When do diffrent types of makeup expire?

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Hi, smartmint.  I think prettyinpa did a great job of covering what type of makeup expires when, but I just wanted to add a few other tips about makeup expiration that I hope you'll find helpful.

All makeup expires, but as a general rule, so long as it isn't discolored, doesn't smell strange, hasn't separated and it hasn't changed texture, it should be all right to use.  Most lip products are safe to use for around two years after opening them, but if it's been longer than that it might be better to throw it away . . . Sunscreens are designed to remain stable and at original strength for up to three years.  As prettyinpa noted, with most cosmetic products, there is an icon on the label that looks like an open jar and it will have a "6M", "12M", "24M", etc., which means how many months you can expect it to remain usable after it's been opened.  But, like I mentioned before, if a product develops an unpleasant odor or changes color then it may have “gone bad” and should be tossed no matter what the label says.

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