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I am almost 13 and I have just recently began wearing makeup. All I wear as of now is brown eyeliner on the top lash line and baby lips balm. I want your opinions on what makeup I should wear. I have long straight light brown hair and mostly golden brown hazel eyes. I have a medium light skin tone and quite a few freckles. I want a god eyeliner and maybe a couple eye shadows primarily but am open to suggestions for other products too. I don't want any heavy coverage either. I don't really want any powder foundation, maybe something like tinted moisturizer? I also would prefer water proof makeup too as I don't want smudgey raccoon eyeliner, I prefer my lines to be thin. No liquid liner either. I also need to stay relatively cheap and get the most for my money. I have oily skin and am looking for a good cleanser and toner too. Please give me any advice you can ALL advice welcome! 

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I have a daughter your age Smiley Happy  Since your skin is oily at this stage in your life (and as I told my daughter, this won't necessarily always be the case), I would say to get a gentle cleanser and follow up with a toner and oil-free moisturizer.  You don't want anything too harsh.  For my daughter, I get her Neutrogena products, which are inexpensive and user-friendly.  These should get you off to a great start with skin care!  For make-up, let your natural beauty do most of the work, you have time on your side, and I always tell my teenaged daughters that a fresh faced teenager is so much prettier than a girl that is overly make up to look much older.  Olay has a great tinted moisturizer that you can apply to blemishes only, or if you want more coverage,all over, and again it's not overly pricey.  For eye liner, my girls really love the Neutrogenia nourishing eye liners. They have them in grey and brown, and they glide on beautifully without irritating their eyes.  Again, these are inexpensive at around $5-6 each.  Revlon and L'oreal make some great eye shadow shades, and they are also inexpensive.  Maybe look for a palatte with three or four shades and play around with them to get different looks-and more bang for your buck.  Not to beat the Neutrogena drum too much, but they also have a great crease-proof cream eye shadow formula.  For mascara, I truly believe that you can't beat Maybeline great lash...the one in the pink and green tube.  My girls (five daughters) and I ALL use this one on a daily basis.  The favorite around here seems to be the "lots of lashes" formula, with the small round brush-it grabs all those tiny lashes and accentuates them. Also, Covergirl lash blast (in the orange tube) is a great proudct as well.  Sometimes my girls like to use colored mascara for a fun change, without eye liner.  

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