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What Should I Keep in my Purse?

Hey guys, I'm in 8th grade so please keep my age in mind when I ask this question; I recently bought this most beautiful purse and it is one of the big ones too so I was glad about that. But I don't really know what a should keep in it...any ideas? Thanks Smiley Happy

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I like roomy purses so I can carry my essentials and be able to freely move around in the purse to find them instead of having everything tightly crammed together.  I try not to overload my purse with things that are unnecessary.  Below is a list of what I normally carry:

- Cell phone (since I got a Droid cell phone I was able to do away with carrying a calendar, notepad, etc., in my purse since it has it built-in)
- Wallet (containing all my important information and money)
- Wristlet which I use as a cosmetic bag (contains 2 lipglosses, mirror, oil-blotting sheets, allergy eye drops)
- A small photograph holder
- A travel-size hand sanitizer
- A travel-size bottle of lotion
- A travel-size packet of Kleenex
- In the inside zipper pocket of my purse I keep:  a couple of individually wrapped SHOUT stain wipes and individually wrapped eyeglass cleaner wipes

I used to carry a whole lot more in my purse, such as a brush and a whole lot of makeup, which I found completely unnecessary since I started using makeup products that control my oiliness.  The oil-blotting sheets take care of oiliness touchups and the lipglosses (one a pink and one a neutral) are for touchups after meals, etc.

Hope this answers your question! Smiley Happy

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What I keep in my oversized bag when it is full with all my stuff I don't normally keep all these things with me. I switch purses often but this is what I will find in my bag if I don't clean it out or switch bags often enough:




Water bottle



(I don't keep a makeup bag with me but you can keep a mini makeup bag with you with the makeup you have on for the day or just something for backup)

Many various lip glosses

Hair pony tail Sunglasses

mini sketchbook (sometimes)




pens and pencils of sorts



hmmm... I think those are the basic necessities, now you see why I cannot travel light lol!

I also find keeping a pen and small notebook tucked in mine to be very handy. As well as breathmints or gum, travel size tissues, a couple of hair clips or bands and I have a keychain that is large, they will always fall to the bottom of the bag. ; )
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Some items to keep in a purse are: small compact mirror, a lipgloss, smith's rose salve, small sunscreen, hand cream, sephora's mini nail files.

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I think I'm more on the side of smaller purse/less stuff than some of you. ;-)  But I will say that it helps to use the pockets/dividers of the purse or use the little cosmetics bags you get with GWP etc to organize things.


The essentials:

wallet with ids, money, etc (and I carry insurance cards, credit cards, etc)

extra tampon tucked away somewhere

a bandaid or two (I have kids)


tiny notebook

lip balm

cell phone

epi-pen (I have serious allergies)

hankie (useful for so many things)


editing to add:  a couple of hairpins and a ponytail band, of course!


Depending on occasion:

case for my sunglasses

tiny brush (but I'm wavy, and I generally don't brush my hair, so only there if I straighten)

tiny tube of sunscreen (if it's going to be sunny and I need to reapply)


concealer (only if going out)

compact mesh bag for shopping


I think the key is that you the things you carry should be small, and you shouldn't be afraid to customize what you're carrying for the occasion.

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