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I was watching an infomercial last night about bare minerals and i never know what to think of these things...


ive never tried bare minerals but of course on the tv they make it look really good so i was just wondering if it is actually good face makeup or not?


i mean i understand that some people may like it and others may not but the infomercial made me want to try it but thats what those things are made for.. to suck people in! haha


and i dont know what to think about powder foundation.. i already use powder bronzer and powder blush and i feel like adding another powder makeup will just be too much powder! i really like my foundation now but normally i always and willing to try new things



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I tried it about two years ago and haven't ever found anythingnearly as great!  (I still really like tinted moisturizers, but Bare Minerals is SO amazing!!)


As for it being too much powder, the powder is so fine that the texture looks just like your skin, not all cakey and powder-y like other products. I use the foundation and mineral veil and they both look like its really your skin, except perfected! Smiley Happy

The coverage is really great, too! I ran out of concealer and just used my foundation (applied w/ their max. coverage concealer brush) and it's such great coverage, I didn't buy more concealer until my next sephora purchase (I didn't have to make a special purchase and pay for shipping, which I hate, lol.)


Also, it won't break me out if I have a late night of studying and fall asleep at the computer without washing my face (believe me, this has happened several times... I now wash my face and brush my teeth before writing an AP paper the night before it's due! Smiley Wink) and I have very acne-prone skin.

So, yes, I highly suggest you give it a try. Smiley Very Happy


Hope this helps!!

xoxo, Charlotte

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hey janamae88,


I agree with mangosong, not for oily skin.... I have combination/oily skin, and from my personal experience, I used the original formula for years  (about 7-8yrs)and decided to try the matte because I get very oily in the center of my face. Unfortunately, this still didn't keep my oil down (even when using a primer+mineral veil+makeup setting spray). I noticed that its not as liberating in its formula in covering imperfections (ESPECIALLY REDNESS & ACNE) compared with the original. Original formula allows for more full coverage using both the Maximum Coverage Face & kabuki brush, matte doesn't seem to spread as easily on areas you want to conceal. original formula also emphasized my oiliness/pores.


I can relate to u, because I like trying new things myself , but definitely agree to see if u can get a sample to see how u like it. I actually own ALOT of B.E. products because I like the eyeshadows colors, blushes, radiances (that i use for cheekbone highlighting), their lipglosses, etc.  Essentially its whatever works for your skintype Smiley Happy


Let us know if you try it and what u think of it...Hope this helps u Smiley Happy


- Claudia



Hi, janamae.  Info-mercials have a way of making all products look way more amazing than they actually are, ha ha.  However, mineral foundations work great for people who don't like the feel of liquid foundation and who don't need a lot of coverage.  BE even has a regular formula for people with normal to dry skin types and a matte version for people with oily to combination skin types.  I would not recommend adding a mineral foundation or a pressed foundation powder over your liquid foundation because it can make your makeup look cakey and overdone.  If you want to apply a setting or finishing powder over your current liquid foundation, then I would use a formula that is made specifically for setting foundation to make it last longer and to give it a nice airbrushed finish without adding any heavy layers.  I love to set my liquid foundation with Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder.  It sets foundation and slightly mattifies your skin without changing its natural contours.  This 100% mineral silica powder softens the appearance of imperfections.  It completely evens out your complexion and one universal shade works for all skin tones.  You can find it here:

If you want to try changing from a liquid to a powder foundation, I would get a sample of a mineral powder foundation and try it out before investing in another foundation since it sounds like you're happy with your liquid foundation already.

Hope this helps!
Have a great day!
tenngal Smiley Happy


I think bare minerals works for certain skin types. For dry or dry combination skin, it's great for oily skin, not so much.


A lot of my friend recommended Bare Minerals, said it was the best foundation they ever used. So I went out and bought the beginner kit. I watched the video that came in the kit. In the morning when I did my make up it came out great, but by the time I got to work my oily skin had the make up "sitting" on my face. Very obviously too, and it looked terrible. I ended up going to the bathroom every morning and wiping off my make up. I then tried without primer, thinking it was maybe the primer, but it didn't really make a difference.


For me, with my super oily skin, bare minerals is just not for me. However, ALL of my friends who recommended bare minerals happen to have dry or dry combination skin - something I should have realized before I took their advice. I even recommended it to my co-worker who LOVES it.


I do think the kit is great too. For a very cheap price, you get three brushes, "warmer" (think bronzer/blush), mineral veil, two different foundation colors (or one big one, depending on your kit), and a DVD that tells you how to apply it. While it didnt work for me, it did teach me how to apply loose power, which I am a huge fan of now, and wish my current foundation came in.


To be honest, no! 

They make it seem like so little powder will cover up everything, but it doesn't!

I bought the starter set, which includes a DVD that teaches you how to correctly apply it. They showed that it can cover hyperpigmentation super easily.


I have hyperpigmentation from past acne, and this does not cover it up as easily as they said it would.

I have to use A LOT of layers to cover it up, and even then it still doesn't cover it up, and it eventually starts looking powdery.


However, the powder IS really nice, and does give a great, natural finish. I think this product would be AMAZING if you had already nice skin. For me though, I like to use it when I have no active break outs, and I'm just running errands and don't need to look great. 


I've only been using Bare Minerals for about two months and I really like it. It has improved my skin; I rarely break out. You only need a little bit when you use it, so it lasts for quite awhile. I like the fact that it is actually natural and isn't heavy. If you want to try it out, Sephora has a starter kit as well as Bare Escentuals' website. The Sephora one has a litte bit more stuff and costs more.
Contains foundation, warmth, mineral veil with foundation and concealor brush, and mascara ($29.99 version)



Contains foundation, warmth, mineral veil with foundation, concealor and blush brush, also bonus mini face primer ($49)


I didn't like the mascara, so I passed it on to a friend. (Well, I was allergic to it but most people aren't.) So if you like your mascara, maybe the Sephora version is better for you.

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I personally really like bare minerals foundation. I went from using MAC liquid foundation to bare minerals (two different extremes) and I will never go back to a heavy liquid foundation. I have combination, acne prone skin and I find this makeup works great. This foundation really doesnt look too powdery on my skin, I think it makes my skin look really healthy and flawless(probably like you saw on the infomercial) As far as the oil factor, I think that all begins with using the correct moisturizer because I do not have problems with my oily t-zone and this foundation. Also, if you have any blemishes the great part of this foundation is that you can build it up for more coverage, AND it doubles as concealer for those extra tough spots you want to cover. I say it doesn't hurt to try. It isnt super expensive so if you dont like it you wont feel bad that you purchased it but I think you will really like it just like I did. Get the starter kit it comes with the brushes and mineral veil and you get matched to your right color foundation. Hope I convinced you! haha

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