Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

Hi ladies,


I'm just wondering what everyone's stance is on über-expensive makeup. (ByTerry, La Mer, La Prairie, Cle de Peau, Tom Ford, etc...I'm lookin' at you!) Is it worth it, or just plain bonkers?


I know, for instance, that there are many like me who have shelled out more than $30 or even $40 on a lipstick--but more than $50? That seems a little cray cray. Then again, there are people who collect the Tom Ford lippies and Cle de Peau concealers and the like.

To be honest, what sparked this thread was one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Amelia Liana's love for ByTerry's Terrybly Densiliss foundation. This is a $115 base we're talking about, ladies!! I am all for splurging on skincare and face products (since I care too much about my skin and how it looks) but...I have Guerlain foundation and excuse me, but I think $59 for foundation is pretty steep when some people rave about some drugstore ones that are less than ten bucks!


So, my question to you much is too much??




Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

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Slowly but surly, I managed to get myself to invest more in quality skincare rather than makeup. It does take a lot of ingredients research to find out if a product is actually worth the money, but still, I think it's a better investment overall.


I do get my mascaras at the drugstore, because I can get some really great ones for a few bucks, but that's it. I have really oily lids, and the reason I started getting into higher end brands was because none of those lasted on me at all. Most drugstore products just don't work for me (I keep trying from time to time though), so my go-to brands are ranging from Mac & UD prices, to YSL and the likes at the higher end of the scale.


As much as I'd like to, I can't really justify buying from those uber-expensive brands, I really can't. With that being said, if I get a sample and find a HG amazing product, I probably will shell out that kind of money, if it's a product I'd get a daily use out of, and it'll last me for a while - getting something that expensive to use once or twice a year just irks me.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

As a cosplayer I spend anywhere from $100-200 just on a costume that I wear once or twice a year, and spend anywhere from $30-80 on a con ticket. Not including money I spend at conventions a single convention can go anywhere from $130-280. While I have no problem spending this money it is because it makes me happy. I would rather save up my money for something that makes me happy than buy little things that just aren't the same. Right now I want to buy two hourglass products if they end up working good for me. To me the $50 foundation I want,while expensive, would be worth it. Though you should always try samples and other products that could work the same. Yet if someone can spend thousands of dollars on makeup that they throw away after one use that's good for them that they can do that without worry.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I only buy things that I really like and do not hesitate paying $35 for a lipstick, but I dont think I will ever buy a lippie that is more than that. As for foundation my limit is $45 unless I can get a discount for a more expensive one. I dont buy mascaras often - I have plenty of deluxe samples that need to be used up. 

I dont use much skincare and try to buy it only when I have a good discount (I recently got Ole Henriksen Vitamin C serum for $15 off - what a deal!) I will probably not pay more than $50 for skincare


As for fragrances, unless its a gift set with extra stuff, I rarely pay more than $90 



Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I typically spend more on face products that are rubbed into the skin (foundation, concealer, skincare, powders, etc) because I have to scan the ingredients list as to not break out, which means no drugstore! So for the people that say that drugstore is just as good, not so much when you have sensitive skin or allergies because they just don't use the same ingredients. I have yet to see a drugstore brand advertise their whole line as being paraben free, they just can't afford to do so because it is the cheapest preservative. 


I did recently splurge on the $90 Ellis Faas foundation and I don't regret it at all, it's beautiful!


That being said, I do not splurge on lip products very often (I do have some YSL, but they're actually not my favorite, just the packaging!) I think I'm a pretty faithful MAC lippie girl :smileyhappy:


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I do spend a lot on makeup/skincare, but I shop within my means and I always try to shop smart first. Skincare wise I like to splurge a little more on moisturizer, serum and eye cream ( but usually don't spend more than 50 bucks on each and my holy grail PM moisturizer is 42 bucks). Things like sunscreen, cleanser, scrub, toner, mask, bodywash etc I know I can get *good* products for a *good* price. I like to treat myself at Sephora because makeup and skincare is something that I *love* and *use* and I scrimp elsewhere if needed. I don't eat out 3 times a day, I don't smoke, don't really drink ( I can count on my 2 hands how many drinks I have per year) and I don't buy fancy clothes/shoes.


Its a hobby and like every other hobby its costs money. You wanna play sports? You need money to pay for that. You wanna play an instrument? You need money for that too. Makeup artistry and beauty is art need different brushes and different colors and a skincare routine to make your canvas as perfect as possible to ensure that whatever expensive makeup you put on looks its best.


I've tried a lot of products over the years, both makeup and skincare wise, and have had better luck with pigmentation and longevity and results with higher end products. So most of my makeup is high end but not all of it has been something that I paid full price for. Yes I love my Sephora but I also love my outlet malls where I can get a YSL lipstick for half off or more and my TJMaxx/Marshalls and Ross ( where I can find name brand high end skincare and natural/organic skincare for such a good price).


As long as your priorities are straight no one has any business judging your spending on whatever because *you* are the one that gets up everyday, goes to work and brings home that paycheck. I get *highly* offended when someone says "you paid 30 bucks for lipstick! Do you know how many people you could have fed with that money or how many *insert charity name here* you could have helped? ". Yes I'm aware, I have my own charities thank you very much. I also like to tell them to go home, add up all your *fun* money ( everything they buy for their hobby) and then get back to me. Usually its MUCH more than what I spend on my beauty purchases in that one month. For example, I have a friend who likes to golf. Well golf clothing and equipment don't come cheap my friends. My dad doesn't golf but he likes the tshirts, and I saw a $92 golf tshirt at dicks one time. 0.0


Point is, to each their own.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

Can I give you 100 hearts?! That's exactly how I see it. My husband plays soccer multiple days a week and pays thousands to sponsor his team. He just loves to play. I love makeup just as much, so who is to judge how much I spend on it?


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I always read reviews, consider the price, the ingredients and how quickly/likely the product is going to work. I sample all products before I buy them to ensure I'm not stuck with something after a bad reaction. Thank you Sephora! Because the cost of skin care and makeup can be thousands of dollars over years, I have to consider it in my budget and plan for saving. Just like I would with clothes, electronics or cars. The compound interest significantly adds up over 20 years and I could be losing tens of thousands later if I spend too many thousands now.


Would I rather save more money for retirement so that I can do the traveling I'm really wanting to do or would I rather spend more money now? Right now I would rather put more into retirement and savings. So instead of purchasing $400 serum, I check the reviews and ingredients to get the same or mostly similar affect for a much lower price point. I have a friend who splurges on $400 serum, but after seeing hearing her experience with it and seeing the effects on her skin, I can't distinguish that from some of Sephora's brands.


I periodically reassess my goals to see if anything changes in how I feel to ensure that I'm on the track I really want to be on. Most of Sephora's brands do what I need for the price point I'm comfortable with. I'm a few months shy of 40 but most people think I look 28-30. I'd say the products are doing what I ask of them! :smileyhappy:


I realize this was uber economic, but I fear not having enough money when I'm elderly and unable to work, so I need to be careful now. The skin care and makeup market is over-saturated with products and companies must provide results to ensure consumers spend their dollars on their products---pretty packaging only goes so far. So I can find something that works just as well as the super high end stuff for much less since they need my dollars more than I need their products.


Sorry! I hope this was helpful.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

While we all have our limits, I don't think I could ever spend that much. Mayyyybe I could justify it more if my collection was not as big as it is so I knew I could get use out of it, but even then I doubt it. It took me the longest time just to start buying Chanel (and the only thing I don't find crazy is the foundation because you can spend about that on other lines in Sephora) but it took quiiiite a while to buy anything else.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I think it depends on your skin combination for foundation.. sometimes spending a bit more is worth it. For example,  I can no longer use Covergirl or revlon foundation anymore because it can be either too drying or too oily for my skin and causes me to break out too much. Now, I spend 45 on foundation (NARS) and it lasts me a lot longer than any drug store foundation does, it has great coverage and not oily or drying at all.  There are some drugstore makeup that work amazing... I love revlon's lip products and they last forever but I still love UD revolution lipsticks too.  


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I have tom ford's blush in wicked and lipstick in flamingo and  im not really impressed with the quality. i expected more from the brand considering the price is outrageous! But the pigmentation and longevity is just not there. 

i like having makeup from diff brands so if the quality is great i wouldnt mind paying $70 but a $100 foundation eeeeerrr,never?!


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I'm a variety nut. I can't just have one of something, I need many. So it makes sense for me to stick to more economical brands because otherwise I'll have spent something like $200 on just lipgloss and I'll be drowning my guilt in chocolate. Not good.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

The only things that I would/do justify splurging on are: the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (makes me feel/look like a star), the Tom Ford and Givenchy lipsticks (they are as smooth/perfect as a unicorn's back), and Iope skincare (godsend for my annoyingly sensitive skin). Everything else, I try to limit myself to eye candy. :smileytongue:


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

Any analogy that includes a unicorn gets a "thumbs up" in my book! :smileyhappy:


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

The $65 I spend on Serge Lutens mascara is well worth it to me - otherwise I tend to get raccoon eyes. I wish I could buy it at Sephora, but it's pricey enough that Barney's ships it for free. 


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I do really like tom ford lipsticks - at least for my extremely dry lips, their formula is forgiving and not drying. I am contemplating getting an eyeshadow quad and a brush, but the prices have scared me off for a while lol. In terms of by terry, my experience of the line has been that it is overpriced in general. the products I've tried are good, but I just think they don't need to be that pricey. Are you able to get a sample of the foundation?? I would definitely not spend that much on a foundation without being able to try it first, or at the very least know that I could return it :smileyhappy:


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

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I really prefer getting kits and deluxe samples before splurging, but I'll absolutely spend $75 on a killer palette or $55 on a great foundation. Now individual eyeshadows that are $60+ I find to be pretty ridiculous. And with skincare, my budget has no boundaries. I obsess over it, so I'll scrimp and save until I can buy that Holy Grail eye cream or face oil. 


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

If it's a good quality product AND works well for me, then to me it's worth the price whether it's dime-store or high-end.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I wear NYX lip creams and on top Chanel glossimers.  For skin care, I'll use Sisley and Hado Labo. I have tried the Dior spray foundation and Sephora spray and could not really tell a difference. I really don't care about pricing and will buy what I want, but that also has to do with my level of disposable Income.  When I was a poor college student my choices were limited, but as my income level rose over the years my purchasing power rose as well. I say live within your means, don't keep up with the Jonses and do what makes you feel happy.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

Too much for me is if I can't afford it or justify it. I'm a lot better off financially in recent years than I had been in the past and beauty is pretty much the only thing I will splurge on. When it comes to justifying an expensive purchase usually it has to be more than just because I want it. I'll definitely shell out more for skincare than makeup usually because I value taking care of my skin just as much as the rest of my body. With makeup it's usually with thinking about how much use I'll get out of it compared to how much it costs. I'll definitely buy eyeshadow palettes for $50-60+ that have a dozen shadows, but can't justify doing that for a quad or spending $100 on a palette. And like with my foundation it's around $50, but a bottle will last me almost all year so it feels worth the investment for the quality and the use I get out of it.


Re: Your Thoughts on Ridiculously Expensive Makeup

I think a big price point for me, too, is whether it's something I'll wear all the time or a special occasion item.  For example, I wear red lipstick maybe 8 times a year, so I have to find the *perfect* red, regardless of how much it costs, since I only need one.  But coral-pink glosses and balms are what I reach for every day, and every time I see one I want it, so I've learned to keep to the lower end on that stuff because I have so many they never get used up before they spoil.  My personality loves impulse purchases regardless of price, so I've had to recognize my triggers and avoid them.  I don't "need" every single foundation Guerlain makes, in shades for Summer and Winter, even though I might want them.  My shopping addiction can be soothed with a couple high end foundations I adore, and then I can blow $30 on 5-6 drugstore foundations since I know I'll get bored quickly and not use them up anyway.

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