What is your makeup pet peeve(s)?
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What is your makeup pet peeve(s)? The thing about makeup that peeves me the most is when women or girls call a lipstick or lipgloss, or any lipcolor a so called "lippie." and. IT IRKS ME TO DEATH!!!!  Whenever I see or hear or hear the word, I kind of want to yell at the people who say or write or type the word that that it is a lipstick, lipgloss or whatever other lip product it is unless the product has "lippy" as part of the product name.  I let the words "lip and lips" slide because makeup artists refer to any lipcolor on the lips no matter what the color as a (insert blank) lip or the names of products.. 

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Hey. It annoys me when girls wear a dramatic bright  eyeshadow  and its uneven! I mean really...LOOOK IN A MIRROR!!!! Also when  people do their makeup in public. I guess its okay to do touch ups here and their but creating a whole look on the school bus is a huge no-no!!!  No Hate just sayin <3

-Jessi <3

"Um, excuse me, miss....your eye shadow...it seems a bit...patchy....jus' sayin'!"
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