back to school help!!??????

OK so i know this is a little off topic but I can't deside what to wear on first day of school. I'm going to a new school (I going into 7th grade) so i should make a good impression rite? (and theirs this guy i really like Smiley Happy  )   So any ways i go back in 2 weeks so any ideas!!?? BTW I usually wear my makeup like this: UD sin all over lid with UD buck lightly blended into crease from outer corner of eye w/ mascara and lip gloss and bronzer/concealer. I have brown hair and will be getting ombre (so excited) thanks sooo much for any outfit ideas and <3's to anyone who answers Smiley Tongue

- Jessi <3

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The make up sounds perfect. I'm assuming it's still summer where you are from, so I'd suggest a super cute flat/mary jane/converse, mid-thigh shorts, and a cute fitted but not tight tee. I usually go for colorful shoes and pastel colored shorts with white tee so when I sit down during class, it's not distracting (I like seating the front row, and all colors is too peacock-y). I would suggest charms/bangles/watch of your choice but no necklace (which distract from your make up, and I like your make up).

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