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❤️Becca thread
I have seen lots of new threads pop up devoted to specific brands and thought I would get some other opinions and ideas about the best of becca.     I just in the last year have really fallen in love with this brand. We newest favs are backlight priming filter and blush in flowerchild. I feel like shimmering skin perfector is a must have for every makeup lover. I love using the backlight targeted colour corrector on my dark under eye circles.   I have though about trying foundation anyone have any suggestions?what are your favorites?
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Most stores will have it in by June 10th. Stores are told not to put them out on display until the 16th, but there is no hold on them if you ask for any of the product a... see post
NEWS, UPCOMING COLLECTIONS, DISCUSSIONS AND SWATCHES!   I was surprised there wasn't a dedicated thread for the brand especially since they have really upped their game recently. So since pretty much every brand has a thread I thought to start one for Tarte!   They have been slaying with the recent launches and truly on a roll with more amazing products to come!         
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BEAUTY BOSS queenofcouture / BEAUTY BOSS BEAUTY BOSS / replied
Gorgeous!! Enjoy your palette. :) see post
How to get makeup to look flawless
I see so many girls on Youtube with absolutely flawless makeup,like Karisma Collins,and Andrea Russett, and I'm just wondering on how to achieve that look? I'm assuming using primer and makeup setting spray works? What would be some good long lasting makeup for sensitive, and oily skin? Any suggestions AT ALL will be welcomed!!!!
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anyWould anyone be interested in joining a new/lightly used item TSB? Requirement of 500 hearts.
Bumping to see if there's any interest on new/lightly used TSB.
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HALL OF FAMER shirleylin88 / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
yes we will have to see when it starts since i'll also be in/out of town see post
Mask TSB
Mask TSB, ROUND TWO  to start March 7th.     Feel free to request a spot on the waitlist for future rounds!   Participation Requirements:   Spoiler (Highlight to read) -18 or older -live in the US or Canada (let me know which; Canadians things work a little differently for) -Have 500+ hearts, or be on the successful traders list, or have successfully participated in previous TSBs, all that said, this is at my discretion and if I don't know who you are I will ask around before making a decision -be willing to provide box coordinator(s) with your name, shipping address, and personal e-mail address -be able to afford shipping -be willing to post tracking numbers -be able to photograph and catalogue your ins and outs -be able to get the box back in the mail within four post office business days (so not counting Sundays or Holidays) -18 or older-live in the US or Canada (let me know which; Canadians things work a little differently for)-Have 500+ hearts, or be on the successful traders list, or have successfully participated in previous TSBs, all that said, this is at my discretion and if I don't know who you are I will ask around before making a decision-be willing to provide box coordinator(s) with your name, shipping address, and personal e-mail address-be able to afford shipping-be willing to post tracking numbers-be able to photograph and catalogue your ins and outs-be able to get the box back in the mail within four post office business days (so not counting Sundays or Holidays)     Item requirements: Masks! Sheet, mud, overnight, eye, lip, if it says "mask" on it it's eligible! Unopened products only.   Swap requirements:   Spoiler (Highlight to read) 1:1 Foil for foil Sheet mask for sheet mask DS for DS FS for FS   1:2 FS for DS DS for sheet mask sheet mask for undereye gels (2 SETS)   1:3 FS for sheet mask notes: 1 set of undereye gels = 1 lip mask gel   Of course, if you're feeling generous that's always appreciated! 1:1Foil for foilSheet mask for sheet maskDS for DSFS for FS 1:2FS for DSDS for sheet masksheet mask for undereye gels (2 SETS) 1:3 FS for sheet masknotes:1 set of undereye gels = 1 lip mask gel Of course, if you're feeling generous that's always appreciated!     When the box is ready to retire I will make up "pamper packets" and give them to individuals I know or who are friends of friends in the deaf/deaf-blind community, many of whom fly under the radar for normal charities or assistive programs.   Participants: Spoiler (Highlight to read) 1. Spotspotcat  2. lipstick4soul 3. kelloua 4. greenporchlights 5. carrieloulou 6. buggirl 7.JazaChai 8. Laynebr 9.Samtian 10.Zpsid91 1. Spotspotcat 2. lipstick4soul3. kelloua4. greenporchlights5. carrieloulou6. buggirl7.JazaChai8. Laynebr9.Samtian10.Zpsid91  Waitlist: Spoiler (Highlight to read) gwenhwyfar mrstrish weeeweeeeeee roseps135 blondesluv2shop dalidyli TopazBeth StephaniLynn gwenhwyfarmrstrishweeeweeeeeeeroseps135blondesluv2 shopdalidyliTopazBethStephaniLynn   Canadians: Spoiler (Highlight to read) If any of our lovely Northern ladies are interested I would be happy to do individual swaps from the box contents with you after each US round. I will PM you when I have it in hand and can show you what's in it to see if you're interested.  If any of our lovely Northern ladies are interested I would be happy to do individual swaps from the box contents with you after each US round. I will PM you when I have it in hand and can show you what's in it to see if you're interested.     
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Trades look good to me! see post
Urban Decay Thread!
HIGH TIME I updated the OP.   Upcoming Releases:   Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette, $60 5 Lipsticks, $18             UD (dot) com Exclusive shades that I own and can swatch for people: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Revolution lipstick: Gash, Protest, Matte Carnal Revolution gloss: Gash, Shadowheart Blush: Satisfy Other: Gash nail polish Revolution lipstick: Gash, Protest, Matte CarnalRevolution gloss: Gash, ShadowheartBlush: SatisfyOther: Gash nail polish
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@Pusheeen I'm not sure, but if that's the case then I am hopeful.  Urban Decay has a consumer affairs department (who knew) that can tell me definitively (I think).  I ... see post
MAC Love and Releases Thread!
Since MAC has so many releases coming I thought we could share this info here and our love for the brand   NOW ON EBATES   ** MAC SELECT - NEW LOYALTY PROGRAM / US ONLY** Spoiler (Highlight to read)  AVAILABLE NOW MAC x CHRIS CHANG MAC  PRO LONGWEAR WATERPROOF COLOUR STICK VIBE TRIBE - ONLINE and IN STORES NOW   MAC TRANSFORMED ONLINE NOW SOFT SERVE ONLINE NOW MAC x Brant Brothers ONLINE NOW, IN STORE June 2nd   JUNE BLUE NECTAR ONLINE June 2nd - IN STORES June 9th TENDERTALK ONLINE June 2nd - IN STORES June 9th FASHION PACK - ONLINE June 9th, IN STORES June 23rd   JULY GOOD LUCK TROLLS ONLINE July 28th, STORES Aug. 4th   Coming soon in 2016 Vamplify Lip Glosses (July) Spellbinder Shadow Collection (8 shades) (October) MAC x Selena (October 2016) New velvet/magnetic loose pigments (October 2016) New Strobe products Highlight Sticks Mariah Carey Beauty Icon Collection ** mini lipsticks / collection unknown** MAC x Tanya Taylor NYC MAC x Star Trek (Late Aug/early Sept. // presale 1 day only at comic con July 21st) MAC Softcore & PlayLab Retro matte liquid lip color (Jan 2017)   ~Updated May 26th 2016~
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Ohhhhh... new colors coming...   see post
Trying to color match to Marc Jacobs' Remarcable foundation
Hi everybody, I bought a bottle of the Remarcable foundation in shade 36 Beige Golden online (I don't live near a Sephora so unfortunately I'm not able to look at in store swatches) but it's a little too golden for my skintone. I'm about an NC30/C3 and also a near perfect match to Too Faced Born This Way in Natural Beige; to those of you who are the same shade as me, what do you recommend? Thank you!
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Hi, @wereyouhonest!  The Color IQ for Too Faced Born This Way in Natural Beige is 2Y06.  There is a MJ Remarcable Foundation with the same Color IQ:  Beige Light 32.  ... see post
Nars to Lancome
  I recently fell in love with the Fiji shade from NARS. Want to buy the same shade in Lancome. What would the Lancome 24 hours shade be? 
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Hi, @meowers!  NARS Fiji has a Color IQ of 4Y04.  The closest match in the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hr is 280 Bisque W with a Color IQ 3Y04.  This means the yellow ... see post
Indie brands and other not so talked about makeup brands
A place to discuss new, indie and not so talked about brands. There's a few brands I'd like to know more about but didn't want to start a thread for each so decided to start a thread for all those brands that we don't often hear about.
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I really like the look of What Mermaids Are Made Of & What Unicorns Are Made Of.  Daydream, Mermaid Water, and Next Level look reallyyy gorgeous too.  see post
Makeup color help
So I really want to recreate this eye makeup look that Angelia Jolie is wearing, but cant distinguished the colors that were used. Any help, and ideas for colors for the eyeliner, and eye shadow, and lip.
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makeuplover240 / NEWCOMER / replied
Thank you @vchotia! I thought the top liner look plum, but couldn't really tell. see post
Tom Ford Updates
Hey Beauties- We have ALOT of threads around here for Tom Ford products. I figured I'd start one thread where we can update each other on items as they come out or we see them available.    For all my UK'ers, or people willing to pay for shipping from the UK, Harrods has Softcore and Nude Dip from the Fall collection available right now. Happy Shopping! 
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Just an update on this for everyone - I was chatting with my Tom Ford SA at Holts and she said that the biggest price increase will be on the perfumes (anywhere as high ... see post
Since the brand is coming to Sephora (US ONLY) I thought I'd start a thread just for the brand for news and info.  Maybe if this launch goes well more products will be added and hopefully Canada will get it too!  I really want these!!!! The golden is to die for!   Skin Fetish 003 Available NOW for VIB and VIB Rouge   It will be available to all clients on May 10. Id=1831239&icid2=brand%20content_undefined_brand at...      
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Cool. Thanks. :) I believe the last two you mentioned will have a LE release with a special compact. see post
Besame Cosmetics...
If you're interested in old Hollywood glam I would highly suggest checking out this brand.  They have a small but beautiful collection of cosmetics including "Violet brightening powder" for your face and "Cake Mascara".    I have never seen anything like the mascara before. It comes in a dry cake (obviously) which you then mix with water to get the right consistency. The really cool thing about this mascara is that you can spritz it with disinfectant to get rid of bacteria, fungus, and mold. Amazing! And because you wet it every time you use it never dries out prematurely.    NOTE: Sorry this sounds a little bit like an ad, I swear they didn't pay me to say this, I'm just really excited about this brand.   EDIT: I'll review the mascara and violet powder on this post when I get them. 
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Thanks @lachaton I watched Meganlisa do a review of it on YouTube. see post
Any interest in Drugstore TSB?
I have a ton of drugstore items in a box to get rid of but first I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in doing a drugstore TSB before I donate it?
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I may be interested! Depends on how much drugstore stuff I have to give :) see post
Wander Beauty Launch
  Lindsay Ellingson: Hi Sephora beauties!  I'm so excited to chat with all of you and share a little about Wander Beauty, a new internationally inspired beauty experience I Co-founded that launches on (US & Canada) tomorrow!  I’ve been modeling for over a decade and been so fortunate to work with everyone from Valentino to Victoria’s Secret and the most talented beauty experts all over the world.  It was the best beauty school one could have. I've sat in the makeup chair for countless hours, and absorbed all of the best application tricks and beauty trends.  I've tried and tested everything and know what works. With so much traveling, I need products that can take me from day to night with ease.  You would be surprised how fast I get myself out the door with just a few of our easy to use multi-taskers.  Wander Beauty is made for women who are constantly on the go.   Divya Gugnani: I’ve been obsessed with makeup since I was a little girl and loved to use my mom’s lipsticks as crayons. She, of course, did not like that as much as I did. I’ll admit I buy more than I use but I just love to experiment. Nothing excites me more than spanning the globe on a new adventure whether it is scuba diving in Honduras or gorilla trekking in east Africa. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and I love to explore the beauty secrets of other cultures, passed down from generations, or discover unique international ingredients and their potent powers.  My background is in finance and business but I’m truly living my dream as a Co-founder of Wander Beauty.   When Lindsay and I first met years ago, we shared a common simplify our beauty routines. As a working mother of two young kids (21 months and almost 4) I’ve got five minutes to get myself together and out the door. Less is more and I wanted a few key things that could go double duty and delivery a multitude of looks as well as travel with me during my busy day.   LE: We’re on a mission to downsize your makeup bag yet we understand the need for luxurious, skincare-infused formulas that deliver real results.  My favorite part of being Creative Director is developing innovative products that work with your skin and skincare, not against it. Our formulas are cruelty free and free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates and synthetic fragrance.   DG/LE: So, what’s is Wander Beauty? Multitasking Makeup Essentials Internationally Inspired Innovation Color to Be Carried Wander Beauty is for real women, who want fuss-free, fool-proof, multi-functional makeup that makes them feel confident everyday, wherever life takes them.   LE: We launched with one hero product, our On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator. I like to call it summer in a stick. It’s the ultimate beauty enhancer with countless ways to wear it! I use the dual ended cream blush and highlighter to strobe and add a natural flush to my cheeks every morning. This and a little mascara and I'm ready for my day.         DG: My personal favorite is our Wanderout Dual Lipstick with a bright on one side (with the arrow on top) and a neutral on the other. Wanderberry and Barely There is my combo of choice. I’ll admit, sometimes I mix them both and create my own shade! The formula is infused with ingredients from eight different countries like Marula Oil (South Africa), Castor Seed Oil (Japan), Coco Seed Butter (Netherlands), Mango Seed Butter (India) and more. From my work tote to my dinner clutch it’s with me wherever I go.   DG/LE: So, we are starting this thread to share our story and how we created this beauty experience but most importantly to connect with all of you and open the dialogue for your feedback and questions. So, tell us: if you could create one beauty multi-tasker what would it be?    
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eko123987 / NEWCOMER / replied
Love love love Jet Set!! So fun and perfect for going out during the summer. Color stays on perfectly and is super fun when you add a gloss on top! The duo lipsticks is ... see post
What should I try?
So, I've pretty much streamlined my makeup/skin routine and I have the perfect products. I freelance for Becca and I go into Ulta stores and I'm not impressed by anything they carry (except Becca. Duh.) I really want to try new products but I don't know what. Pls help.    This is all that's on my to-try list: NARS All Day Luminous Powder Lancome Stick Foundation Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation. 
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cheech203 / FRESH FACE / replied
I've used the Bobbi Brown stick foundation for years and it's great. The only flaw is that it tugs on my skin and can be a bit hard. I recently got the Wander Beauty sti... see post
Ok so I'm debating between two pallets and I can't decide!!!
Tartlet in Bloom or Rainforest of the Sea Color Correcting pallet (also tarte). Both the same price, only enough money for one!
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In Bloom! see post
IT Cosmetics Thread!
IT Cosmetics is coming to Sephora!  So, (even though it's super early) I thought I'd start a thread for it.    What are you excited to see on Sephora's shelves?
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Samirearick / FRESH FACE / replied
what is the longest lasting full coverage foundation?
I currently use the estee lauder double wear foundation and I love it because it covers so good I dont even need a concealer but none of their shades match me anymore. So besides the double wear what would be something that also lasts long and covers just as good?
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Hi itsang,   I suggest Lancome' Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation. This foundation is full coverage, matte and last all day. It is also  transfer-resistant.... see post
Stila caramello vs. Anastasia stripped liquid lipsticks
So I already have abh stripped and I love it but I've wanted stila caramello for a long time. I was wondering how similar these colors are and if it's worth having both. Thanks!! 
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A mod answered in your other thread see post
Would I be cool, neutral or warm skin tone?
Almost every foundation I've tried the color is either too orange or too light. I have fair skin but it's not fair enough to need the lightest shade. I was using estee lauder double wear in shade 1n2 ecru and out of all the shades it is the one that almost matches but it is still too orange. Now I use Lancome tient idole ultra in shade 140 ivory and dual finish powder in 130 porcelain ivory and even though they are neutral tones they still make me look super orange also. What tone then would I be to get the perfect match foundation where I won't look too white or too orange? 
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Let's Talk About NARS!
A lot of the other big beauty brands have their own threads now, so I thought, why not NARS?   Let's share news about new collections, feedback on products, etc here.   The audacious thread: Audacious-Collection/m-p/1695820#M10941   Spring 2016: Spoiler (Highlight to read)   Summer 2016:     Fall 2016: Spoiler (Highlight to read) Pink: no label 2nd shade: Area 3rd shade: Playpen? 4th shade: hidden label 5th shade: Unspeakable 6th shade: Dancetaria Pink: no label2nd shade: Area3rd shade: Playpen?4th shade: hidden label5th shade: Unspeakable6th shade: Dancetaria Have you picked up anything from the collection so far?  Do tell! 
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@annypoo they've done it a few times, but it isn't something they do consistently with every release.   the spring palette that looked really similar to the large hol... see post
EVE LOM oil free radiance foundation
Hi guys, I recently purchased the Eve Lom oil free radiance foundation. I love the color, staying power and the way it makes my skin feel but I have the hardest time applying it. It's on the thicker side and doesn't spread that well. I try to work in smaller sections and apply thinly but I find it looks weird and patchy in certain parts of my face.   Every once in a while I manage to apply it perfectly and it looks great but I haven't been able to figure out what the difference is. I use the hourglass primer and always do it after proper skincare. I also find that putting on powder afterwards sometimes sets it nicely and other times creates almost a weird marbled pattern on my phase.   Anyone here with this foundation and tips on applying? I've tried brush, beauty blender, fingers, you name it. Thoughts?
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Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..
I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.   Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge!    Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before Thanks in advance!
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Instant Look in a Palette is back in stock at Nordstrom in case you missed it. see post
Wear To Work Makeup
A conversation in another thread got me thinking... It may be fun to talk about different industries the BTers work in and the makeup looks they wear. With so many areas of work, jobs, industries, etc, everyone has different expectations of makeup/professionalism for their particular job. Even within different industries, there may be varying expectations. It could be interesting to compare! For example, if two people work in retail but in two different types of stores, say The Gap vs. Hot Topic, the person who works at Hot Topic may be able to get away with a bolder look.    I'll start:   I'm a high school health and PE teacher, and a volleyball and tennis coach. I typically wear very natural looking "no makeup" makeup, and use my lips as a subtle pop of color. I typically wear: -Skin colored eye shadow and tightlined liquid eyeliner w/ mascara -Light coverage foundation, subtle blush, a bit of highlighter, and maybe bronzer if I've been outside a lot and I've gotten a bit of color. -Brow gel, and a sheer or MLBB pop of color on my lips       Bonus! When you're not at work, what is your go-to makeup look? I'll do more of an eye, smokey shadow, winged liner, but still subtle, a little more contouring, and a bolder lip, like a liquid lipstick or something more opaque. I wonder how many BTers actually wear a more dramatic look at work than when they aren't at work!   Second bonus! You may connect with another BTer who works in your industry, and you can swap stories. As much as it (sometimes) sucks to talk about work at home, talking with someone who just *gets it* can be a great stress relief for work related issues.
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Working both in software development and in information security, basically no one I worked with wore makeup. Except for one female manage I had, who always had good ta... see post
I am trying to look for good quality cheap brushes. Do you know where I can find any?
Real Techniques seems fine until a brush becomes useless, from normal usage/cleaning. Their CS asks for a picture and then says you didn't buy direct, we only replace th... see post
Can i mix cover fx drops with cover fx sunscreen?
Yes, you can! see post
False Eyelashes Help!!
Okay I love the way false eyelashes look, the thing is I know that I'm not putting it on right! When I always try to put them on, they make my eyes look like they're different shapes. Like I can never get the eyelashes to look the same on both eyes so it makes me look crazy! Another problem I have is that it hurts the inner corner of my eyes when I blink. I don't want to place the lashes too far out that it's very obvious that my lashes aren't real! Please help and give me any tips that you can about false eyelashes! Thank you!!
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It's best to always cut the lashes down to fit the size of your eye, that way they're not poking your eyeball/inner corner of eye, and so that they don't change your eye... see post
TOM FORD BEAUTY - Coming Soon To Sephora - Discussion & Product Reviews
In light of the upcoming launch of Tom Ford Beauty at Sephora, I was selected as one of the lucky recipients of a very generous gift from Sephora and Tom Ford Beauty. I would like to dedicate a thread to the luxury beauty brand and it's impending Soleil 2016 launch.     I’ve dabbled in a fair bit of Tom Ford makeup and I’m definitely a fan, but I’ve tried surprisingly little from their summer collections, so I’m very much looking forward to testing these out.  Thank you so much to both Sephora and Tom Ford Beauty for such a lovely gift!   Please feel free to share about any products you've tried and loved, cherished or can’t live without, or even the ones you’ve disliked, hated or given away.   This is an information sharing thread so all opinions are welcome!   Mustique (left) Cala di Volpe (right)   Swatches:   Comparisons: Spoiler (Highlight to read) TF Blushes (Lovelust, Ravish, Afternooner, Flush) TF Highlights (Top photo: Moodlight top, Afternooner, Moodlight bottom / Bottom photo: Softcore, Afternooner, Stroked) Bronzer swatches (Guerlain Terracotta Terre D'ete, Afternooner, UD Paranoid, CT Bronze & Glow Dark) TF lipsticks (Henry, Cala di Volpe, Gustavo, Guillermo) TF lipsticks (Spanish Pink, Mustique, Indian Rose, Casablanca) TF Blushes (Lovelust, Ravish, Afternooner, Flush)TF Highlights (Top photo: Moodlight top, Afternooner, Moodlight bottom / Bottom photo: Softcore, Afternooner, Stroked)Bronzer swatches (Guerlain Terracotta Terre D'ete, Afternooner, UD Paranoid, CT Bronze & Glow Dark)TF lipsticks (Henry, Cala di Volpe, Gustavo, Guillermo)TF lipsticks (Spanish Pink, Mustique, Indian Rose, Casablanca)  
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HALL OF FAMER twilightnicky / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
Black Orchid is my all time favorite scent, so this is tempting :D see post