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What kind of makeup should a 12 year old wear?

My cousin was wondering what kind of makeup would be appropriate for a 12 year old? Are there any brands you would recommend?

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if shes twelve years old I would think that maybe she should start off with some drugstore brand mascara, covergirl is good, and then as she gets more comfortable with it perhaps some blush and neutral eyeshadow, lipstick is a little harsh and eyeliner can also come across as harsh.

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Personally I feel a 12 year old doesn't need makeup, but should concentrate on learning a good skin care routine.

Clinique's basic 3 system is what I always started my girls out with in their teens. 

Brown mascara's and perhaps a subtle bronzer for a healthy flush is a most anyone that age needs. 


Natural beauty is the most attractive at any age.


IMO, she should stick to lip gloss until she needs skincare for acne. Drugstore brands. I didn't get into Sephora brands until high school. Looking back I feel my mother put appropriate limits on my makeup. I agree with the person who said no foundation (I didn't need that until late high school). I was definitely in 8th grade before I wore mascara. At that point I'd say let her use drugstore pressed powders - I used CoverGirl. It's decent coverage. Let her use concealer for zits of course. Teach her how to use blush yourself :smileyhappy:


It wouldn't be a bad idea to get her using an untinted moisturizer with some sun protection now (SPF 15 should do the trick) - consider about 80% of sun damage occurs before age 18. I'd encourage her to use chapsticks with SPF as well. 


Ask her mom!  My mom would've killed me if I was wearing makeup at 12.  :smileyhappy:


I think 12 year olds really don't need makeup. I think if she breakouts sometimes then makeup is fine to use. I think a lip gloss is fine too. :smileyhappy:

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Hey, I have a 12 year old sis. Try concealer, and maybe clear mascara. Also lip-gloss! Me and my sis are addicted. :smileyhappy: Just don't go overboard! She's still young, I'm in 9th grade and still am just starting to wear nude eyeshadows and black eye liner.

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I think she doesnt even need foundation or concealer. But thats depending on her acne. Starting with light eyeshadows are good but maybe give her just a couple of fun colors to play around with. Lipgloss is always fun, try one with a moisturizer. Dont forget youll need to buy makeup remover and facewash:smileyhappy:

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mascara,under eye concealer, and lipgloss is optional.

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Clinique is best!! Because when your not used to makeup it's a very good brand:smileyhappy:
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I would recommend a neutral eyeshadow and maybe a light blush. Stay away from very matte formulas. Also, you can try a pencil liner, but don't go too dark or bold. I hope this helps!

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Some concealor for blemishes and a loose, translucent powder. Definitely no foundation! At that age, she's probably just beginning to get breakouts, yet she likely has that nice, fresh look that young skin has; it's generally just not necessary for a younger girl and could cause more breakouts. Sheer glosses, maybe some light stains for lips. If she really wants to start trying out shadows, I would go for nude colors or maybe a sheer white, silver or gold. Mascara seems like just an extra step for a 12 year old, but if she really wants to try it out, I would stick to something not harsh. Either a brown, if she's a brunette or black-brown if she's a blond or redhead, but I wouldn't suggest straight black, that's a bit harsh for such a young face.

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