White Bumps On Lipsticks?? Is it mold or what??!

i noticed that there were little white bumps on some of my lipsticks and have no idea if it's just old or its oxidation from a chemical reaction due to weather change.  I'm afraid to use my lipsticks because I don't know what it is.  I didn't know if it's mold growing on it, but it looks unpleasant.  


I even compared my oldest lipstick (about 2 years old but still barely used) and it doesn't have anything.  It looks new.  Then the ones that have the little bumps were just bought less than a year.  I don't know what to do.  HELP!

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hmmm...I'd say play it safe girly!!! Chuck that bad boy!!! Maybe take it with you to the store you bought it from... (if it was a store that specializes in Makeup) OR even e-mail the manufacturer!



Nonono, do NOT use it!!!!!


Return if possible, throw it away otherwise. Lip infection and problems are absolutely terrible because you can't disguise it, it hurt/itches whenever you eat/talk, and is basically a major pain in general. If it's mold, do not just cut off the white part and use. I researched a bit about mold a while back (*cough* cuz I'm lazy and get molds in food more often than I'd like). Mold travel by air and only when enough accumulate can you see it with naked eyes, so even if the white fuzzy spot is tiny, the area around it probably have mold on it, too. While yes, some mold are used in painkiller and don't really do anything bad, other mold can be harmful to your body and should not be injested in any way.




Most lipsticks expire after a year. Any change in color, texture, smell etc make it obvious that its gotten bad and that it needs to be thrown away. It might be mold or bacteria, either way, you dont want that on your mouth!!


If its a lipstick that you have just bought, and you still have the receipt, return it, otherwise...trash it!!



Hi perm - me again. I'm so anxious to find out what the deal is with your lipstick, it's become a bit of an obsession, I hope you come back and tell me/us what the story is with that, you can PM me, don't know if I said that b4, I'm not always good at keeping up with all of the various threads.


BTW, I went through every lipstick I own and have never seen anything like that. Let me tell you, I've got some OOOOOLD Lipsticks, embarassingly old lipsticks. There are many discontinued that I just love and haven't been able to duplicate, and I'm in search of a website that I used to know, they are very reputable and can match virtually any lipstick ever made. Only problem is there are so many new, different ones I want, guess that 'web-site' that I'm 'looking so hard for' may be just an excuse to keep those oldies, for memories. So there are the Faves for whatever reason and then there are the Memory Ones, the Trophy Ones, and the ones with specific guys names permanently attached to them, some happy, some sad. Just can't get rid of them. I'm even wondering if some are as old as you are! I was 5 years old when I started with my lips, not. But, none the less, they're old. Hope you had a nice T-day and wonderful weekend.

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Hi perm, Wow, that really is strange, I've never heard of or seen that. I was going to ask you how long you've had it and what brand it is. Do you have any others that are that brand and approximate age? Is it also on the sides or just the top? Did you ever, at any point since the purchase of this lipstick, any kind of issue with any lip or mouth allergies or anything? There is something called Thrush mouth, it's basically a yeast infection and you get it in your mouth, Mostly little kids get that though, so I don't think that's it. Has that lipstick been in any extreme situations?


This is really puzzling. I'm sure that some people will tell you to cut the 'icky' spots off and use it anyway. For me, even if I did that I'd be nervous as heck using it. I'd be thinking about it and checking it the entire time I had it on.


I think you should call the brand that makes that lipstick, whether  it's drugstore or super high end. If it's a higher end it's easier to find a phone number and I think a phone call will reap much better benefits that an email. Sometimes you make a better connection with someone on the phone and they may be more helpful. Also, the tone of you email might be misinterpreted by the reader. If it's a drugstore brand or something in between you can't always get a direct link and if you do, contact would likely be email. If you do get contact info, same thing, go for the phone call. The other thing you can do is go a store where they sell this brand and get info off of the package of that lipstick, they usually give contact info in case of any problems,

It does not matter if it's a little old, most companies don't want this kind of thing getting around. So they may send you a check for the price of the item even if it was only $5.29, it's your  $5.29 or send you a coupon for a free product. They might also be able to give you some idea what the heck is going on with it, that would be my major issue, I want to know!


I really hope you'll try getting in touch, hopefully by phone, this is the best way to get an effective resolution. I hope this helped you and if you don't mind can you send me a Private Message? Now I'm dying to know what it is, or what their explanation is, as well as your final result. Best of luck.


Hope not a lot of typos or things that don't make complete sense, sorry Smiley Sad

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