What item should I splurge?

Hey lovlies! I am in highschool and work very hard for my money, so I can't just buy whatever! i have a list of profucts that I am debating between which ones I'll get first! Please list them in order from splurge on first to splurge on last!

Here is my list: (No order)


1.Urban Decay 24/7 Glide - On Pencils in Yeyo

2. or in the color Underground

3.Benefit Hirvana Box Blush

4.Benefit Lip and Cheek tint in Rose.

5.NARS Foreplay set


THANK! You're beautiful!

XX Victoria


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This is just personal preference -- it really depends on what you would use the most!


1. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide - On Pencils in Underground (because I can't be without eyeliner, and taupe is a staple shade!);

2. NARS Foreplay Palette (because I love NARS, and this covers Orgasm, a warm blush, a cool blush, a highlighter, etc. These are really pigmented, though, and the fuchsia in particular will require careful application);

3.Benefit Hervana Box Blush (because it smells good and is more effortless than a super pigmented blush);

4.Benefit Lip and Cheek tint in Rose (I like that it's good for cheeks AND lips, but i found it to be really dry on the lips and hard to blend on the cheeks -- some people love it, but you have to blend really quickly); and

5. UD Yeyo (only because I don't really like white liner -- if, by chance, you're trying to open up your eyes, go for a flesh-toned liner instead. If you like white liner, go for it -- and you can bump it up to #2).

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