Your bottomless/neverending product

Using my Estee Lauder 'Bronze Goddess' today I thought to myself "Geez Louise (my name's not Louise, fyi) you've had this bronzer for years, used consistently, and you can barely see the ring on this sucker!"


So I decided to compare the net weight to my Chocolate Soleil's net weight and... Estee Lauder is .74 oz! That's MORE than twice as much as Too Faced. No wonder this thing is lasting forever.


What product have you used consistently that doesn't seem to ever run out?


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

My Tarte blushes, and my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder! I can't believe how long they last- sooo worth the money!


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

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Definitely the Make Up For Ever HD Powder...and now I'm back to the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder so I don't think I'll ever use up the HD Powder (probably also because I always used it correctly, using just a pinch= the amount of cinnamon you'd sprinkle on a cappucino). I'm feeling like the LM looks more natural/ not quite so matte.


And even w/ the LM, I gave my grandma my big container of it when I was using the HD (to help set her lipstick/ also explained how to use just a pinch of that), and I have a small container from a 500-Pt Gift...but I don't think I'll use it up anytime soon!


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

Same here with the LM translucent loose setting powder.  Bottomless.


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

ha! i am almost done with my laura mercier translucent powder which i purchased circa 1998. it will probably only take me the rest of this year and maybe next to finish the last bit!


now the la mer powder, that one's a real monstrosity. i'm pretty sure i'll never see the bottom of that one!


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

Haha thanks for confirming my lifetime supply (or just about) theory!


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

Oooh I have a shimmer powder from a certain brand that has not gone anywhere and I know its over 10 years old. Sounds gross but it's almost like new and completely sealed. LOL


Another? My Benefit Girl Meets Pearl. I know I use tons of it but it's still there!! :smileyhappy:

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

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Same here! My Girl Meets Pearl is basically bottomless!


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

My Tarte Amazonian clay blush, I got a travel size one two years ago and I reach for it at least 4 days a week so I'm surprised to see that I haven't hit pan yet. The pigmentation is so rich that I don't need to build the color, and the staying power is great so I almost never need to reapply.


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

I have both the Clarins Splendours Summers bronzer and the Guerlain Terra Nerolia clocking in at 0.7 and 0.67 oz respectively. I don't think I'll ever run out of bronzer.....



Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

I used the same MAC blush every day for 6 years and NEVER hit pan (this was back in HS/college when I thought there was only 1 color that worked on me). I don't even know the name of it because it got rubbed off from so much use. Eventually my love of blushes grew and I ended up back to mac-ing the blush because I got so tired of the color. The MAC employee even commented that I didn't use the blush!


Re: Your bottomless/neverending product

.74oz?!?! Nice! I don't think I've seen a powder product over .3oz.


I've only ever hit pan on one of my makeup product since I don't use them often, lol, so everything I own is bottomless.....altho I can't imagine ever using up my Guerlain meteorites.

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