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What are the free services at sephora like
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Hi! I was wondering what the free services at sephora are like. My friend and I are going to the mall on monday so i need answers ASAP!!!! Smiley Happy Heres my questions: 1. What do they do? 2. Do you need a reservation? 3. Do they just tell you stuff or do they actually do the makeup?


Jessi <3

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The services offered at Sephora are amazing and I'm so excited for you and your friend to experience it. There are multiple services they offer. The first one being Express Service. These are quick, one look focus that take about 10-15 minutes. They consist of smokey eyes, eye liner, lips, cheeks and so forth. These do not require an appointment.


The second service is a customized makeup service. This is full face and they will also apply makeup. This usually takes about 45min to an hour. They usually ask for an appointment, but if there is down time and if there is enough coverage they can take walk-ins. This is a perfect service if you have an event to go to.


If you are looking for education, my recommendation is to do an express service, so that it doesn't become too overwhelming with the teaching piece. They can customize it to a certain technique that you are interested in. I would even suggest that you have them apply it on one side and you do the other, so they can walk you through it. 


Hope that helps.



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Hi Jessithediva,

I've gone a couple of times to Sephora and have asked to try on certain things like foundation, lipsticks, and a Bronzer.As long as you don't take up more than 15mins the sales associates stay with you. If you plan on getting a full makeover or something you do need a reservation. If you look on the Sephora site they have a couple of videos of the services they offer that don't need reservations. I would say try and find someone your age or that you feel comfortable with. They also sit you down with whatever product you are trying and put it on. If you choose 2 of the same type products like 2 foundations they do one on half of the face and the other on the other half so you can compare. Hope this helps!
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