What's your favorite self-tanner??

Love to hear what you think is best!!


I like St Tropez self tan lotion and Victorias Secret Beach Sexy self tan lotion

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I have tried many different self-tanners...some are great, some are good, some are just a BUMMER!


I switched to The Bath and Body Works self tanners a while back and have had good to great results with this line. I read in an article that not all self tanners work the same on different people (shade results, etc). I think this makes some sense after seeing that different brands come out looking different on me (some too orange). 


I thought the Jergens did  a decent job for the price, but I found that the smell not great and left my skin smelling like I just walked out of tanning bed. I have not found this to be as strong in other products like BBW self tanner.

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@bearsmom - I also love the St. Tropez self-tanners. The mousse and lotion are both great to apply on any skintone and doesn't leave your skin orange. A huge plus!


@makeupfragjunkie - I can't say I've tried our "Fake Bake," but I've only heard great things about it. So great that it is always sold out once Summer comes around.


My favorite self-tanner is from Kate Somerville, her Kate Somerville Somerville360° Tanning Towelettes are amazing. The towelette is so easy to use and perfect to get those hard to reach places. When applying the self-tanner, you will start with the area you want darkest and end with the area you want to be the lightest. One towelette is perfect for the whole body and won't leave you orange.





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I agree with @tiffanybt. The Kate Somerville Towelettes are the best. They're easy, streak-free, and, as a bonus, they smell great! But I would suggest buying the $10 2 towelette pack to test it first, so you know if you like it.

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i like comodynes self tanning wipes. I used them alot a few years ago, and they are cheaper than the kate somerville 


i also really like the clarins self tanning gel Smiley Happy I got one from sephora a few summers ago and i love it! 

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I know I shouldn't be recommending products that I haven't tried, but I have heard tons of great things about Jergen's natural glow lotion. I would try it! Its very inexpensive at the drugstore.

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100% without a doubt-hands down-the winner is "Fake Bake". Sephora carries this line in their stores. I've turned many friends on to this. I discovered this years ago and have never looked back. Their foam is my favorite and their gel is a close second. You will wake up looking like you went to the tropics. There is zero orange with this line. 

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