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I was watching an infomercial last night about bare minerals and i never know what to think of these things...


ive never tried bare minerals but of course on the tv they make it look really good so i was just wondering if it is actually good face makeup or not?


i mean i understand that some people may like it and others may not but the infomercial made me want to try it but thats what those things are made for.. to suck people in! haha


and i dont know what to think about powder foundation.. i already use powder bronzer and powder blush and i feel like adding another powder makeup will just be too much powder! i really like my foundation now but normally i always and willing to try new things



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I tried it about two years ago and haven't ever found anythingnearly as great!  (I still really like tinted moisturizers, but Bare Minerals is SO amazing!!)


As for it being too much powder, the powder is so fine that the texture looks just like your skin, not all cakey and powder-y like other products. I use the foundation and mineral veil and they both look like its really your skin, except perfected! Smiley Happy

The coverage is really great, too! I ran out of concealer and just used my foundation (applied w/ their max. coverage concealer brush) and it's such great coverage, I didn't buy more concealer until my next sephora purchase (I didn't have to make a special purchase and pay for shipping, which I hate, lol.)


Also, it won't break me out if I have a late night of studying and fall asleep at the computer without washing my face (believe me, this has happened several times... I now wash my face and brush my teeth before writing an AP paper the night before it's due! Smiley Wink) and I have very acne-prone skin.

So, yes, I highly suggest you give it a try. Smiley Very Happy


Hope this helps!!

xoxo, Charlotte

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