What makeup will give me a flawless picture perfect complexion?
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I need a foundation and concealer that will give me a flawless picture perfect complexion. I have a little bit of a dark circle under my eyes, and my complexion is naturally a little towards the dry side and uneven.

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I agree with the other post - the Make Up For Ever HD line is amazing!  My personal favorite, however, is Make Up For Ever's Face & Body Liquid Makeup.  


When you first open the bottle, the make up looks kind of weird because it's almost like a gel...but it's so amazing because you can't tell you have it. The gel-like texture prevents it from being cakey.  It's perfect for people who just want to even out their skin tone and don't necessarily have a lot to cover up.  It's also so light and fresh feeling on your face.  


I'd say find a moisturizing primer to combat the dryness you said you had, maybe throw on a concealer under your eye, and then use this liquid make up. It's such a good alternative to having to use a heavy foundation.  I swear by it.

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