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What makeup should 14 year old wear???

Hey so I am almost 14. I am now starting to get more makeup for myself. But what kind of makeup is appropriate for my age? Please help me girls! Thanks and have a great day! :smileyhappy: <3

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I  would recommend wearing light colored eyeshadows, use ones with a little sparkle in them.  Matte eye shadows can look more mature.  Also, stick to colors that are similar to your skin color...

light skin: pinks and creams

tan skin: light browns

dark skin: dark browns


Try some of these eye shadows

Urban Decay Eyeshadow

Stilla Eye Shadow Trio


Using a bit of mascara on your top lashes will also compliment the eyeshadow nicely

I think a little blush wouldn't hurt either!  Using a light peachy color put it on the apples of your cheeks.  Don't forget to smile while doing this!

Try to stay away from eyeliners for a few more years...if you do choose to use them though use a pencil, most likely a light brown will work fine.  The brown is also a nice transition color to use before you start wearing darker colors!

Also, if you do have a little blemish throw on a bit of concealer.  Don't put on more than necessary though...just enough to cover up problem areas.


Hope this helps you and goodluck!

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