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Hey beauties!

I just did some much needed makeup bag cleaning (one of my eyeshadows broke open and crumbled ALL OVER my bag and makeup) and just realized while everything was out of my bag that I should post a picture of my stash and start a new stash post because our wonderful makeup collection is ever changing. (: So here it is..




It's not much, I threw out a lot of old stuff, but I plan on getting a ton of new makeup these upcoming months (birthday, Christmas) but I just realized that I don't need anymore eyeshadow cause that is seriously the main item that takes up my bag lol, except I still plan on getting Naked and Naked2 (I DONT KNOW WHY I DONT HAVE THEM YET!! AHH!)



So you can see some of my eyeshadows in this pic (I have a bunch of eyeshadows and eyeliners from Hot Topic.. I had a $50 gift card and don't like their clothes so I figured.. why not get makeup?) I have my awesome Sephora Collection Perfect Pink Brush Set that I got from my dearest aunt for Christmas (I love this brush set, they are wet in this picture because they just got a cleaning) and my Sephora Glitter cosmetic bag (seriously my favorite bag I have ever had from Sephora!!) and I have my mascaras, Diorshow Iconic, Maybelline Great Lash, and a clear Mica Bella mascara (you can put any color of pure pigment into the clear mascara, its so cool!) Of course I have to have my Kat Von D Lock n Load setting spray, I friggen love that stuff. Right by my Sephora Glitter bag are my two 5 stack eyeshadows..again from Mica Bella. Then right next to that I have my brush cleaner and my face care stuff (Its a brand called SoPhyto..its just an antiaging serum and a moisturizer)



This is just more of a close up, I have all of my eyeliners, some eyeshadows, my Cover Girl foundation, concealer, my Sephora compact mirror, some lash glue, a highlighter palette, my Coach Poppy parfum and my Nollie parfum..




All of my eyeshadows.. I've got my 120 color eyeshadow palette (got it off of ebay lol) My Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box (I have had this palette for ever!) My Kat Von D palettes.. True Romance Metal Orchestra and True Romance Adora palette. Then I have a bunch of NYX glitter palettes (got those from hot topic) Then I have a couple of Sephora Collection eyeshadows and above those are the eyeshadows I got from HT lol



I would love to see all of your stashes, it's so fun to share what we all own!!





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I also have never shown my collection and i also feel like I have a lot, even if it's not as much! I just have everything in a 3 drawer container, most of it seems to fit in there! i didn't include my makeup brushes since it in my NARS can

2013-02-24 21.50.19.jpgHere I keep my eyeshadow singles and palettes as well as mascaras, eyeliners and liquid liners


2013-02-24 21.57.26.jpg This second one i technically have two layers! here i am showing my blushes/bronzers, foundation, lipbalms drugstore lipsticks and primers

2013-02-24 22.01.44.jpg the top layer i have my tinted moisterixers, higlighters and lipglosses

2013-02-24 22.05.48.jpg

My third drawer has mostly skincare thigns like my glam glow masks and mositerizers.


DSC05197.JPGHere are my high-end lipsticks, however im missing still two more (nars and tarte)



I love to look at everyone's collections on youtube! i spend so long looking at them and i know some day i will grow to have something like theres because i just love makeup so much!

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