back to school help!!??????

OK so i know this is a little off topic but I can't deside what to wear on first day of school. I'm going to a new school (I going into 7th grade) so i should make a good impression rite? (and theirs this guy i really like Smiley Happy  )   So any ways i go back in 2 weeks so any ideas!!?? BTW I usually wear my makeup like this: UD sin all over lid with UD buck lightly blended into crease from outer corner of eye w/ mascara and lip gloss and bronzer/concealer. I have brown hair and will be getting ombre (so excited) thanks sooo much for any outfit ideas and <3's to anyone who answers Smiley Tongue

- Jessi <3

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Good luck with your new school! I just started two weeks ago as a freshman in high school but we have uniformsSmiley Sad

I am a huge fashionista so this literally kills me lol. For the first day wear jeans or if you live in a warm place like Florida(where I am) try a skirt. Nothing too too short or tight or else you'll get in trouble. For shirts try a simple cap sleeve blouse or one of the trends I've been into recently is wearing a long sleeve plaid shirt cuffed to the elbow with a matching cami underneath. Then leave the top two buttons open and the last two buttons and tie the extra material on the bottom into a knot. It should come to about your bellybutton which is why you must wear a cami or tank underneath. Right now Target has the Mossimo brand plaid shirts (in the junior section) that I use. Your shoes should probably just be cute flats, maybe open toe ones depending on your new school's rules. Check the dress code because many schools don't let you wear tanks or camis alone. I'm suprised you don't have a uniform you must be going to a public school or something. Anyway have fun at school and please PM me with any other questions or if you just want to talk about schoolSmiley Happy

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