White Bumps On Lipsticks?? Is it mold or what??!

i noticed that there were little white bumps on some of my lipsticks and have no idea if it's just old or its oxidation from a chemical reaction due to weather change.  I'm afraid to use my lipsticks because I don't know what it is.  I didn't know if it's mold growing on it, but it looks unpleasant.  


I even compared my oldest lipstick (about 2 years old but still barely used) and it doesn't have anything.  It looks new.  Then the ones that have the little bumps were just bought less than a year.  I don't know what to do.  HELP!

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This just happened to me with a brand new lipstick!  I just received an Urban Decay lipstick in the mail, and it has these tiny little bumps all over it.  It is one of the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks, so I know they have been out for a while, but not THAT long.  Here is a picture.  Anyone have any idea what it could be?  Is it safe to use?  I don't live anywhere near where I ordered it from, so I wouldn't be able to return it for over a month. :/


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