What is a good foundation or tinted moisturizer for dry sensitive acne prone skin?

Hi. I'm looking for a good foundation or tinted moisturiser for my dry sensitive acne prone skin. I have a lot of redness going on right now as well as dryness. I'm using MUFE HD Foundation right now. I like it, but it's irritating my skin and I'm breaking out from it I think. I've tried other brands like Lancome, Clinque, Dior, and Benefit but I broke out from them too. Any suggestions on what might work to help even out the redness/ance+scarring withough causeing me to break out more? Thanks

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I have the same problem I have combination skin and it's really difficult. I used to pour on Lancome's miracle foundation which worked well but showed my dry skin and even though it's oil free it still made my skin break out. The more my skin would break out the more foundations I would put on making my skin worse. What I did which helped was just stop wearing foundation all together for a while. It's really annoying but after a month I didn't need foundation anymore. All I did was before bed wash my face with proactive and then I used Olay's moisturizer which NEVER made me break out. For the first couple weeks it stinks to were no foundation but after that you don't need it anymore!

Hope it helped!

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