What should I buy at my first time at seaport?

I am going to sephora for my first time and I have no idea what to get? I have studied many products but can't decide, and I don't want something too expensive! Please help!

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Buy something that you love and that you are drawn to.  Something trendy for Fall or for everyday like a lip product or eyeliners perhaps? Sephora brand is very reasonable and if you check in the sale section you might be able to get a few things of interest for little $


Hi, beautyqueenx.  You can never go wrong with one or two (or many, ha ha) NARS Lip Glosses.  Seriously, they have an awesome texture and pigmentation and are great for everyday wear.  They come in many color choices and you can take a look at them here:

Have fun shopping!

tenngal :smileyhappy:

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That depend on what you *need*. For pressed powder shadows, go with Urban Decay. For cream shadows go with Benefit Creaseless Cream. For powder foundation go with Lancome Dual Finish or Benefit Hello Flawless. For lipstick or lipgloss go with Dior Addict. For blush go with Benefit or TheBalm. For lipbalm go with Rosebud Salve. Have fun!

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For the first time, you may want to get something small to just try out, like a single eyeshadow from a brand you've not tried before.  On my first Sephora trip, I bought 2 eyeshadow singles from Urban Decay.  From that moment on, I was in love with the brand lol.  If you decide on a palette, you may want to go for a smaller one.  Stila has some cute, small palettes.  If it turns out you do not like the product, you can always return it.

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it depends on if you want foundation or what! whats your skin type like! i suggest to ask one of the representitves! theyre really friendly and helpful:smileyhappy:

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Dear beautyqueenx,



I, too, have this dilemma, and quite frequently at that. Should I get this? No. Or this? Ah.No. I am constantly questioning the product before I purchase it, and after all that pondering, I leave sephora empty-handed. When it comes to trying new things at sephora, I pick a brand that I love and stay there. Distracted? I'd probably give myself a light slap when nobody's around. I mean, what is weirder than a  loner girl slapping herself in the middle of sephora? Well, me, but still. I look at some of the new products. If the product looks like something I would be wearing every day, it's worth it, and I'm going to buy it. I plan to do this with Clinique on my next shopping trip. I am thinking of experimenting with the Black Honey Collection, Chubby Sticks, and the New Lid Smoothies!


I hope this helped!

-gabidee :smileyvery-happy:

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i would suggest like an eyeliner or lipgloss. something u no u will wear.

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I would get Sephora Glossy Gloss, it's only $10 and comes in so many pretty colors.  Another thing I want because of the price is Sephora water proof cream liner, also $10, less than half of the waterproof cream liner I love, Smashbox.  I do love Smashbox eyeshadow, and liners if your willing to spend a little more, shell eyeshadow is soo pretty, and jet set liner in bronze is perfect.  Smashbox eyeshadow is so silky.  Oh and while your there be sure to get a free sample of a perfume you like, just ask.  My family went to a Sephora for my sisters graduation, she's a dr now, and even my Dad get a cologne sample, he loves it, Dolce and Gabbana light blue.  I got Vera Wang, I think I will buy it, they also have rollerball scents, they are quite affordable.

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