Urban Decay De-slick... How to??

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I love this product but noticed that it can leave a thin white film on the skin... If I rub it in to much it starts to flake.  Directions say to apply after moisturizing... Ive done it that way and tried applying it after my makeup. While both ways work, applying it under the makeup works best. Out of MANY MANY trials of diff. products this one does work best for ME w/my super oily skin and I do not want to switch to another product. Does anyone know how I could apply this without getting the white cast (specifially if you tried this also) but all suggestions welcomed.

Re: Urban Decay De-slick... How to??

The issue is caused more than likely as a reaction to how the magnesium aluminum silicate sits and develops on your skin.


MAS is a white solid that has a powdery texture used to thicken cosmetic products and is used as it helps to absorb oil/shine and leave a dry, powder like finish on the skin rather than a dewy finish.


Applying products with MAS in too thick of a layer or using too much can cause a build up as with most silica based products this can occur and even lead to the beading up or the flaking/rolling off of the product. Use it under your make up, over your moisturizer, letting your lotion sink in for about 5 minutes before applying DeSlick. Pat and dab it onto target areas, or use gentle pressure to rub it, you don't need to use the same force as applying lotion. Let that rest on skin for anywhere from 2-5 minutes then go about applying your primer and make up.


Try using a small bead sized or pea sized drop for all the areas needed, again, start with a little and gauge from there.


If you are in a Sephora store, try grabbing a sample of Peter Thomas Roth's Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel, which doesn't rely on MAS, but rather dimethicone and silicones to absorb and control oil and can even double as a foundation primer as it has the basis of what many silicone/dimethicone primers are formulated with.







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