What lipgloss is worth the money?

I love lipgloss but I don't know which ones that are worth the price. Please help!

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I love bare minerals moxie lipgloss in daredevil !

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Oooh, I hugely second Sugarbomb if you like shimmer/glitter gloss. It is so pretty, not sticky even a little, and lasts about as long as all the other glosses out there.


Buxom is great if you don't mind a little bit of sticky. They really do plump your lips, and the colors are fantastic. They also smell amazing. They do tingle a bit though.


The YSL gloss/stains are completely worth the price for me, but are definitely up there price-wise so it's worth trying before you buy on those. The stickiness (which is much much less if you only use one coat) doesn't bother me, and the staying power and perfect colors just made up my mind.


I personally stay away from OCC. They destroy my lips, but I hear they work great for a lot of people, so don't just take my word for that.


On the non-Sephora side, I LOVE everything Lime Crime makes for glosses and stains. The velvitines especially. They last forever through everything. You really have to work at getting them off. The carousel glosses are also just gorgeous. They are also very conscious (I think totally vegan).

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Absolutely love Benefit's Sugarbomb lipgloss! I got a deluxe sample with my online order, and it was so amazing I just had to purchase full-size. It was $18, and probably the most I'll ever spend on a lipgloss. It isn't sticky, has a very nice smell, and gives lips the perfect glossy look! The staying power is a bit iffy, some reviews say it lasts about 2 hours, but I get around 5-6 hours of use before I reapply. They have other colors, I can only imagine they are the same quality as Sugarbomb.


I saw OCC was a suggestion on here, and I would say definitely try that on in store to see if you like it. After hearing all the hype, I went online and purchased the lip tar in Memento; it had a horrible consistency and felt weird and slimy on my lips. The tar took forever to settle, and when it did it started flaking off my lips within 2 hours. There are great reviews on it however, so maybe it'll work for you! 

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Love the Smashbox glosses too!

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I love the Smashbox long wear glosses..they stay on through eating and smoking ciggs lol!

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Hi, ashee99!  I agree with @LCResz.  You can go wrong with any of her suggestions!  My personal favorite is Buxom Lip Polish.

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Depends on what you're going for. If you like sheer color with some plumping effect, Buxom is awesome.

if you want something with more coverage and longer wear Stila and OCC make great lip stains.

if you want to try out different formulas pickup the Give Me Some Lip or Give Me More Lip Sephora Favorites sets, depending on your budget.

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