Why doesn't Sephora have Estee Lauder products?
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Edited: Also, in response to the questions about MAC not being in Sephora's, most malls have MAC's and Sephora's and I feel like sometimes they are placed in a way that it seems like they are rivals (it just feels like that, I don't know if they actually are), so it would be weird if Sephora carried MAC.  Also, as for as Estee Lauder goes, atleast Macy's carries Estee Lauder and most Sephora's are right by Macys' so you can get different brands of beauty products in one trip.  I feel so much more comfortable buying make up in Sephora than Macy's though.  And yeah, I wonder what the agreement between make up brands and Sephora is, as far as selling their products goes.

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They should! *stomps on the ground* But sadly, sephora cant carry all our fave brands. I hope you can understand *sobs* :smileywink:


also, why don't they carry MAC?

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I did see one Sephora that carries Estee Lauder, it's the one near Ground Zero. It is the only Sephora store I've seen Estee Lauder's products for some reason. But you can't get them online, so sad...

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I think companies have to PAY Sephora to sell their products, and not everyone wants to do that. Or they at least have to pay Sephora a percentage of every product sold.


I've never tried Estee Lauder, but I would LOVE it if Sephora carried MAC, Chanel and Origins.

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@Sophiagreeneyes:  I'm assuming you mean the brand that is actually labelled "Estee Lauder." (Which I assume are the original Estee Lauder products.) Not to sound annoying, but the Estee Lauder company acually owns a number of "labels" including MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Origins, Michael Kors, Smashbox, Donna Karan, Coach, etc. :smileyhappy:

  But, to answer your actual question, I know of at least one Sephora store that actually does carry the "Estee Lauder" label. However, its the Toronto Eaton Centre (in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.) so I don't know if that's helpful to you or not. (If you don't live near Toronto probably not.) I don't know why Estee Lauder isn't labelled as a brand on the Sephora website though. :/

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