White Bumps On Lipsticks?? Is it mold or what??!

i noticed that there were little white bumps on some of my lipsticks and have no idea if it's just old or its oxidation from a chemical reaction due to weather change.  I'm afraid to use my lipsticks because I don't know what it is.  I didn't know if it's mold growing on it, but it looks unpleasant.  


I even compared my oldest lipstick (about 2 years old but still barely used) and it doesn't have anything.  It looks new.  Then the ones that have the little bumps were just bought less than a year.  I don't know what to do.  HELP!

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hmmm...I'd say play it safe girly!!! Chuck that bad boy!!! Maybe take it with you to the store you bought it from... (if it was a store that specializes in Makeup) OR even e-mail the manufacturer!


Thanks! I was so confused because I actually asked a sephora sales person at the cashier the other day about it and they said it wasn't mold, but just the temperature change. I even showed them the product.....it was from Illamasqua.
Yeah, I don't know, I suspect something is a little off. I wouldn't use it, but definitely don't get rid of it yet, but call the company.
Thank you so much Smiley Happy) I will email them Smiley Happy)
I've not heard great things about the mystery kit from illmasqua. I ordered one and it didn't cme in the package. I'm thinking possibly it was so bad they pulled it? Or ran out since it was quite popular?
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Which kit is that? Okay, I'll say it for you....DUH!! It sounds like the **mysterygift** that just started, but I didn't think that was by llamasqua. Did I miss a promo, haven't been on a whole lot. I did see the gift offered that you could choose the cosmetic pouch your samples come in, don't remember at all what was in them, just know I didn't think it really did much for me and was hoping to see better offers.
Is the mysterygift promo that I saw today the same one you mentioned?

If not, do you, or anyone else have any idea what might be in this new mysterygift? Once again, Duh. It's called a mystery for a reason. I get that, but you never know if somebody out there might have a little info that they can share, any ideas? If not, that's okay too. May just have to go for it!! Oh brother, this means trying to order items for 'other people"--- It's becoming Increasingly difficult to justify, I really need to put my thinking cap on. Keep trying to find something that I honestly need.  Think, Think, Think. ...Anywho, Thanks makeupobesessed or anyone else who has any info. Smiley Happy

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