What makeup should a seventh grader wear?
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For seventh grade, it's best to wear makeup products that are simple and low-key. I'd recommend you find three things: a good quality tinted moisturizer, a good lip gloss, and some natural-looking eyeshadow. I recommend the following:


1. Laura Mercier "Tinted Moisturizer--Oil Free" (Sephora Product Page) This is a great way to do your moisturizer, SPF and lightweight foundation in one easy step! This lightweight foundation offers sun protection for sensitive or acne prone skin, oil control, and provides hydration to prevent dryness. I absolutely love this product, especially during the summer. It's not heavy and it's oil-free so it doesn't cause break outs.


2. NARS "Duo Eyeshadow" (Sephora Product Page) Keep things simple with this little compact featuring two crease-proof NARS eyeshadows in modern, complementary shades. This product comes in lots of beautiful, highly pigmented colors. For a more natural look, try the more neutral shades like "All About Eve"  (shimmering flesh/ shimmering neutral), "Bellissima" (shimmering beige/ gray brown), "Alhambra" (metallic rose mist/ golden champagne), "Madrague" (cream/ caramel), and "Silk Road" (icy peach pink/ rose gold with gold flecks.)


3. Josie Maran "Natural Volume Lip Gloss" (Sephora Product Page) This lipgloss has argan oil in it, which conditions your lips and makes them soft and smooth almost as well as a balm does. But it also comes in some beautifully pigmented colors. Try the shade "Brilliance" (sheer shimmering light pink) for a more natural look. For something more daring, try "Soledad" (sheer light apricot) or "Precious" (petal pink.) 


Remember that seventh grade is a great time to start experimenting with different makeup products to see which ones work best for you. Have fun with it! Smiley Very Happy I hope this helps you! Smiley Happy






At your age, you have a natural beauty that you don’t want to cover up with a lot of makeup products.  I am going to give you some tips from my well-worn beauty book relating to teenage makeup.  Teenage make up should always be soft and subtle.  A nice combination of subtle colors makes teenage makeup attractive and soft.

As a teenager you must know that you have got soft and unexploited skin and you should act wisely to preserve it.  Make sure you do not use any local and harsh products on your skin.  Do not give yourself an overdose of make up because it will make you look more mature than you are and will cover up your own natural beauty—your youthful, innocence is the basic plus point of your beauty.

What to do:

  • Experiment with colors.  Try wearing bright and floral colors.  You can also use light pink and black colors if you are willing for a feminine look.
  • Go for bright yet natural shades for make up.
  • Do experiments with your eye makeup, but avoid extra glossy makeup anywhere else on your face.
  • Go for lipgloss instead of lipstick.
  • Try different kinds of hairstyles because changes in hairstyles help in a complete makeover.
  • Remember to keep your skin clean, toned and moisturized.  Avoid using any harsh products on your skin.
  • Innocence on your face is your real beauty, so avoid any kind of makeup that overshadows your natural charm.  For example, choose a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because it is sheerer and looks more natural.


What not to do:

  • Always make sure that you don’t overdress yourself and that whatever you wear is in accordance with the occasion you’re dressing up for.
  • Avoid extra chemical treatment with your hair.  However experiment as much as you can with natural and herbal products.
  • Avoid wearing ultra glam dress and makeup because that will overshadow the natural beauty of your face.
  • Do not apply chemicals on your face.  Instead go for homemade and natural/organic products.
  • Avoid colors like green, brown, grey and slate both in makeup and dresses.


Sephora has a couple of great video tutorials called the “No-Makeup Makeup Look” and the “5 Minute Makeover” that you should take a few minutes to watch.  You can find the video tutorials at:  http://www.sephora.com/beautyadvice/

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy




I would suggest using light skin tone eyeshadow colors like peaches, light pinks, tans, and light browns.Don't use a heavy hand with eyeliner, instead line your eyes with a dark brown eyeshadow.  (Clinique eyeshadow quad)

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad

Also, don't use a heavy concealer or foundation, use a tinted moisturizer with SPF in it. (Clinique Moisture Surge) 

Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

hen for the lips use a soft pink color or a salmon color (for a darker look), don't use red! (Sephora lipgloss) Nectar Shine Hydrating Care Lipgloss SPF 8

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Sun protection with SPF is a must. Take care of your skin, moisturize well. I would also consider plucking your brows if they are thick between the brows. As for actual makeup, lipgloss and a little mascara should do. It sounds obvious, but don't pick a colour that is too dark for your lashes. I'd advise mostly against wearing foundation. It will look unnatural for someone your age. Have fun with it!

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Seventh graders don't need much. Remember, a lot of make-up can make you look younger than you actually are. I'd stick with a lip gloss and a spot concealer. Definitely stick to a natural looking gloss color. Red lips on a seventh grader is... I don't think there's a good word for that. I'd stick with a light coral (note, not orange) or soft pinks. Conceal any breakouts you may be getting, but make sure your concealer is non-comedogenic. This is also a good time for you to start a skin care regimen. Establish a routine of: cleanse, moisturize, protect. It'll help you for years to come, and give you a clean, fresh, dewy complexion.
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