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What are the upcoming Fall 2011 Makeup Trends?

Bascially the question is stated as the subject but I'd like to know what's "in" on the runway so I'll know what to purchase. If you can also name a product that would be really helpful!
~ Jess

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Visit designer and makeup sites.  Best way to find out is straight from the source. 


You can also pick up magazines or check those out online for an editorial opinion.  Check out beauty blogs as well.


However from Sephora, they have a section called Hot Now which is their picks for trends:


Fall Trends:  Firey Lips, Winged Liner, and Metal Lids according to the link. 


I've seen a lot of midnight blues and cobalts from sites such as NARS and Shu Uemura (Japanese site novadiva). Lots of dark and intense eye looks too (YSL). 

Winged Liner and Firey lips at Lancome - Any liquid liner will do. 

Metallic Lids:  Shiseido, Chanel - metallic cream shadows


Those are a few examples.


Hope that helps.

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