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So I was just wondering what your worst brush is. My worst brush is a pencil brush from Sonia Kashuk. I know pencil brushes are supposed to retain their shape and be slightly stiff, but this is insane! It irritates my eye and pulls and it is just bad! Photo 109.jpg

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I have a few:

Clinique Powder brush: Very unpleasant to use. This brush refuses to soften up and I have tried everything! It applies powder well but it feels so prickly that I never really use it.


NYX brushes: the ones with the silver handles. I have the Biggest brush, the B01 and it is so floppy! I think they should have made the bristles shorter. The liner brush is way too big to get a precise line and the cheek cream blush is just ok but is a little too stiff. You can't really blend your creamblush with it.


Benefit's fan brush: I love the other brushes they offer but this one is just too small and flimsy for me. It also didn't respond well to being washed. it got really skinny if that makes sense.


Mark by Avon contour/crease brush: it's one of those stiff angled eye brushes and while it does help me to get a good angle on dark shadows inmy crease it is very coarse. I do use it though but sometimes it feels unpleasant.


Mark by Avon blending brush: I actually use this to apply concealer and while it does work it is also very coarse and refuses to soften up.


That's all so far.

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Ugh! horrible, I bought a Sonia Kasuk brush fromTarget and I remember I got pink eye from it. I know I should have cleaned it before I used it, but I was in such a rush! Lesson learned! However, I would have to say my worst brush(s) would have to be those Studio Tech ones at Walgreens, CVS. I bought an Eco Tools bronzer brush just for a cheap alternative to my Mac Kabuki and it was great. So I thought the Studio Tech brand might have been the same pleasant suprise. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Horrible brushes, horrible. They shed like crazy and are stiff and scratchy.

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