I am looking for a good coral blush (I am medium toned and lean warm). I would like something similar to NARS torrid but I don't like shimmer. Any recommendations?
im going away for 3 weeks and have no clue what to buy that is suitable for the conditions, i need help please???????????????????????? xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xxxoxoxoxoxo
Okay, since this is a Sephora board, I'm sticking with the popular brands of make-up that are sold at Sephora.   What words, terms, concepts do you associate with the following brands? It doesn't matter if your associations are logical, rational or completely batsh!t crazy - what do YOU think of when you think of the following brands?    I'll do mine in a separate post to keep things clean for copy/paste purposes.   Anastasia Beverly Hills -   Bare Minerals -   BECCA -   Benefit -   BITE -   Bobbi Brown -   Buxom -   Clinique -  Cover FX -  Dior -  Estee Lauder -  Givenchy -  Guerlain -  Hourglass -  Kat Von D -  Lancome -  Laura Mercier -  MAKE UP FOR EVER -  Marc Jacobs -  NARS -  Smashbox -  Stila -  Tarte -  Too Faced -  Urban Decay -  YSL -  I think I got almost all of the common ones talked about on this board... but if you don't have any thoughts on any of them, feel free to leave them blank or ? or whatever... it's just for fun to see how people view things differently!    Also it's Friday and this is definitely a fun time-killer and a version of a Friday Questions!
Hello BTers. I visited a Super Target I have not visited before. Of course I had to stop by the beauty section and I found these; empty palettes very similar to the MUFE metal XL palette? I’ve never seen or heard of them before. They are the SheaMoisture Create-Your-Palette Magnetic Tin. I knew SheaMoisture have a bath and body line, hair products and such. I didn’t know they also have an entire cosmetic line. They have singles of eye shadows, powders, blushers, bronzers and more. I also found they have empty palettes just like the metal palette from MUFE..   I have been waiting for MUFE to restock their metal palettes to purchase one but I have had no luck. This is the first time I have seen anything like this in a retail store. They seem to carry two sizes and there was only one of each left on the shelf and I bought both. The large one was $9.99 and it measures 8” x 6” x 1/2” (approximate) and the small one I got it for $5.99 and measures 8” x 3” x 1/2” (approximate). They are metal with hinges and lays flat when opened. They have a magnetic liner on one side and plain on the other/lid.   I am now wondering what else I can find out there. Have you seen these at your Target or any other retailer? Do you own one of these already? Do you own the MUFE metal palette? How do you like it if you own either one? Have you found anything that you thought you would never find at a retail store? =1622612
So today is my 25th birthday and being officially out of my early 20s (slight depression aside) I feel as though I should break my no buy for something special from Sephora to make me feel better and maybe more of an adult, though I can't decide what that could be lol   Suggestions???
I really want to get some of this foundation but you wont ship it to the UK    Please can you send some over this way  
I have a mini size of the cleansing oil and I absolutely love it for the face and eyes. I am almost out of it so I am in search of a dupe. I would buy the full size, but I don't wear makeup often so I knew that it would expire before I got a chance to finish it, and I don't want to spend $32 on a product that I won't be able to finish. Any suggestions for a good dupe? The main thing I liked about it is that it was really good for removing heavy eye makeup and heavy face makeup, so that's mostly what I am looking for in a dupe, as well as it being a cleansing oil.