What do you like buying?

Do you like repurchasing products or getting a new product more?

I personally like getting a new product because I find it more fun. I'm having trouble deciding right now whether to repurchase a bareminerals volumizing mascara which I love and have run out of, or if I should try out a new mascara, or just getting a new lip product;  I've been stalking some of Clinique's products... 

So what do you like buying? Also what would you do in terms of the loved mascara vs. new mascara vs. new lip product situation? 


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I love all the products that I have purchased from Clinique. This includes the black honey lipstick, the even better dark spot corrector, and even better foundation. I have been loyal to Lancôme mascara and bare minerals eyeshadow since the new millennium . With that said, I also like to try new possible HG products. I think I am pretty practical about it. I never jump on the trending thing; I have to be super curious about it. An example is the Occ line, I purchased a couple of their eyeshadows and lip tars after months of reading and researching the reviews. I can honestly say I like the products purchased . Bare minerals are still my favorite eyeshadow s but this line is a close second. I think I will always be more experimental with lip products than any other type of cosmetics because its your lip what is the worse that could happen? I have lines that I love such as bite beauty, guerlain, hourglass, Stila, etc. but different brands suit different needs -  you know ?!

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With skincare, I almost always repurchase; I rarely ever try anything new, even if it seems enticing...I'm pretty attached to my current routine.


As far as cosmetics are concerned -- while I'm fairly loyal and I have my favorites, I do always like trying new shades of blush and lipstick. The blog posts and swatches always get me! I also become curious about new mascaras, too, even though the last few I have tried have not measured up to my favorite (YSL). I always repurchase my NARS foundation when I run out, though! Smiley Happy

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I usually like repurchasing because of my sensitive skin I dont like to experiment too much with what goes on my face. And I rather have a nice stash of items that I like just in case theres a random craze and my favorites go out of stock for a while. 

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I'm definitely a sucker for experimenting and trying new things. I think that's what draws me so much to sets with minis of a bunch of different products. I don't often buy a full sized product on a whim. If anything, I'll go with minis and if I really love it, I'll invest in a full sized. And that full sized will usually last me a long time, because I'll still continue to occasionally experiment with other products in the same vein.

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I like repurchasing foundations (Nars) and primers (Smashbox) because I already know how my skin reacts to it.  For lipsticks and stuff, I'll try anything.  Mascaras, I tend to stay within my two favorite brands, Lancôme and Dior but I'll try different formulations.

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I'm not gonna lie, I like trying new things as much as the next person and I always have my eye on a new release! BUT I do repurchase holy grail items. Its really hard to find something that truly works and lives up to its claims so when I do find that, I do repurchase time and time again. Smiley Very Happy

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I would probably try something new but it would be mascara. After all, if you're thinking of repurchasing then I assume you're out, and you can use a lip product on your eyelids!


That said, I find it much more fun to get and try something new. There always seems topre something new and the magpie in me seems to come out. Repurchasing something I need is just something I need to do, and I try to anticipate that when there is a sale going on. I know I am well stocked on some things until there is another sale in November (and might not even need to repurchase then, as some things I don't go through that quickly).

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I usually buy stuff that I haven't tried yet...I honestly don't think I have EVER purchased the same mascara twice because that is something I am always trying to find my HG for!


Now that I'm creeping towards my 30s and I have some things that really work for me, I think I will be done experimenting with foundation (Revlon Colorstay), concealer (UD 24/7), and powder (NARS loose powder), but other than that, I love trying new lip colors/products, different blushes, and definitely different eye makeup.

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