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With Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale going on once again I've been eyeing their makeup. I've never purchased any of their makeup products before and was wondering what everyone thought of them? Specifically their eyeshadows and primers. Thanks :smileyhappy:


Re: Victoria's Secret Makeup

I've purchased a plumping gloss there before and it was sooooo sticky!!!!  Ugh!  Smelled like cotton candy but ewwwwwwww!  It felt like I slimed honey on my lips! 


Re: Victoria's Secret Makeup

I have tried their makeup line before and it's not that great.  I rather purchase drug store brand makeup.  Their eye shadows are not pigmented at all and the lipstick is just okay.  They revamped their makeup line but it's not doing well so they are getting rid of it like another post said


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Sparkly! Lol, most of their line seems to have a lot of shimmer and glitter going on. Their line was one of my go-to's for getting my glow on. 


I do quite like their lipsticks. Their eyeshadows are mediocre. I definitely wouldn't get them at full price, but they have decent pigmentation. I do like their blushes, they can be  bit stiff, but they still blend well and look beautiful! A few years ago I got a concealer palette that I love but it's discontinued :smileysad: I've also gotten some of their highlighters and they are beautiful for glowy skin. 


Sorry, I don't have any experience with the primers. But definitely if you want to try some of their items, jump on it quick as the line will be gone soon!


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I've tried out the eyeshadows and don't recommend them-they were chalky and not pigmented.  The only beauty things that seemed good were the lip glosses and fragrance mists.  


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I only like the eyeshadows which come in the bigger palettes; not the beauty rush items, not any of the other products, and the palettes usually have a black colored casing and never have a clear part where the shadows are displayed. i genuinely believe the formula's for their eyeshadows vary according to the collections. 


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I've only tried their eyeshadow and their lipsticks. I don't really care for their eyeshadows; the pigment is somewhat sheer and they are all really sparkly. I do like their lipsticks though. It's not the best lipstick I ever tried, but its not bad either. The formula and pigmentation is good. 


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I really love their lipstick in confidential but its really hard to find it in stock!


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VS is actually gonna get rid of their makeup line soon! So if you're gonna buy anything, keep an eye out to see if there's a huge discount


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Much like with any line, there are products I love and don't love.  I am not a huge fan of their eyeshadows as I don't feel that the pigments deposit well (I have not tried their baked collection).  I am also not a fan of the primers - any of them.  The primers didn't seem to adhere to the skin in a way that allowed for a good foundation base and let's be honest, that is the purpose of applying primers.  I tried all of them and didn't care for any of them.    I do love their lipsticks.  The formulations are creamy and easy to manipulate.  I have been a fan of their plumping lip gloss for years now and have repeatedly purchased it.   Also as Ilovetopurplefy mentioned, I love their bronzers.  The shades are believable and easy to apply.  


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I have only used their lipsticks and lip glosses.  I love the lipsticks, but I thought the glosses were horrible.  The glosses are very thick/tacky feeling.  I tried them several years ago, so they may have changed the formula by now.  My mom thought they were too sticky as well.


Re: Victoria's Secret Makeup

I really like their baked eyeshadows! My favorite is Bronzinger which is a EXACT dupe of UD Smog. I also really like their lipsticks. They're very creamy and easy to work with. One last product you ABSOLUTELY must try is the Illuminating Face Powder in Fixation. I bought this because of Jaclyn Hill a longggg time ago and it is amazing!!

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