Urban Decay Duo Eyshadows

I've noticed that UD has been putting out some eyeshadow duos in some sets like the Oz palettes and in the new Sephora Favorites set. I'm hoping that this means UD will be putting out some more shadow duos in the future? I love that they are so handy for travelling!


Re: Urban Decay Duo Eyshadows

I think it's a brilliant idea! Smiley Happy I never go through a single full-sized UD eyeshadow anyway.

Re: Urban Decay Duo Eyshadows

Exactly I've only ever gone through one UD shadow before (in X), and in their customizable palettes, you'l have 12 shades instead of 6. I would love if they added these.

Re: Urban Decay Duo Eyshadows

That 's a really pretty color I have one in that color in the Hourglass but I never use it.

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