Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

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With the talk about LORAC possibly no longer being sold at Sephora, I am wondering what peoples' major go-to brands are and why?


In order, and on the list due to no animal testing.


1. Urban Decay (obsession level) Love their liners and have every color I could want. Great lasting power and colors in liners and shadows. Revolution lipsticks are amazing. Razor Sharp finishing powder amazing, Have really come to trust the quality of the brand.


2. LORAC. Love the shadows and primer, have some lipsticks, blushes too and their luminizer is my HG. Great colors and quality, again I trust the brand.


3. Stila. I have a variety of Stila items. I know when I order something Stila I won't be disappointed. Shadows, liners, liquid liners. 


4. Tarte. Love their company philosophy, and my collection of Tarte products is growing. I have a number of blushes and eyelash primers and mascaras.


I am also liking Too Faced as well. 


Love to hear what you like and why!! Smiley Happy



Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

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Ooof, it is so hard for me to say. I'll try!


1. Guerlain. Consistently impressed with the quality of their products in every aspect: formula, creativity, packaging, performance, you name it. Plus, it's probably my mom's go-to so I've grown up a bit biased... Smiley Very Happy


2. Tarte. Ever-amazing and cute packaging since the day I was introduced to the brand. Their holiday sets blow everyone else's out of the water.


3. YSL for the Rouge Volupté (and R. V. Shine) lipsticks. I'm sure everything else is lovely too, if I can judge by the lippies. I'm obsessed; I wish I could have them all!!


4. MUFE. Long-lasting, pro-quality products that perform every time. Their Smoky Extravagant mascara is my current HG.


5. UD and LORAC for their shadows. Some people complain LORAC's have too much fallout, some say the same thing about UD. I love and cherish both.


6. ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) because like Kiki says, I trust no other brand for my brows. The best I have ever found for brow products.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

Very interesting to see how many of us trust most of these brands!


1. UD - (like Syd, it's almost an obsession)

    Liners, shadows, palettes, primer, mascaras... I love the color payoffs and performance from them all, as well as how the products offer looks from edgy to classy.


2. Too Faced - (growing collection)

    Their palettes have been super travel-friendly and the colors are easy to work with without becoming overwhelmed.  (Oh, and when I want to be lazy, the palettes come with little 'Get the Look' step-by-step guides!)


3. Tarte - (new exploration)

    Loving the gentle, more natural ingredients in their products.  In fact, I've become so impressed that I'm thinking of switching from Pur Minerals to the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation.  (HUGE feat for me!)


4. Philosophy - (skin & body care)

    Amazing skin products that keep any inflammation to a minimum and results at a maximum; body products that come in assorted flavors and sizes to choose from since I can never stick to just 1... or 3... or 5... or 10........

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Nars - they just have so many great products that work so well for me. Foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliners, lippies: they are all amazing


And a second would have to be UD, just because I've always been attracted to the brand and I can't stop buying their products

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

these are in no specific order, but here they are!


tarte - like so many people here, i absolutely love tarte! their blushes are pigmented and last all day long, the lipsurgences are super moisturizing, and i am in LOVE with their gifted mascara. 


ud - oh the pigment. i definitely have way too many UD eyeshadows, and for good reason! their eyeshadows are super pigmented and last all day long, especially in combo with their primer. i also love their revolution lipsticks, they're creamy and DEFINITELY lasts hours for me.


lorac - i am definitely sad about lorac being discontinued at sephora, but i know i can always find it at ulta or at kohls. i love lorac eyeshadows almost just as much as i love my UD shadows. they're just as pigmented and they feel like butter on my eyes when i apply them.


bareminerals - i will always love bareminerals. from their foundations to lipsticks. this is one brand that i know i'll always go back to. the only time BE doesn't become my go to is during the winter when my skin gets too dry for their powder foundations.


nars - like everyone else, i love their blushes. i also love their lipsticks and their setting powders.


anastasia beverly hills - definitely my go to brow product. i never leave home without my brows looking good.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

Bareminerals & Buxom, they are more natural than most and natural-looking, and I just love them! I'm not a makeup expert so I like natural-looking colors.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

Nothing too different here from everybody else.


- TARTE is my yet to be disappointed by a product brand. I've loved everything from them so far. 


- UD. Love their eyeliners and lip pencils and some of their eye shadows. 


- LORAC liking what I have of theirs so far.


- BECCA liking what I have of theirs so far as well. 


- Julep - great, long wearing polishes. Totally addicted to this subscription. It's like getting candy in my mailbox. 


- Haven't tried much Stila but I like their stay all day liquid eyeliners 


For skincare I love my Obagi and some of the Origins products as well as Skin Medica plus my La Vanilla and La Roche Posay sunscreens. 


For hair care I'm liking the Organix Biotin and Keratin formulas and good old coconut oil for moisturizing treatments. 


On of my HG products is a drugstore foot cream that I use on my hands, feet, elbows etc. Alpha Hydrox Extra Strength Deep Therapy Foot Cream.




Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

Tarte and bareMinerals for cosmetics, for skincare I haven't quite settled down but I'm enjoying my Boscia stuff. Haircare I would say Alterna. For brushes, Sephora brand ones are nice but I'm thinking about trying Sigma (when my wallet recovers from my holiday spending).

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

Tarte what not to love! During their F & F sale I purchased both the Amazionian Clay 12 hour full coverage foundation and BB Tinted Treatment 12 hour primer. Very natural full coverage that did not get cakey. I also purchased the three Amazonian Clay blush set. There was a 5 piece brush set that I am very satisfied with. The only thing that I feel Tarte could improve upon are their eye shadows, eyeliners, and lip products. I feel the best eyeshadows and eyeliners are those from Stila. The kitten eyeshadow is my HG. Lip products I would have to say Bite or Nars.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

I love Tarte. For a while, it was the only brand that didn't cause me skin trouble. I guess it's due to their natural ingredient.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

So I know UD is supposed to be cruelty free, but it was bought out by L'Oreal this year, which does test on animals. So I'm wondering if UD will still continue  to be cruelty free into next year.


But my go to brands are:


∆ Sugarpill - So pigmented! How can I not love them?

∆ NARS - Blushes I like + a tinted moisturizer I didn't take back = love

∆ Urban Decay - Wonderful foundation and I love their eyeshadows! And their primer potion is my go to so...yeah. Plus the lipsticks, can't forget the awesome lipsticks.

∆ MAC - While I do like their eyeshadows, their wide range of lipstick colors make me happy. Plus I love their brushes.

∆ Tarte - They make my go to foundation brush AND my all time favorite mascara.

∆ Sigma - They make up the majority of my brush collection so...yeah.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

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Et tu, Urban Decay?caesar.jpg

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

Oh no. Well I guess I will have to keep an eye on that (UD). They have so many things I like, that would be unfortunate, but I would find alternatives.

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So stila isn't doing animal testing anymore? I read multiple shame-on-you posts on their fb page with angry customers ranting about it lol. 


My go-to's are:

Tarte: LOVE amazonian clay and everything they make with it.  I have amazonian clay liquid foundation, cream liner, airbuki brush, matte bronzer (prk ave princess), and blushes in exposed, dollface, and blissfull. (fave is blissfull!)  Thinking about getting the amazonian clay concealer and eyeliner in golden tigers eye too Smiley Happy


UD: Everything they have is so amazing! Love their revolution lipsticks and naked colors but they got the whole shabang. 


Bite: Food grade ingredients= amazing smell and peace of mind.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands



I just looked around and you are right about Stila! Where did I get that  wrong  information from??? Thank you for pointing that out, I will stop buying Stila. Argh!


I like Bite as well, am building my collection.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

I think I read in the last few months that Stila was going to sell in China and no longer be cruelty free because of that. In the past month I've decided to go cruelty free in my makeup and skin are routine and am searching for alternatives to the Smashbox BB cream. Any suggestions? I love Tarte, UD, and Too Faced right now and am expanding as I find more cruelty free brands. (I don't hold it against them if the parent company tests, I see my money as going to a specific brand and hope if a larger percentage of their sales come from cruelty free brands, then they will expand the line and/or see cruelty free products as profitable.)  it's nice to see somebody else looking into this Smiley Happy 


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I asked a friend who really likes the Smashbox BB cream, says Nars tinted moisturizer and LORAC CC cream are similar in quality.

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

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Thanks! I'll look out for a sample online or ask for one in store! 

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  • MAC - Variety. Being able to buy in pan form and create my own palettes. I also like the simple yet sleek packaging. I know other brands try the all black but it's not the same. 
  • Urban Decay - Setting sprays & eyeshadows are a must. 
  • Tarte - Paraben free, uber cute packaging.
  • Estee Lauder - I don't buy a whole lot but the items I do have I love!
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills - Nothing else will ever touch these brows!
  • YSL - Who doesn't love that luxe goldiness?

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

I also love MAC's packaging!  Smiley Happy

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

Hmmm, mine probably is UD, if only for the Naked line of products. I also really like the liquid eyeliner. 


Nars I can see becoming a contender as well, mainly because I'm so happy with both the blush and the matte lip pencil that I can see needing more Nars in my life. 


Finally, ly, I would say Tarte. I really like their cheek stains and lipsurgence sticks. I can see branching out more there as well. 


I really only got got into makeup this year, so I'm still sort of trying things out. I actually think I haven't been dissatisfied with any of the high end makeup products I've tried.  

Re: Your "Go-to" Makeup Brands

That's very true...there's been very few things I've tried that I haven't been pleased with.


Havent tried the UD liquid eyeliner, I will have to do that!

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